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Isma and the scary, scary thing for Malaysians

Isma vice president Aminuddin Yahaya not only slammed Marina Mahathir for purportedly not being aware of the workings of Sisters in Islam (SIS) as its most prominent board member but also called her a hypocrite, said The Edge newspaper in its report yesterday headlined, ‘Muslim group labels Marina a hypocrite, stands by “Comango link” statement’.

Today Jamil Khir Baharom, the Minister in charge of Islamic affairs, told Parliament that Comango’s demands are against Islamic law — see The Malay Mail.

Marina Mahathir has forcefully disassociated herself from Comango. She has threatened to sue anyone who dares to say that she is in any way involved with or connected to Comango.

Her fans, however, fail to understand that she has got nothing to do with Comango.

I will sue, sue, sue you

Eddie See
Eddie See

FMT‘s Nov 11 article ‘Retract your accusations, Marina tells Isma‘ was popularly Facebooked by 1,682 users. Its top rated comment which got the most thumbs up reads as follows:

“I am happy the women of Islamic faith is putting their feet down on injustice and discrimination! Way to go! …. for your courage and fight for sustainable rights and equality.” — by Eddie See

The Comango demands want to do away with “injustice and discrimination”. Nonetheless, Marina Mahathir has nothing to do with Comango. That’s what the FMT article already said.

Read her lips: Marina insists that she has nothing to do with Comango.

The Minister in the PM’s Department has insisted that Comango is anti-Islam.

You can see how it certainly makes sense for Marina to swear that she has nothing to do with Comango. Isma, though, is skeptical how she can be so clueless “of the workings of Sisters in Islam” despite her position as a SIS board member.

Even the headline of the FMT article is explicit enough — ‘Retract your accusations, Marina tells Isma‘. Meaning, if Isma fails to withdraw their allegation that Marina supports Comango’s demands to do away with “injustice and discrimination”, then Marina is quite prepared to sue the Muslim activists.

Since Marina has strongly asserted that she has nothing to do with Comango, then quite obviously she has nothing to do either with these current demands made by the coalition for Malaysians to be given justice and non-discriminative treatment.

This being so, it makes absolutely no sense for Eddie See to declare that he is happy about Muslim women “putting their feet down on injustice and discrimination” vis-a-vis Marina Mahathir because his declaration is contrary to fact.

Secondly, with regard to Eddie’s cheerleading Marina and saying, “Way to go! …. for your courage and fight for sustainable rights and equality”, it appears he is totally missing the point that she is not involved at all with Comango’s “fight for sustainable rights and equality”.

Don’t forget: Anyone who ventures to say that she is involved at all with Comango will face legal action from Marina.

Now the scary thing for the future of our country is that the opposition camp is full of people who are unclear on the concept such as Mr Eddie. And even scarier, Eddie’s comment received 46 endorsements from other Facebookers.

Daisy Tan
Daisy Tan

Product of Christian mission school

Another Facebook comment meriting our discussion is an opinion by Daisy Tan who belongs to the St. George’s Girls’ School alumni network. As you can tell from the name St. George’s, this school in Penang was founded by the Christian missionaries.

Ms Daisy Tan wrote in her Facebook that Marina Mahathir “has more brains than any of those ISMA jokers put together”.

“Go after the old Apanama for all wrong doings but please leave his daughter alone. She has more brains than any of those ISMA jokers put together. Don’t play play with her!” — by Daisy Tan

It is scary when a loud bunch of people (the Marina fan club) have such a low opinion of their fellow Malaysians (the Muslim activists).

Marina’s fans want her to “teach the Isma bugers [sic] a lesson”. They also want Isma to “go to hell” (to read Marina supporters’ Facebook, see

I’ve already blogged previously that that I think the Isma frontliners are “intelligent and articulate” professionals who remain impressively unfazed by Marina’s bullying tactics.

But opposition folks believe that “sibodoh isma” comprises brainless “jokers”, “retards”, “morons” that are cheap publicity seekers (Facebook comments from the same link above).

Isn’t it scary when Malaysians are such poles apart in our thinking? Can it be possible to hold any sort of discussion when when they believe that anyone not aligned with their views must be bodoh, brainless jokers, retards and morons?


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30 thoughts on “Isma and the scary, scary thing for Malaysians

  1. Ms H. A mischievous and frivolous group of irresponsible people pouring oil on fire ! At others expense !

  2. a bullying tactic employed freely and incessantly by certain cybertroopers group. if you’re not with them, then you’re most likely a moron and an idiot…

  3. Should ISMA be a Christian NGOs and full of Cinas and ‘err I’m not Indian actually!’, I doubt these kakis will things like this ‘She has more brains than any of those ISMA jokers put together.’

    Not in a million years!

  4. As someone who has no objections against Comango, everything I wrote about Marina has proven to be credible, she is more her father’s daughter than the faux liberal glitterati and English educated class who are enamoured by her realize.

    I wonder how much longer she can dispense liberal doses of platitudes, when she has been cornered by moral and intellectual pygmies like Isma.

    It is interesting to note that certain elements of Comango are anathema to the Evangelist agenda, which is probably why the so called progressive front has not embraced the demands while certain proponents both in political and social [secular] groups within the Opposition work in a sub rosa fashion in support of the aims of Comango.

    This of course is funny considering how the PR cyber militia like to claim that they are on the side of principle and righteousness.

    Anyway Helen, you, played this game well. Of course UMNO are themselves, master hypocrites but then again they are not running on a progressive agenda.

  5. Considering that Isma give such feeble excuses such as Hindus cannot renovate their temples as it gives a bad impression to Middle Eastern Muslim tourists, I doubt they are really that ‘intelligent and articulate’ as you put them to be.

    “Can it be possible to hold any sort of discussion when when they believe that anyone not aligned with their views must be bodoh, brainless jokers, retards and morons?”

    On the other hand, it is those Malaysian Firsters which Helen loves to rant about who are holding those inter-religious and inter-ethnic discussions. Those discussions which Isma and their likes would like to have banned.

    1. AC-DC,

      “…Can it possible…”

      That kind of attitude is not the attitude of ISMA. It is the attitude of those who accuse ISMA.

      ISMA is very clear on its stand. It rejects any move that not in line with islamic principle. Meaning homosexuality is no no .

      1. “ISMA is very clear on its stand. It rejects any move that not in line with islamic principle. Meaning homosexuality is no no .”

        And renovating Hindu temples too.

        1. AC-Dc,

          I wonder why on earth you still cant get it?

          Isma or any muslim do not object to renovation of temples. what they object is creating prominence to the said temple which naturally leads it to obscure Islam as state religion..

          1. Re”Isma or any muslim do not object to renovation of temples. what they object is creating prominence to the said temple which naturally leads it to obscure Islam as state religion..”

            That’s because they are religious zealots

            1. ‘In Jesus’ world, zealot referred to those Jews who adhered to a widely accepted biblical doctrine called zeal. These “zealous” Jews were strict nationalists who preached the sole sovereignty of God. They wanted to throw off the yoke of Roman occupation and cleanse the Promised Land of all foreign elements. Some zealots resorted to extreme acts of violence against both the Roman authorities and the Jewish ‘collaborators,” by which they meant the wealthy Temple priests and the Jewish aristocracy. Others refrained from violence but were no less adamant about establishing the reign of God on earth. There is no evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was himself a violent revolutionary (though his views on the use of violence were more complex than it is often assumed). However, Jesus’ actions and his teachings about the Kingdom of God clearly indicate that he was a follower of the zealot doctrine, which is why he, like so many zealots before and after him, was ultimately executed by Rome for the crime of sedition.’


              Kinokuniya has one too, go and get it!

            2. ISMA is just one of those racist organizations who are still stuck in the Stone Age. First they release a statement condemning the renovation and after the protests they seem to be sending their cybertroopers saying “No we didn’t say that way, we meant this” statements. What a crap.

      2. Shamsul,

        I thought you ‘unhappy’ with ISMA.. :)

        Can’t imagine if malay as a majority turn to ISMA’s style. This so called ‘liberal’ should worry about this. Not a majority but huge supportive have been receive by ISMA from malay’s grass root.

        1. You’re right, Ibni Ismail.

          For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. And Isma is now that Reaction to the many Actions that we’ve been witnessing of late, like On Your Toes‘s dan mereka-mereka yang sewaktu dengan Apek itu.

  6. Isma jokers? Evangelistas.. never bother to know about their muslim counterpart… for them, only liberal muslims are the ones that got brain… bodo pye evanglist.

  7. ( Isn’t it scary when Malaysians are such poles apart in our thinking? Can it be possible to hold any sort of discussion when when they believe that anyone not aligned with their views must be bodoh, brainless jokers, retards and morons? ) – he..he…Helen, one more word to add – DUNGUS !

    1. Based on your article and conclusion, I do agree with you, Helen . A lot of zonkeys in Malaysia. Educated ( very well genetically mixed ) and finally the product still the same. No brains at all and with terrible voices but physically attractive ‘kuda belang’ skin.

    2. When ISMA talks about Islam, these people resist in term of freedom of speech and one’s right thus alienating Islam, ISMA and billions of muslim ummah ; putting it not at par / std to their ‘SUPER’ believe. What type of believe, nobody knows – and funnily, some of them dont even believe in faith and God ! yet Dare to championing Islam ? Against Perlembagaan ? Who are these people anyway ?

    3. Even on Kalimah Allah issue, mostly they talk nonsense, as if they know Allah better than the billions of true Believers and the true Muslim Ulamaks (forget about uLarmaks). The dont even bother to know about Al Quran, Hadiths, Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH and lastly, the core of Aqeedah or Ubbudiyyah. It is knowledege, anything wrong ?

    4.Who has these ( Islam) knowledge ? Allah says,”There will come the time when the knowledge of Islam will be taken away one after another, when the demise of true Ulamaks together with their ‘ ilmu ‘. By then, nobody is capable and qualified for such knowledge because of the new humans’ knowledge and believe in total freedom and physical gains without souls, irritating voices… whats next ?

    *Points to ponder : Why then our gov. encourages such freedom of speech, believe and rights in the wrong moulds ? 1Malaysia ?

    1. Heh, heh – so are you claiming that Islam is “superior” to all other religions, and that it has the sole monopoly of “The Truth” (whatever that might be)?

      Let’s hear you articulate it loud and clear, so that there is no room for misunderstanding, misquoting or words twisting.

      I am sure that “millions” of Christians, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists would be very interested in what you have to say – assuming, of course, that what you post goes viral.

      And while you are about it, do give us your take on “apostasy” versus “evangelisation” and on “religious freedom” versus “coercion”.

      And on “freedom of speech” too. Should we follow the Abbott government in Australia and propose absolute freedom of speech?

      1. Yes Islam is superior. I challenged you, for all your worth to read the Quran and prove me wrong!

        So are you up to it, Riversong?

        Consider this as a help from me, for you, simply for the love of mankind. Let’s see whether you are worth it, shall we?

        1. Interesting. If you are challenging me to read the Koran, I could, in all fairness, challenge you to read the Bible.

          What does that prove?

          You have avoided my question on “apostasy” versus “evangelisation” and on “religious freedom” versus “coercion”.

          Why is that? It can’t be that you didn’t understand my verbiage.

  8. If ISMA and the ultra champions of propriety have their way, they will have prevented a bunch of apostates hell bent on a religious/racial revolution.
    Rationalizing things using common sense and a tinge of conscience must be admonished.. unacceptable.!

    Afterall. they are the ones with halos above their heads if they are stood next to the hoove legged, goat tailed and horn headed NGOs and social activist.
    And it is intriguing to observe MM who always maintained to be Apolitical, non partisan getting into a political fray,

    Curiously note the non participation of Uncle IB or Abang Zul and Perkasa lot, who usually will be leading a very vocal charge in affairs like these just up their alley. Are they in sub-contracting now.. Usual heavyweight suspects are low keyed, what gives?

    1. Well, FYI Muslims is 16mil + in this country.

      And as for ‘the ones with halos above their heads’, try Murphy Pakiam and the Sidang Injil Borneo for change, will you?

      1. yup, 16 mill in a sea of 1.6 billion worldwide, who mostly actually have their religious act together, know where exactly they stand, not worried about being easily confused or proselytized, and no ID crisis, whether they wanabe extremist or moderates… Neither do they embarassingly blow religious non issues way out of proportion..

        as for the 16 mil here, many are not of same ultra ilk as ISMA or weaved from same cloth.., perhaps only thing in common is the kopia they wear. but not in the mindsets within the headgear.

        M.Pakiam’s halo, he being Catholic, deserving or not, that’ll be perogative of the Vatican..

  9. Kenapa Opposition selalu panggil org lain dgn gelaran si BODO, MORON, DOG, PIG, INSANE, STUPID. Adakah mereka terlalu BIJAK, PANDAI, LEMBU SUCI, WARAS?

  10. Sultan: Allah eksklusif untuk penganut Islam

    “PETALING JAYA: Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah hari ini menetapkan bahawa semua rakyat negeri itu, tanpa mengira agama dan keturunan perlu akur dan mematuhi larangan penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh mereka yang bukan beragama Islam.

    Perkara itu diputuskan setelah berunding dengan Dewan diRaja Selangor yang bersidang pada 11 November lalu seperti yang diperuntukkan dalam Seksyen 9 Bahagian 1 Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Perkembangan Dikalangan Orang Islam) 1988.”

    By the look at all the comment, most will be charged as “MENGHINA SULTAN SELANGOR”, I hope ISMA, PERKASA and the likes will start lodging report against them.

        1. I’m sure some will start labelling Sultan Selangor macam2 now. For these kakis a speaking Muslim must be a bigot. Freedom of speech my ass!

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