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Opinion poll on S’gor pay hike, please vote

The following survey appears in Anil Netto’s blog. I’m duplicating it below in the interest of providing a control group to Anil’s results.

Please have a peep at the trend OVER THERE. The majority of Anil’s readers believe that “the Selangor reps deserve a large increase”.


Below are the old rates:


  • basic allowance of RM4,112.79
  • housing allowance (RM700)
  • entertainment allowance (RM500)
  • special allowance (RM1,500)
  • phone allowance (RM500)
  • office allowance (RM2,000)
  • allowance for a driver (RM1,500)

amounting to RM10,812.79


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Why didn’t Pakatan tell Selangorians about payrise plan before the election?

Hannah Yeoh is the Ibrahim Ali of Pakatan


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40 thoughts on “Opinion poll on S’gor pay hike, please vote

  1. Why don’t you put another survey on sarawakian rep salary increase? This looks more like anti pakatan poll.

    1. re: “This looks more like anti pakatan poll.”

      As I’ve already stated above, I duplicated Anil’s poll. Anil is a pro-Pakatan blogger. He’s the treasurer of Aliran. Aliran is a staunchly pro-Pakatan NGO.

      The survey question is framed by Anil. The (1)-(4) answer options are also Anil’s. I merely copypasted.

      I thought it would be interesting to compare the responses garnered by our two separate websites.

      1. quote,”I thought it would be interesting to compare the responses garnered by our two separate websites.”unquote.

        Betul tu Helen. I sokong.

  2. Well to add a little nuance it seems to be split (the last time I checked), with half saying that it acceptable and the other half divided between there should not be a hike at this time and the hike is too high and a 30% cap would be acceptable.

    1. Since the number of our respondents are unequal, I’ll take percentages.

      At Anil’s, 49.4% agreed that “the Selangor reps deserve a large increase”. Over here, 8.1% chose this answer. A big gap, hahaha.

      On the flip side, my poll has 39.2% saying “there shouldn’t be any pay hikes at this time”. At Anil’s, 24.1% who disagree with the increment.

      Let’s see if the trend maintains as my poll is fresher than his, and waiting for pick-up.

      As for the split that you say at Anil’s it is not an even split. He had 127 votes saying the salary rise is fine, and 65 votes saying that a lower cap on the quantum would make it okay. (recorded 8.03pm)

      Clearly Anil’s crowd is dominated by DAP fanboys.

      1. what do u expect…they believe Hannah Yeoh does a better job than Najib and factories sprout in Penang when ang mohs talk to Deal Leader Lim.

        1. He is not a Deal leader. He is a Developer Leader. The developers love him. Look how chubby he is now.

          1. re: “Look how chubby he is now.”

            She also.

            They’re getting rounder and rounder by the day and looking exactly like the MCA fat cats.

            Really DAP = MCA = DAP = MCA. Very little to distinguish between the two nowadays.


              1. I would advice Helen to eat healthily. Being chubby is not considered as healthy. Obesity is now a health issue. Being chubby, obese is a burden on the nation’s finances. The government has to spend a great of money trying to fix these chubby, obese people. Therefore take good care of yourself, don’t be a burden.

                1. re: “Being chubby, obese is a burden on the nation’s finances.”

                  That’s why the state gomen burdening Puan Speaker with take-home pay of RM45k a month (Speaker RM22,500, Adun RM11,250, allowances RM11,000).

                  1. The massage parlors, the beauty salons, the figure slimming centers will make fat, obscenely obese profits. No worries there. I m sure these business operators love her to kingdom come. Cheers.

  3. I think there should not be any increments now. Should do it after next year. Definitely not at this quantum.

    Btw, wishing you all the best in your coming job Helen. Will miss your interesting articles. Great work!

    1. Thanks. We’ll try the lowyat forum template. I’ll put up either a pix or a topic. Then the ball will be in your court.

  4. The boss ( rakyat) should be the ones who decide whether these people deserve to get a pay rise . In this case, rakyat is not the boss lah, just donkeys.

    1. The rakyat is the Yang Berhormat. The elected reps are the Yang Berkhidmat. Sudah lupa main objective. To serve.

    2. ‘Rakyat’ is own by them, they call themselves ‘wakil rakyat’ from ‘pakatan rakyat’.. so they take the rise on behalf of ‘rakyat’..

      Berapa bulan bonus ‘rakyat’ selangor?

  5. In the news this evening, Teng Chang Kim slammed Azmin for his loud protestations on the issue since Azmin was in the house when the hike motion was tabled & the Hansard showed no objections from anyone. Oh btw, Xavier Jeyakumar was dressed in a baju Melayu at the assembly sitting today.

    Aside, been about a year since I stumbled to your site. Loved reading it, even when at times I disagreed with your POV. Would miss the wicked humor & the sometimes heated exchanges. Hopefully the forum part will still be as lively. All the best Helen in all your future endeavors. And pretty soon you’ve got no excuse for consuming them instant cup meals.

    Wonder if Madam Speaker is throwing a party this weekend at the anticipated decreased attacks from her online nemesis? She’s probably grinning from ear to ear at this satisfactory past week with the increase & all

    1. :) thanks

      I hope the online commenters are not misled by the fawning J-Star and media of a similar ilk into thinking that Madam Speaker is only pulling RM22,500.

      The Adun special allowances already come up to close to RM11,000. Plus there’s the Adun basic pay of RM11,250. The one million ringgit development fund is a separate issue altogether.

      It all adds up to RM45,000 a month, without taking into account incidentals. Imagine, a snake oil peddler deriving that kind of income. To sustain the cash flow, more vitriol and hate will need to be generated to keep the hysteria burning.

      If Madam Speaker is throwing a party this weekend, Mr Hannah would be required to help the maid in the kitchen. Doubt that Selangor’s No.2 VVIP will be of any use.


      1. Hahaha, even my hubby cook a lot more than this Madam in 5 years and that when a lot of people say a lot of Malay man was clueless and useles in the kitchen ‘)


        1. I think Malay men make better casual cooks (not talking about professional chefs) than Chinese men. No data, just my personal perception/anecdote.

  6. Penang also will hike salary soon. And the state has a deficit budget.
    Interesting that the result of the vote here is different than there.

    1. I expected the vote to be different but it will be more interesting to see the distance of the gap in perception and outlook.

  7. Ibrahim Ali is an astute politician. He knows what buttons to press and when to be controversial and how to be controversial for effect. Hannah Yeoh is simply controversial. Its the difference between chalk and cheese. Both contain calcium. Ibrahim is cheese.

  8. Helen, you are not being fair to Selangor. The MB and his team has too much problem to solve. High living cost, expensive houses, sampah, air, massage parlour, gangster, DAP, chinese voters,…

    Najib has none of the above.

    Economy wise, Khalid also at disadvantage. While Najib has 7 billion ringgit worth of con~sultan to help him implement alphabet soup of economic policies, Khalid only have a dude worth 1RM. And we all know hes quite useless. So Khalid has a lot to do. Hence the higher salary.

  9. PR leaders are slowly showing their true colours. It is all about money. Unfortunately the PR followers were already brainwashed that they will love the leaders even though these leaders “steal” their own hubby/wifey!

    When BN leaders “steal”, both BN and PR supporters are angry. Can’t say the same if PR leaders “steal”. That’s why until PR supporters are more rational (now they are very taksub), we cannot allow PR to take over Malaysia..

    1. I vote up your comment, MM :)

      Can I please add on? It’s their condition of being brainwashed — can see Mother Mary in Subang Jaya window, see phantom voters in Subang Jaya – that makes them dangerous. They see things that are not there but yet at the same time are unable to see the 800lb gorilla in the room.

  10. Ms H. After 5 years in power, the State Governments of Selangor and Pulau Pinang do what they know best which is to increase their own pay packets by 300% ! Rakyat ! Rakyat ! Where are you, Rakyat ? Or does this confirm billions of ringgits were spent in General Elections ?

  11. Im not into PR. But do agree if they want to raise they salary. But 100%-300% is to much. How many days/hours they spend for the people? Tweeting n FBing will not help people.

    1. Raising the Adun’s salary is reasonable.

      Raising the Speaker’s salary by RM16,400 is not reasonable. Neither is the payment of RM12,857 – which is what it works out to – given the Speaker for chairing each DUN sitting.

  12. the fact is….these money find it way to DAP, PKR and PAS Party coffers for the coming GE14… that it !!!.. HOW??? …we all know how …right !!!!

    End of the day the rakyat always kena conned one way or another…..that is politic ….pegi MAMPUS la dia orang semua….RM16k increment …..rakyat kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang……pu$€>€¥#%.

    1. Kena saya perbetulkan saudara NadZree sikit.

      RM16,400↑ (gaji Speaker naik hampir 3 kali ganda dari RM6,100 ke RM22,500 sebulan) & RM5,250↑ (gaji bulanan Adun ditambah dari RM6,000 menjadi RM11,250)

      Maka Hannah Yeoh selaku Speaker merangkap Adun mendapat kenaikan gaji RM21,650.

      The J-Star enggan menyebut perkara ini.

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