Results: Opinion poll on Selangor payrise, comparison

November 30, 2013 at 11:25 pm 21 comments

RM8,000 or thereabouts in salary for the Speaker of Selangor would be a reasonable amount but not RM22,500 per month (“way too high”), an online survey hosted by found today.

An identical opinion poll in Anil Netto‘s blog, however, yielded completely opposite results.

The majority of Anil’s respondents said they were “fine” (had no objections) to the massive pay hikes awarded the Selangor legislators. His readers believe that “the Selangor reps deserve a large [salary] increase”.

This divergence in our respective survey results points to the wide cleavage in the political views held by those who support BN and by those who support Pakatan. Not only are Malaysians ethnically polarized and religiously segregated but we are politically divided too.

The gap between us is a yawning chasm.


Sample size: 507 respondents

About the poll

The poll question ‘What do you think of the pay hikes for the Selangor state reps?’ was designed by Anil who uploaded the survey in his blog early yesterday afternoon.

I duplicated Anil’s question-and-answer set and uploaded his poll here late yesterday evening.


About the poll respondents

The results of Anil’s poll would be largely reflective of the political outlook of his readers while the results of my poll would be similarly reflective of the political outlook of the readers here.

A direct comparison can be made because the same (one single) question was asked, with the reply comprising four options.

About the poll hosts

A table of comparison between Anil’s blog and mine is provided below so that you can get an idea of our cyber audience demography.


*With regard to Anil’s ranking, I’ve extrapolated from the Top 100 sopo blogs (viewed as pro-Pakatan), compiled by Cenangau on 16 Nov 2013. Anil’s blog is approximately No.26 in the list if we were to go by his current Alexa ranking.
My blog ranking is taken from the Top 100 sopo blogs (viewed as pro-BN) compiled by Warta Rakyat on 19 Nov 2013. I sit in the No.22 spot.
(NOTE: Two different partisan lists – Cenangau and Warta Rakyat – have had to be used because the Cenangau compilation does not include pro-BN blogs whereas the Warta Rakyat compilation does not include pro-Pakatan blogs.)
The bar charts in the Helen vs Anil comparison table above – indicating Gender, Education and Browsing Location of our readers – are sourced from the latest Alexa data. These three demographic elements are measured against how alike/similar our respective website audience is to the general internet population.


Sample size: 507 respondents

About the poll results


A reading (see snap above) was taken of Anil’s poll at 9am this morning after 507 respondents had voted.

[At this time of writing, the number of respondents to Anil’s poll has since increased to 839 and the percentages for each answer has shifted somewhat. However in the above bar chart comparison made of our two surveys, I’ve based the results on the same sample size of 507 respondents for the sake of uniformity.]

The most popular answer to the poll question picked by Anil’s readership is “[The pay hikes] are fine; the Selangor reps deserve a large increase” — 46 percent of the votes.

The second most popular answer among Anil’s readership is “There shouldn’t be any pay hikes at this time” — 29 percent of the votes.

The least popular answer with Anil’s readership is “[The pay hikes] are way too high; a hike of not more than 30% would’ve been okay — 23 percent of the votes.

Conclusion: The majority of Anil’s readers are in favour of the Selangor Aduns receiving a hefty payrise and believe that the reps well deserve it.

Opinion poll on S’gor pay hike, please vote - Helen Ang 2013-11-30 22-20-00

Sample size: 507 respondents


A reading was taken of my poll at 10.20pm when the number of respondents reached 507 (corresponding with the Anil sample size cited). Currently, as I write this, my poll has attracted 517 respondents.

The most popular answer to the poll question picked by my readership is “[The pay hikes] are way too high; a hike of not more than 30% would’ve been okay —  52 percent of the votes.

The second most popular answer among my readership is “There shouldn’t be any pay hikes at this time” —  36 percent of the votes.

The least popular answer with my readership is “[The pay hikes] are fine; the Selangor reps deserve a large increase” —  12 percent of the votes.

Conclusion: The majority of my readers do not object to the Selangor Aduns receiving bigger pay but do not believe that the salary jump should be so drastic.


The common ground between Anil’s readers and mine is in the second answer. Out of the 507 votes, a total of 180 of my readers and 149 of Anil’s readers believe that there shouldn’t be any pay hikes at this time for the Selangor Aduns.

A most striking difference is that the hefty pay rise is “fine” by only a small portion of my readers (62 votes) whereas those among Anil’s readers who believe that the Selangor reps deserve a large salary increase number 232 votes!

We are so far apart in how we evaluate our politicians.

What is the pay rise are we talking about?

Hannah Yeoh’s

  • salary increment of RM21,650
    RM16,400 (Speaker’s salary tripling from RM6,100 to RM22,500 per month) &  RM5,250(Adun’s salary increased from RM6,000 to RM11,250 per month)
  • take-home pay of at least RM44,560 ++ per month
    Speaker’s salary + Adun’s salary + Adun’s allowances excluding Speaker’s allowances (amount not revealed)
  • payment of RM12,857 chairing each DUN sitting
    See details here

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21 Comments Add your own

  • 1. azhar  |  December 1, 2013 at 8:05 am

    kenaikan yang mengila.

  • 2. Survivor  |  December 1, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Orang yang duduk kat negeri-negeri yang ditadbir oleh Pakatan tak kisah pun sebab slogan mereka adalah Asal Bukan Umno. Mereka nak Umno dikuburkan. Mereka ni golangan manusia tak waras, gila tu. Kalau Pakatan kata mereka pergi berarak kejalanan untuk tumbangkan Umno/BN mereka ikut juga, kan Bersih tu contoh yang paling nyata sekali.

    • 3. Helen Ang  |  December 1, 2013 at 9:24 am

      Cogankata mereka ialah EBU: Everything Blame Umno.

      • 4. grandmarquis  |  December 1, 2013 at 12:46 pm

        Ada lagi selogan, Al-haram ku, wal haram mu. Al-haram mu, wal halal ku.

        (Apa yang haram bagi aku adalah haram bagi kamu tapi apa yang haram bagi kamu adalah halal bagi aku)

        • 5. Helen Ang  |  December 1, 2013 at 12:49 pm

          That why both the religion parties are the Pakatan.

  • 6. The International Jew  |  December 1, 2013 at 9:45 am

    This dumb prof still doesn’t get it. The Chinese want this BN government dead and buried and here he is saying that the Chinese are pragmatic and will return to the BN fold. Someone should tell him to wake up and face reality.

    • 7. Helen Ang  |  December 1, 2013 at 9:48 am

      Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin must be extracted from his menara gading and sent to live in Jerusubang for a month for him to wake up and face reality.

      • 8. veteran  |  December 2, 2013 at 8:49 pm

        Send him to Murum dam. He needs fresh air. KL is polluted. He cannot think.

    • 9. MM  |  December 1, 2013 at 11:02 am

      I had the same thought as you TIJ when I read the piece. If this is the kind of advice that are fed to Najib.. no wonder Najib is delusional too. They are so out of touch with reality .. The Chinese have declared war against BN (read UMNO) .. and the leaders still think they are all nice and dandy.

      If I’m not worried of the repercussion, I would love for BN to lose one term so that the silly BN leaders wake up BUT as Helen rightly said if BN lose they might never get it back coz PR people don’t play fair. Even without Federal power they can character assassinate people with impunity. Imagine what they can do when Federal power and money are behind them. Even the judiciary are in their hands (now) I think ..

      If PR is good I don’t really mind BUT we all know that they are a bunch of hate mongering hypocrites. Can’t even manage rubbish collection well..

  • 10. maae  |  December 1, 2013 at 10:04 am

    1. Jika Helen buat poll pun tak guna. Pakatan dan penyokong tegar mereka tetap dengan menegakkan benang basah mereka. Kita lihat ludah dan kahak pemimpin pakatoons, melempeng di atas muka penyokong-penyokong mereka ! PADAN MUKA… terlalu pahit, kena telan juga ! PENIPUAN dan PURA-PURA memang mainan mereka ! Rakyat waras tidak akan percaya. Sekarang FITNAH mereka lemparkan pada BN dan UMNO sudah mula memakan diri sendiri sendiri. Ini baru permulaan.

    2. Gaji dan semua elaun sudah besar. Di tambah ‘makan besar di luar’ maka hasil nya dalam setahun sudah jadi jutawan ! Lima tahun lagi dah jadi ahli kelab bilioner ! WOW !! SOMBONG dan ANGKUH bertambah- tambah besar ! Kepala jangan cakap lah…kepala baby pun sudah tentu berganda besar…. main toys yang besar-besar.. Rakyat ? Who cares ! Empty promises with a bit ‘lakonan’ will make them happy…

    3. Jika BN yang buat ? ( kita sudah tahu reaksi dan gimik pakatoon ni… tak perlu cerita lah…)

    Jadi kesimpulan nya, undian memang nyata memihak. Berfikiran Rasional bukan perkara yang utama kerana tahap pemikiran yang terlibat tidak lagi berpaksikan keikhlasan berpolitik memenuhi manifesto menjanjikan bulan dan bintang.

  • 11. alwieabdullah  |  December 1, 2013 at 11:16 am


    kenaikan gaji sehingga beratus persen sebenarnya membuktikan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat selaku majikan atau pentadbir telah gagal dalam menguruskan pentadbiran mereka.

    maka sahlah betapa mereka ini terlalu ‘bodoh’ tetapi masih berterusan cuba ‘membodohkan’ orang lain khususnya rakyat negeri Selangor.

    tidak ada organisasi atau syarikat menaikkan gaji staffnya sehingga beratus persen dan saya yakin sebagai orang korporat atau bekas korporat, MB Khalid tentu tidak pernah malah tidak akan menaikkan gaji staffnya sebegitu.

    amat malang bagi rakyat negeri Selangor ini yang memilih untuk mengekalkan kepimpinan yang ‘isi bakul angkat sendiri’….kononnya mereka kuat berkerja memajukan Negeri ini, kononnya mereka siang malam berkerja untuk kemaslahatan rakyat walhal, mereka hanya memainkan isu, mereka mencipta fitnah dan berbohong setiap hari untuk memburukkan orang lain khususnya UMNO Selangor.

    kita tidak nafikan kelemahan pentadbiran Selangor sebelum Pakatan mengambil alih tetapi, tanyalah sesiapapun dalam negeri Selangor ini samada adakah terdapat ‘perbezaan ketara yang benar-benar jitu lagi positif’ antara kepimpinan MB Khalid dan kepimpinan MB Khir Toyo yang dengan itu mewajarkan kenaikkan gaji Adun, Speaker dan MB sehingga beratus persen?

    saya pasti tidak terdapat perbezaan positif yang mewajarkan tindakan berkenaan.

    apapun saya juga pasti, rakyat negeri Selangor majoritinya bukanlah bodoh tetapi mereka dengan senyap terus memerhati dan menilai dan tindakan rakyat Selangor hanya akan dapat dilihat pada PRU14.

    • 12. Helen Ang  |  December 1, 2013 at 11:33 am

      Puan Speaker kuat bekerja membuat fitnah, dan hari-hari memfitnah ni kerja yang amat meletihkan. Sebab tulah gaji mesti setimpal.

      • 13. Survivor  |  December 1, 2013 at 11:52 am

        Gaji mesti naik sebab nak ambil staf baru. Kerja fitnah ni perlu ramai staf, macam staf yang selalu lawat blog Helen mereka ni perlu upah, kalau tak ada upah siapa yang nak kerja macam ni, siang malam tabur fitnah 24/7.

      • 14. islam1st  |  December 1, 2013 at 12:30 pm

        The so called non partisan posters yang sangat tajam pemikiran dan terbuka minda tak bagi pendapat ke tentang hal ini?

        Setuju ke Tak Setuju? Senyap je…

  • 15. ngor-hai-mayau  |  December 1, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Mengata dulang, paku serpih; mengata orang(BN), pakatan yang lebih… hmm. Sarawak as a comparison, lame excuse😈

  • 16. Fazillah  |  December 1, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    They need the big increment because now all the YBs (Yang Berkhidmat) will be taking over the cleaning contractors’ jobs. Soon selangor will be clean.

    We the YB rakyat (Yang Berhormat), will at last be served by the YB aduns/mop*(Yang Berkhidmat) which they were elected for in the first place by those selangorians who wanted UBAH.

    *member of parliament

  • 17. asus  |  December 1, 2013 at 8:00 pm


    Why not you conduct an opinion poll on the following issues:-

    1. the electricity bill of the official residence of the PM; and

    2. Rosmah flying overseas using government’s official plane

    • 18. Helen Ang  |  December 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm


      Why don’t you ask Hannah Yeoh to conduct your opinion poll on Rosmah’s flight since the Madam Speaker has already herself brought up the topic?

      Her poll would get more coverage since she has a following of close to 85,000 twits. My blog doesn’t have that big a reach.


  • 19. anonymous  |  December 2, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Anil should change his opinion poll tiitle. He should add ‘is it alright for BN reps to have a pay hike of blah blah blah’ …..then you will see the result. I can guarantee that it will be in the negative because the PR people especially DAP Chinese are racists to the core.

  • […] Ang –  Bagi kerajaan negeri Pakatan dan penyokong-penyokong tegar mereka, seseorang yang merupakan ‘performer’ – umpamanya Puan Speaker – layak diberi gaji dan […]


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