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Godfather, warlord and now thugs in Penang

Hindraf adviser N. Ganesan lodged a police report at the Jalan Patani police HQ on Penang island last night against the thugs who disrupted a meeting held by several Indian NGOs.

According to Ganesan in his police report, the thugs threatened him with bodily harm.

He suspects that the thugs are linked to DAP’s Penang Deputy Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy. For more on the story see, ‘Thugs linked to politicians disrupted NGO meeting‘ (Malaysiakini, 4 Dec 2013).

“Godfather” is the nickname for Karpal Singh (the former Tiger of Jelutong) and “warlord” refers to Ramasamy. Since the DAP is a mafia, the thuggery comes as no surprise.

The gengSTAR party ratchets up this culture of aggression in our political arena while at the same time their evangelista politicians preach “love, love, love”, and the Dapster followers declare they’re pursuing “national unity” — all without feeling any sense of irony at all.

but looks down on Indians


What kind of people are they?


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4 thoughts on “Godfather, warlord and now thugs in Penang

  1. I found these DAP expose blog quite interesting.

    “Since 1968, DAP falls under Lim Kit Siang controlled . He was then a Secretary General or National Chairman of DAP. Under DAP organisation, Secretary General holding the absolute power. The same concept practised by PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya) where the secretary general was Chin Peng.”

    “All this 5 Tiger is the true enemy of Lim Guan Eng and must be eliminated by Lim Dynasty before Lim Kit Siang exit his way out from DAP leadership.”

    “Chow Kon Yeow as Pulau Pinang DAP Chairman supposed to be elected as Penang Chief Minister after DAP win the 12th.general election in 2008 in the state of Penang. Again, it was denied by Lim Kit Siang and the mandate given to his son Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang.”

    “With the ban of DAP, Malaysian will be force to believe and accuse BN for using ROS to ban DAP. Action would reflecting Chinese community feeling offended and against BN.

    When DAP banned and re-registered, is a great opportunity for Lim Dynasty to kick out all his enemies including the 5 Tigers. Then they will make a new constitution and set the position of a Secretary-General hold no term limit. This will enable Lim Guan Eng remained in the chair forever.”

    Wow, very juicy.

    “At the same time they were also upset because of their credibility was badly tarnished among the intelligentsia and Chinese businessmen. CEC runoff election turmoil felt by the Penang Government as businessmen began to calculate the risk to invest capital in Penang as the result of instability of Lim Guan Eng’s position”

    1. Mulan. I mentioned before the 13th General Elections the reason why all the Chinamen tycoons got so excited about a change of Government was the real possibilty of a Federal DAP Government issuing casino and on-line gambling licences via Pulau Pinang ad hoc. In fact, 8 gambling licences could be issued. Now all these have gone under a bridge. And the DAP leadership just a few days ago requested their supporters (tycoons) to wait another 5 years !

      1. AK47,

        The real reason actually being they truly believe that this time(PRU13) UMNO will “bungkus” and to be replaced with DAP, a party that submit to their wishes.

        With UMNO ‘bungkus”, the coast is clear for them to grab. For decades, UMNO holds the fort for Malays. Remove UMNO, the last vestige of old “tanah melayu” will dissapear. A New Malaysia with Chinese taking over political power.

        That was what they predicted. But as goes the saying, be careful with wht you wish for. UMNO still survive. And in the process of making UMNO “bungkus, they unwittingly make Malay realise that UMNO does not need Chinese vote to rule.

  2. Teach those anti-Confucianists in BiaDAP a thing or two about their grand chok kong’s culture:

    Ren, the virtue of benevolence, charity, and humanity

    Yi, the virtue of honesty and uprightness;

    Zhi, the virtue of knowledge or wisdom;

    Xin, the virtue of faithfulness and integrity; and,

    Li, the virtue of correct behavior, or propriety, good manners, politeness, ceremony, worship.

    These are all good things. Against such there is no law. Don’t say you got no idea about this in Dong Zong cocoons, you deceitful marxist capitalist wannabes

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