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Behold your unity gomen PM-in-waiting

‘Might as well hire a consultant to be PM’ (Malaysiakini, 14 Nov 2013)

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter

How the RM7.2 billion was spent

Aaah, let me count thee the ways …

The first billion … RM1,000,000,000.00


The second billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


The third billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


The fourth billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


The fifth billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


The sixth billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


The seventh billion … +RM1,000,000,000.00


And the remaining RM0.2 billion … +RM200,000,000.00


What the PM’s beloved consultants forgot to tell him was that it is a BIG, BIG MISTAKE for Najib to appoint Khairy as a greenhorn Minister.

Perhaps the consultants were not born yet in 2004, the year which marked the beginning of the downward slide of the BN. Hence they’re unaware that it is KJ who sunk his father-in-law’s premiership with all the Fourth Floor too-big-for-their-boots biadabness as well as 4th Fl sending a wrecking ball to knock at the very foundations of the long-ruling party.


Since Najib – with or without expert consultant advice – has decided to elevate KJ to Cabinet, to national prominence plus endow the country’s “youngest future PM” with a Ministry budget of a few additional billions, then the much loved 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia should start planning the welcome party for the coming out of the 7th.


Menteri Besar tidur, Puan Speaker kuasa di sebalik taktha


Orang kanan KJ, musuh dalam selimut

Regina Lee (reginalah) on Twitter
Regina Lee has increased her Twitter followers by some one thousand twits the last couple of months ever since becoming KJ’s secretary


Can Khairy replace Anwar as Pakatan figurehead?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

25 thoughts on “Behold your unity gomen PM-in-waiting

  1. Ms H. The Wikileaks has released the secret full report of the TPPA via The Editor of Wikileaks states that any country which signs this TPPA will be a slave forever. And yet our Government went through 19 rounds of secret negotiations without informing the Dewan Rakyat. Only Singapore benefits from this. Definitely not Malaysia. This TPPA will create chaos and the fall of the BN Government as led by UMNO and the 13 component parties at the next 14th General Elections.

      1. Ms H. Your esteemed guess is as good as mine ! Acheh ! or you pays for what you get ! or there is no such thing as a free lunch !

        1. Ms H. Also we see what the Singapore dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartest fellow lost US$ 108 Billions of the CPF Trust money (RM 350 Billions. Malaysia’s foreign reserves 2013 = US$ 140 Billions ) in October 2008 on Wall Street at one throw of the dice !

  2. “What the PM’s beloved consultants forgot to tell him was that it is a BIG, BIG MISTAKE for Najib to appoint Khairy as a greenhorn Minister”

    No lah… KJ likes KPop and can attract the Cina to Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.0.

    In fact he aims to be hot and sexy like Rain and all the sexy bootilicious KPop Hunks coming down the sexy runway like America’s Next Top Model. He is so sexy like Winter Sonata but since Malaysia is hot it is like Tropical Safari… so hot… I must take a shower.

    1. Helen ,

      The problem lies within Najib himself.

      Najib has the irritating habit of underestimating time tested concerns of Malay community. instead he relies on consultants to do the jobs that are actually free IF HE IS JUST WILLING TO LISTEN.

      I remember Dr Mahathir cautioned Najib to concentrate on Malay community. instead Najib went on and on pleasing the Chinese. True as expected by Malay community, Najib was almost entirely rejected by Chinese in the last election.

      He shocked the Malays who defended his government by appointing a hindraf guy. And he hurts the feeling of KIMMA, an Indian Muslim political party that is UMNO associate by by giving priority to Hindraf.

      Now tell me, whether Hindraf guy is in line with Cabinet or against it?

      And despite so much concern mentioned AG’s office, apparently nothing change.

      Despite having a genuine and hardworking Wanita UMNO who works tirelessly in “holding the fort” for UMNO, nothing much is done to clear the air on NFC. No one in UMNO wants to say that Shahrizat’s husband got his Phd at age of 29 and previously a CEO. instead, they took the easy way out by agreeing to what nonsense said about NFC.

      No one took trouble to say that shahrizat’s husband got the contract legitimately. No one bothers to explain that Auditor General reports just mentioned few shortcomings of NFC, not saying NFC in a mess.

      No one (I am thinking of UMNO Cabinet Minister) care to explain that there are 2 separate entities here.

      No one in entire Najib administration was able to bring the astro boy who slandered Najib to court. No one was able to bring Nizar who lied on Japanese war compensation to court.

      So, I am not surprise when my in law said he felt like “terajang” UMNO leaders.

      1. re: “He shocked the Malays who defended his government by appointing a hindraf guy.”

        I think even Indians were pleasantly surprised (‘shocked’) as the appointment was something that came out of the blue. And I believe there was a swingback of Indian votes too that helped defend the BN gomen in GE13.

        re: “And he hurts the feeling of KIMMA, an Indian Muslim political party that is UMNO associate by by giving priority to Hindraf.”

        (1) Kimma are unable to deliver to BN the ‘Indian’ votes.

        (2) Kimma-ish leaders are already given high recognition by Umno. See Umno Menteri Besar of Perak (below).

        (3) Like you say, Kimma is an Umno associate and the Kimma demography overlaps with Umno’s. See Umno Penang leader who tore the former Gerakan president’s photo (below).


        re: “Now tell me, whether Hindraf guy is in line with Cabinet or against it?”

        :D You’re not the only one who is curious. We shall wait and see.

        1. Helen,

          There is a saying “do not reinvent the wheel’. Obviously, Najib never heard this time tested wisdom judging from his actions.

          Paying exorbitant fee to consultants is simply destructive. More so when the amount exceed what paid to the most senior of civil service force. Now a young “ciku” can say “gaji aku lebih besar. Kau apa tau'”.

          These consultants ussualy can cook up fantastic ideas that often only good in paper. It takes “pengalaman’ to sieve through ideas and to appreciate that sometimes ideas are simply not workable.

          What Najib is demonstrating is a character of ‘PM who is practically toothless”. While being cool is good, but not showing any response when one is insulted is a sign of weakness, not strength.

          If I were to be the PM and my wife ridiculed simply for being the guest of honour in Lim Chong Wei’s wedding reception, I would haul these useless actors to court. But Najib simply did not do that. It makes those rable rouser bolder.

          And najib chose Yang DiPertuan Agong’s birthday to announce that SPR would be placed under Parliament, effectively opening door to PR to influence SPR. What is wrong with SPR under the purview of Majlis raja raja? Do not tell me that PR will give glowing tribute to Najib for doing that.

  3. Helen,
    When I was working under Tun Mahathir (The Fourth PM) he told us one thing- government officers should always think and decide-the consultants can suggest anything under the sun but at the end of the day we have to decide for the sake of the nation.

    I remember the irk of the officers when Tun M repeatedly rejected the proposals of making a river reserve and adjoining park on the Sg Chua-Sg Bisa than run across Putrajaya…..he wanted artificial man made lake that was later renamed Putrajaya lake- now we know, sometime the guts of the leaders are correct-we will have water shortage and bless Tun M, at least Putrajaya have a big water reserve.

    Under Tun M “gomen” officers can think and produce big projects that is the hallmark of Malaysia. Sadly under the consultant led successor government of Sleepy Tun Lah and Consultant geek Najib , BUDAK TINGKAT 4 and PEMANDU rule….. Malaysians are leached out with a hefty 7.2 billion bill.

  4. I am speechless. I am dumbfounded, astounded, flabbergasted !!! I am not ROTFL but Sitting On The Ground Open-Mouthed Crying. You mean to tell me that since TDM left, the strong public service sector has become so dumbed down that you need to hire private companies to show you all the Endless Possibilities in Malaysia.

    We have almost 20 public universities in this country. You give them the RM7 billion in grants and tell them what you want, i bet they can give you better workable ideas than the private con-sultans. Besides the public universities, we have the private universities, the MIDA, RRI, and all the research authorities and none, NOT one of them can think.

    PM, you are insulting your own civil servants. You are also pointing out your weaknesses to the world. I can hear the scramble from con-sultans the world-over rushing to get here to present more scatterbrain ideas.

    Spending more than 7 billion over five years on con-sultans is not something to be proud of. Please tell us who gets paid for what and let us evaluate on the money spent, what do you call it KPI, NKRA, KERA and what have you.

  5. anakbukitgantang. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a Malay and a Malaysian is one of 7 Great Statesmen of Asia. The others were Mao Tse Tung, Soekarno, Nehru, Jinnah, Deng Hsiao Peng, Ho Chi Minh. The 7 are Nationalists and not concerned with the money of the Lee Kuan Yew kind. Please arise to say ‘Well-done’ to Malaysia’s very own Great Statesman who lives amongst us in Kuala Lumpur. All ye Malays and Non-Malays. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of ! Only pride and affection in our hearts !

      1. HY. You are either a Malaysian or you are not ! A country must have its icons, its culture, its history, its religions etc. We cannot just be copy-cats of others.

  6. Re. Perhaps the consultants were not born yet in 2004, the year which marked the beginning of the downward slide of the BN.

    One of the CON-sultants is OMAR ONG, anak si Mustafa Ong; one of your followers here. Have not seen him commenting after “Kena Tibai” the last time.

    Meantime, Omar Ong ni adalah business partner KJ. Ethos, I think that was the CON-sultancy firm name that belongs to him and KJ when they first started. Back then SEMUA PROJECT DIA SAPU. With Omar Ong now part of Najib’s entourage, where do you think the RM7 billion plus has gone to?

    Here are some news about him:

    1. Pertanyaan untuk Omar Ong: Adakah k/tangan PEMANDU undi BN?

    2. Omar Ong bising Melayu dibela … Cina takpe

    3. Sialan Omar Ong! Kerepek melayu kasi Cina bekal di Petronas?

    4. Omar Ong: Rasputin yang tidak boleh disentuh

    5. Omar Ong: Trojan horse DAP dalam kerajaan

    6. The Rest of the stories;

      1. I won’t be surprise. Do you think those politicians and their entourage “berkerja hanya semata-mata untuk NUSA dan BANGSA’? Oh…Pleaaazeeee

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