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Chinese asked the Malays to pray on Sunday instead

The communists had asked the Malays to UBAH to Sunday, from Friday, as their day of prayer.

“When the MPAJU suggested to the Banjarese headmen [in Sungai Manik] that they should change their Friday prayers to Sunday (as was suggested also by the MPAJU in Mukim VII of Batu Pahat), this was deemed an unpardonable insult and a sacrilege to the Islamic religion.”

[Information on the Sungai Manik incidents is drawn mainly from Ghazali Basri, ‘Hilir Perak: Sejarah Hubungan Ras Zaman Pendudukan Jepun Sehingga Pemerintahan Inggeris, 1942-46’ (BA thesis, Universiti Malaya, 1974/75 via Dr Cheah Boon Kheng’s book Red Star Over Malaya.]

Today’s Evangelista Bintang Lima have shown themselves to be true descendents of the Bintang Tiga.

The communist terrorists were also the spiritual forefathers of Alvivi.

Ishak Haji Mohammad provided an eyewitness account of the Bintang Tiga’s biadab behaviour in his kampung during the Reign of Terror — the short period in which the communists controlled Malaya.

After the Japanese forces pulled out, about 20 MPAJA guerillas led a predominantly Chinese procession through Temerloh town wherein several Chinese had carried aloft a roast pig.

Ishak Haji Mohammad bukan calang-calang orang. He is a nationalist hero, famous journalist and writer as well as a socialist.

[See article ‘Kenangan Hidup Pak Sako’, No.33 in Mingguan Malaysia, 15 Aug 1976]

The Firster odikals have been going around singing kumbaya and asserting that race consciousness only surfaced with the entry of Dr Mahathir in politics. And they attack anyone who disagrees with them as “racist”.

Seademon is quite correct in his assessment of the hypocritical racism of the Firsters (see tweet below).

Twitter - seademon- When I talk about the Chinese ... 2013-12-03 14-10-39

Pakatoons are people who live in their own Jerusubang bubble
and are PISsed drunk on Holy Water bottled by DAP 3.0

It is a load of Holy J Water that the older Chinese had really ever conceived of themselves as ‘Malayans’. Except maybe for the Babas and Nyonyas, the rest had always looked to the Motherland while the ones living in the Straits Settlements berkiblatkan Mother England.

‘Bekor: Prelude to 13th May’

(from Seademon’s blog)

Seademon’s research found that the history of Malaysia, “contrary to belief, has been filled with bloodshed”.

This erroneous belief is the snake oil peddled by the Firsters, at cyber gunpoint, to further their political Gospel because ‘Success means a jackpot‘ for the DAP 3.0 evangelista politicians raking in the Gold and the Glory.


Seademon writes:

  • “In 1941, it became 2,377,990 [Chinese inhabitants in the Malay states] while the Malays were at 2,277,352”.
  • “Economic competition caused the Chinese to spread rumours about the Malays to put the latter in bad light.” [Dan perangai ini masih tak ubah-ubah — komen Helen]
  • “Throngs of Imams, religious teachers, Malays who had worked in Japanese offices, and commoners were captured and executed [by the Bintang Tiga in Aug-Sept 1945].”
  • “Many Malay houses were burnt at night while their occupants were fast asleep.”
  • “The violation of the sanctity of Islam also became a factor in the bloody Sino-Malay conflict (WO 172/9773. No.30: 478) when the Bintang Tiga/CPM disrupted religious activities in Muslims places of worship.”
  • “Muslims were forbidden from congregating at mosques or suraus to perform the Terawih prayers.”
  • “The same occurred in Perak and some parts of Batu Pahat where Muslims were gunned down and burnt together with the mosque they were in during Friday prayers.”
  • “[People] were murdered for not supporting the CPM.”
  • “Kiai Salleh [having formed the Tentera Sabil Selendang Merah] waged war against the Chinese, the MPAJA and their Malay counterparts.”
  • “Many Malays had their hands and feet bound and put into gunny sacks before they were thrown into the sea alive.”
  • di Bekor ada telaga yang dipanggil telaga lubang raya tempat memancung orang yang tak mahu masuk kominis”  — eyewitness account
  • “6th March 1946: 57 men and women who were about to leave the Kampung Bekor mosque after Subuh prayer were murdered by the Chinese (WO 172/9773, No.19: 234-235). From this figure, only one had gunshot wounds while the rest had slash and stab wounds.”
  • “24 children were murdered while they were sleeping in their homes, while 15 men, seven women and eight children were missing.”
  • “More Malays were attacked and killed by the Chinese in Kota Bharu (Kelantan) on 19th September 1945, in Alor Gajah (Melaka) on 26th September 1945, in Selangor, the districts of Selama, Taiping, Parit, and Sitiawan in Perak, and in Terengganu. In Batu Malim, Raub (Pahang), a skirmish at the local market on 11th February 1946 involving 200 Malays and 150 Chinese caused the death of 30 Chinese including 10 children, while 16 Chinese and 10 Malays were injured.”

< Seademon excerpts end>

For further details and the citations to the events, please go to Seademon’s blog.


Firster forked tongue

The Firsters are merely selling saliva when they talk about their Malaysian Malaysia.

Seademon, on the other hand, got his hands on War Office papers documenting the murders, and anyone who’s interested in facts – not Firster fiction – can just put in a bit of effort to cross research.

Hence before you let the Firsters shoot off their doubled-sided mouth on their imaginary Malayan “racial harmony and unity” in the 1940s and 50s, ask them to show academic proof.

Read historian Dr Cheah Boon Kheng’s book ‘Red Star over Malaya’, also cited by Seademon. You can find portions of it online — search Google Books.

double face

Evangelista Bintang Lima

The Bintang Tiga was vicious. The present day Bintang Lima are just as vicious, if not more, looking at the despicable fitnah that they’re capable of churning out.

Seademon put it mildly when he wrote:

“So heightened was the anger of the Malays towards the Chinese that when the British formed the Malayan Union and planned to grant Chinese and Indian immigrants with automatic citizenship, the Malays united for a common cause, and that is to return the power of the Sultans and reinstate the ownership of the land to the Malays.”

Anyone who is not buta sejarah will have realised that the Malays en masse rejected the Malayan Union proposal. They carried out their anti-Malayan Union protests as if the very existence of Tanah Melayu depended on it after they saw with their own eyes the viciousness that the Chinese were capable of.

Don’t think the Malays didn’t also kill. They did.

“Batu Pahat again witnessed terrible bloodshed during this interregnum,” wrote Dr Cheah (Red Star, p.225).

“The Malay attacks were said to be more ferocious than those of the Chinese … They fought more determinedly and with greater religious fanaticism”, continued Dr Cheah. “For the second time in the racial clashes, Chinese and the MPAJA could neither stop them nor understand the drive behind them”.

[See Hamzah bin Mohamed, ‘The Fourteen Days of Terror: Before, During and After’, pp.11-22 and Musak Mantrak, ‘Sejarah Masyarakat Majemuk di Mukim VII, Batu Pahat’, p.87.]


Source of Dr M quote above,

What the Bintang Tiga were capable of

It was Batu Pahat District Officer (DO) Onn Jaafar who was the peacemaker in Batu Pahat. Dato’ Onn later became the Menteri Besar of Johor. As well, he was the founder of Umno.

Dapsters like to taunt Umno as being Nazis and racists.

Well, let’s take a historical look at the methods employed by their forebears.

“The MPAJA was said to have butchered, gunned downed, or beheaded Malays and administered the ‘water treatment’ — pumping water into the victim’s body until the belly swelled, immersion in a tub of water until drowned, or scalding with hot water. MPAJA/Chinese ‘revenge’ killings were said to have taken their toll of Malay officials — DO, ketua kampung, penghulu, and policemen.” (Red Star, p.212)

When the older Malays with a longer memory see the Dapsters today, they think “communist”.

And the Malay view goes like this:

“The most bitter Malay experience with regard to the Chinese was the humiliation, degradation and physical torture which the MPAJU/MPAJA [communists] was said to have inflicted upon them. As one Malay described it – ‘The psychological fermentation of mistrust, anger and frustration of the Malays stemming from insults, scorn and arrogance thrown upon them, had to reach its saturation at a point in time.” (Red Star, p.196-7)

Not only are the Evangelista Slander Squads complete odikals, they’re clueless as to when they have crossed the line and gone too far.

Orang Melayu dijajah Portugis tetapi orang Melayu tidak mengamok. Orang Melayu dijajah Belanda tetapi orang Melayu tidak mengamok. Orang Melayu dijajah Inggeris tetapi orang Melayu tidak mengamok. Orang Melayu dijajah Jepun tetapi orang Melayu tidak mengamok.

Hanya dengan Cina orang Melayu mengamok.


Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam


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36 thoughts on “Chinese asked the Malays to pray on Sunday instead

  1. And on twitter today I saw a hipster cina saying that Islam is not suitable to address social ills and that masturbating five times a day (in mockery of muslims praying five times a day) would solve a lot of social ills instead

    1. The Chinese are no longer afraid of Big Brother watching over them in cyberspace. They write such comments with impunity. The Malays should retaliate online . I read one commenter calling Chinese Shit-Eaters. His reasoning was simple– pigs eat shit, Chinese eat pigs, so effectively the Chinese eat shit.

  2. Firsters should be coined Komunis from now on.. Calling them Bintang Tiga even has loose the appeal and nothing compared to Nazist since our first hand experience is really with Komunis and not Nazist

  3. Kalau sudah tidak tahu sejarah, banyak perkara cuba diputar belitkan sehingga sesiapa yang tidak mengetahui fakta sebenar akan mudah terpengaruh.

    Orang melayu adalah bangsa yang paling bertolak ansur tetapi orang melayu juga tinggi sifat kepahlawanannya. Kerana itulah ada pepatah menyebut pantang undur sebelum ajal. Kalau sudah naik sifat kepahlawanan ini, maka bercerai nyawa dari badan mereka sanggup.

    Bila tiba waktu dimana melayu perlu bersatu, mereka akan rapatkan barisan. Itulah hakikat yang tidak dapat disangkal. Terus terang saya katakan situasi semasa kini meresahkan ramai melayu dan jika terus ditekan seperti ini Melayu akan bangkit dan ketika itu tiada yang boleh menghalangnya lagi.

    Suara menuntut ketenangan atau suara meminta kemaafan tidak akan diendahkan. Apa yang bermain dalam fikiran saya kini ialah, yang menjadi mangsa adalah orang kebanyakkan dan sudah pasti, dengan sedikit pergolakkan pemain-pemain politik yang memainkan sentimen perkauman ini akan melarikan diri ke luar negara.

    Ketika itu siapa yang dapat menjamin keadilan untuk semua kerana kenyataannya jika ramai yang sanggup berpatah arang, putih dan hitam tiada bezanya.

    Saya melayu dan merata saya pergi ramai yang membincangkan keangkuhan orang cina. Jika ini berterusan, dengan Najib dilihat tidak boleh diharap, lambat laun ia akan menjadi parah dan seterusnya jika cina tidak mahu berhenti dengan keangkuhan dan melayu memendam perasaan, ia akan menajdi barah dan akan meletus.

    Percayalah, hanya sedikit jentikkan akan mengundang masalah besar nanti. Kesusahannya nanti, orang biasa yang akan menanggung bukannya pemain-pemain sentiment ini.


    1. re-quote: Dr Cheah. “For the second time in the racial clashes, Chinese and the MPAJA could neither stop them nor understand the drive behind them”.

      orang cina tidak tahu banyak perkara tentang orang melayu.
      kita ambil contoh kata-kata Dr. Cheah…”nor they (MPAJ) understand the drive behind them (orang Melayu yang ‘mengamok’)…

      bila teringatkan peristiwa kiai hj salleh dengan tentera selendang merahnya, saya teringat bahawa ‘selendang-merah’ adalah ilmu perang orang melayu….

      adakah sudah sampai masanya untuk diuji?

    2. An example of “rapatkan barisan” can be seen in Muslims prayers. Imagine 500,000 people lining up, how much time does it take? Believe it for muslims it only take 2 minutes. You can see that during haj season for that large amount of people, moreover those people did not know each other and from different countries.

  4. Kejadian 13 May bukanlah satu permulaaan conflict dengan bangsa cina. Ketegangan kaum bermula selepas Perang Dunia II, dimana bangsa Cina membalas dendam terhadap orang Melayu – Peristwa tu dinamakan “Cina Raja sebulan”. Dengan megah mereka membunuh orang Melayu.

    Kejadiaan berterusan pada 21 July 1964 di Singapura dan 13 May, 1969 ada kemuncak kemarahan orang Melayu. Setelah senyap berberapa tahun bangsa Cina dah mula activity menghasut dan memaki bangsa Melayu.

    Sabar Melayu ada hadnya. Jangan mula api perkauman – susah hendak dipadam

  5. “Hanya dengan Cina orang Melayu mengamok” dan berkemungkinan besar akan mengamok lagi jika provokasi dan penindasan terhadap Melayu berterusan.

    Dapster panggil Melayu “kucing kurap” dan minta maaf dengan tak inkhlasnya. Melayu dalam diam tak terima maafnya. Berapa banyak lagi kes macam ni nak jadi agaknya?

    You should keep this site current because one day, in the not so far future, when the situation worsens and the analysts need to figure out what happened, you can show them it was written on your “wall”.

    1. I’m seriously trying to discipline myself not to blog political stuff or do lengthy write-ups like this one today.

      Tomorrow I’ll post a conversation piece. Basically, I can’t afford this kind of encroachment (like the follow-up to Seademon’s piece) into my working time.

  6. You are a divisive and hateful person. You have been against all efforts for unity and your disgusting spinning is so obvious, its embarassing. The only thing left is to see how long the authorities wait and how many people buy your hate. And yes, karma will not elude you.

    1. How do you think that your personal venom spewed against me is going to change any detail of the documented events reproduced on this page? Google Kiai/Kiyai Salleh, if you’re able to read in BM, and you will find a fair bit of earlier write-ups on him independent of my blog posting today.

      The history is there written in blood. Only people like you prefer being hypocrites.

      “My hate”? Do you also suppose that surviving family members of the victims murdered by the communists are thinking that you’re such a loving (un-hateful), karma-blessed individual?

      As for the authorities taking action, it is precisely what a lot of this blog readers are hoping for, especially against the slanderers and the fitnah spreaders. Blackout, 40,000 Bangladeshis and a busload of phantom voters in Subang Jaya, anyone?

      BELOW: Love, love, love — Pakatan poster urging the toppling of the government


      1. If you are Chin Peng idolaters, then Mao is your secular god, and he is the epitome of the Anti-Confucian, so don’t pretend you are speaking out for the Chinese culture ok? Take your tornado spinning elsewhere where there is no tamaddun to encounter your terrorist pin-up boy who just about now got conjoined with church party-goers.

        Where else but in Malaysia can you get away with such simplistic syncretic ideologies and still make the buck?

        We’d like to see your DAP beautiful people outfit performing in the US of America and see if will not get your butt kicked up and hastily sent off on the slow boat to Commie China. Btw, China has regained its good sense and reinstated Confucianism 10 years ago.

        LKS and Family must be caught in a time warp that sucks in the likes of Chin Peng and Mao Tse Tung: one big cosmic circus we’d rather not enjoy, lest it turns us into hateful and divisive anarchists.

        1. You cannot expect Malaysian Chinese to know anything about Confucian values. After all, most of them are the descendants of coolies, the uneducated and uncivilized types.

  7. DAP (Dahulu Aku Pendatang) parti paling bangsat di dunia.. kesabaran org Melayu ada had nya. mungkin orang Cina sudah lupa tragedi 13 May….

  8. the title really confused me, as i thought that was a breaking news, lol but yeah, those dapster wouldn’t dare if it weren’t for some shitty malays that has been backing them up all these times.

    1. When the communists in 1945 berani minta orang Melayu supaya UBAH hari sembahyang dari Jumaat kepada hari Ahad, they did so because they didn’t give a shit for the pegangan of other faith groups.

      When the evangelistas in 2010 and up to today berani kata the Muslims do not have any special claim on ‘Allah’ and everyone should be free to use the word, they do so similarly because they don’t give a shit for the pegangan of other faith groups.

      Kalau puak-puak yang begitu riak sekali dapat kuasa pusat nanti, cuba bayangkan …

      1. They are indulging in too much undisciplined thinking of the monkey mind, while neglecting the still voice of the pure heart:


  9. The Chinese have really crossed the line, the Rubicon and yet they think and expect the Malay Muslims to just sit idly and do nothing. They should understand that there is limits to one’s patience.

    1. TIJ…you are right. The problem with this type of Chinese is actually they don’t read history. And if they do, they ignore and they spin.

      That is why, they will never understand.
      And if they do, it will be too late…

  10. Its interesting that you call your lengthy post an ‘encroachment’ as if it is a distraction. Almost all my friends read you on a daily basis. Definitely not an insignificant achievement. Do carry on.

  11. Since the Malays are the majority , why dont the DAPster change their worship schedule to FRIDAY. So we can have a 1Malaysia worship day. Unfortunately Muslim cant change the Friday Prayer, why dont the Evengelist DAPster change their day to FRIDAY.. since that EVENGELISTs are progressive and centrist.

    1. Evangelista’s motto is also UBAH. Semua boleh ditukar. Nama tuhan mereka pun sanggup tukar.

    2. Hear hear….. Here in the Middle East, the Christians have their church conggregations on Friday mornings or Thursday evenings :)

  12. Don’t let these people slow you down. Go and hence forth to make people realize the hidden history of Malaysia. The story that is so important yet being swept under the rug for ‘safety issues’ In the end no one knows about it and can never learn from it. It is happening now but people do not realize it.

    1. re: “the hidden history of Malaysia”

      You’re right Aku Melayu about the above.

      One writer, Lok Wing Kong in TMI, is so ignorant that he blithely claims ” It is worth revisiting the pre-independence era. There was no racial polarisation then and all races mingled freely in their daily life”.


      So buta sejarah.

      Nonetheless I’m slowing down because I need time for myself and to do my own work. I’ve kept up blogging the past week because some of the old issues that I’ve been pursuing a long, long time in my blog suddenly cropped up, such as HY’s superscale salary, evangelista and the Scissorati (Regina).

      But I cannot keep up with the new issues that are developing and it’s also better for me personally to just let go of the old issues.

      Heh-heh, there’s always the #Lifestyle blogging option.

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