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Muktamar PAS ternanti-nanti Guan Eng mengucap dua kalimah syahadah

Sekali dengan Puan Speaker Selangor beserta YB DAP “Insya Allah” Serdang.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-07-27 10-26-56


ATAS: DAP SuperCyber Bullies @imokman (Ong Kian Ming) @hannahyeoh


ATAS: Muka depan Utusan hari ini …


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3 thoughts on “Muktamar PAS ternanti-nanti Guan Eng mengucap dua kalimah syahadah

  1. The keyword is “satu hari nanti”. It can be tomorow, the next day or next year or even another 20 to 50 years. So, when someone said “satu hari nanti” I never take them seriously. It is not a confirm statement but only the things which will or will not happen…..

    :D sarah

    1. Perhaps it would be more substantial for the Pemuda PAS to be explicit with Guan Eng what it means to enter into the Spirit of Islam, since he manifestly wants to copycat Umar bin Abdul Aziz doesn’t he? [YouTube]

  2. Scenario1. Lim Guan Eng: I believe Muktamar PAS has no divine power to convert Guan Eng to Islam. Religious truth is not fixed. No religion has a sole priority on truth. Religion is what the individual does with his own solitude. If you never solitary you are never religious. Who knows Guan Eng may eventually marry a Muslim girl!

    Scenario 2. Hannah Yeoh: sweet and elegantly dressed in baju kurung complete with a scarf. A truly Malaysian who knows how to play her political game well! (Who says that Malays do not support DAP?)

    Scenario 3. Ong Kian Ming: handsomely dressed in baju Melayu and bersongkok. Another true Malaysian who knows how to play his political game! We have also seen Tian Chua dressed in baju Melayu. (Who says the Malays do not support DAP?)

    Unfortunately, the two DAP leaders in Perak had refused to wear songkok in the Opening of the State Assembly. So there are different DAP leaders with different political tactics. Don’t forget that Lee Kuan Yew in the early 60s (DAP leader) had also worn baju Melayu and songkok in those days in order to win the hearts and mind of the Malays! However, he was a smarter Chinese DAP leader and went off to Singapore to rule the island until today.

    Kuan Yew knew that he will never become the prime minister if he had remained in Malaysia. The rest is history but the current DAP leaders are still dreaming that one day, a DAP leader will be the prime minister of Malaysia. This is another political dream of the DAP leaders for them to continuously support Anwar Ibrahim in parliament.

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