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Now we know why Khalid got his nickname

Khalid Samad, when contacted by The Mole, said Karpal Singh’s suggestion that PAS should be de-registered was the latter’s personal opinion that did not reflect the stand of the DAP.

“I don’t think Karpal’s statement should be an issue because it’s solely based on his own opinion and as long as it doesn’t affect the PR coalition, it shouldn’t be a problem,” the portal quoted him as saying.

Pakatan is constantly doing this — the shrug-and-wave-away modus operandi. Any time some inter-party disagreement erupts, their various spokesmen would say that the controversial figure made the pronouncement in his personal capacity and divorced from his party.

Karpal is the party chairman and he said what did at a press conference in the hearing of a roomful of reporters. Yet Khalid can construe Karpal’s statement as his personal opinion not reflective of the DAP stand.

Okay. So the next time Najib Razak holds a PC, his statements too can be taken as a personal opinion and not reflecting the stance of Putrajaya.

Oh yeah, about the nickname for the PAS Shah Alam MP. It is ‘Khalid GEREJA‘. Gettit?

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5 thoughts on “Now we know why Khalid got his nickname

  1. alaa.. as if u dunno la Helen…. Salah Umno kan ? Karpal cakap pun , gerenti Umno yg suruh… Khalid G dah tentu sokong kawan… penyelamat.

    PM Najib kata (semasa di Bangladesh) ucap tkasih pada 40,000 bangla yang undi pru13 lepas menyebabkan BN menang…. hmm.

    1. re: “Salah Umno kan ? Karpal cakap pun , gerenti Umno yg suruh…”

      Yes. Last time the Dapsters also say Karpal is an “Umno agent” when he caused a rift. They seem to forget that Karpal is steadfastly speaking the party line of rejecting race (konon) while the DAP 3.0 evangelistas take the approach of “semua bisa diatur”, apa-apa pun boleh diUBAH mengikut musim, including the name of their God.

  2. No, their MO is not shrug and wave away. From what I’ve seen, it’s more like when caught with their pants down, lie through their teeth and if that doesn’t work just bend over and moon the audience.

    And their party line in not rejecting race, it’s rejecting the Malay race.

  3. blogger antihipokrit dulu yg beri gelaran Khalid Gereja kerana lantangnya Khalid membela Gereja dan Kristian… Skg blogger tu dah pencen

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