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Otak Di Kepala Lulut — one prime odikal specimen

Finally we hear it from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh herself, Sheikh Hasina, dismissing claims that hordes of her countrymen had been airflown here to vote for the BN. See ‘Hasina: 40k voters claim absurd‘ (NST, 20 Nov 2013).

As absurd as it is, the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysians had gone berserk over the fear that Bangladeshis would somehow manage to vote in our in GE13. To refresh your memory, read the call made by SABM chieftain Haris Ibrahim back in April — ‘ABU: Treat dubious voter like a robber or a rapist‘.

Btw, the SABM political icon can be seen in this photograph.

Some truly racist attitude was displayed on polling day (May 5) in the abuse of dark skinned passersby suspected to be Bangladeshis. On a related note, Ong Kian Ming had to apologize to one Chua Lai Fatt for [Ong] accusing him [Chua] of being a foreigner; Chua is of Indian parentage but adopted by a Chinese family.

The way Ong Kian Ming can simply make an accusation is really telling of his ilk — the DAP evangelistas.



The main characteristic of the Pakatoons is odikal — Otak Di Kepala Lulut.

Kesian Raja Petra Kamarudin. His good health is in jeopardy due to having to put up with them (the carcinogenic Pakatoons) day in and day out.

Today Raja Petra blogged a story titled ‘How Malaysia became Banglasia on 5th May 2013′ about the ‘phantom voters’ rumour that had been actively spread by the opposition.

DAP as well as PKR politicians were the main culprits in the rumour-mongering, or to be more exact, the Chinese party’s evangelistas were (see screen capture of Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below).

This canard about the 40,000 Bangladeshi voters was extensively carried in the social media which is under the control of the DAP Red Guards.

hannahyeoh Very worried BN will send phantom

And the Christians too

Do you remember how the opposition succeeded in entrenching the belief that GE13 would be “the dirtiest election ever”?

If you don’t, you can Google the search words “phantom voters”/”pengundi hantu” + “Ong Kian Ming” who is today the DAP evangelista MP for Serdang (aka @imokman-DAP SuperCyber Bully).

In the run-up to the election – the DAP machinery had kicked into gear very early on to prepare the ground – the infamous Christian newspaper The Herald even published a story quoting Ong Kian Ming on the possible existence of 3.3 million phantom voters — see below.!-11533-19-1.html!-11533-19-1.html

Pakatoon perpetual hysteria

The Pakatoons easily believe all kinds of rumours as long as it is “EBU! EBU! EBU!” (Everything Blame Umno)

Boys in Black Against Bangladeshis went around with their brain (or what passes off as such) stuck on the kneecap … odikal.

They dressed in the colour of mourning and herded themselves together with like-minded odikals to flood stadiums throughout the length and breadth of the peninsula.

The J-Star must also be thanked for its diligent promotion of the Blackout 505 gatherings.

Politics of Hate

The DAP evangelist politicians are the people most responsible for the culture of hate that has engulfed Malaysia.

How they slandered the Election Commissioners and the EC workers. Puak evangelista inilah telah membudayakan fitnah yang merupakan darah daging mereka.

Once blinded by their hatred, the DAP 3.0 supporters are easily persuaded to swallow every lying word uttered by their idols.


Jerusubang the epicenter

In response to Raja Petra’s article today on ‘Banglasia‘, one reader ‘BAF’ made a comment which I’m reproducing below.

written by BAF, November 20, 2013 17:51:53

“1) At about 4.00 pm at the Chee Wen school at USJ 1 on the elections of GE-13 day, a big crowd gathered outside the gate, people were angry and shouting, it seems that they had just seen a bus with full of foreign workers entering the school, when asked what they were doing here on election day they said they came upon instructions from their superiors at a certain factory where they worked, they had no idea why they were there,, all of them had no IC’s but only copies of their passports, The bus driver was frantically calling somebody on his h/p, and after about 15 mins he left, taking the bus and workers away, now you tell me what 44 foreign workers were doing at a election polling station on GE-13 day after the polls had finished.”

Now let’s see if BAF’s otak is encased in his kepala or attached to his lutut.

How Malaysia became Banglasia on 5th May 2013 2013-11-20 20-28-38

For what to vote in Subang Jaya?

BAF in his comment recounts the story that 44 foreign workers were trying to cast their vote in USJ 1.

USJ 1 is in Subang Jaya lah. The constituency has 61,688 voters. Hannah Yeoh garnered 40,366 votes. Her majority was a whopping 28,069.

Now everyone and his neighbour’s cat would have already known that the prospective Madam Speaker was going to win her seat, where she is the popular incumbent, and by a landslide. Therefore, what is the point of bussing 44 Bangladeshis to go vote in Subang Jaya, you tell me.


If you were the mastermind behind the harebrained scheme (we’ll play along with the Pakatoons just for argument’s sake), wouldn’t you prefer to send those purported phantom voters to a polling station where their votes would count, i.e. the close-call seats that could go either way on a razor thin majority.

Or at least put them to better use in, say, Bukit Katil (Ali Rustam’s seat).

But no. This BAF fella commenting in Malaysia Today actually seems to believe that some factory supervisor, rather than meeting his daily production deadline, chose instead to pack off his foreign workers to USJ 1 — in Subang Jaya! —  to help MCA (wakakaka) wrest the seat from Hannah. [Yup, Subang Jaya is the place where odikals truly abound.]

Holy Water
Jerusubang: Drunk on Holy Water

Capital city of smear campaign

I repeat: Hannah won her Subang Jaya state assembly seat with a majority of 28,069 votes in GE13 and 23,459 votes in GE12.

The problem with the Jerusubang people is their propensity to not only believe in preposterous stories but also to mindlessly pass on the malicious falsehoods, oftentimes in the process smearing the good name of innocent people.

Jerusubangites are a real menace to our country because their stock in trade is Fitnah and they are capable of fabricating the most outrageous lies without batting an eyelid. What kind of people are they?

Updated: 12.30am, Nov 21


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32 thoughts on “Otak Di Kepala Lulut — one prime odikal specimen

  1. Yang lebih teruk adalah the Election Commission and the Government for not charging them in court. It was a clear intent to slander.

    Government is weak, that is the reason kaduk naik junjung.

    1. Let me add a note. This is also mentioned in Raja Petra’s article today.

      Pakatan filed dozens of election petitions against the GE13 results. None, not a single one, of those petitions raised the matter of Bangladeshi or foreign phantom voters.

      I’ve earlier detailed the string of election petitions by Pakatan which were thrown out by the courts. See,

      1. Helen,

        Pakatan Rakyat ni terhasil daripada 3 puak yang berpakat-pakat menggunakan kelemahan utama rakyat malaysia iaitu mudah percaya kepada fitnah.

        tak kira bangsa apa, majoriti rakyat malaysia amat suka kepada cerita-ceriti, penglipur-lara dan sebagainya. bukti mudah lihat aje samada konsert atau ceramah atau rancangan tv seperti malaysian idol, maharaja lawak dsb…rating penonton memang amat tinggi!

        oleh kerana majoriti rakyat malaysia ini mempunyai kegemaran berkenaan maka mereka mudah terpedaya untuk pecaya unti 44 pekerja bangla boleh membuatkan Hannah yeoh kalah di kawasannya…..!

        amat malang bagi sebuah negara yang sedang menuju status negara maju mempunyai majoriti rakyat Odikal!

        Even menteri muda yang sorang tu pun sama Odikal jugak sebab terpaksa employ seorang scissorati untuk berfikir bagi pihaknya…

  2. The truth is that that bus and its 44 foreign workers were most proably a sent there by PKR itself. Most logical scenario DAP asked one of its chinaman towkay who has a factory around Subang, Shah Alam or Bukit Kemuning to just drive the factory bus to the school just to paint the picture that they are phantom voters.

    This is how DAP and chinaman work to their benefit, then scream UMNO UMNO UMNO punya kerja.

    Remember the ruckus in Ampang a similar scenario a tourist bus with indian tourist….. set up big time.

    Dont get fooled by these chinese!

  3. I told you, not their fault. EBU they say.

    Semua Evangelitas dan subangites ni buat kerana salah UMNO…. Mereka menang pun sebab KONON nya memang UMNO bersalah ! Huh…SOME chineses with cap knee comunists’ brains – OTAK TALUK KIPALA LULUT. Bahasa Kebangsaan – Kepala Lutut macam kepala besar ‘bapaknak’ DAP.

    Kencing menitis salah Umno, berak cair pun salah Umno hingga nak…. dapat anak-anak OKU, puuuuuun salah UMNO…..

    * AIYAAA apek aaa, sinni ale longkang, lompat apek lompat ! Aiiiieyaaaa ! (lagu dari celita P.Lamelie aoh..)

    Wa manyak malah la ( bukan cine sama macam Helen ) tapi sama itu cine-cine ciakap pitenah (fitnah) lagi njahat muntut manyak musuk ! mulut same ati (hati) selupe air longkang biabi lo !! Apa pasat cine sikolah punye manyak suka ini olang ?


    1. re: Apa pasat cine sikolah punye manyak suka ini olang ?”

      Hannah Yeoh bukan sekolah Cina. Dia sekolah kebangsaan.

      Ong Kian Ming disekolahkan di Singapura. Singapura tidak ada sekolah Cina.

        1. re: “Sekarang pakatoon leader putar 360°”

          Lepas tu, putar -360° balik. Apa-apa pun boleh di-UBAH mereka kiri kanan, depan belakang. Sebab tu mereka sesumpah spesi Iguana Eng.

  4. The Pakatoons leaders, especially DAP and PKR believe that they could win the GE13 after they had campaigned seriously on the ground during the period before the polling day. That was the reason why they had to accuse the Election Commission and BN of being guilty of election frauds, including the existence of the phantom voters.

    Now they are in denial of the issue when PM Najib poked fun of the issue with the Bangladeshi PM during his recent visit. As one of the UMNO PRU13 strategic GE observers stationed in the DAP organised election ceramahs on polling day, I opined that DAP managed to win the hearts and mind of the urban majority Chinese supporters and voters with their powerful slogan “wu e wu huan chern fu” in Mandarin, meaning “515 change government.”

    The Chinese voters were hysterical and incited by the powerful slogan that were camouflaged with anti government sentiments. That was why DAP emerged as the strongest opposition party who had won the highest number of parliamentary and state seats in the PRU13.

    Even after the results were officially declared, the Pakatoons went on to file the election petitions on very flimsy and unreasonable ground in order to win public sympathy, which they hope may deny the BN victory. The Pakatoons were sore losers, especially their leader Anwar Ibrahim who had instigated that they should boycott the new session of parliament.

    The rest is history but today the Pakatoons in parliament make a fool of themselves though less provocative. Anwar Ibrahim should honour his words and just retire permanently from politics if he is a gentleman to acknowledge his own political defeat.

    1. re: “The Chinese voters were hysterical and incited by the powerful slogan that were camouflaged with anti government sentiments.”

      They are still hysterical. It is a perpetual hysteria.

      They are not just anti-government and anti-Umno, they are anti practically anything that is not DAP or evangelista.

  5. PR’s exercise in conning the stupids who think they are smart. Having being cornered with stupidity these people have no choice but to lie again. They think by lying again people don’t see they are stupid anymore and can claim again they are smart. But we all know they aren’t. As you say: otak di kepala lutut,

  6. Helen, thanks for the write-up. It is so true that the Fuckatan’s well-known modus operandi is to make the rakyat angry and hate the government simply by spreading and repeating lies upon lies. They continue to mind-numbingly repeat it over and over again across all channels possible. The Star has been helpful too (btw, did you notice that the five-star design used by the paper is almost similar to that of the Singaporean flag and crest? Might be a co-incidence but then again why must five? Why not two or ten? Or if five, different design cannot ka?)

    Fuckatan’s will also add more dramatic scenes, false sense of urgency (remember Anwar’s tweet that Fuckatan had won the GE even when the vote has not been completely counted?) and oh my God, they’re excellent at playing the victim game. So good is their victimitis approach they might even dominate the Oscars line-up of award winners (KJ only got a lousy Shout Award).

    I give you one example. The PTPTN issue (which Anwar should know a lot about since he was in government when it was first mooted). Why are they suddenly so quiet after the GE13? Why are there no more tunjuk perasaan or berbaring atas jalan? Prior to the GE, they hyped it up so much to the point that even foreigners might think PTPTN is actually an epidemic killing the local students. Why? Wish to incur anger among the students prior to the GE? Even the student leaders who hyped up this PTPTN issue cannot consistently secure at least CGPA 3.00 in their studies, from what I’ve heard. If do not want to pay PTPTN loan, then get a first class degree lah, no need to tunjuk perasaan one. Of course, to secure a first class degree, one need to study diligently, can ask any other banglas and they would tell you the same thing.

    Bet they want to hype this issue again months before GE14 and not only on this issue but a myriad of others too. Slanderous lies upon lies to make people angry, then if they were caught red-handed, wait for the salvos of blaming others for making them felt twisted by their own words. So, this 40k bangla issue is just another poison-ball being thrown during the GE13.

    Ah well, keep up the good work on exposing their poison-dripping schemes Helen. Tq.

  7. kenapa najib takut ambil tindakan macam Singapura. saman mereka sampai bangkrap atas fitnah dan manipulasi fakta….

  8. I don’t know the exact number of Bangladeshis working in Malaysia although the number being bandied about is normally more or less 500000, I can assure Malaysian citizens that Malaysia will not become another Bangladesh a.k.a Banglasia anytime soon.

    But the chances of Malaysia becoming Ubahsia is rising. Just imagine. Over 90% of the Chinese voted for Pakatan in the last GE. A considerable number of urban Indians, the Tamil deficient types, also voted for Pakatan. Let’s not forget that Malays also voted for Pakatan.

    Sorry to burst the Pakatoons’ bubble but Banglasia is not going to happen. But Ubahsia is another matter altogether. In fact, Ubahsia is already a state within a state. Slowly but surely it is forming a core with Penang and Selangor in it. Kelantan is not in the equation as it is looked upon as an abomination by the citizens of Ubahsia. Abomanation because it is too backward, too Malay and too Islamic by the citizens of Ubahsia, the Ubahsians.

  9. Boleh depa ni tuduh orang India yang dibesarkan oleh keluarga Cina sebagai pengundi hantu. Pastu sebarkan kat sosial media tanpa membuat pengesahan semata-mata nak menumbangkan kerajaan Melayu BN.

    Pastu mintak maaf lepas semua ‘large scale damage had been done’. Maaf yang sebenarnya bukan maaf sebab mission dah accomplished. SPR pula boleh tak ambil tindakan ke atas penipuan yang dasyat ni. Sigh.. orang macam ni depa pilih jadi wakil rakyat.

    1. re: “Sigh.. orang macam ni depa pilih jadi wakil rakyat.”

      Orang Jerusubang pilih evangelista DAP.

  10. Do you have any reference which refer directly that the Pakatan leader specifically mention the 40k bangla? 40k Bangla allegation is very different with phantom voters allegation.

    1. Anwar mentioned “Banglasia”, see Raja Petra’s article.

      As for the DAP social network spreading rumours, certain Facebook pages are operated by the DAP. It’s party of their campaign set-up. The newly elected DAP Adun for Damansara Utama is their social media director.

  11. They are a ghostbuster lah Helen. That is why it is hard to proved lah. Where the captured ghost goes too, you may asked? The answer was inside the nuclear ghost vault under the Menara J-Star lah :):):) It will be overload when we near the GE14 and explode during that time that makes the ghost flooting around and vote during GE14. hehhehheh


  12. Ms H. Whatever happened to all those instant demonstrations before and after the 13th General Elections ? Everything is so very quiet and serene. How come ? Lack of money, lack of ideas or insults, lack of supporters or what ?

    1. Anwar and cohorts can bluff all the people some of the time, or he can deceive some of the people all the time, but surely no one can betray all the people every time!

  13. if PR wants so bad to take over Putrajaya, go ahead!!

    Nobody’s care.

    But if the approached taken by ‘tipu’, ‘fitnah’ and etc, the rakyat will eventually noticed.

    So don’t say BN is crap before looking at the mirror first.

  14. The Bangladeshi PM is bluffing! These voters exist and they still around. You just need to know where to look. ABUers and DAPsters, you can station your men at Villa Nabilla around GE14. There they will appear and disappear. You can thank me later (don’t give me that empty handshake, you cheapskate)

  15. Personally, I am irritated with the stupid things being said by DAP. More stupid are the Chinese who believe their kelentong-ing. I feel DAP will not rest until they successfully start another May 13. Btw I am a Chinese…

    1. How I wish I can meet and know more people like you Sylvia. Post GE of Chinese Tsunami, I cannot help myself being an Ultra Malay. Seriously, I didn’t know I had that in me, until the last GE.

      Very sad indeed, it has come to this.


      1. No point taking extreme sides in this absurd furore of the ultras – either Malay or Chinese. The Way of the Spirit has always been the middle ground between extremes, the path that is focused on the purification of the heart.

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