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What PAS must know about the DAP

Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng both issued separate press statements yesterday.

Kit Siang complains that in the past four years, he has been “repeatedly accused of being a communist by Umno cybertroopers on the Internet”. Well, the accusations by the Malay bloggers are wrong. DAP is not communist. DAP 3.0 today is a capitalist party.

PAS represents the rural constituency.

So, dear PAS people, please think about how the high class Developers Above People-DAP 3.0 treat poor Malays. As if the Kampung Buah Pala, Kampung Pokok Assam, Kampung Binjai and Kampung Genting evictions affecting Indians and Malays in Penang haven’t taught the Islamist party anything.

Or if the PAS people want to see with their own eyes, take a drive to the island and see the “botak hills” where the developers – the DAP’s big backers – have been given a free rein.

Anyone still remember how the DAP evangelista warlord Ngeh Koo Ham and his cousin Nga Kor Ming were awarded forest land by the PAS government?

Mr Regina Lee is not a commie either. He just happens to look like Chin Peng, that’s all

Father, Son and Holy Hypocrites

Now with his 47 years in politics (Kit Siang puts his political career as beginning in 1966), what has he achieved?

Selling saliva only — “Liberty” lah, “Equality” lah, “Fraternity” lah … all from Western vocabulary.

As a side note, below is what Dr M has to say with regard to Kit Siang a week earlier:


“Pada 1964 saya jadi Wakil Rakyat. Kit Siang menjadi Setiausaha Politik kepada Devan Nair. Kemudian setelah PAP tidak dapat aktif lagi di Malaysia Kit Siang menubuh DAP dan menjadi ketuanya. Saya bersara 2003. Kit Siang belum bersara, masih ketua DAP dan menjadi wakil rakyat Gelang Patah. Bila Kit Siang akan bersara? Sampai mati kah? Jika sudah bersara nak jadi pemimpin kanan DAP kah?” (excerpt from the Che Det blog)

For the last half century, Kit Siang has been bleating on the same groove of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, which has presently become ‘Malaysian First’ old wine in new bottle.

He is merely still leading his buffalo herd round and round in circles. And now his son’s evangelista coterie are doing the same — mencucuk hidung kerbau dan menarik tali orang PAS.

They provoke the Muslim-Christian conflict and at the same time, they make a show of conducting inter-faith dialogues and joint prayers.

Birth certificate application form of Hannah Yeoh’s Chinese child

“Battle for the hearts and minds”

Also in his press statement yesterday, Kit Siang railed against the “campaign of lies and falsehoods” as if he and his party are the biggest victims when in fact they are the biggest perpetrators.

Elaborating on his charge, the DAP stalwart said:

“I trace such lies and falsehoods against DAP and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to the increasing desperation of Umno and BN leaders, who find that they are losing out in the battle for the hearts and minds of Malaysians.”

DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia old guard – as represented by Karpal Singh – appear to be “confused” (our Word of the Week). He wants race parties de-registered but has nothing to say about race-based schools where the SRJK(C)s are almost 90 percent Chinese and the SRJK(T)s are 100 percent Indian.

The inconsistencies inherent in the Firster ideology are so glaring but yet the DAP is winning the battle for the hearts and minds. They’re winning because they run the best campaign of lies and falsehoods.


“Extremism, intolerance and bigotry”

And below is the standard shill which has been going round and round in DAP without UBAH through a five-decade loop:

“This is a measure of the desperation of Umno/BN propagandists which should give us all hope and confidence that the days of extremism, intolerance and bigotry are on their way out, so long as we are committed to stay the course of moderation, tolerance and reason for a Middle Malaysia to achieve the Malaysian Dream for all Malaysians.” (Kit Siang‘s speech at the DAP Veterans Club Fourth Congress in Butterworth yesterday morning)

I’ve extracted the quote above to highlight that the DAP Mursyidul Am has charged the pro-establishment side with “extremism, intolerance and bigotry” while at the same time trying to posit themselves as moderate, tolerant and reasonable.

Is PAS buying the DAP pitch about achieving “the Malaysian Dream for all Malaysians”? What will become of Malaysia if the DAP 3.0’s dream (“equality”) comes true? Will they eventually make the status of Christianity equal to that of Islam?

Over the kalimah Allah and hudud issues, haven’t the DAP and their supporters been portraying Muslims as extremist, intolerant and bigots? Or are the DAP merely targetting “Umnoputras” as guilty of “extremism, intolerance and bigotry” while they excuse the PAS followers of the same?


“Umno’s racist ideology and extremist policies”

In his press statement yesterday, the DAP sec-gen said “… Umno are the masters and leaders from Sarawak and Sabah should be subservient to them” in the context of the relationship between Putrajaya and the Sarawak state government.

The DAP propaganda is that Umno is the ‘master’ and the rest of the BN components are ‘servants’ or as Guan Eng puts it, “it is Umno’s racist ideology and extremist policies that entitles Umno being masters whilst others must be subservient …”.

PAS should ask the DAP to define which “extremist policies” as well as specify what is the “racist ideology” that Umno practices.

Is it the NEP and its various permutations that are viewed as “extremist policies” by the DAP? Is the decision by Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to have Math and Science taught in Malay considered one of Umno’s “extremist policies”?

The DAP objects to the recently announced Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Programme. Hence, does DAP regard the RM31 billion BEEP as an extremist policy created on the basis of “racist ideology” since the funding will not benefit Chinese or Indians? Does PAS agree with the DAP on these criticisms? Does PAS reject BEEP?

More importantly, is the decision to build mosques but not to have the state lend support to the building of churches a part of Umno’s “racist ideology” too? Does PAS agree that in the name of Equality, a proportionately equal allocation be given to Christians to build new churches in Alor Setar, in Kuantan and elsewhere?


ABOVE: Number of seats held by DAP and PAS respectively in Parliament

Why the Chinese vote will never return to BN

The main grouse of the Chinese against MCA and Gerakan is that these two parties do not have an equal voice to Big Brother Umno in the BN.

Well, Umno has 88 Parliament seats to the MCA’s 7 seats. Let’s turn the tables: If DAP has 88 seats and PAS has 7 seats (won in Chinese-majority areas), would the DAP allow for PAS to have an equal say in Pakatan?

You already know whether PAS was given an exco seat or not in the DAP-led Penang, right?

You must be aware also that DAP former vice chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor has revealed that his party treats Malays as if they’re worth only “lima kupang” (50 sen) whereas Amran Ahmad – son of the late Ahmad Nor, another DAP vice chairman – begged to differ. Amran said Malays are only “5 sen” in the DAP.

DAP Superbullies and the poor PAS lambs

Any Chinese voter can see the hopelessness of the Chinese standing in the BN.

And come GE14, the MCA’s seat count will be down to zero. Therefore we can expect something like 95 percent Chinese backing for the DAP in the next election.

There is no future glimpsed for the Chinese in the current ruling party. Even Utusan, regarded as the Umno mouthpiece, has asked the incumbent MCA president Chua Soi Lek not to overstay his welcome in BN.

The Chinese path into the political future is fixed as there is no other alternative but to take the Pakatan route.

For the Malays and Muslims in PAS, you are now at the crossroads. Pandai-pandai lah bermuhasabah diri dan kalau terdesak, kerjakan sembahyang istiqarah untuk minta diberi petunjuk.



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17 thoughts on “What PAS must know about the DAP

  1. Re. DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia old guard – as represented by Karpal Singh – appear to be “confused” (our Word of the Week).

    DELIRIUM is more like it – “an acutely disturbed state of mind that occurs in fever, intoxication, and other disorders and is characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech.”

    1. The delicious irony:

      Umno supporters want Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua but insist on keeping parti ikut bangsa (lain-lain dan berasingan).

      DAP supporters want sekolah ikut bahasa (lain-lain dan berasingan) but want to ban race-based parties, preferring Parti untuk Semua di bawah Satu Bumbung.

      1. DAP = “Datuk Apak Pendatang” so definitely their followers wld want their kids to attend Sekolah2 yg ditubuhkan khas untuk keturunan2 Pendatang dimana medium penyampaian adalah dalam bahasa Kebangsaan Negara “ibunda” masing2.

        Zairil is their much revered so claimed “Malay” as he too fits the “Datuk Apak Pendatang” category too.

  2. My apology for digressing.

    “Murid 11 tahun dapat 5A UPSR

    Melaka: Walaupun baru berusia 11 tahun, seorang murid tahun enam Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Ayer Keroh, di sini, membuktikan dia mampu memperoleh keputusan cemerlang 5A dalam Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) yang diumumkan Khamis lalu.

    Lebih membanggakan keluarganya, Muhammad Naazhim Farhan Azman, turut berkongsi kejayaan itu bersama kakaknya, Nur Nabila Farhana, 12, yang turut mendapat keputusan cemerlang.

    Anak kelima daripada 11 beradik kepada pasangan Azman Paiman, 47, dan Hidayati Salleh, 41, itu menjadi calon muda UPSR selepas mendapat kemasukan awal ke tahun satu apabila lulus ujian khas pada 2008 ketika berusia enam tahun.”

    The point that I want to make is not about the results but rather about “Anak kelima daripada 11 beradik kepada pasangan Azman Paiman, 47, dan Hidayati Salleh, 41 “. Here at the khariah where I “tumpang” it is common for the Malay to have between 6 to 8 children, in fact there is a family with 11 children. But I think majority is PAS followers.

    1. re: “11 children. But I think majority is PAS followers”

      These clever kids when they grow up will join Isma? :) :) :)

      1. I had dinner with one of the grown up children of 8 in the family at my favorite “warong” the other day, 24 years old and just got back from the UK on company assignment but now run his own computer shop in B Bintang. Very polite with the “ISMA Look” indeed.

      2. Meantime I hope ISMA people are reading this. If they are smart they should start doing the ground work in MCA, Gerakan and MIC currently constituencies where the seats are mostly won in Malay majority areas. They probability these party are going to lose both DUN and Parliament in the next round is very high anyway. These are the routes that ISMA has to take in the 4 years or so:

        1. New Voter Registration

        2. Community Service Center – I think they are well funded

        3. Should they win in all of the seats in the next PRU, they will have ‘ a Trump Card ” to either join BN/UMNO or PAS with the understanding PAS will quit Pakatan.

        4. MCA and Gerakan are no longer relevant or cease exist (only by NAME) in BN by then, and it is a good way to kick the LIBERAL MALAYs in UMNO as well.

        5. By then the Malays in MCA constituencies currently have had enough of “DAPster yang Bertopengkan BN”.

        6. The subsequent PRU after PRU14, will be infiltrating “Totok PAS” areas.

        The key point of item 1 and 2 above is voters engagement.

        1. LOL,

          From my intel, they started before GE13. I’m still monitoring this ISMA due to their projected image of brilliant mind in a party which will fight for Malay and Islam right in Malay majority areas.

          With the problem face by PAS and UMNO right now especially after GE13, they started getting an attention from the young Malay. And that is why I think they has been targeted by some pro oppo.

          I’m thinking, ISMA pleage not to fight in the areas where there’s already a Malay and Muslim reprentative given them an edge. Now that is the triump cards in gaining the young Malay vote right now.


        2. LOL,

          ISMA already start their ground work.. esp in university.. one day, beside pro mahasiswa and pro aspirasi, we can expect in 2 or 3 years, pro ikhwanul muslimin will ‘suddenly’ exist.. wait n see..

  3. PAS stood the test of time because they were consistent with their policies since their inception which is Islamist. They stood the test of Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah. They were in the past at odds with DAP as the basic ideologies were poles at odds.

    Whether PAS will stand this present test of time will be answered on how they deal with DAP. The 2013 elections was a Chinese tsunami but also a Malay tsunami. A Malay tsunami whereby Malays unite together under UMNO and except for Penang and Selangor PKR mean very little to the Malay populace. One should ask where PKR would be going to in 2018. Up today PKR has no objective other than to make DSAI PM.

    PAS is clear – the objective of an Islamist administration. But does this Islamist objective mean a lot of feedback from DAP? It is not wrong for PAS members to visit Christian clergy but they must remember that the main vision of PAS is of an Islamist administration. At the end, the voters still need a clear answer of what is PAS’ stand on Kalimat Allah, apostasy and gay rights, PAS risks the fate of being a relic of the past.

    PKR is one which is heading for the sunset unless PKR is very clear with what they achieve to do before 2018.

  4. The DAP should seriously consider joining BN in the name of National Unity so they can provide the necessary ingredients needed to run this country efficiently.

      1. Helen ang,

        As for joining BN, i do not think it will happen in near future. UMNO will lose Malays votes if it accepts DAP.

        Only morons from PAS would still want to believe that PAS is gaining from this submission to DAP.

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