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“Success means a jackpot”

One opposition supporter made the following comment (copypasted below) in Malaysia Today,Malay unity is Umno’scode to win over PAS, says Singapore daily‘ (3 Dec 2013):

Eskay Lim commented:

“Of course there are a few PAS leaders who would take that risk of taking another close relationship with Umno because success means “a jackpot”. Having the thought and the sight of palatial bangalows [sic], imported luxury cars and super bikes and their lifestyles often in company of young starlets that are synonymous with Umno politicians, can often cloud their thinking ability and can be too tempting to overcome.”

“Malay unity” is Umno’s code to win over PAS, says Singapore daily 2013-12-03 04-27-40

Umno becoming PAS / DAP becoming MCA

Umno is already becoming more PAS-like by bringing ulamas into the party supreme council (ustaz Kazim Elias and Yadim’s Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki).

Eskay Lim alleges that a few PAS leaders want a close relationship with Umno because success means “a jackpot” of Umno-ish palatial bungalows and imported luxury cars.

Madam Speaker seated beside the Menteri Besar
No.2 VVIP: Madam Speaker seated beside the Menteri Besar

“Success means a jackpot”

Lim’s allegation is one finger pointing at PAS and three fingers pointing back at DAP 3.0.

The evangelistas are now scrambling to sign up with the party. They have seen how the Madam Speaker has HIT THE JACKPOT and now collecting a RM50,000 monthly take-home pay.

CEOs earning that kind of pay usually run businesses that bring in millions in profit. If you were to ask what business the country’s youngest Speaker (34 years old) successfully operates, the answer is that it is a big business of manufacturing Hate. Tens of thousands of twits are rolled off the assembly line. Personal assistants (cyber bodyguards) are deployed to protect the Madam.

Major improvements for upgraded Kia Sorento
Madam Speaker’s car

When DAP gets its greedy hands on power

While Hannah Yeoh’s imported Kia Sorento may not yet be in the class of “luxury car” mentioned by Lim above, but still, it’s not the Myvi that working class Malaysians drive either.

What does DAP do when the party attains power? They vote to give themselves big, fat paycheques.

Most remarkable thing about this feat is how their supporters are willing to bend over backwards in providing all kinds of excuses to justify what the DAP does but are adamant that they will not agree to any kind of pay hike for Aduns in the BN-ruled states.

Dapsters like Eskay Lim imply that Umno is corrupt and greedy and their politicians are self-serving.

Yeah, yeah.

DAP 3.0 politicians are “hands clean” (no “diamond rings” on the finger, and no connection to massage parlours eithers).

DAP evangelistas are absolutely altruistic.

Nope, they’re not materialistic at all and the only reason they got into politics is so that they can serve the rakyat. “Claps, claps, claps!”

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63 thoughts on ““Success means a jackpot”

    1. anon. The luscious salaries are only for 2014. What about retro to 2008 and the ‘normal’ annual incremental raise plus additional cost of living allowances, cars, accomodation in the years ahead. You just look at how the GLCs civil servants engineered their salaries to at least RM500,000 per month or RM6 Millions a year !

      1. re: “You just look at how the GLCs civil servants engineered their salaries to at least RM500,000 per month or RM6 Millions a year !”

        The evangelista bosses in The J-Star too. That’s why their propaganda beat is so strong.

  1. Ms H. Why study so hard to pass exams ? All we need to do is to shed our principles and have a secret agenda, a glib tongue and a quick turn of the mind – and you are there making millions of ringgits. The Devil takes the hindmost !

  2. Let’s have Hannah’s report card scrutinized.

    – Covertly getting her princesses registered as Chinese despite the lack of a Chinese name by bleating about the non-existent bangsa Malaysia race she was prohibited from registering. Grade: A

    – Getting Muslims & Malays onside by visiting mosques, suraus etc clad in baju kurung with a headscarf loosely wrapped around her head. Grade: A

    – Getting Indians onside by proclaiming little India in Klang is her favorite shopping destination. Grade: B but will be upgraded to A if she uses her payrise to buy a few sarees to complement her baju kurung collection.

    – Getting Christians onside by preaching about love, faith & spreading the good book’s message. Grade: A++++

    – Have a non Chinese hubby to reinforce her supposed non bigoted stance towards those of other race. Grade: A-. Will be upgraded to A+ if Ram speaks Tamil in future.

    – For being a good mother to her daughters by not forcing them into the workforce at such a tender age to obtain urmmmm, tenders from the government by fraudulent & corrupt means. Instead, she plies them with toys to play which are virtually worthless. Grade: B. If she cooks substantially more than 4 times in the coming year, will be upgraded to A.

    – For conforming to the stereotypical honest & goody two shoes DAP politicos who are duty bound to bash UMNO leaders, especially those who are articulate in expressing their thoughts & arguments as low class. Grade: AAA++++. In the words of Obi Wan Kenobi; “The force is strong with this one…”

    So you see, she IS good in what she do.

    1. Still, you can’t deny the fact that she failed to obtain an Australian PR. Maybe the Aussies have too much class for people like her. After all, when we say high class, we obviously have a different interpretation. Surely your interpretation of High Class is different to mine. Agree ?

      1. The International Jew. Whoever failed to get into OZ must be an adunno even convicts get in all the time !

        1. Ah Uncle, you must understand that only white convicts are allowed. If you are not a white convict, then you fate is similar to the boat people making their journey to OZ land.

          1. The International Jew. Correct. Correct. Correct. Here is why ? Oz controlled by the 1% elite consisting of Politicians, the Church, the Universities, the Jews, the big Landlords, Industrialists, Unions, New Europeans (Italians and Greeks), miners. The 99% work 4 days and enjoy themselves every Friday weekend, boys with boys, girls with girls.

    2. If she is so steadfast and sincere about Malaysia for Malaysians then shouldn’t she and her cohorts be at the forefront of the campaign to return the nation’s educational system to a single mainstream curriculum with an integrated syllabus that caters to the plural reality of Malaysian society?

      DAP must know that the PAP they wish to emulate had achieved Singapore’s mainstream schooling 30 years ago. Why must DAP leaders pull the Dong Zong wagon if it is national unity that they are committed to. Shouldn’t everyone strive together for quality and wholistic education for all Malaysian children. In this project, let those who like to compete, compete.

      You can’t keep your pie and eat it at the same time.

      1. Keris. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore which is the spiritual leader and spiritual homeland of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP WIPED OUT the Nanyang Univesity and the Chinese Schools in Singapore nearly 2 generations ago. And in our beloved Malaysia the DAP as you say ‘pull the Dong Zong wagon’! Do we trust these fellows who showed their colours in money, money, money !

        1. Yes Sir,
          And I’ve had the honour of knowing Dr. Liaw Yock Fang from Singapore, who at one time had taught at NUS. He is a rare intellectual of those early decades of independence whose Malay writings are a national heritage. The good doctor is proficient in Chinese and Arabic as well. I once asked him – politely – why he had no successor to his intellectual scholarship in Singapore, and he replied with a little smile, “Kerana bidang kita ini tidak mendatangkan ganjaran lumayan….”

          Liaw Yock Fang, lahir di Singapura, 14 September 1936. Pada tahun 1963, ia memperoleh gelar B.A. dan M.A. (1965) dalam bidang Bahasa dan Kesusastraan Indonesia, di Universitas Indonesia. Kemudian tahun 1971 memperoleh gelar Drs. dari University of Leiden, dan tahun 1976 memperoleh gelar Doktor Sastra dari universitas yang sama, dengan mempertahankan disertasinya yang berjudul Undang-undang Melaka.
          Beberapa karyanya yang sudah diterbitkan antara lain,
          “Ikhtisar Kritik Sastra” 1974,
          “Sejarah Kesusastraan Melayu Klasik,” 1975,
          “Undang-undang Melaka,” 1976,
          Standar Malay Made Simple, 1988,
          Speak Standard Indonesian (dengan Munadi Patmadiwiria & Abdullah Hassan), 1990,
          Nahu Melayu Modern (dengan Abdullah Hasan), 1994,
          Easy Indonesian Vocabulary, 1995,
          Indonesian Grammar Made Easy, 1996, II (dengan Leo Suryadinata), 2005,
          “Undang-undang Melaka dan Undang-undang Laut”, 2003, dan lain-lain.
          Lebih dari 20 artikel diterbitkan oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka di Kuala Lumpur, dan lebih dari 20 makalah yang dipresentasikan di dalam seminar-seminar atau konferensi-konferensi yang diadakan di Malaysia, Indonesia, dan Brunei Darussalam.

          1. Keris. I support you. I used to speak Urdu and Hindi, and studied English when I was a kid. And studied Classical Cantonese and Latin later. And as an adult, I studied Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin. All these languages did not change me one bit. I support you.

            1. yeah, u remain an anglo no matter what language u study, ask that tube aficinado show u how an anglo looks like just in case u dun know.

                1. i sikarang punya plojec team ada 2 melayu 2 cina 3 indian, hali hali sembang masa sesi merokok, tadi balu hantar 2 rakan sekerja wanita ke sentral, tak seorang pun cakap bahsa latin dan classical cantonese.

                  1. HY. Since you admit you are a slit eyed yellow skin Chinaman, I am sorry to say you are no Chinaman either – YOU HAVE BEEN DE-TRIBALISED !

                  2. HY. Don’t shame yourself a slit eyed yellow skinned Chinaman with your very poor Bahasa Melayu. My grand children do better. Shame on you. Go home where you belong since you are so jealous of everyone here – you don’t fit in ! The Mat Sallehs don’t want you either !

              1. HY. You got the biggest inferiority complex in this distinguished Blog. You hollow yellow skin Chinaman with slit eyes who is a troublemaker with no shame. Do not be personal with your remarks. Go back to your ancestors. Anglo. Anglo. Anglo. My foot. You should clean your mouth with acid 10 times a day !

              2. HY. I donated the World’s Best Malaysiana Collection of 2,000 books to the UTAR. You jealous ?

              3. HY. IF HUMANKIND HAS NO RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER, THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN BEASTS – Confucius. 550BC. Now you know what you really are !

                1. oh u r still here? confucius said this “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.” so go study yr fucking latin n leave us alone what we want to learn, ada paham?

                  1. HY. You only know how to use vulgar English words which your vernacular Chinese School taught you. Shame on you ! You are not a slit-eyed yellow skin Chink (dat’s wat the Ozzies call you) because you have 4 legs ! Poor soul ! So angry uh after trying to bully an innocent like me who has no intention to harm anyone but only to build up a peacful, stable and prosperous beloved Malaysia ! You are a sick joke ! A Mandarin educated sick joke !

            2. Sir, your multilingualism is short of amazing, for my not knowing how proficient you are in them ha,ha, ha! But isn’t it widely acknowledged that such people have a heightened capability for understanding wide-ranging concepts and they have access to a richer imagination?

                1. Ms H. HY is a typical Chinese vernacular school product. Hollow with a big inferiority complex. He blames everyone except himself for his predicament whatever it is. Yakity-yak ! Anglo ! Anglo ! Anglo ! For HY, the biggest frauds committed in Malaysian Politics and Business were connected with the VERNACULAR school educated Chinese like you, HY. At least the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore did the right thing 40 years ago – he closed the whole Chinese School system down.

                  1. re: “the biggest frauds committed in Malaysian Politics … were connected with the VERNACULAR school educated Chinese”

                    I would respectfully beg to differ Uncle. The biggest frauds committed in Malaysian politics were connected with the English mission-school educated Chinese such as Lim Guan Eng.

                    1. Ms H. I respect your opinion. The biggest frauds committed by the Mandarin speaking Chinese in Malaysia in chronological order :-
                      1950s. Social Welfare Lotteries
                      1960s. The Mushroom Insurance Companies.
                      1970s The Co-operative Societies.
                      1980s. The Pan-El caper which brought the temporary suspension of the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchanges. And the insurance companies guarantees caper. Share rigging.
                      1990s Share rigging
                      2000s The Gold Bullion caper.

                    2. Ms H. Comparatively, the bongo bongo voodoo choral dancing troupes from the RM2 incorporated churches are better than the insidious Mandarin speaking Chinese (some of whom are hiding out in these forums as Tan Sris and Latuks,) provided they keep their BELIEFS AND POLITICS TO THEMSELVES and not go for responsible and public services commentators like your goodself and others.

                    3. Ms H. Please let me tell you a TRUE STORY. In 1948, I was a small boy travelling with my married sister and her 2 relatives in bus along South Bridge Road, Singapore. We were standing up in the crowded bus. A Chinese school boy in a white uniform with epaulettes stood up and offered his seat to us. From then until the big scandals created by the vernacular Chinese school products and now confirmed by HY, I had a lot of respect for Mandarin speaking Malaysian Chinese persons.

              1. keris. Learning to speak a language is easy. It just takes 3 months. But all around you must not speak your language. then you are forced to use theirs !

    3. You forgot another one.

      – For getting the highest pay rise without asking for it and yet manage to get her supporters to justify the increment for her. That’s just too many pluses to add to the A

      1. You can con some people some of the time. But you cannot con all the people all the time. Before our very eyes, we see money takes all. Who cares for us Rakyat ?

  3. You think they would work for free or little money. Again cakap tak serupa bikin. Like your other article – for umno haram and for pakatan halal.

    HYPOCRITES to the highest degree. CORRUPT free – b……..

    CRONYISM and NEPOTISM is a form of corruption.

    Blatantly tipu rakyat to line their pockets.

    1. For everyone’s info:

      Guan Eng’s sister Lim Hui Ying is now the Penang DAP secretary.

      Karpal’s son Jagdeep Singh Deo (Dato Keramat Adun) is the Penang DAP deputy chairman.

      The other son Gobind (Puchong MP) was a Top 5 finisher in the recent party CEC reelection.

      DAP is ruled by two families.

      1. Ms H. Please everyone. See how democratic, tolerant and accommodative our beloved Malaysia is. Chaps can be in the Opposition for over 50 years and yet become rich and comfy. Where else but Malaysia !

    2. Fazillah. You are correct. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP deliberately spent over 47 years in Opposition by doing nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all but only twiddled their thumbs and contempated their navels. And recently, the DAP leadership comforted their supporters (the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 13 failed Policies for Singapore) to wait for another 5 years more making a total of 52 years in opposition. It seems the DAP leadership has found the formula to be wealthy and comfy remaining in the Opposition – a sort of Alladin’s lamp !

  4. Amok Helen, jangan tak amok or otherwise you will miss all the `good` bloggers did. That is amok to the core of the matter. Comprende?

    1. anon. Actually, by calling that they see a tiger, the Opposition gets more support from at home and abroad and makes more money, money, money !

  5. Ms H. Does’nt everyone see the Opposition plot ? It is to make money, money, money like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore which is the spiritual leader and spiritual homeland of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – THE LEGALISED AND TRANSPARENT WAY !

  6. Watching the news and getting all worked up over the PAU news.

    Firstly, the newscasters said PRU yang BARU berakhir – I mean what world are they living in? Dapsters dah lama mula kempen untuk PRU14 and Umno is talking about PRU yang BARU lepas. Woi, dah nak setahun berlalu, i.e. 1/5 perjalan ke PRU14.

    And KJ saying youth of 21 to 33 voting for Umno – angkat bakul sendiri. No one’s interested in what has passed, we want to know what your plans are for the future.

    And OMG all the praises for Najib. I’m actually hoping for a boo now.

      1. No. I believe he’s confused about his Melayu-ness. Grew up in a British education system – so became a bit anglophile. Balik Malaysia right smack into his father’s legacy and TDM trying to get the Melayu out of their dilemma, so Najib’s Melayu-ness berkobar-kobar sekejap. Then came the era of Malaysia Boleh. So dia pun teruja ingat semua boleh. And crown that with a wife who everyone thinks is the queen of his universe. So what we are getting is a PM who is confused about how Melayu he should be.

        1. He tried to roll back the NEP quotas, abolish the ISA, and carry out other liberalizing programmes. Those were positive efforts in principle.

          However Najib failed to carry through his reformist agenda due to forces like Perkasa and other strong vested interests being against him. In other words, he faced opposition from Umno’s core constituency.

          It reminds me of Onn Jaafar having to himself leave Umno. Don’t think a Malay individual can be Umno president if he fails to bring along the Malay tide (i.e. Umno’s grassroots) to flow with him.

          I think Dr M is reading the Malay pulse correctly and Najib is not. Like the doctor did in 1969 and Tunku failed to do.

          Najib may have the upper hand politically through his alliance with KJ and Shahrizat and other maneuvers such as keeping Hisham on board but neither of the wing presidents are good for Umno, and Hisham terlalu hambar (not presidential material).

          As I’ve said, Najib may lose GE14 for BN. As such, those in Umno who are sehaluan dengan Tun may feel they need to act.

          :) just speculating …

          1. You are right – Najib is not reading the Malays right, or maybe he is reading a rather small sample from the urban centres. And that’s going to cost him in the next election.

            But then again if you look at the current Umno and its wings line-up, you will find that most of them have this disconnect with the rural Malays which is sad because they are the real backbone of Umno. The urban Malays are obviously better at this political game and their voices are a few octaves higher than the rural. They may get their rocks off, being part of the Umno top guns, but they should always remember the Melayu and bumiputera from the kampung still hold the final say on who runs the country.

            1. Najib is insulated by a ring of RM7.2 billion ringgit worth of consultants and penasihat.

              Plus he’s a silver spooner with all that education in England. Dr M came from a different kind of background. And I think most importantly, he got his degree from a uni in the Chinese-majority S’pore, and that would have shaped his outlook in his formative years esp. with regard to the legendary kiasuness of the inhabitants there.

              About the advice Najib is getting … from Western experts who don’t speak Malay, like Apco?

              And with Khairy, how can there NOT be a disconnect? :) He didn’t even hire a Malay press sec as first choice but the most biadab Scissorati.

              re: “The urban Malays are obviously better at this political game and their voices are a few octaves higher than the rural.”

              Ditto the Jerusubang evanglistas. Many, many octaves higher and constantly screaming “look at me, look at me!” We don’t hear the voices of the Cina Bukit.

              re: “They may get their rocks off, being part of the Umno top guns”

              Likewise the evangelistas are the DAP top guns.

          2. Helen,

            Najib’s problem I believe is actually his habit of looking down on Malays.

            So we have consultants giving expensive advices that brought disaster to the nation. A fine example is the dismantling ISA. No l less than the office of a Cabinet Minister himself admitted that the abolishing the law is a big mistake. Whose advice is that ?

            Najib simply refuses to accept reality that the chinese are no longer with BN . He still wants to please the chinese. Why on earth Najib must give one ministry (Kementerian Pengangkutan) to MCA. Can he just appoint one Minister from Sabah or Sarawak?

  7. Helen, do you think Malaysia has too large a proportion of ethnic Chinese citizens? By comparison, Indonesia has less than 2%, Thailand about 14%. Malaysia’s 25+% is rather high and unassimilated to boot. I find it remarkable that we have not killed each other by now. Does any other country in the world have this kind of demographic?

    1. re: “I find it remarkable that we have not killed each other by now.”

      Yes, it is indeed truly remarkable but the Chinese do not realise this. It is due to the rileks aje, selamba, biar lah, “sabar itu separuh daripada iman” attitude of the PPTA. And also because of the bangsawan genes that Umno was born with, i.e. Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail.

      Now Umno is up against the party established by the Lim Dynasty (Sr. = son of pig farmer, Jr = scrappy “streetfighter”).

      re: “Does any other country in the world have this kind of demographic?”

      Lebanon. Large Christian minority.

      1. Ms H. This is the main reason why I always exhort our fellow compatriots to vote BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties always. We can see now how only less than 6 months after the 13th General Elections, the very wealthy PKR and the pious PAS are considering options. And the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has been told by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 13 failed Policies for Singapore to join the BN in his latest book which predicted the Opposition will crack up sooner rather than later.

    2. The United States is at least 30% non-white. In California, 40% of citizens are Hispanic, or half-Hispanic.

      1. AC-DC. As we all know, California’s GDP is the 7th in the World whilst Australia is the 10th. The GDP of Los Angeles is equal to Singapore’s. The Wiltshire Boulevard is 22 miles long and parts of it is used as a highway to get from one place to another.

    3. Iqraq. Good question. The problem with the Malaysian Chinese is not ethnicity or demography, it is history. Their political leaders since 1949 were no political leaders at all and did not know the word ‘sacrifice’ which we hear now and then coming out of UMNO. There were 3 instances which the policised Mandarin language and the Chinese vernacular schools could have been resolved. 1957 – before Merdeka. 1970 – before the NEP and 2004 – before the 12th General Elections. NOTHING HAPPENED. This reflects the very poor political leadership of the Malaysian Chinese on both sides of the political divide, on the one side, their self-interests and on the other, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 13 failed Policies for Singapore, interests. You may conclude that there is no single political leadership which holistically represents these DE-TRIBALISED MALAYSIAN CHINESE at all. Hence, the present DILEMMA of the Malaysian Chinese who are actually orphans deserted by their OWN KIND in the interests of self-interests or foreign interests ! WHAT A MALAYSIAN ROJAK WE HAVE ON OUR HANDS ! I know how to resolve but I am not saying.

      1. Iqraq. My explanation also explains why we get chaps like HY who keeps on barking at all including his/her own kind WITHOUT REASON.

        1. Iqraq. You may also observe that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with 90% Chinese support only wants to create the DIVIDE wider which I consider for reasons best known to themselves in the face of their spiritual leader Lee Kuan Yew’s advice in his latest book which predicts the doom of the 3 Opposition Axis ! Akan datang, Iqraq !

          1. Iqraq. With the expected Malaysian political scenario unfolding before our very eyes, recalcitrants like HY etc are left with NO CREDIBLE POLITICAL PARTY TO SUPPORT. How sad HY !

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