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Claps claps claps! Stooping to exploit babies now

There’s this negative stereotype that the greedy Chinese will sell even their grandmother. With regard to one particular household where the Indian hubby has been trained to speak Cantonese, this adage will not come as a surprise. Even babies are cynically exploited.

So what’s the price that old granny will fetch? Or what is the price that babies are made to pay to keep the holy water flowing?

RM16,400! Ni lah amaun gaji dinaikkan.

This RM16,400 figure is the quantum of the whopping pay rise awarded Hannah Yeoh whose Speaker’s salary is now RM22,500 per month. The previous Speaker was paid RM6,100.

The Adun’s salary is increased by RM5,250. So taking both together, Hannah’s pay rise (KENAIKAN gaji) after the announcement totals RM20k.

It obviously pays to have her appointment tweeted 10 times in a single day by The J-Star. In the same vein, it pays that the English language press are so keen on protecting Hannah Yeoh’s media darling reputation that they’re deliberately downplaying the hyper inflation of her Speaker paycheque.

Twitter - tankengliang- DAP must be proud that Hannah

The partisan English media also failed (deliberate again) to highlight that Hannah’s salary does not stop at RM22,500. There is the RM11,250 basic salary received by every Selangor Adun. Furthermore, and we’re talking the old rates here, the various special allowances for the Adun comes up to close to RM11,000.

Adding Speaker’s pay, Adun’s pay and Adun’s allowances already total some RM45,000 in take-home. Inipun kita belum diberitahu lagi apa dia imbuhan-imbuhan lain (elaun, perkhidmatan percuma, dll) yang Puan Speaker layak terima.

I repeat: The pro-opposition English media is burying this story angle.

Trust the deceitful Dapsters to dodge the real issue, which is the 3-digit percentage increase of their party legislator’s salary (note: the Adun’s salary increased by 87% compared to Hannah’s which tripled from RM6,100 to RM22,500).

Twitter - mpkotabelud- Mdm Speaker, why so defensive- ... 2013-11-29 12-16-45

Keep your eye on the ball

Don’t allow yourself to be deflected. The crux of the issue, as rightly pointed out by Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang and Umno MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan — incidentally, both labelled as “low class BN politicians” by Hannah Yeoh — is the massive pay hike.

But just examine the sneaky methods by which Hannah Yeoh tries to deflect the current negative publicity.

She wails to her 84,508 devoted twits: “My 2 babies have only toys and not involved in any companies doing business with govt.

Errr … what has her two famous “babies” got to do with Khalid Ibrahim’s decision to give Madam Speaker a RM20k payrise? Is she saying that the Menteri Besar should give mommy more money because the kiddies want more toys?

Why so eager to drag her young kids into the political arena?

Never in the history of Malaysia has a politician, of any ethnicity, ever exploited his or her children with the same grasping greed as Madam Speaker.

From the day her babies were born, they have been made into the gimmickry political capital with which to feed her personality cult that is paying dividends now. In cash.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- (3) My husband has no role

Please vote in the opinion poll on the pay hike — HERE. I shall be tabulating the results shortly.


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39 thoughts on “Claps claps claps! Stooping to exploit babies now

  1. Your dad is Indian. Your mom is Chinese. So that makes you…..

    How did you go from Indian to Chinese ?

    It’s the government’s fault !

    Ha ha ha !!!

      1. No lah. My dad is Christian, not Indian and my mom is Chinese and Christian. So my race is Chinese and my religion is Christian. So correct lah, my mom put me as ‘Chinese’ in my birthcert!

  2. Re. Never in the history of Malaysia has a politician, of any ethnicity, ever exploited his or her children with the same grasping greed as Madam Speaker.

    Wan Azizah did it in Permatang Pauh in 1999. She went around Permatang Pauh peddling her sob-sob story campaigning with the little Nurul Izzah and won with bug slide. I remember Tun M commenting about the same after the PRU in one of the interview. But that is a different story.

    Don’t fall into this SUPER BITCH’s trap, she is trying to deflect the pay hike issue, hoping that people, especially the pro establishment, will start dragging her kids into this with nonsensical comment and voila! there you go “A Poor Hannah Yeoh, An ADUN, A Madam Speaker, and most of all a dotted god loving and god fearing MOTHER and WIFE” being smeared from all angles including her kids. Who will come out as innocent the first dew drop in the morning at the end?

    1. Right on cue, LOL. Her previous career as Event Manager does a lot to explain her political style.


      1. Re. Her previous career as Event Manager

        I think I wrote about this before. As an event manager she knows how read the crowd, create a theme and woo them to her knees. Trained as a “failed” Lawyer, she simultaneously brought out and strengthened the “SNAKE DNA” that is already inherent if not heredity in her.

        Nothing really matters now, as she already has a cult followers of 23,459 voters in the last PRU and this will secure her position until the day she died, unless she is opting for Parliament like Theresa Kok.

        Just watch what her next course of action in next four years… this Madam Speaker is aiming big parallel to butts.

        1. She obtained 40,366 votes, winning with a big majority of 28,069.

          She has a Twitter following of 84,508 twits.

          1. Re. She has a Twitter following of 84,508 twits.

            It reminds me of the dove that her BFF wanted to shoot…

            you know doves are, they very communal and loyal to the owner and their constituency… just look at how they flock together during feeding time…

            1. BTW Marina Mahathir secured her place in National Reconciliation Unity Council right after your write up on her…

              Frankly I am just LIVID to the brink….

      2. That tweet can be used to teach one Peribahasa

        Masuk Bakul Angkat Sendiri

        Make it into a poster at schools.

          1. Wa law wei …

            BN ADUN must be one timid creature in the Dewan for not knowing how to debate..

            My reading is that either they (BN ADUN) are plain stupid or intimidated by the presence of Madam Gangster who is very abusive in her choice of words.

    2. LOL,

      I often say to my friend that the true character is only revealed when one is in power. As the country is ruled by BN (led by UMNO), Malays until today are shielded from seeing the “brutality” of DAP. Just like Arabs did not realise how cruel Yahudis could have been when the region was under Ottman Empire. Only the collapse of Ottoman Empire brought them face to face with the might and cruelty of Yahudis.

      I notice that Malay community in general underestimate the danger to their legitimate interests posed by DAP. Why? Because the Malays still believe that no way DAP will assume power (capturing Federal government).

      In jest i told them they are seeing the preview nowadays. Sort of reflection on how Malaysia would be should DAP take control (through PR).

      If Jeff Ooi can now say MPPP staff are “kucing kurap”, then he cant be blamed. He just said what he meant. and that is the way Malays will be treated should DAP take control. So, this is the price for supporting DAP.

      As for Hannah, I do not know her contribution beyond looking down on Malays, UMNO.

      But Hannah is the “face” of DAP. She is a darling to many Chinese and Englsh media. Why? Because she represents the face that is willing to belittle UMNO (and Malay too).

      Hannah is good at deflection. In her tweet (that is all she is good at), she evades the question on her paycheque by mocking Rosmah (referring to private jet and diamond ring).

      1. Re. I often say to my friend that the true character is only revealed when one is in power.

        It is a common saying ” Kalau nak tahu orang tu baik ke tidak beri dia kuasa”.

        The 95% of Chinese in this country want political power now and nothing else matters, PKR and PAS are just tools for them .

        1. LOL,

          Precisely. That is why I told my Malay friends if they want to know how Palestinian feel, just vote DAP.

          1. You read about Ustaz Mohammad Kazim Alias being nominated as UMNO Supreme Council member? He just gave this statement in his FB :


            Assalammualaikum…..buat semua peminat UKE,dimaklumkan bahawa UKE masih belum membuat keputusan muktamad berkenaan perlantikan beliau sebagai MT UMNO…diharap semua berlapang dada dan bertenang…bagi pihak media pula,UKE akan mengadakan sidang media khas berkenaan perlantikan beliau sebagai MT UMNO pada malam ini ( 30 November 2013 ) di Ceramah Perdana beliau :

            Tempat : Dataran Seri Semarak,PPR Seri Semarak,Jalan Ayer Keroh,Setapak,Kuala Lumpur…”

            1. Tapi ada juga orang Melayu yang tak sedar diri. Liberal konon. Melayu like Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim, Marina Mahathir, KJ, Mariam Mokhtar, Mat Sabu and even PM Najib yang akan tikam orang Melayu dari belakang. I don’t really understand why these people want to emulate the west. Too much freedom leads to moral degradation and that what is happening now in the west. In my neighborhood, it is a common sight to see gay couples embrace or kissing in public. Girls as young as 14 become unwed mothers. Do we want to be like them?

              1. Aku melayu,

                Najib’s predicament is hugely to his irritating and destructive attitude of pleasing those who preach for destruction of his administration. And he makes it worse by showing little respect towards the very community that defends his government: the Malays.

                So, Najib created another bureaucracy filled with personality like Marina Mahathir, who as far as I can remember seldom has anything good to say about UMNO.

                And he still nominate Saifudin, a reject name in UMNO circle. what is the point of giving life line to the man who is rejected within UMNO?

                As for Mat sabu, he triumphs in chaos. He is never known for his brilliance in ideas. “dimana ada Mat sabu disitu ada masalah”.

  3. Obsessed despicable ang at work again. Just how much are you going to try and spin? Your constant bitching had zero impact during the last elections and as much as you are against the middle ground, that’s where this country is headed to. Your brand of bitching and constant incitement just doesn’t work anymore. This country has real issues which need resolving rather than a desperate old spiteful hag like you.

    1. Thanks for giving us a show-and-tell of vintage Dapster vocabulary and methods (yeah, the Dapsters who have no qualms about exploiting babies for political gain).

      Secondly, yes, let’s see the country resolve real issues. How about the Selangor reps, who are now better paid than Members of Parliament, resolve the garbage collection woes in Darul Sampah. Now that’s a “real issue” ‘cos the uncollected garbage is unsightly and stinks.

      And mend all the potholes (another real issue) in the S’gor roads while they’re at it, boleh?

      Btw, if they don’t start cutting the grass soon at the roadside, the aedes mosquitoes will breed and we shall all get denggi.

      As for your comment “Your constant bitching had zero impact during the last elections”, you’re confirming that your “political masters” (just mirroring you trash talk) do really think very highly of and fear my impact.

    2. re: My blogging during the election

      They started the DDoS attacks on my blog beginning the last week of April 2013.

      April 27: “Updated 6.55pm: It’s beginning to be impossible to access my blog. The intensity of the interruptions have been stepped up!”

      April 28: “I’m still having connectivity problems (see screenshot below). My apology for the delay in approving all your comments.”

      April 29: “My blog is still under attack (see screenshot below). Sorry if readers are inconvenienced by the difficulty in connecting but, please, don’t let the SuperCyber Bullies win through keeping you away.”

      April 30: “Blog saya masih lagi mengalami gangguan sambungan talian.”
      April 30: “Serangan ke atas blog saya masih berterusan.”

      May 1: “Serangan ke atas blog saya masih berterusan”

      May 2: “The continued DDOS attack on my blog.”

      May 2: “My blog is still under DDOS attack. I’m personally also under attack (harassment and character assassination) from the DAP SuperCyber Bully network which is intertwined with the Star staff.”

      May 3: “My blog remains under attack today. For the past 6 years, The Star has sided with the cyber aggressors instead of with the victims.”

      May 4: “The attack on my blog has intensified! The DDOS attacks have put a huge drag on my pace of work. Below is a screenshot of the posting that I’m presently working on. As you can read in the pink message box, I have ‘lost connection with the server, and saving has been disabled’.

      “This has happened intermittently since the first day of the attack but today my connectivity is more often Off than On, and the recurrence is a lot in frequency. In fact, it’s so bad that even typing, just to get the letters of the alphabet into WordPress, is going at a snail’s pace.

      “Hence the interruption is tremendous. Which also means your comments will be slow to be moderated, that is if you can manage to leave them. I’ve received several complaints about readers having difficulty in doing so.”

      May 5: Election Day and the attacks begin to taper off.

      That’s what “they” do to people who criticize the Beloved Party.

      1. A timely warning from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) as reported by Ibn Abbas r.a.:

        “If men were given leeway to make accusations, then many people would covet the possessions of others, or spill their blood. Therefore, let the accuser bring forth his evidence, and may the accused deny that evidence by swearing his innocence.”

        Kakak, they only make evil karma for themselves which they’re gonna have to resolve or else suffer for it – some time or another, this life or hereafter ….. uuummph.


    3. Cannot stomach what helen writes kan. Because what she writes is substantiated by facts and figures not like the daps.


  4. the old crone now says that developing countries MP in Africa earns more than her… what a biatch. the witch is realy money crazy and ******* …. she had to use her babies to defend herself… so pathetic.

    1. Well 3 billion have a lots of zero in it lah. they got 5 years to spend it and that’s not including how much they can save this year and years to come. You must understand that is not tax payer money, that is faderal government money. hehhehheh


      1. Im a hater.. and haters gotta hate.. lol

        If they can make the garbage collection more regular.. then they can justify the hike.. itupun cannot.. if they cant make the state 300% cleaner…. why is it so easy to make their salary 300% higher.

    2. Wow, bab gaji nak compare pulak dengan Afrika. Buatlah comparison dengan Eropah ke US ke Aussie ke Kiwi ke. Selalunya kan pakai apa yang orang putih buat sebagai yardstick.

      BTW, di Rocky’s bru ada graph comparison basic salary of lawmakers as ratio of GDP per person. Malaysia punya ranking not bad la.

  5. Th ADUN salary hike is a big issue on Facebook. A friend brought it up and there were posts criticizing the hike while the Pakatan assholes attack the personality of my friend, when i pitched in, some things happened

    1.A Pakatan trooper suddenly accused me of swearing

    2.When I pointed him out there are no swear words, he accused me of deleting the comments containing the swear words.

    3.When I pointed out that did not happen and conflicted with the flow of conversations in the comment section, he called me names and attacked me using his imagination.

    BTW, the guy had a typical Chinese surname, in front nama mat guessed it.. Anthony as any Chinese anglophile would love to put in front of his 5000 year old hangzhi name(if such name ever existed 5000 years ago).

    With the Pakataoon DAPster at this level, god forgive the big sins of their leaders who steal money from the rakyat and allow the Selangor state go to the gutters.

    1. I don’t need to become a scumbag politician and give myself a 200% plus raise just to take a dig at another scumbag politician.

      For crying out loud.

      BTW, everybody who isn’t a Pakatan fanatic is taking a dig at her and her state government shamelessly giving themselves a huge raise, just pointing that out for you, seeing she diverted your attention so easily.

  6. Here is to you Helen for the NEW CHAPTER of your blog starting tomorrow……

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  7. My, my, my gosh ! It is good to know that my dear Helen is now running amok! What a lengthy amok…..

    1. The Speaker salary fiasco was something too juicy for me to pass.

      However I’m sticking to my decision.

  8. Helen – sorry digress a bit. Just read that you are quiting this blog. For greener rezeki some place else? We will miss your ‘surveillance’ reporting on J Star and the dapsters.

    1. This blog will function as per normal. I just don’t want to write.

      You all can use the space for your discussion board. Whether this format works or not is up to the current readership.

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