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Gereja salahkan Umno mengapi-api kemelut Allah

Sidang Raya Gereja Sedunia (WCC) yang beribupejabat di Geneva menganggap “parti politik pro-kerajaan” di Malaysia adalah bertanggungjawab menghangatkan kontroversi Allah.

Kenyataan tersebut dikeluarkan oleh perhimpunan agung WCC yang ke-10 pada minggu lepas, menurut Reverend Herman Shastri, setiausaha agung Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM).

Sumber: ‘World Christian leaders voice concern over Allah ruling‘ (The Malaysian Insider, 16 Nov 2013)


Rev. Herman adalah wakil CCM di acara WCC tersebut yang diadakan di Busan, Korea Selatan

Halangan terhadap Kristian punca timbulnya kebencian

Pemimpin-pemimpin gereja mengambil pendirian bahawa kekangan yang dikenakan ke atas penggunaan kalimah Allah telah menyebabkan ketegangan dan rasa benci di antara penganut-penganut [agama Kristian dan Islam] menjadi bertambah sengit, dijelaskan kenyataan itu lagi — Rev. Herman dipetik Jennifer Gomez wartawan TMI sebagai berkata.

Tambah beliau, para pemimpin gereja memandang berat isu campurtangan kerajaan dalam soal agama di mana hak golongan Kristian untuk menguruskan sendiri amalan-amalan agama mereka telah disekat oleh pihak berkuasa.

Rev. Herman hari ini menyeru pemimpin-pemimpin gereja agar lebih giat mempertahankan hak-hak “kumpulan agama minoriti” (maksudnya para penganut Kristian).

Beliau juga menggesa mereka supaya menentang habis-habisan mana-mana peraturan atau perundangan yang mengehadkan kebebasan agama. Rev. Herman menyifatkan larangan-larangan tersebut sebagai bercanggah dengan hak asasi manusia sejagat.

PAS for all, hudud for all

Dua hari lepas, Sultan Selangor mengeluarkan titah bahawa penggunaan kalimah Allah di dalam kitab Injil dan penerbitan The Herald mesti dihentikan dengan serta merta — laporan Bernama, 14 Nov 2013.

Selangor ialah negeri diperintah Pakatan yang mana wakil-wakil DAPnya adalah yang paling agresif dan lantang bersuara di Dewan.

Sebagai pemerintah negeri Selangor, adakah pentadbiran Khalid Ibrahim akan menguatkuasakan ketetapan baginda Sultan itu?

Ataupun adakah si Menteri Besar akan tunduk kepada evangelista-evangelista yang begitu agresif dalam kerajaannya?


Hipokrit terulung

Turut mengulas tentang titah Sultan ialah blogger otai Raja Petra Kamarudin. Rencana beliau yang bertajuk ‘Where the fuck is Anwar Ibrahim’s statement?‘ telah disiarkan hari ini di portalnya Malaysia Today.

Raja Petra nampaknya sudah bosan dan hilang sabar dengan putar-belit parti-parti Pakatan mengelak isu-isu sensitif dengan alasan “setuju untuk tidak bersepakat” (agree to disagree).


“Pakatan Rakyat will never be able to agree on this matter once they get into power if they cannot agree on it before they get into power. And this matter is so crucial it threatens to tear the country apart if not resolved.”



“Now we are beginning to see the hypocrisy ooze out like puss in a boil.” — Raja Petra on the Pakatan “talk a lot but say nothing bullshit”

Raja Petra finds that “Christians are the most hypocritical people on earth”

Perhaps he does not mean Christians in general around the world, e.g. Maronite Christians in Lebanon or Episcopal Christians in Liberia or Eastern Orthodox Christians in Lithuania, are that hypocritical.

Perhaps Raja Petra has more the Christians in peninsular Malaysia in mind when he says that he finds Christians to be the most hypocritical people on earth. Well, the Christians of Jerusubang can qualify as the most “confused” people on the planet, that’s for sure.


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43 thoughts on “Gereja salahkan Umno mengapi-api kemelut Allah

  1. But what was the gospel of Jesus, according to James his brother, the Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem? Jesus is not the Son of “ALLAH” : the Pauline corruption of the early teachings of Jesus true disciples.


      1. btw, anon 9.45am, would you mind adopting a pseudonym pls?

        I’d definitely love to use the hilarious ‘EBU’ acronym that you’ve coined … in my next writings and it would be more convenient for me to credit you if I could refer to a recognizable name.


  2. Pulak dah !!!.. Wah ini baling batu tuding jari pada org lain. what i can say F**K u Evengelist DAPster.

    1. Hope somebody gives the Indian boy a couple of light sarong to wear. Post-operation is some discomfort, I’ve heard.

      1. Of course they all know that… it is a tradition. Plus most Indian men (the older generation) wear sarong at home.

        1. Traditions die out. We don’t see many Indian men wearing dhoti these days. But the watercolour painting of ‘Nutmeg Plantation’ (Ladang Buah Pala) dated 1850 which I’ve reproduced in these pages shows the Indian KBP workers wearing dhoti.

          Today the DAP Anak Malaysia say that their “Tamil is non-functioning” as well as traditional Indian names are missing from their children’s birth cert.

          1. If you read the news in full, the boy’s father said that the family practices Malay and Muslim culture since they are surrounded by the Malay community.

            1. Interesting meld. Wonder if they (the Indian boy and his dad) wear sarong or not.

              Some apparel are an artform to wear. Doubt that many non-Indian women would be able to tie a sari in the traditional way. It also crossed my mind that a sari is dangerous. It might get caught in an escalator.

              A sarong too might drop if not tied properly.

              1. Alah bisa tegal biasa. Those who wear it regular will have no problem it.

                Air India Hostess

                I took a flight from Bangkok to Yangoon sometimes in 1996 and at that time only Thai Airways and Biman Air serve the route to and fro on code sharing basis. The Air Stewardess uniform of Biman Air is just wonderful, I clearly remember that it was in emerald green. Here is the example in different color.

                I only wear sarong i.e. kain pelikat occasionally for prayer at home, not a fan of it but for comfort and simplicity.

                Yes I adore those young Indian women who wear sari. Nowadays they only wear it during special occasion only.

                1. You’re right. The lines and folds of the sari are beautiful. HY most unfortunately does not have the figure to wear it.

                  1. I think, Biman Air Stewardess wears it the best among all, frankly speaking, even the Thai Airways stewardess that has to change costumes between departing and landing can’t match that. I think it is about the colour and styling of the Biman stewardess.

                    1. Thai airways departure and landing uniform. They wear different uniform during inflight service. I guess almost everybody know that including you.

                    2. BTW the earlier photo is a Pakistan International (PIA) stewardess’s uniform and here is Biman’s.

                    3. Lo and behold “The Tramp of Asia”.

                    Note: My apology the girls for I know most of you are working hard for a decent living but according to the guys some of you really are….

              2. Circumcision is common among Chinese males as well. Many of my Cina DAP friends did too. Several of them were taken by their mothers to hospital/clinic for the procedure when they were in primary schools, though majority of the fathers don’t have that procedure.

                The following news is from Kelantan, but I have many others before.

                11 remaja Cina bersunat.


                In the US and the Middle East the procedure is done right after birth. When I studied psychology in college (one of the general subject that students have to take), there was a case in early 70’s where twin boys were circumcised in the US, but the procedure went wrong for one of them i.e. it burnt the whole private part. The doctor had no choice but to remove it altogether. Since than the boy was raised as a girl and behave like a girl all through his life with hormone therapy and procedure through out different stages of his life. The amazing thing amount the case is that the boy believes that he is actually female all through out that. I think we were discussing “Nurture versus Nature” during that time.

  3. Ms H. True story. My illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong, Pahang worked as a rinser in an Imbi Road, Kuala Lumpur hair-dressing salon. She founded her own RM2 incorporated church. She collected millions of ringgits which she invested in Marble Arch, London (The Star invested in North London). Her daughter is now continuing her legacy and making more money ! Money ! Money ! Money !

    1. re: ” Her daughter is now continuing her legacy and making more money ! Money ! Money ! Money !”

      Her daughter brought back to Malaysia under TalentCorp scheme and working as a con-sultant with Team Najib?

      1. Ms H. Her daughter is a citizen of the World ! Thanks to her calling ! All these bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes are wasting their time in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP politics. They should be enjoying their life-styles while they are still young !

      2. Ms H. I hope the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes study the history of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 11 failed Policies for Singapore which is also their spiritual homeland. These fellas can wait for 47 long years by doing nothing. Can the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes waste their young lives away while the World looks so interesting and inviting ?

        1. Ms H. As I was suggesting to the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP supporters from the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya to consider their options in their young lives, the DAP leadership has exhorted that their victory to grab Putrajaya is just around the corner in the next 14th General Elections in 2018.

          However, there is no solid bankers’ guarantee from the leadership who admitted they lasted since 1966 just to see the silver lining which is the 90% Chinese voting for them ?

          Young DAP supporters be realistic. We grow old every day and as you rightly said old people die every day except yourselves. Think and do not be misled ! Be selfish and enjoy life now and do not listen to oldies who had already enjoyed themselves to the hilt !

  4. Ms H. A newly minted tycoon founded a RM2 incorporated church in the mid-1970s to keep his employees honest. This is one of the most successful money making outfit today like all these money, money, money RM2 incorporated churches all owned by the Chinese.

    1. Hmmm, the concept of “Innovation”…

      The development of this sector is being strongly encouraged by the current administration. Please read the last three Budget speeches and look out for the word – “Innovation” – and see the ample funding (hundreds of million ringgit) given yearly to those newly created agencies established just to promote ‘innovation’.

      Ref. ‘KJ insulting 1,400,000 civil servants

      1. Ms H. Innovation ! OMG ! Look at my list of ‘Innovations’ by the Chinese and the Muslim Indians. The smell of money, money, money is velly velly slong !

      2. Ms H. I have a nephew who took Laos by storm with the same industry which anyone can do – just a quick turn of the mind and the gift of the gab. And look virginal and holy. And repeat some heavenly sounding phrases over and over again like my very rich Tan Sri turn holy man friend. Money, money, money will literally drop from Heaven – the heavely central bank !

  5. The Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud was right when he said that “Allah” wasn’t an issue in Sarawak.

    Firstly, Sarawakians are respectful mixed societies of different cultures. They don’t interfere in other’s beliefs. And that religion is a private matter. More so, some Christians really didn’t care much about the issue. And the Muslims didn’t care either.

    Only when the church leaders drummed the support of their flocks just recently that the issue was blown out of proportion. Why not just pray like u did now. Whether u called Him “God”, “Lord”,”Tuhan Jesus”, “alah tala” just do it. Isn’t it true that the integral teaching of Christianity is Jesus the Son of God? Well, if so worship Him as u always do and address Him as u always do.

    There’ll be no end this issue if we’re not truthful. Seek the truth in our books that are close and dear to our hearts.

    amen or amin, why bother coz God knows the hearts of all men.

    1. Dear Veteran,

      Muslim has no issue if the matter is not official. For many many years in Malaysia, non-Muslim has been using the name Allah. Remember the apek said nanti itu Tuan Alla marah.

      However, when the church wants to print and distribute it in their official document, the thing become official because any official printing is govern by the printing act.

    2. Re. amen or amin, why bother coz God knows the hearts of all men.

      For Muslim we have to be careful with “makraj huruf” ( the proper way of uttering/pronouncing the Arabic character), there are several Arabic characters that may sound the same to the untrained, when in reality it is not, this usually can’t be properly “transliterated” by roman alphabets. Wrong “makraj huruf” will result in wrong meaning.

      This is one example of tutorial on “Makraj Huruf”: [YouTube]

      30 Minit Ustaz Don – Makhraj Huruf Sod (ص) dengan Dzal (ذ)


      “Ameen is the Arabic version of the word Amen which has its origins in Hebrew and means ‘so be it’. Ameen is often said after a supplication (dua) with the spiritual meaning: “O Allah, respond to (or answer) what I/we have said”.

      Ameen is often mentioned in the daily prayers of most Muslims after the recitation of the opening surah from the Quran.”

      1. U’re right.

        It reminds me of a story or was it a tale. When Islam first came to Melaka (way back in the 15th century) it was told that (as related by my teacher/lecturer (way back in the 70s) one Arab scholar/a teacher of the Alquran taught his middle aged recent converts but blamed them for their poor Arabic pronounciation. Dipendekkan cerita, pertengkaran berlaku di antara mereka…

        Sebutan tak ikut tajwid? atau sebutan tak macam lidah Arab?

        Pelajar2 dianggap lembab.

        Pelajar2 tak bersetuju. Mana boleh mereka lembab sedangkan mereka pegawai istana. Maka mereka melontar cabaran kpd guru alquran tersebut beradu menyebut perkataan Melayu spt lidah Melayu! Tok Arab akhirnya mengaku kalah kerana beliau tak pandai menyebut perkataan2 Melayu spt org Melayu.

        Lidah Arab mana nak sama dgn lidah Melayu. Belajar bertahun2 pun lidah kita tetap lidah asal kita. Aminkah atau amen.. tujuannya sama. Sebutan saja tak sama.

        Respect those pak guru yg hebat dlm bahasa Arab.

        cuma nak release tension.. maafkan hamba jika tersilap bahasa.

        1. Veteran

          Re. Lidah Arab mana nak sama dgn lidah Melayu.

          Thing has changed since then. Here is the Mufti of France who is of Arab/Egyptian decent in action “kecek Kelate”. [YouTube]

  6. Ms H. Malaysia is a land of financial capers. Here is the list.
    1. 1949-1950s – The MCA Social Welfare Lotteries. Tontine.
    2. 1960s – The mushroom insurance caper. Tontine.
    3. 1970s – The Chit Fund, the Co-op, the RM2 incorporated churches capers.
    4. 1980s.- The share rigging, the insurance company guarantees and the RM2 incorporated churches capers.
    5. 1990s – The share rigging and the RM2 incorporated churches capers.
    6. 2000s – The share rigging, the RM2 incorporated churches, the foreign exchange and the gold bullion capers.

    Acheh !

  7. Ms H. I am bemused by these bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes. I have a neice who to went to serve her beliefs in darkest Africa. Another sacrificed herself with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    I am bemused by these fresh faced, well fed and well dressed (sometimes in SIA uniforms) bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes who travel or work or speak in air-conditioned halls/cars. OMG. Go to Africa or Calcutta and show us how !

      1. Ms H. According to the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya, Madonna is a grandmother !

  8. Alhamdulillah

    Orang Asli peluk Islam meningkat

    “SEREMBAN – Sebanyak 15 peratus daripada 250 masyarakat Orang Asli memeluk agama Islam bagi tempoh Januari hingga 31 Oktober yang lalu.

    Ketua Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Dakwah Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan (JHEAINS), Amran Awaludin berkata, jumlah itu menunjukkan peningkatan sebanyak tiga peratus berbanding tahun sebelum ini yang mencatat 12 peratus sahaja.”

    I hope they will keep some of the tradition “yang tak bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam”. Otherwise, we will lose the tradition, because the “Masuk Melayu” thingy normally will erode away the tradition.

    On separate note, how many Javanese can speak Javanese this day among the younger generation? It is a very beautiful language in my opinion. Once I scolded my brother in law for not teaching his only son and child the language, although in his kampung in Sekinchan the family speak Javanese.

    Kebodohan antara kita sebahagiannya selalu menganggap sesuatu budaya itu “low class”, walau pun itu sebenarnya darah daging mereka sendiri.

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