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Plans afoot to boo Najib at Umno general assembly?

MyMassa, the blog with the super intel, today exposed a possible plot in the works — ‘HOT : Ada usaha mem’boo’ presiden Umno di atas pentas PWTC‘.

I’m not surprised to hear. Imagine how embarrassing if the disruption were to successfully take place as planned. Such an incident will make international headlines.

I shall now give MyMassa some feedback – and I do not expect to be paid any con-sultancy fees for this service – on what we (I include those of my blog readers who agree with my POV) think of the floundering Najib Titanic.

Firstly, we do not like to see the Prime Minister of our country getting his head stepped on. Even if he does not personally take offence, we do.


This kepala-dipijak-Perdana-Menteri has done nothing to prevent our heads from being continually PISsed (Provoked, Insulted, Slandered) on by the DAP and their biadab followers.

Secondly, Najib Razak has allowed the situation in the country to deteriorate to the extent that even the PM’s own wife is constantly mocked. It appears that we – although none of us are married to Rosmah – mind about the endless Dapster mockery of her more than he does.


HannahTwitter TEH

ABOVE: Teh Eng Hock, the Chin Peng lookalike, is also known as Mr Regina Lee

Thirdly, under Najib Razak’s watch, the putar-belit lidah tak bertulang opposition are allowed to fitnah with impunity. Mukhriz Mahathir was recently a victim.

Perhaps Najib does not mind seeing as how the media hatchet job on Mukhriz may have cost the latter just enough votes (lost) in order for the Umno president’s stated wish to be fulfilled, i.e. Najib had wanted all three of the vice president incumbents to be retained.

Hishamuddin Hussein scraped through the recent party election with 101 votes while Mukhriz obtained 93. If Mukhriz only had a mere 5 (!) additional votes, he would have notched 98 and Hisham 96.

It seems that Najib does not mind at all that Malaysia has become a land where Fitnah reigns.

Fourthly, this Umno president born with a silver spoon in his mouth is not attuned to the Malay grassroots sentiments, yup, the same Malay ground that Najib is permitting the SuperBullies to constantly PIS on. Najib is willing to pay con-sultants RM7.2 billion, err, to do what again? They’re not getting the message through to him, are they, that his party core supporters are very unhappy with Umno.

Fifthly, Najib rewards those people who PIS on the head of the Umno Malays. Most recently Najib appointed the Pakatan-supporting artiste Wardina to his National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC). Najib neglected to appoint Dr Chandra Muzaffar who is the chairman of the 1Malaysia Foundation — the PM’s pet project or so we thought.

Instead Najib appointed to the NUCC Saifuddin Abdullah whom the Umno grassroots ejected from Temerloh in GE13 and whom the Umno members rejected for a seat in the party supreme council. Who then does Saifuddin represent in the NUCC? The Firsters?

In a nutshell, what we have is a current president who has cultivated to the max the “tidak apa” in his PPTA.

So why should anyone be surprised that some Umno delegates might conceivably want to boo Najib?

Well, he doesn’t seem to mind, does he? Najib was booed at the Psy (Korean popstar) concert in Penang during Chinese New Year. If he doesn’t mind, why should we?

Likely the disgruntled Umno delegates are reckoning that their prez has been so lax as to allow the monkeys to take over the zoo, what with the amount of PIS (Provocation, Insult, Slander) raining on our heads daily.

Would many people really mind if Najib were to be booed at the PAU? After all, he’s apparently okay with all the PIS thrown at us by the opposition and doing nothing to stop them.

Heck, I’m even betting that those among the Scissorati as well as Chinese media covering the event would take a cue from their beloved Selangor Speaker and tweet away “hu hu hu” if the booing were to happen.

BELOW: Work stations reserved for the Chinese press at the PAU



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24 thoughts on “Plans afoot to boo Najib at Umno general assembly?

  1. Hmmm Najib… being booed would be a very disturbing development. I do not agree with some of his decisions, well a lot actually, but he is still the PM and the President of all the people who will be attending the event.

    You people attending are not (presumably) from Pakatan but from UMNO, so you should find a more suitable way of telling him what you don’t agree with, without trampling on his dignity. Because lets face it, if you, the Umno members treat him with disrespect, the PR people will start dancing in the street in their yellow, green or whatever coloured t-shirts. The PR may even decide the time is right for a “spring”.

  2. Agaknya zaman dulu2 yang mendatang sini asyik pijak gambar Mao tse tung, tu pasai terpaksa bertongkang merata dunia lari dari dia, jadi kuli, pendatang haram, 2nd class citizen kat negara mana pun tak kisah – nak balik sana sure kena potong kepla… hehehe

  3. If that’s what going to happen (boo-ing), Najib might as well throw in the towel and let Muhyiddin take over. After all, prime minister is a tough and tiring job, even if he have some “brilliant” advisers around. But I guess it’s going to be the same all over again with Muhyiddin at helm.

      1. No lah Helen.. tidak akan terjadi perkara itu, ini UMNO bukan DAPster yang boo ‘Little jelutong’..

          1. Kalu terjadi pun ok gak.. najib tidak akan perasan pun dia kena boo.. jenis pekak badak..

  4. Maybe PM Najib will misread ‘boo, boo, boo’ with ‘clap, clap, clap’. Does Najib know the meaning of Malay proverb “Jatuh air muka”? Does he really depend on his con-sultans 100% for advice and he doesn’t have a clue how to govern the country? I thought Pak Lah was the worst PM of Malaysia but Najib’s blunders, inefficiencies and stupidities soon will up his ante to be the worst PM in Malaysian history.

    The above photo of a young Chinese man stepping on Najib’s photo proves that the majority Chinese in Malaysia are arrogant and have no respect whatsoever of the constitution. Does he know that his forefathers had been given citizenship by virtue of that constitution? When we call you ‘pendatang’ you will get angry. But when you don’t respect or abide by the constitution, you have ceased to be the citizens of Malaysia. As far as I’m concerned, you and your ilks are mere pendatang or quests in our Tanah Melayu and when you become biaDAP, we as tuan rumah have every right to halau you as you are considered as unwanted guests. And I’m very sure many Melayus have harbored the same feeling of hatred as I do.

    Sorry to say this Helen. Whenever I see a Chinese, saya rasa meluat dan kebencian kepada bangsa ni tiba-tiba membara sampai ketahap ‘If I kill you, I would feel no remorse!’

    1. You’re living in USA. Do you see a lot of Chinese there?

      Why are you so angry? A person surely does not deserve death for being biadab.

    2. Sad, isn’t it – the same old rhetoric?

      Is this Aku Melayu fella advocating genocide? If he/she is, be bold enough to state it with no ifs and buts, and let the chips fall where they may.

      But I am sure that there are enough people with good sense in the country who will ensure that the lunatic fringe are relegated to the sidelines. Permanently.

    3. Aku Melayu !

      Calm’s down , I am sure there’s other Melayu who has that same feeling , but Melayu are Melayu , are known to be tolerance until the last straw . I am sure that many more straws to come and the camel back are strong too.

    4. Yes, I’m very angry and have deep resentment towards the Chinese. I live in the US and there are no Chinese people around my neighborhood, thanks goodness! But whenever I come back to Malaysia to visit my family, I see these ‘mata sepets’ everywhere. Is this Tanah Melayu or Tanah Cina?

      1. re: “But whenever I come back to Malaysia to visit my family, I see these ‘mata sepets’ everywhere. Is this Tanah Melayu or Tanah Cina?”

        Malaysia is a multiracial country. So what is wrong with these ‘mata sepets’ being everywhere? They live in the various towns.

        1. aku melayu…. memang benar kata Helen.
          anda marah kepada bangsa cina yang bermata sepet tapi ramai juga melayu jawa yang saya kenal bermata sepet.

          lagipun anda cuma sesekali balik ke malaysia… jadi tak perlulah anda marah kepada bangsa cina ini sampai ada perasaan ‘kalau membunuh mereka anda tidak rasa bersalah’.

      2. Saya tidak gembira dengan apa yang awak luahkan itu.. belajarlah ,mengawal keadaan bukan dikawal oleh keadaan sekitar..

    5. Aku Melayu, dia itu Martin Luther King Jr. berkata:

      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive….. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”

      1. We Malays are full of tolerance. In the photo of the young Chinese guy stepping on Najib’s photo what does it imply? The message is very clear. The Malays in the eyes of the Chinese are not worth a cent! Bila cHINA pijak kepala Melayu baru kita nak sedar but it will be too late. Just look at Singapura -pura, how the Malays are faring there.

        I wonder what action has been taken against this Chinese guy. Knowing Najib’s government, I think nothing. In the US, there is an agency that monitors what we post in the Internet. Stern action will be taken against those who disparage the President, the American flag and the constitution.

        I’m so glad that I’m not in Malaysia. As for my family in Malaysia, they can afford to migrate elsewhere if anything were to happen (By this I mean Malaysia will be governed by DAP buggers with a Malay puppet as the PM. This is considered a fate worth than death). Enough from me as I have to get ready for work. I really pity you guys!

  5. Why would it matter?

    After all, it’s the big boys who decide what happens in the region. As the recent brouhaha over the the spying incidents attests to.

    So, let the boo boys do their worst.

    And thank your lucky stars that we are not Thailand where a leader of the anti-government demonstrators says that it’s ok to “break the law a little” to achieve their objectives. Which is the turfing out of an elected government.

    So even if Umno has it’s own delusions of grandeur, that definitely is not translated into the posture of Wisma Putra which has to deal with a whole host of complexities that pay short shrift to the internal politics in this country.




  7. Helen,

    samada PM Najib benar-benar akan di-BOO nanti, saya mengambil pendirian adalah lebih baik ianya berlaku.

    kalau boleh biar di-BOO sekuat-kuatnya tetapi tidak perlu agresif… sekadar berdiri tegak dan BOOOO kuat-kuat!
    ini dikira cara sopan…. hehehe!

    apapun, memikirkan kalau benar-benar PM Najib di-BOO, saya fikir ‘tidak apa’ sebab PM Najib sendiri bersikap ‘tidak apa’ dalam banyak perkara.

    seorang melayu yang bersikap ‘tidak-apa’ tidak akan bekerja keras. beliau hanya akan bekerja apabila ‘ditukul’… sama seperti peribahasa ‘bagai pahat dengan penukul’ pahat ini takkan bekerja maka perlu ditukul berkali-kali!

    saya fikir sudah ‘banyak nasihat’ daripada akar umbi cuba disampaikan kepada PM Najib tetapi ‘nasihat’ berkenaan mungkin tak sampai kerana ter’sangkut’ dijaring oleh team-punahsibat beliau.

    maka, eloklah ‘bergempita suara akar-umbi’ dalam dewan itu nanti apabila semuanya bangun menge-BOO dan kita perlu lihat bagaimana reaksi PM Najib.

    andaian saya adalah seperti berikut:

    a. sekiranya beliau ‘terperanjat’…. maka sahlah beliau tak diberitahu atau dinasihatkan perkara sebenar.

    b. sekiranya beliau buat ‘selamba’ aje… maka sahlah ada dua sebab yang mungkin iaitu:-

    1. memang beliau jenis melayu yang paling tidak apa….


    2. memang beliau ni ‘pekak badak’….!

    maaf ya YAB PM Najib…. akar-umbi UMNO sudah keliru tentang Presidennya yakni siapa sebenarnya PM Malaysia…!

  8. When Najib appeared at Stadium Bkt Jalil for the finals of BWF Malaysia Open, all we heard was boo all around stadium. Bear in mind this an international event which is broadcasted around the world. Yet this Mat Durian Singapore a.k.a Mat Kangkung and his wife can still walk around in thick skin like durian.

    We have not seen or heard any Asian PM being booed. I hope the UMNO members have guts to boo the PM in the coming PAU to show their dissatisfaction on how he has been pampering his enemies while ignoring his allies since he refuse to let go his position.

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