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NGO: “Memang munasabah gaji Speaker S’gor lebih tinggi Najib”

Wong Piang Yow ialah pengasas Tindak Malaysia, sebuah NGO yang menuntut supaya diadakan reformasi pilihanraya.

Kata Wong: “Selangor Speaker salary higher than Najib’s. Quite reasonable. She’s producing much better work. Sokong”.

Wong Piang Yow 2013-11-28 22-39-36


Kesian Rosmah jatuh satu takuk ke Second Lady.


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33 thoughts on “NGO: “Memang munasabah gaji Speaker S’gor lebih tinggi Najib”

  1. Munasabah sebab Ah Jib Gor tak se cerdik macam speaker selangor. Ada kah pembangkang mengambil ahli2 BN jadi ahli team mereka. Tapi Ah Jib Gor ada ambil banyak penyokong pembangkang untuk jadi penasihat consultant dia macam Marina Mahathir dan Wardina. Jadi wajar lah yang bodoh dapat gaji kurang sikit.

  2. Samalah naik dengan kes Denggi di Selangor, 100% naik.
    Good Job YB Selangor.. reward for that???

      Brilliant brilliant brilliant. PKR.

  3. No wonder they were quiet when Sarawak gov raised their executives salary. Selangor was also planning the same move. Just by comparison, Sarawak’s reserve is RM17 billion, compared to Selangor’s RM3 billion.

    I’m just wondering. With RM3 billion reserve, they give themselves a 100% raise. If they were to take over federal government with RM445 billion reserve, how much would money would they reward themselves with?

  4. soon we are gonna get silly stuff like what they did with Lim Guan Eng where they claim investors decide to open factories in Penang after meeting the dictator in 5 minutes… maybe they will say 5 star rumah urut will open like mushrooms after rain […]

  5. Ms H. So young ! So rich, uh ! Who says Malaysians are discriminated against ? Who needs a change with Arab Spring which has turned into Arab Winter ? So young ! So very rich uh !

  6. Ms H. When I was her age, I was working 24 hours every other day for RM 401 per month for 12 months. No need to study. So young ! So rich uh !

  7. I have no idea how PR supporters could support such a pay hike. It is convenient for the stupid PR cyber militia to draw in UMNO’s record of financial mismanagement but the reality is that nobody is being held accountable – scrutinized – for this policy. Now with Azmin Ali and DSAI weighing in, it all seems like a sophisticated shadow play.

    Frankly it is disgusting. Someone like Hannah Yeoh going on about doing God’s work but getting the salary of a fat cat plutocrat, which ironically is the religious underpinnings of her church movement. So of course she would see nothing wrong with this.

    Commander (rtd) S. Thayaparan once used this Dorothy Parker quote in one of his article, which I think sums up this whole situation pretty neatly :

    “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”
    ― Dorothy Parker

    I know for a fact that Dr. Jeyakumar uses his “civil service” salary (half or sometimes even more) to serve his constituents. But these people, who knows ?

    1. For that half a million per annum in salary and perks, think of the quantum of the Politics of Hate which requires to be peddled in order to sustain the DAP juggernaut propelled by these evangelista carpetbagger politicians.

      And then think of what the Gold and the Glory that they’ve now acquired can buy. Not only in terms of influence on Gospel preachers but in the cold, hard cyber mercenaries who form their Hit Squads to personally attack all those who dare to criticize the Dear Leaders.

  8. But Wong why you SOKONG this. Apparently producing work is relative :

    “HANNAH YEOH ….. I voted for you. I still wear the T-shirt with your picture & DAP logo almost every night when I sleep. I don’t mind a pay hike for you. BUT … why you increased the assessment fee for Subang Jaya last year? Is it revenue for your pay? If not, why the road in front of my house have not been resurfaced since 2006? You took office in 2008 but now is already end of 2013 – still the road in my house is full of sand and grass on top of them. Why so many potholes in Subang Jaya? I saw roads in front of your old and new DAP office resurfaced in SS14. My house is just opposite, why is it not resurfaced?!” – My Opinion

    Btw, why does this person wear the T-shirt at night ? That’s kink for you right there.

    Lordy, I love it when the apparatchiks beg. I mean that’s what onyourtoes says about the “Indian beggars” in BN, right ? Go ahead beg your Dear Leaders to fix the roads near your homes all the while approving of their fat cat salaries. Beg away…….

    Fucking awesome.

    1. Yes, Chinese are discriminated. See Conrad’s comment on this page @ 2013/11/29 at 9:51 am

      There’s this [likely Chinese] resident who complains that the road where he lives is not resurfaced and full of sand and grass. He complains that there are so many potholes in Subang Jaya, where he stays.

      The irate guy also noticed that the roads in front of Hannah Yeoh’s old and new DAP offices were resurfaced.

      It looks like the man is complaining that he is being discriminated against.

  9. Speaker DUN Sgor dpt elaun lumayan sbg “pampasan” tidak berkesempatan “tweet” semasa sesi DUN. hehe

  10. Aduhai.. Mengapa Mr Wong berkata kata sedemikian.

    Seolah olah para audien semua dungu belaka.
    Seperti sedia maklum, makhluk2 seperti Mr. Wong ini memang jelas suka memperbodohkan rakyat jelata.

  11. kerja speaker duduk dlm dewan, cantas usul pembangkang .. apa yg susah? Tapi gaji paling hebat.. speaker bukan ada kuasa eksekutif pun di luar dewan. sohai

    1. re: “speaker bukan ada kuasa eksekutif pun di luar dewan”

      Saya tidak pasti apakah bidang kuasa de jure yang terletak pada Speaker Selangor mengikut garis perlembagaan negeri tetapi kuasa de facto sememangnya ada di tangan DAP.

  12. Betulla bak kata org Melayu yg kerja di company cina.. Cina ni kalau gaji kecik dia akn cari jalan untuk besarkan gajinya. Kenapa tak gaji speaker sama par je dgn adun yg lain? Tak boleh hidup ke DAPster dgn gaji kecik?

    1. re: “Kenapa tak gaji speaker sama par je dgn adun yg lain?”

      Sebab Speaker orang yang kedua, selepas MB, dalam pentadbiran kerajaan Pakatan di Selangor.

      Bila Khalid Ibrahim tidur, Hannah Yeoh lah yang memikul tanggungjawab menguruskan negeri.

        1. Domestic destination-wise, she claims that Little India in Klang is her favourite shopping haven. Itu kalau lu percaya lah.

  13. Ms H. As the saying goes,’ Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely !’ So quickly ! So young ! No need to study ! No need to work ! Just enjoy ! So rich uh !

  14. NGO: “Memang munasabah gaji Speaker S’gor lebih tinggi Najib”

    Inilah antara ayat yang paling ‘insulting everyone’s intelligence’….

    Saya fikir orang cina pandai matematik….tapi ini mr.wong betul2 nampak dungu!

    tak payah banding dengan sesiapa atau jawatan apa sekalipun, rm12ribu untuk mempengerusikan 1 mesyuarat dewan adalah bayaran yang paling tidak relevan.

    sebabnya mudah aje… pengerusi tidak membuat usul… maknanya dia tak perlu pening cari idea… jadi apa nilai speaker?

    1. re: “jadi apa nilai speaker?”

      Nilai Speaker terletak pada bakatnya dalam menyampaikan khutbah serta mencucuk hidung Scissorati dan mencuci otak laskar-laskar Twitnya.

      Semakin bacaan Twit Meter melonjak tinggi, maka semakin meningkatlah nilai Puan Speaker.

      1. The speaker’s position is one of party worth and a recognition of influence. HY made a big deal or a big deal was made of the fact that she was (1) a woman (2) a Christian (3) a Chinese.

        None of which should cause concern to any rational right thinking Malaysian, however I’ll make allowances that (2) and (3) may ruffle some sensitivities going by the discourse on this blog.


        This issue of pay hike with all the absurd justifications, hypocrisy and weasel worded excuses by the kool aid drinkers is unacceptable. Selangor is a rich state, a confluence of race, politics and business which basically means, everything wrong with this country has its roots here.

        It is ground zero for financial scandals by the Establishment and has a bureaucracy which is rumoured to be the most corrupt in the country. It is a cash cow and potential war chest for political parties and the epicentre of Oppositional intelligentsia.

        This pay hike is just another in a long line of “mistakes”, that demonstrates that the PR cure is merely just snake oil. Anybody who reads my posts here understands that I am no friend of the UMNO Establishment but it is shit like this that continuously gets glossed over by the apparatchiks, which stink will eventually turn toxic.

        1. re: “the PR cure”

          Is worse than the disease it purports to treat.

          I’m not against a reasonable pay rise properly calibrated each term; at the end of term is fair, assuming that the state gomen cannot guarantee which party will come into power following the Dewan dissolution.

          It is Hannah Yeoh’s rank hypocrisy that stinks. Why divert the issue to “diamonds” and “private jets” when confronted with her obscene salary? That’s typical of the dodgy way the evangelistas argue.

          Like when she was caught using her laptop during the assembly session, she diverted to declaring “that’s my official FB page linked to Twitter which I update regularly. You have a problem with FB, ask @NajibRazak what he thinks of it”. What has the PM got anything to do with a Selangor Adun Facebooking instead of paying attention to proceedings. Sick!

          Evangelistas politicians are simply unable to own up to their mistakes and take responsibility. Yet they crap about ‘Competency, Accountability, Transparency’.

          But what for me is sicker is how the Doublespeakers exercise mind control so that the herd will stampede to tegakkan benang basah.

          And the worse of everything that the destructive DAP demigods have done is to destroy trust. Their mindless Mafia hold people at gunpoint to make out white to be black, and black to be white.

          And they (the evangelistas) are the ones calling the other side EVIL and WICKED.

          You wonder, how can their supporters be so blind. I say it is because their leaders fill them with hate. Hatred blinds. The one-eyed evangelistas are king in the land of the blind.

          1. Re: “You wonder, how can their supporters be so blind. I say it is because their leaders fill them with hate. Hatred blinds. The one-eyed evangelistas are king in the land of the blind.”

            On the news thread regarding LKS GE 14 election strategy.

            An Establishment hack writes this :

            “Very sorry la.. old man Kit… I bet you will mati before you can see Pakatan Rakyat capturing Putrajaya. Before GE14, PAS will either be on their own if not joining the BN. Maybe a paper model of the Putrajaya PM’s Office can accompany you to your burial ground.” – Blackmoon

            Onyourtoes response is this :

            “Blackmoon, I think you have caused more damage to the people you represent than doing service for them. You epitomize naked vulgarity and depravity.”


            My problem with PR cyber militias is their complete hypocrisy. I am no fan of former PM Mahathir for instance but have you noticed the way how they talk about him ? About you ? The death fantasies…..the naked vulgarity and depravity ?

            For you see PR is not worried about the damage that such talk on their end does to them because in the end they are confident that their base and their hatred for the Establishment will put up with anything.

            This last part I think has very little to with PR propaganda although it does set the tone, but this is beyond the scope of this scope.

            In the end it is the hypocrisy that really sticks in my craw.

            1. re: “In the end it is the hypocrisy that really sticks in my craw.”

              What sticks in my craw? I’ve been trying to figure this out, and if I can, frame it in words.

              The hypocrisy is part of it. As I’ve stated also, their viciousness.

              I’ve been giving this some deep thought: What kind of people are they?

              Difficult to explain my woman’s intuition and gut instinct.

              For the moment, I think …

              … they are capable of the most malicious cruelty. They have numbed their conscience. This is indicated in how they try to defend the indefensible and condone deceit. As long as the duplicitous act and its outcome is detrimental to Umno, they are willing for destruction to visit, never mind who gets hurt (the collateral damage).

              The screenshot below is taken from ‘Better to view Tanda Putera than go to PAS ceramahs’ @‎

              ‘Joe Lee’ is talking about Tan Keng Liang, the Gerakan Youth Chief.


              1. Re:”… they are capable of the most malicious cruelty. They have numbed their conscience. This is indicated in how they try to defend the indefensible and condone deceit. As long as the
                duplicitous act and its outcome is detrimental to Umno, they are willing for destruction to visit, never mind who gets hurt (the collateral damage).”

                I think this is a good point.

                I think my anti UMNO Establishment credentials are strong, which is why I have no problem saying this (and why I will not mention UMNO in this reply).

                I think the majority of online DAP supporters are merely playing the victim card. You can see it with their constant references to an “apartheid” system and their screams of racism against any who present a threat to their hegemony.

                The Lynas fiasco is but one example of how hysteria was the currency they trafficked in maligning anyone who stood in their way. The fact that the leader of this so called “green movement” back tracked on his earlier claims and then ran on a DAP ticket demonstrates the kind of people they are.

                When you have been brainwashed into thinking you are a victim, any kind of tactics are acceptable means of throwing of the shackles that bind you. Many DAP supporters like to throw around concepts such as idealism and principles but when these issues concerning their own leadership comes up, then pragmatism rears its ugly head.

                They will lie because it is convenient. They will slander because it is acceptable. They will libel because it is necessary. They will dehumanize because they believe their political opponents are evil. They will do all this and point to the fact that UMNO is no better and in the same breath claim they are righteous and on the side of angels.

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