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  1. Once you become a PR supporter you cease to be an “Indian”. Some how supporting PR means you are supporting “Malaysians” regardless of race but if you support BN, than your race becomes an issue of contention.

    You would note that this douchebag does not display the same racist attitude towards Malays who don’t support PR……..well besides claiming that they are ignorant of course.

    You see if you are “Indian” and you don’t support PR or are critical of PR, you are a worthless toddy drinker who deserves to be screwed by UMNO.

    Since Malaysiakini is an opposition mouthpiece, I wonder what LGE and Co think of these public displays of racisms by their supporters. Heck I wonder what the Indian members of PR specifically the DAP think of such displays.

    Mariam Mohktar wrote than BN despises Bumis. Hell, sister, you should write an article about how PR despises Indians even more so when they don’t support them.

  2. Jika selepas baca komen diatas, orang india masih tidak sedar lagi, tidak tahulah apa yang boleh diperkatakan tentang mereka. Ini kerana jika melayu dianggap sebagai low standard, komen diatas (sorry to say this) bagai menganggap orang india sebagai hamba yang boleh diperkotak katikkan. Memalukan.

    Orang yang boleh memikirkan komen seperti ini sudah tiada lagi perasaan kemanusiaan dalam diri mereka. Hanya memikirkan dirinya lebih mulia dari orang lain.

    Betul tajuk yang anda berikan itu Helen, memang inilah pemikiran KKK dan sesiapa yang menyedari tentang KKK tentu tahu bagaimana pemikiran mereka ini berkembang dan akhirnya menjadi racun kepada ahli keluarga mereka sendiri yang seterusnya membawa kemusnahan kepada KKK itu sendiri..


    1. IMO, that is nothing compared to Hannah Yeoh’s refusal in acknowledging the paternity lineage i.e. Indian of her children, with the blessing of the husband and her in law as well (I assumed). The Indian community as a whole has been conspicuously silent about this incident. It is an ultimate insult to the Indian community in reality.

      Should Madam Speaker’s spouse is of other ethnicity, let’s say white/Caucasian, I am pretty sure that she would be more than happy to state the ethnicity of her girls as CAUCASIAN.

      Sebenarnya, kaum India sendiri juga menjadi punca mengapa bangsa mereka dipandang rendah oleh kaum lain.

      1. Re “Sebenarnya, kaum India sendiri juga menjadi punca mengapa bangsa mereka dipandang rendah oleh kaum lain.”

        Y’know it’s funny. This is the exact same thing that certain racist Opposition supporters say about the Malay community.

        I mean Dumbno says it all, right ? Let’s not forget the kind of racist polemics that are applied to the other “Bumi” natives, of how they have only themselves to blame for the despair they receive from their Malay masters……whose elites abuse their own people.

        Of course your “kaum lain” refers to the Sino -Malay discourse, in which Indians have no place, so maybe I should not say anything.

        However if you object to such racist arguments when it is applied to your community then perhaps you should not use it, on the minority, which is on the receiving end from both alliances.

      2. Re Should Madam Speaker’s spouse is of other ethnicity, let’s say white/Caucasian, I am pretty sure that she would be more than happy to state the ethnicity of her girls as CAUCASIAN.

        Mana boleh oh ? Caucasian mana ada ? Where got the Caucasian features ? You mix the colors yellow and brown and what have you got ?

        Please lah !

  3. from the day Samy Velu took over MIC what have the indians achieved if anyone is to be blamed it should be the so called Indian leadership and now, with new leaders and more faction among the indian community what do they think they can achieve. So these Indians a just a statical number only for use when its time to vote in the elections nothing more nothing less. At one time prior to to 1975 there we 3 bank under Indian patronage, where are these banks today.

    Lol 1.43 am

    That is where you are wrong this so called Holier the Thou Madam Speaker may just created a whole new ethnicity for her children if she was married to a caucasian


  4. So what do the Indians in the DAP, particularly M Kula, have to say about this comment by this Apek ?

    Speaking of this M Kula, I m still waiting for his revelations that will make politics explodes. After so many months, where are the supposed revelations ?

    The Indians, these people, how do they expect people to take them seriously ?

    Waytha has now come out and urge the government to boycott the CHOGM in Sri Lanka. With Indians facing so much problems here in Malaysia, he should attend to matters closer to home. Instead he is acting as if he is the Foreign Minister. Cis !

    Perhaps Hannah Yeoh had a point when she said all the CEC members are Malaysian. Why would the DAP’s delegates elect Indians as CEC members since all Indians do it cakap besar and no action ?

    It is actually the Indians’ fault that CEC members are all Malaysian. Because if there are Indians as CEC members, people will ask why you people put Indians into CEC ? They add no value and a drain on the party’s resources.

    So to cover up, Hannah Yeoh had to come out and say all CEC members are Malaysian. Okay this is actually for fun’s sake. I hope Indians reading my comment are not offended.

    Offended ? What was I smoking just now ? Do Indians even know what it is like to be offended ?

  5. If you want to know the kind of online conversation that goes on in the Oppositional forces of this country or rather the diktats from the cyber militia of the DAP/PR who infest Malaysian cyberspace, you don’t have to look further than the poster you highlighted in this piece.

    Behind the pious public forums or panels and feel good news pieces of the so-called inclusive Opposition, there is a theme of malice and race hate. I will not bother delving into the UMNO Establishment’s litany of abuses, for the simple reason that it is generally, what I do here.

    What the DAP through its cyber goons have done is impose a specific ideological imprint on the online political discourse and anyone who attempts to deviate from it is targeted for racial abuse, scorn and vitriol all done in the safe confines of the echo chambers that serve as the mouthpieces for the Opposition.

    There is a veneer of legitimacy to their racist attacks since these mouthpieces are lauded internationally as examples of press freedom in an oppressive State.

    However the attacks by certain Chinese DAP/PR supporters is a relatively new phenomenon – new as in internet new (so let’s not get pedantic) – as opposed to the circumspect behavior of Chinese MCA supporters.

    Of course the internet provides the opportunity for a new kind of discourse but what we see carried out by the cyber militia is an attack on anyone with diverging views concealed within arguments of inclusiveness or “Malaysianness”.

    For instance, let’s examine part (the first part being your run of the mill pot shots at the various Indians political groups out there) of a post by that moron onyourtoes (reproduced below)

    “I take no joy in condemning Hind-draft, but I have to do it. In politics, the approach and the principle must be right. If Hind-draft think they could join BN-UMNO and get what they wanted, then why not DAP, PAS and most of all PKR do the same? When we do business with someone, we first look at that person’s track records and character, what more when we are fighting for the people and the well-being of the nation which is long term and enduring. Hind-draft was too greedy and indulged in too much self-importance. Because of Hind-draft, non-Indians and non-Hindu are also suffering. I curse them, so what? – Onyourtoes”

    For someone who takes no joy in condemning Hindraf his track record of posting on nearly every single Hindraf thread on Mkini, not to mention chiding Mkini on covering Hindraf, resorting to racists slurs against Hindraf and might I add, Indians in general, says otherwise.

    But take a look at the hypocrisy. Firstly this racist douchebag ask why Hindraf didn’t join PR ? If you look back at the duplicitous way in which Hindraf was treated by PR and the way how this particular poster was vehement that PR should have nothing to with those toddy drinkers, you would understand that this cretin should not be allowed to use words like “principles” and “right”.

    However, this onyourtoes creep like most DAP cyber goons is more deferential when it comes to the Malays. Oh sure occasionally his race hate peeks out but mostly this apparatchik thinks that Malays who support UMNO are just ignorant.

    He goes on about track records and principles but ignores all the fuck ups of the DAP and PR, balancing them on some relative scale, all the while claiming that political expediency and pragmatism are important.

    He has no time for pseudo liberals and intellectuals, when the VERY FOUNDATION of the Oppositional force in this country is supposed to be based on liberal progressive ideas and intellectual discourse.

    Of course, when it suits him, he spouts out these ideas like some grand freedom fighter, who has suffered at the hands of the UMNO Establishment. What a disingenuous racist creep.

    There is no real discourse in the echoes chambers of the Opposition. Only a vocal section of Chinese supporters who dominate the discourse and the majority of sheep (other Chinese, Malays and Indians) who are too cowed to oppose the likes of him.

    Consider this last quote, reproduced in full :

    “What do you expect PR to give you? The CM post of Penang and the MB post of Selangor. Beggars to UMNO should know how to behave like beggars to PR.” – onyourtoes

    If there was ever a time when a right wing Malay force was needed to oppose the right racist force of the DAP cyber goons, then the time is now. You would note that I left out the word “racist” in the former. If you can figure out why, than obviously you understood what I am getting at.

    All I can say is, good luck on that Sino-Malay dialectic.

  6. It is fine that Ernest Zacharevic painted a mural that show a woman being mugged in JB but it not fine for Penang hawkers to be fined for dirty food.
    This shows how wonderful the CAT system is in Penang.

    So kurang ajar
    “Right-thinking Malaysians will agree with Zacharevic – “Art does not damage a city’s image, crime does”.


    Here is about dirty Penang food
    We should draw a mural of someone SHITTING after eating Penang food.

    That is Pakatan Rakyat for you.

  7. There are a lot of comments made by Malays too about Indians in youtube, Yahoo and all the blogs. And Indians have been giving them back as good as they get it. The Chinese are in the fray too.

    The thing has been going has been going on for some time. Depending on which site/blog you visit, your bound to see some comments against every race in this country.

    If you go to a pro-Malay website you get anti non-Malay comments, you go to Chinese webpages you get anti-Malay statements. Just go and read the Yahoo new item on Surendran being sent out of parliament look at the comments by the readers.

    Malaysia’s cyberspace has become the only channel for Malaysians to let their true racist selves run riot. This people could be your friends or your teachers but they will not reveal their racial ideas about you in front of you.

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