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DAP Christian pins high hopes on progressive PAS

FMT columnist Selena Tay’s article today titled ‘The Malay psyche and Chinese philosophy‘ is the portal’s banner story this morning.

Selena is a Christian as well as a DAP delegate “who had voted at the DAP Women’s Congress held in KL on Dec 9” (2012). She believes that PAS supporters are “the Malays [who] will be able to see the difference between right and wrong without using racist lens”.

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Christians flee the Muslim world


Charlie Hebdo riot: 45 churches torched, 10 killed in Niger

See BBC report

Protests broke out over the weekend in several Muslim countries (Niger, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Yemen, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan) with violent clashes taking place in Karachi, Algiers and Khartoum.

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Amid growing concern by the Vatican for Middle East Christians who live “in environments marked by hostility and conflicts”, Pope Francis met with patriarchs from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Syria where the flocks “have grown increasingly vulnerable amid the upheavals of recent years”, a TIME magazine report said.

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