46 thoughts on “Speaker is No.2 VVIP in Selangor

  1. Nak jadi Assemblyman di Selangor la, macam ini. Sambil bantu Rakyat, duit pun masuuuk. Tak termasuk peruntukan kewangan lagi tu.

    PRU 14 saya nak sokong PKR. Ramai yang dah keluar party. Banyak peluang atau ‘jawatan kosong’ dalam PKR ni. Al-Juburi pun dah tak ada credibility. Silap-silap dia pun saya boleh ganti sebagai Ketua Umum. Saya ada kelebihan kerana bukan gay.

    1. re: “Tak termasuk peruntukan kewangan lagi tu.”

      Dalam penggal lepas peruntukan kewangan setiap seorang Adun Pakatan ialah RM1 juta.

  2. Mediocrity is rewarded, only in Malaysia. BTW Helen, I hope this is not your last day at The Office, that you will continue to write from time to time. Good luck, all the best in your new endeavor !

    1. New endeavour starts Dec 1. I have the next few days off. Will be spring cleaning / doing housework.

      1. Not aware that you’re starting something new Dec 1st. Regardless, I wish you all the best & I do hope you’ll still find time to write on this blog every once in a while. Afterall, we can’t let Madame Speaker get too comfy in her plush chair can we?

          1. Not that much lah…. She has to give 10% to DAP & another 10% minimum to her church…. She ONLY gets to keep around 10k maaaa…. Anyways, she’s not defending the pay hike (nor is she opposing it too) or so she says:

            “@hannahyeoh: And for the record I am not defending the pay hike. Got hike or not, I have already served in last 5 years and will continue to serve.”

            1. Got pay hike can go more often to Little India in Klang which she claims is her favourite shopping destination.

                1. Ramachandran Muniandy won’t try to bargain for lower price with the shopkeepers in Cantonese.

    1. Mereka kan ‘wakil rakyat’ dari ‘pakatan rakyat’, jadinya takrifan nya adalah bila mereka ‘selesa’ makanya rakyat pun selesa..

  3. Well, they have RM3 billion in the bank. Instead of spending the money on the ordinary folks, they decided to enrich themselves with this latest stunt.

    But the ordinary folks of the state should not blame these crooks. They themselves voted for these crooks in the last elections. Still I doubt the ordinary folks know what is really happening.

    For those in love with the opposition, they will console themselves by saying that it is better to be robbed by the PR state government than to be robbed by Umno/BN.

    1. Just a note: The Speaker’s salary is RM22,500. That’s one job. However HY is still getting her Adun salary like her fellow Aduns, that’s RM11,250 basic.

      Added up, it’s RM33,750 basic and ++. Allowances are a lot, actually.

      Last term, BEFORE this current payrise, Teresa Kok’s salary was already RM32,830.67 because MP, Adun and exco salaries are separate as they’re different jobs.


        1. Actually with politicians, it’s not the visible salary stated on the payslip, is it, but more about ‘side income’.

          The more perplexing question is how come the oppo supporters never, ever question the DAP evangelista politicians (as if they’re as pure as driven snow) while at the same time, these blind followers never cease throwing mud at BN.


          1. Sebab duit depa turun macam hujan dari langit. Maklumlah dapster ni orang baik-baik jadi banyaklan limpah berkat. ;)

          2. Seems like the Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan is taking on them DAP hypocrites on his own:

            “@mpkotabelud: Mdm Speaker, point is your own MPs criticising BN in parliament for proposing the same idea. The stench of hypocrisy is nauseating.”

            In contrast, his bosom buddy & fellow rookie minister cum liberal UMNO poster boy had this to say:

            “@Khairykj: Sometimes, the best thing to do when your opponent has fumbled is not to say anything at all.”

      1. Little wonder these Dapsters will “kill off” any of its own kind. So much to gain. See what happen to one of its ADUN in Sarawak.

        1. Those Dapsters will kill off any living thing that threatens their hegemony and will to power.

  4. Pakatan is making hay while the sun shines. come pru14 they may not be around. KAUT SEMUA SEKARANG.

    everytime they point a finger to bn at least 3 fingers point to themselves.

    no wonder Selangor is so dirty – literally dirty. all the money is going into MPs pockets and therefore no money to pay for the cleaning contractors etc. etc.

    1. The Dapters and PKR are preaching that in Sarawak. So the Penans became mad making ridiculous demands for Murum dam.

  5. No wonder today almost 100cars parked along our shops got parking fines!!! No warning whatsoever, we have been enjoying free parking for the last 10yrs..

    Duk pi kat gaji depa ni nuuu! Cilaka.. everyone here cursed hotly being slapped wth the surprise fines!

  6. Hipokrit semua puak DAP/PKR & PAS ni. Bertimbun-timbun memaki UMNO dalam bab duit, tapi mereka [sendiri] lebih teruk [perangai].

  7. Salary hike must be reflected in performance. I think I read in the news somewhere that the last salary increment was in 2005 for Selangor. I think the inflation rate in Subang Jaya must have risen by 300% and all around Selangor by 100%. Else, how do they justify the pay hike?

    But as usual, Malaysians tend to be absent-minded. Over time, they will forget this issue ever existed.

      1. This is bad. Really bad.

        It would make more sense if allocation for servicing constituencies be increased rather than giving oneself a pay hike. Even conservative calculation for inflation is only 10% per annum if one were to work out a cash flow.

        Don’t forget, that is just basic salary. Perks must have been included too, like driver, remuneration, entertainment claims, utilities, house allowance etc. This means the basic salary is just for the wakil rakyats to spend.

        The usual excuse would be budget surplus and extra money in government’s coffer.

    1. Receive pension until death do them a part.. them means their adun and 10% goes tu DAP as wang perlindungan.. Forever income for DAP from selangor people..

  8. PR justified the increase because of additional responsibilities. This crook Hannah Yeoh’s responsibility is apparently more than the PM. Hebat. Duduk dalam Dewan jadi chairman kerja terberat kedua di dalam Malaysia. First of course MB selangor.

    Selangor civil servants yang kerja bawah dia orang tak ada additional salaries for additional work ke? Oh forgot. PR think they are just Kucing kurap.

    1. re: “Duduk dalam Dewan jadi chairman kerja terberat kedua di dalam Malaysia. First of course MB selangor.”

      Bila Menteri Besar tidur, Hannah Yeoh bolehlah jadi MB (Mem Besar).

      Memandangkan Khalid yang 66 tahun itu suka tidur, maka Mem Besar Hannah yang separuh usianya mengambil alih melunaskan tanggungjawab sebagai Menteri Besar.

  9. Wow. Everybody should look at the election of the DAP state election. It really reflects Malaysian demography. A single race dominating the whole committee. And they call this Malaysian above race. To them bn and federal government must be multi racial but for DAP its malaysians if you exclude other races. Hebat DAP with their perverted meaning of being Malaysians.

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