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DAP Christian pins high hopes on progressive PAS

FMT columnist Selena Tay’s article today titled ‘The Malay psyche and Chinese philosophy‘ is the portal’s banner story this morning.

Selena is a Christian as well as a DAP delegate “who had voted at the DAP Women’s Congress held in KL on Dec 9” (2012). She believes that PAS supporters are “the Malays [who] will be able to see the difference between right and wrong without using racist lens”.

Presumably Umno supporters are not the Malays who will be able to see the difference between right and wrong without using racist lens.

An excerpt from Selena’s article is reproduced below:


“In this issue of the assessment hike, the Chinese deem that the excessive increase is wrong but for the Malays, everything that the government does is right because the government is Malay.

This means that all the government’s initiatives, whether good or bad will get the total and undivided support of the Malays.

Of course this is only a generalisation but the fair-minded Malays are few and are an exception to the norm.

This columnist’s friend who conducted the survey among Malays found them agreeing to the assessment hike as they say that the hike is good for the nation.

The Malays are unhappy that the Chinese are opposing it, saying that the Chinese always oppose anything that the government does.

This assessment hike is really an eye-opener on the clash of philosophy between the Chinese and the Malays and the whole exercise shows how divided Malaysian society has become.

The pre-Merdeka Malays were a gentle and friendly people but this all changed after the late sixties.

Still, the situation is not all that bad. The PAS Malays will protest the massive assessment hike and in them there is still hope that the Malays will be able to see the difference between right and wrong without using racist lens.”



Selena Tay also generalises that “fair-minded Malays are few and are an exception to the norm” (screenshot below).

You may recall that earlier in her article Selena had been convinced that PAS supporters are “the Malays [who] will be able to see the difference between right and wrong without using racist lens”. Nonetheless, as exemplary as these folks are – but being Malay nonetheless – they are only few and are an exception to the norm, according to Selena’s reckoning.

The Malay psyche and Chinese philosophy - Free Malaysia Today 2013-11-23 11-13-01

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14 thoughts on “DAP Christian pins high hopes on progressive PAS

  1. When she or any other people from the opposition call certain Malays fair minded, they are referring to Malays who will give in to their demands.

    As the Thai king Rama one said, the Chinese expect all privileges and evade all responsibilities. He warned about a century ago that one day, when the people who have been hosts to these people have had enough of their nonsense, there will be a huge backlash.

    There have been several backlashes in South East Asia, Indonesia being the prime example. But the big one has not happened yet. Who knows, with tensions on the rise, it will come when we least expect it.

  2. Kah kah kah..

    Awas dengan pujian DAP. Pujian yang hanya manis di mulut dan kita tahu di akhir cerita dimana tapak kaki mereka diatas dahi kita.

    1. Orang Pas tak ada akal. Mereka syiok sendiri. Bila tapak kaki DAP diatas dahi Pas pun orang Pas tak perasan. Mereka ingat tapak kaki DAP ni topi yang boleh mereka pakai. Inilah orang Pas. Tak ada jati diri.

  3. so she is openy negatively generalisaing the malays? doesnt she the oxford dictionary definition of prejudice?

    1. the wench is stereotyping or profiling along racial lines.aka making racist judgements…. If she can read this.. i say to her face… your a racist

      and her poor quality writing is not a norm for sane people.

  4. “…fairminded Malays are few..” Selena Tayi wrote. Mana dia dpt fakta ini? ada buat survey kah? main hentam saja.

    How much is “few” she referred to? Hundreds of thousands, millions?

    Selena jangan berlagak bongkak. Jgn ingat u saja pandai. Awak telah menghina kaum Melayu yg tak semestinya “terlibat” dgn apa awak perjuangkan dan Pas anjurkan.

    1. Veteran,

      Malays need not get upset with DAP. After all, DAP caters to Lim dynasty only.

      Characteristics of “good Malays” according to DAP
      1) Must be “papa kedana”. A “good Malay’ is not supposed to be rich. Tan Sri Bukhari is sinful as he is a billionaire

      2) A good Malay must be liberal. By liberal DAP means must oppose any legitimate interest of malay/Islam

      3) A good Malay must act like clown. Mohd Sabu fits the expectation . He is popular , like a court jester. Popular but not respected.

      4) A good Malay must be willing to demonstrate violently on streets . Better still if he can hurl abuse to police during demonstration and expects police to smile when he spit on them(police).

      5) A good Malay only deserve to be “kucing kurap”.

      6) A good Malay must be willing not even to say ‘azan’ as it will disturb Chinese residents around.

      7) A good Malay must support homosexuality.

      8) a good Malay must be willing to “maki hamun” UMNO.

      9) A good Malay must be brave enough to say no to UMNO . Yes. No to UMNO that until today is the only political party that keeps DAP at bay.

      10_ A good malay must cherish DAP that waging war against malays.

      1. A thinking and ‘speaking’ Melayu must be bad, bad, bad!

        Mat Sabu is a good Melayu!!! And the Cina hated UMNO for not being upright!

        Seriously? Cina upright?

  5. DAP pins high hopes on progressive PAS?

    hahahaha…the way this selena wrote proved that PAS will only be considered progressive through the eye of the DAPsters.

    That means as long as PAS is still within PR, they are the few malays considered ‘fair-minded’ by them (DAP)..

    Therefore, will PAS ever be progressive in the actual meaning?

    I doubted it!

  6. Ms H. ‘DAP Christians pin high hopes on progressive PAS’. Is this the joke of 2013 for want of other better jokes ?

    Do these Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP Christians understand the Islam religion or not as they failed to understand their own religion ? Are these irrational exuberant types mixing up religion and politics ? What do they mean by ‘PROGRESSIVE’ in politics or religion ? The way I see it is that these smart types are just tying themselves into knots by creating more issues than a Gordian Knot ! Acheh !

  7. Ms H. Your distinguished Blog is great. In one morning, you have a collection of stupid jokes of the highest order !

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