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Hannah Yeoh: “10,000 reasons to bless the Lord”

Have a good Sunday everyone … claps claps claps!

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Twitter - hannahyeoh- I'm really happy Salahuddin


Tiada “claps claps claps!” oleh DAP buat Tuan Ibrahim

Dapster melaungkan takbir atas kemenangan Mat Sabu

GGG hasil dari pemilihan PAS


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12 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh: “10,000 reasons to bless the Lord”

  1. Ms H. I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT IS THE OTHER WAY ROUND. This is the result of empty vessels make the most noise. See how arrogant and shallow people make fools of themselves. THIS IS A CLASSIC WHICH SHOULD BE ENSHRINED IN YOUR DISTINGUISHED BLOG FOREVER. The Bongo Bongo Voodoo Choral and Dancing Troupes BLESS THE LORD ! No wonder they did not get ‘A’ for Scriptures and had to set up their own RM2 incorporated Churches.

  2. Ms H. Why SHAME ? Because as we all can see now, there is no humility, forgiveness and sincerity amongst this bunch of neo-Christians at their height of their political power- this is what they think and will bring their own downfall. It is all in history. Have they been eaten up by the DEVIL and money ?

  3. Ms H. I like to point out to all us Malaysians that it is highly inflammable and dangerous to mix up politics and religion in an irrational exuberant manner.

    We had a fair measure of political success with our unique Malaysian Democracy so far and since 1949. Now we see what a dangerous mix this is outside the borders of our beloved Malaysia. It is alright for those who can run back to the Deep South, what happens to those like you and me who decide to live in our beloved Malaysia – We the non-troublemakers. WE ARE LEFT HOLDING THE CAN !

  4. Ms H. Outside commentators have observed that the 3 diametrically opposed political parties namely the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very wealthy PKR and the pious PAS are undergoing a great strain as regards power and money within 6 months of the % May GE. What have they now got to offer to all those and the 90% Chinamen/women who supported them SERIOUSLY AT THE POLLS ?

    These hapless voters who had misled expectations are now left in a BIG BLACK VOID OF NO EXPECTATIONS. These voters should now be organised by the BERSIH-BERSIH people who only want clean politics, TO PROTEST THAT THEY HAVE BEEN MISLAID sic MISLED ! This number should amount to 51% of the people by POPULAR VOTE. If the BERSIH-BERSIH PEOPLE ARE BERSIH ! Ignorant voters have their Bersih-Bersih rights too like those who manipulated them for their votes. Acheh !.

  5. well I’m shocked coz she aims only 10,000. With her royal :P follower she can aims 100,000 don’t you think? ;););)


    1. sarah. The problem with all these so called new Christian types is that they have not really lived in the true West for any length of time to the extent that they even create snow and pine trees in these hot and humid tropical climes – all for the mighty Ringgit.

    1. gabriel. If anyone can read and understand the Bible within a reasonable time span, he/she should be awarded the Doctor of Divinity. I know one Tan Sri who tried to con me by quoting off the cuff and then checked whether it was correct or not with his personal secretary who naturally said ‘Yes.’.

  6. Ms H.Strange to say, I have come across many fake PhDs in Malaysia. But not a fake Doctor of Divinity yet.

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