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Chinese asked the Malays to pray on Sunday instead

The communists had asked the Malays to UBAH to Sunday, from Friday, as their day of prayer.

“When the MPAJU suggested to the Banjarese headmen [in Sungai Manik] that they should change their Friday prayers to Sunday (as was suggested also by the MPAJU in Mukim VII of Batu Pahat), this was deemed an unpardonable insult and a sacrilege to the Islamic religion.”

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Sir, they only want to kill you

By ‘kill’ I do not mean physical murder. I mean political elimination.

In the Umno president’s interview with Bernama aired today, in which Najib Razak explained his party’s “challenges, hopes and direction” after GE13 last May and the party election last October, he gave the following response to a question by the national news agency — Continue reading “Sir, they only want to kill you”

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“Success means a jackpot”

One opposition supporter made the following comment (copypasted below) in Malaysia Today,Malay unity is Umno’scode to win over PAS, says Singapore daily‘ (3 Dec 2013):

Eskay Lim commented:

“Of course there are a few PAS leaders who would take that risk of taking another close relationship with Umno because success means “a jackpot”. Having the thought and the sight of palatial bangalows [sic], imported luxury cars and Continue reading ““Success means a jackpot””