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S’gor baru saja naikkan elaun Adun-Adunnya dua tahun lepas

Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor telah meluluskan belanjawan tambahan sebanyak RM114 juta pada 12 April 2011.

Daripada jumlah tersebut, sebanyak RM1.27 juta diperuntukkan untuk menampung peningkatan elaun bagi Adun-Adun.

Sumber: Selangor Times, printscreen rencana, sini


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15 thoughts on “S’gor baru saja naikkan elaun Adun-Adunnya dua tahun lepas

  1. 2011 mereka naik kan wang saku mereka.. PR tetap menang..
    2013 mereka naik kan lagi wang saku mereka.. PR akan tetap menang..

    Anything but UMNO..

    1. Kalau Malaysia jahanam, kita patut ucapkan terima kasih kepada pengundi-pengundi di Pulau Pinang, Selangor dan Kelantan yang sama-sama berusaha menjahanamkan Malaysia dengan perUBAHan.

      Terima kasih kepada OKM kerana memperlihatkan masalah Bangla tersembunyi. Terima kasih kepada Jeff Ooi untuk memperlihatkan masalah kucing yang berkurap di Jelutong. Terima Pak Karpal untuk memperlihatkan masalah MP PAS yang kurang berkualiti kerana tidak fasih Inggeris. Mata kita terbuka kerana Tony membuka mata kepada masalah anjing dalam ROS. Tidak lupa Ms Yap yang memperkenalkan Gurney maze.

      Syabas. Tolong jangan kacau Pak Khalid semasa beauty sleep.

  2. This is what Arul of PSM had to say about the hike on FB:

    Arul Psm: ‘Dear Vinod, Thanks you kept my blood flowing this morning. When Dr. Nasir was a Selangor ADUN last term, he said his office and 1 staff and maintaining is paid by the state, his travel expenses can be claimed and his medical health is 100% taken care off. Just naming a few perks. He is not even a Exco who get paid much higher. Besides he gets half million to spend for his work annually. This is just to name a few. In spite of that he pays PSM 40% of his salary.

    If we can justify that people must be paid very high salary to keep them away from corruption, then we should be able to justify that when people rob, theft etc is ok because they don’t get enough money. On Chavez and the Venezuela. Venezuela was much better based on UN indicators then it was under the hand of right wing politicians before that. Read…/5326268.

    Please talk with facts rather than just using some right wing analysis who are sabotaging the Vene economy so a few people can get their hands on their oil profit. This is not about idelogy. This is about people must be paid a decent wage and there must be fairness.

    So when politician debate so much that workers should not be paid RM 1500 because it is too high etc, they don’t seem to do the same when it comes to their own salary. I agree with Anwar on the hike. Politician after getting so much perks, cannot expect 200-300% pay hike. This does not do justice. I would rather feel happy the money is spend to the rakyat so that they also enjoy a decent life.

    You can call this idelogy, idealism etc. I call this being human.

    The same way we want to stop corruption, to pay higher salary. We should also pay better wages so that common people life improve, they eat better food, get better education and health.

    I will spend my life championing for this cause rather than fighting for higher wages for ADUNs.

    Have a good day comrade.’

    Damn right, Arul.

    1. re: “So when politician debate so much that workers should not be paid RM1,500 because it is too high etc, they don’t seem to do the same when it comes to their own salary.”

      Bingo! Madam Speaker’s take-home basic salary of RM33,750 a month.

      1. And people wonder why someone like me (of dodgy ideological persuasion) is an ardent supporter of PSM.

        [And you should read how those PR supporters/wankers hurl personal insults at Arul]

          1. Honestly its about the same. With some DAP supporters I get a distinctively Indian hate vibe. The tells are the constant references to his ethnicity.

            1. But PSM is not with BN but an ally of Pakatan. If Arul is getting hit by the same hate wave as Uthaya and Waytha … roll my eyes.

  3. BTW. Janganlah cemburu.

    Kenaikan gaji Puan Hannah adalah kurniaan Allah kerana kebaikan beliau pada rakyat Selangor Darul Ehsan.

  4. They save money for the state for 5 years, then help themselves to it… hahahaha… if this is not corruption, I really don’t know what is.

    To put things in proper perspective, with that kind of increment, we can get 2 MBs, 2 or 3 Speakers, etc. And don’t tell me for half a mil/year I can’t hire a better qualified person to fill their jobs… are the current ones the best people that kind of money can buy?

    Selangorians have just been pwned!

    1. The Selangor state govt has been stinging on the funds allocated by federal to maintain Selangor roads.


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