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Dapster melaungkan takbir atas kemenangan Mat Sabu

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Mat Sabu retains deputy president's post - Malaysiakini 2013-11-24 10-08-40


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Dikemaskini: Mat Sabu kekal timbalan presiden PAS

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5 thoughts on “Dapster melaungkan takbir atas kemenangan Mat Sabu

  1. From Malaysiakini :

    Debating the president’s address at the 59th Muktamar, supporters’ wing delegate and chief Hu Pang Chow lamented that PAS keeps turning to DAP instead.

    “They say DAP better represent the Chinese community… I want to remind PAS, if you’ve already married Aminah, you shouldn’t keep thinking of Fatimah,” he said.


    Now someone explain to me if PAS thinks that the DAP better represents the Chinese community, how does this jive with the whole Bangsa Malaysia kool aid ?

    It’s like everyone knows the DAP represents the Chinese community except maybe DAP/PR supporters, who spew the whole Bangsa Malaysia crap.

    1. Edit to add:

      And why does Hu keep forgetting that politics is polygamous esp within the context of PAS.

      1. What’s In It For Me WII FM Channel. You should not read too much. The man is a snake oil salesman. This is a classic divide and rule strategy as practiced by the Chinese. He wants Pas to cozy up to the Chinese so that the Chinese will have more options.

        Mind you, the Chinese will not turn to the MCA, Gerakan or the LDP come election time, whether it is for the upcoming GE or future editions. As far as the Chinese are concerned, MCA, Gerakan and LDP are finished, and they too are finished with the 3 parties. From now on, It is all about PKR, DAP and Pas.

        1. Although I don’t get “What’s In It For Me WII FM Channel”, reference, I am curious as to whether you think that the Malays should have more options ?

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