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Hannah Yeoh is the Ibrahim Ali of Pakatan

Well, at least one Chinese evangelista is not living like a “second class citizen” in Malaysia. She could well be a millionaire by next year.

"Is Hannah Yeoh preggers? Or is she just a fatso?"
Nouveau riche: The DAP Fat Cat

It is also called double standards

It is precisely because the Chinese are second class citizens (meaning there are two classes of citizens: Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera) that they practice two different sets of standards — one for the Malay-led BN and one for the Chinese-led Pakatan.

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang tweeted: “If BN raise Ministers salary by 373%, sure Bersih will start another violent street demo. But no issue on Pakatan Selangor govt massive hike”.

Currently the pro-establishment crowd is unhappy with the Pakatan reps lavishly helping themselves to the cookie jar. But double standards means that Dapster can complain, Perkasa cannot complain. Dapsters can employ excuses — it is called meritocracy. When Perkasa employ the same excuses — they are called racists.

If it were salaries in the Najib Cabinet that went up, Dapsters would not be so ready and willing to give the justification that the pay hike is well deserved as otherwise “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

Jumping like chimpanzees are the oppo supporters in reaction to the criticisms against their political idols. “Can sense Pakartuns going hysterical when anyone raise d issue of Selangor’s massive pay rise for Pakatan leaders,” tweeted Keng Liang.

Yup, one mustn’t criticize Pakatan leaders. Their followers are already in a state of perpetual hysteria. Further aggravation will trigger a volcanic eruption and molten lava flow.


Rocket power on Pakatan propulsion

True colours of the Pakatan people

“DAP must be proud that Hannah getting almost 300% pay rise (RM33k per mth) — that’s what Pakatan do when in power. Taxpayer money. No big deal”, tweeted Keng Liang.

Interesting that the Gerakan Youth chief should mention “taxpayer money”. Coincidentally, that’s what the DAP supporters say all the time.

The Dapsters insist that Najib Razak (PM’s salary RM22,826 per month) is being paid from the tax money that they contribute.

Tan Keng Liang urges the public to “see the true colors of Pakatan when they are in power”.

Okay. When Pakatan is in power, Hannah Yeoh (Speaker’s salary RM22,500 per month) will be paid almost at par with the Prime Minister. And it is being contributed by the tax money that the Selangor Umno Malays cough up. Oooo-o, the poetic justice.

But Perkasa are not permitted to say that their tax money is paying the Pakatan reps, ya. This argument is only allowed to be used in one direction.

Twitter - tankengliang- if u want a pay rise next year, ... 2013-11-29 09-52-11

To Hannah, her critics are “low class”

Pakatan in power brook no dissent. DAP is a dictatorship. Just look at what they do to internal dissenters and external critics.

DAP cannot be criticized as such an act is a cardinal sin.

Tan Keng Liang is one inveterate sinner. For criticizing Mama Dapster, he is labelled “low class politician” by Hannah Yeoh.

Another politician with the temerity to criticize Hannah is Umno’s Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

The mpkotabelud (see below) tweeted that the “stench of hypocrisy is nauseating” when the Selangor Speaker “agreed 2help herself to a RM22k++ salary” because she wants to do the best for her voters and to prove her sincerity.

For his cardinal sin, Rahman Dahlan too is called another “low class BN politician” by Hannah Yeoh.

Twitter - mpkotabelud- Mdm Speaker, why so defensive- ... 2013-11-29 12-16-45

You’re so right, @mpkotabelud. The evangelistas are the masters of diversion. Madam Speaker diverted to the First Lady’s imaginary diamond (ring) pula

1Zombie Hate-filled Malaysia under Pakatan rule

Tan Keng Liang asks us to ponder on what Pakatan do when they are in power.

When Pakatan are in control of the state resources and apparatus, including the propaganda machinery, they brainwash vicious followers into a venomous state of mind and biaDAP behaviour.

They show leadership by example in name-calling everyone who is not on their side.

Twitter anthonyloke low-class

MIC, Umno troops “racist and distasteful”

DAP Rasah MP Anthony Loke calls his opponent a “low class politician” (a standard slur and favourite label cast by evangelistas).

DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi calls civil servants “kucing kurap”, DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua calls the Registrar of Societies “anjing Umno”, DAP Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng calls Umno “Nazi stormtroopers”, DAP Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik calls Malaysians with foreign spouses “traitors”, and DAP Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham alludes to Indians as cheap due to their votes, konon, being easily bought with beer, mutton and sarees.

What kind of people the DAP 3.0 evangelista leadership are is as clear as daylight.

So if Pakatan ever comes to power, the 47.4 percent of the voting population whom do not support the unholy trinity of DAP-PKR-PAS will have to resign ourselves to being abused as “low class”.

And being told we’re “racist and distasteful” if we were to make any unflattering remarks about the DAP demigods.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- MIC & UMNO troops using nasty


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29 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh is the Ibrahim Ali of Pakatan

  1. What are these Dapsters ? 2 words, 2 Malay words. Dapsters ni golongan Tiada Budaya.

    That’s right. 2 Malay words. Tiada Budaya. You call people low class but at least masih ada sikit class.

    But when people say you tiada budaya, that is something else. You know what is tiada budaya right ? Kalau tak tahu, pergi tanya dengan orang yang tahu.

    Some commenters here can help if some Dapsters come in later and ask what is tiada budaya. Your help goes a long way in “educating” these Dapsters.

    Oops hold on. Dapsters ni mana boleh diberi didikan ? They are beyond repairs as far as the budaya part is concerned. Beyond repairs because there is no budaya within them to initiate any repairs. Tiada budaya these people.

    1. tiada budaya? dong jiazzhong has failed its 5000 years ethos..muahahaua… they have Najib as posterboy for their budaya since he is more willing to wear chinese baju than any DAPster anglophile….

      hannay yeoh probably think she will be cina bukit if she wears cheaongsam while wearing baju kurung earns her rm33k per month by duping the PAS bodoh electorate.. forget the Indians, her hubby is a tamil murtad with Aryan mentality.

      1. forrestcat,

        RM33,750 is more accurately rounded up to RM34k

        And this is not taking into account various allowances and various expenses claims as yet.

        RM40,000 would be a fair figure, I should say,

        1. I hope the pastors have their calculators at hand so that her Church can collect its rightful 10 percent tithe, LOL.

          1. Every time thinking about this ‘necessary hike’.. automatically calculate the income that DAP earn.. This 10% party is really excellent in raising their fund..

          2. re : If it were salaries in the Najib Cabinet that went up, Dapsters would not be so ready and willing to give the justification that the pay hike is well deserved as otherwise “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

            It seems dirt-rich pastoral careerists do also turn into sexy gyrating monkeys … and get lots of pats from fellow ring-masters. [YouTube]

        2. aik, bukan rm40k x 10 ke? btw, where’s ronnie liu (bekas exco kerajaan tempatan), dah jadi ular sawa kekenyangan kot? betul ke orang yg ada taik lalat diatas bibir will never go hungry?

  2. haiyo.. look at the childishness of mdm Mao… i mean madam speaker tantrums on twitterjaya make me want to migrate to timbuktu.

    to hannay yeoh.. waalaikummussam.. i did not wish peace to you.

  3. Ms H. The lid is now off the Pandora’s Box. All States, the Federal Government, businesses etc will now hanker for a pay rise concomitant with the luscious self-reward of the Selangor State Government.

    This is only the beginning. Inflation will rise. Subsidies reduced. Less jobs to go round. Instead of doing things for the Rakyat, we will spend all our time talking about money, money, money. This is the Opposition for you and me.

    See what happened to their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore which is also their spiritual homeland ? It was money, money, money.

      1. Mulan. The Singapore Gomen has been spying on all of us since 1972 when their super-duper computers were operational ! Their main interest is on frequent visitors to the Republic and those who are prominent in politics and public life. In the end, they bungled and all revealed.

  4. Kak Helen
    Did you see this?

    Now Penang is following suit. Naik gaji. If I don’t have job, I would join DAP, then scream Malay jahat and racist. I am sure Penang lang of all races will vote for me to become at MP. And jadi kaya.

    Remember in Penang blogger can also become MP.

    1. You should see the supporters on Malaysiakini.

      wangrakyat I don’t mind even three or four fold because you deliver. it is transparent compared to those get wealth through corruption

      oceanbiru It far better than 10% commission on almost all expenditure on the $ide.

      Tiredofsuchnonsense Well deserved. No issue for as long as they remain honest and efficient.

      Anonymous #33877536 If the GLC HEADS earn hefty salaries why not the Menteri Besar. This will help eradicate corruption. I’m for it.

      Apapunboleh We prefer state assemblymen getting a higher salary for job well done. The low or underpaid BN ADUNs in BN controlled state is nothing but hogwash. Low salary but a lot of “side-income”. Asked the former dentist MB.

      BangunlahMalaysia Tan Sri Khalid did the right thing. The present amount for Exco is termed ‘underpaid or undervalue’ compared to the work commitment and responsibilities. Penang should emulate Selangor. As for Umno, they don’t deserve to be in the Assembly at all because three quarter of the time they utter rubbish. For uttering rubbish, they don’t deserve anything at all.

      1. I’m lost for words.. Oppo macai came up with the dungu-est comparison. Corporation gets money from banks or private funds. This is taxpayers money we are talking about. If they’re so envious of Corporate CEO salaries, be a businessman!

    2. They will use PAP US$1 million minister salary to justify their ay rase…macam kita tatau mcm mana otak cina DAPster ni fikir

      1. Alamak, Helen (if that’s your real name, not just your Internet persona). You would stoop so low as to comment on Hannah’s figure. OMG, you are incredibly jealous of her.

        1. Don’t lah be jealous that HY has something in common with IA. Since you call yourself “yummy”, are you trolling my blog to fish for compliments?

  5. I disagree that the Selangor State assemblymen, speaker, Menteri Besar, Excos should be given such large salary increases. An increase is alright, but not of such magnitude.

    Clearly this is one blunder by Khalid and his team. He had better reduce the salary increase otherwise his standing with the voters will be tarnished.

    Hannah Yeoh does not even compare with Ibrahim Ali.

    Ibrahim Ali attempts to burns bridges between races and religions.

    Hannah Yeoh attempts to builds bridges between races and religions.

    1. re: “Ibrahim Ali attempts to burns bridges between races and religions.”

      During Chinese New Year, he hosted Open House for the inmates of a Chinese old folks home and gave them white angpow (ooops, granted).

      Recently during Deepavalli, he hosted Open House for Indian NGOs and this time no cultural faux pas.

      So why cannot his efforts be construed as “building bridges” in the same way that Hannah Yeoh gives green packets (contribution) during Raya and hosting majlis berbuka puasa? Same trajectory, what.

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