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Angola closed illegal mosques

(Reuters) – Angola said on Friday it had refused registration to a number of Islamic religious groups and closed illegal mosques because they did not comply with national laws, but it denied any persecution of Muslims.

The government of the No.2 oil producer in Africa has faced a storm of criticism after some international media reported it had “banned Islam”, causing embarrassment for this member of the OPEC oil cartel dominated by Muslim states.

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From the Guardian:

David Já, president of the Islamic Community of Angola (ICA), said on Thursday: “We can say that Islam has been banned in Angola. You need 100,000 to be recognised as a religion or officially you cannot pray.”

There are 78 mosques in the country, according to the ICA, and all have been closed except those in the capital, Luanda, because they are technically unlicensed. “The mosques in Luanda were supposed to be closed yesterday but because of an international furore about reports that Angola had banned Islam, the government decided not to,” Já said.

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2 thoughts on “Angola closed illegal mosques

  1. Bagusnya Muslim di Malaysia.. Berlembut sampai ke tulang. Brp byk kuil2 haram masih dibiarkan. Umat islam tak bising pun. Itulah hebatnya toleransi umat Islam di Malaysia. Cuma skg ni diganggu keharmonian oleh HINDRAF dan EVENGELIS DAPster

  2. Heard mosques were demolished in Philipines.

    Then came the worst typhoon in recent years which hit and devastated the eastern seaboard of Philipines.

    Divine intervention?

    We’ll see what will happen in Angola in the coming months.

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