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Ulama kicked out means evangelista put in control

“They have tasted power through Pakatan Rakyat and they want more. It looks like PAS has reached the point of no return,” writes Joceline Tan.

“Instead of redefining the party’s role in Pakatan, the party may have to redefine its policy of leadership by the ulama,” she adds.

Twitter - ngakorming- Tahniah Mat Sabu kekal Timbalan

Mat Sabu will never walk alone; the DAP evangelistas will always walk with him

Geng gereja lah paling girang

Joceline has put it all in a nutshell. The ulama are taking a backseat to the Erdogans who want their shot at Putrajaya through maintaining the unholy matrimony with DAP and PKR.

Even PAS’s own Majlis Syura gave its nod to continuing the tahaluf siyasi — one of the issues brought up for debate at the muktamar which concludes today.

PAS has shown its willingness to UBAH, put its Islam on the backburner and bring realpolitik to the fore.

If PAS were to remain an ulama-dominated party, it will be hard pressed to play big league politics and doomed to remain in the backwaters of Kelantan. Without participation as a national-level party, PAS would be unable to attain more power, and along with it, the juicy fruits of power.

Twitter - tankengliang- berapa Gaji jawatan barU

How much salary is Dr Dzul paid, alongside Teresa Kok and Saifudin Nasution, for being a Pakatan Political Liaison Officer?

Needless to say, DAP’s evangelista politicians are elated about the election results.

There are a further 10,000 reasons for Hannah Yeoh to be over the moon and one of them is the biggest ever Selangor budget to be tabled by the state. Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has just recently announced an RM1.85 billion allocation for the Selangor 2014 budget.

That’s RM1,850,000,000.00 – a lot of money – which will be distributed to the Selangor state offices and office holders to spend next year. Hence one can understand why PAS, after having tasted power in the rich states, are choosing to stick with DAP and PKR in the hope of getting more.

Twitter - anthonyloke- Tahniah Bang Mat!

Mat Sabu is the evangelista’s “Bang Mat”

Onward Christian soldiers

The convincing win by the Erdogans has brought tears (of joy) to the DAP’s noisy Christian supporters. One implication of the newly installed PAS 2013-15 line-up is that the Allah dispute is brought, in tandem, closer to the evangelistas’ favour.

Nonetheless, PAS and DAP will maintain their “agree to disagree” posture on the ‘Allah’ word. Then there is also that matter of the implementation of hudud which PAS Kelantan has said it is prepared to carry forward but which Pakatan is blithely sweeping under the carpet playing their we’ll-cross-the-bridge-later game.

Since the Chinese have burned their bridges with the BN, they are naturally into the Pakatan game with gusto.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad was right to foresee the end of “kongsi” between the Chinese and the Malays. MCA has become excess baggage in the BN. At 90 percent support for the DAP, there is no longer the possibility for any internal check and balance within the Chinese community. It is the opposition all the way.

With EBU (Everything Blame Umno) ingrained in the Chinese, the old Sino-Malay co-operation that characterized the BN is all but dead.

The new mode of co-operation is evangelista-Islamist.

Gereja dibakar di Pakistan (sumber gambar: sini)
Church torched in Mardan, Pakistan

Malays led by ‘confused’ Muslim leaders

The lopsided relationship between the DAP evangelistas and the PAS liberals – and in the absence of the ulama as primary decision-makers – will only lead to the replacement of one particular religion (Islam) with that of another (Christianity) in political arena with regard to which one is paramount.

In practical terms, we can say that through the sidelining of PAS ulamas, it is the DAP evangelistas who are poised to hold the steering wheel of the Pakatan car when it comes to religious ideology. PAS’s willingness to mortgage the ‘Allah’ word exemplifies.

You really have to wonder why the relationship between Muslims and Christians the world over is so bad. And here in Malaysia, you have the hypocrites and the confused getting into bed together.

All over the world, billions of Muslims are not in the slightest bit confused. They possess absolute certitude that the name of their God is only one, and unchanging. It is only in Malaysia that the poor PAS Muslims are confused.


Do you have to ask who is sitting in the driver’s seat?


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9 thoughts on “Ulama kicked out means evangelista put in control

    1. Fazilah,

      “tahaluf siyasi” is a mere Arabic term PAS used to justify its submission to DAP.

      In the name of political expediency, PAS is more than willing to renounce its very goal. The very goal that initially led to establishment of PAS itself. Islamic state. Now suddenly there is no more Islamic state. Hudud never goes beyond establishment of a ‘jawatankuasa” to study it to be forgotten. And once in a bluemoon, the Hudud topic will be brought in. Again to be followed by UMNO bashing.

      PAS way of dealing with a unpleasant situation is ignore it. PAS chooses to ignore the reality on the ground. The reality is that PAS is losing Malay support. Malays are distancing themselves from PAS in favour of UMNO.

      Not out of love to UMNO though. It is more that they simply can not “tahan” with hypocrisy within PAS. PAS chose to celebrate winning in Sg Limau, ignoring the fact that it shares of Malay votes dwindle, albeit gradually.

      The fact that PAS lost Kedah never seems to able to bring PAS back to reality. The fact that UMNO managed to maintain Perak with solid 30 out of 36 seats never seem to make PAS understand realise that actually PAS survives due to non Malay support mainly.

      “baliklah ke pangkal jalan”.

      Accept reality that at the end of the day, any Malay based political party (only PAS and UMNO) must earn Malay votes to stay relevant.

      1. re: “Accept reality that at the end of the day, any Malay based political party (only PAS and UMNO) must earn Malay votes to stay relevant.”

        PKR is Malay-based albeit multiracial. PAS’s research chief Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad revealed the following:

        “PAS had a decline in Malay support at 2% while PKR’s Malay support declined at 7%. DAP however had an increased support of 2%.”


        The sharp drop of Malay votes to PKR is most interesting and has been overlooked.

  1. RE: “With EBU (Everything Blame Umno) ingrained in the Chinese, the old Sino-Malay co-operation that characterized the BN is all but dead. The new mode of co-operation is Evangelista-Islamist …….. Instead of redefining the party’s role in Pakatan, the party (PAS) may have to redefine its policy of leadership by the ulama.”

    The ulama’s classical definition of the educated person is the good person. He is a “man of adab” (insan adabi) who is sincerely conscious of his responsibilities towards the true God, and who understands and fulfills his obligations to himself and others in his society with justice; who constantly strives to improve every aspect of himself towards perfection as a man of adab. The education of “adab” in an individual necessarily includes the right knowledge (‘ilm), right instruction (ta’lim), and good breeding (tarbiyah).

    – excerpt from monograph of the Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilization, UTM.

  2. It is official then that PAS will loose more votes from the Malay. A lot have reserved their support to UMNO waiting for PAS mukhtamar result.

    With this result, a lot of Malay have no choice but to back UMNO. I’m not a fan of UMNO (and I’m sure a lot of people share my feelings) and giving their many fault (my view – bad moved) on re-elected KJ as ketua pemuda and Shahrizat as Ketua Wanita and Najib still keeping his beloved consultant, but right now they look better on fighting a Malay need.

    With this line up in PAS I’m not sure I can trust them more than UMNO.


    1. PAS telah membazirkan peluang keemasan untuk membuktikan kepada orang Melayu bahawa mereka adalah lebih baik daripada UMNO. I, too, have no love for UMNO but between PAS and UMNO, nampak sangat pemimpin-pemimpin PAS lagi hamPAS daripada pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO.

  3. Penyokong Melayu terhadap DAP dan PKR ini sementara sahaja. Percayalah, ini semua atas sebab kebencian terhadap UMNO yang rakus.

    Apabila UMNO insaf dan PAS sedar, bukan sahaja DAP, malah MCA pon tidak lagi diperlukan oleh masyarakat majority Melayu untuk membentuk kerajaan. Apabila ini berlaku, Masyarkat Melayu Islam perlu memgembalikan perlembagaan negara mengikut acuan majority.

    1. re: “Apabila UMNO insaf”

      Tak tahu lah bila atau apakah Umno itu mampu insaf. Perwakilan melantik semula Shahrizat dan juga KJ yang disabitkan ‘politik wang’ yang mana dia didapati bersalah oleh lembaga disiplin parti sendiri.

      Lepas tu, the First Lady pula terlalu menonjol. Dan jangan lupa siapa yang begitu boros dengan konsultan-konsultannya.

      Kalau sebelum ini ada yang menolak Umno kerana kerakusan parti, nanti menjelang PRU14, nampak Umno lagi terserlah kerakusannya dengan timbul skandal-skandal yang tidak berkesudahan.

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