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Penang police, please take action against the gangsters!

Follow up from ‘Godfather, warlord and now thugs in Penang’.

FMT today reports that a group of Indian NGOs has urged police to investigate the disruption of a forum held at the Caring Society Complex last weekend.

N. Ganesan, speaking on behalf of the group, said that at least four local thugs caused a ruckus and forcing organisers to call off the event. Ganesan identified one of the thugs as Ragendran who goes by the moniker “Weld Quay Tambi” and another as Segaran.

Ramasamy is standing in the middle, the Weld Quay tambi is pointed out at the side
DAP Penang Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy is standing in the middle, the ‘Weld Quay Tambi’ is pointed out at the side

The FMT article ‘NGOs call for probe into thugs who disrupted forum‘ quoted eyewitnesses as saying the Weld Quay Tambi had landed at least three punches on the face of a Hindraf activist causing his mouth to bleed.

Ganesan alleged that “some powerful people” were behind the thuggery.

“We learnt that similar disruptions have marred other forums in the past,” Ganesan told the press conference.

“We want the police to investigate thoroughly and take necessary steps to stop this bullying,” he added.

Ganesan giving the press conference today
Ganesan giving the press conference today

DAP-linked bullies are everywhere

And the DAP operatives are well known as vicious Slander Squads.

Cyber hitmen are employing their SOP of defaming the complainants (Ganesan) for bringing this matter to the police. (POSTSCRIPT: I”m appalled at how their cybertroopers can simply fitnah and fabricate the most outrageous lies with impunity.)

The modus operandi of DAP’s operatives, and especially that of their racist supporters against Indians, is utterly despicable.

Ingat Dapster ingat gangster. When are the federal authorities going to rein them in?!

Those of us living in Pakatan states who are not Pakatan supporters are being constantly bullied, including in cyberspace by the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

BN, please do something now!!!

PLEASE READ: ‘Main reason those people are very dangerous’ penned some months ago by Mr Ganesan


What kind of people are they?


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4 thoughts on “Penang police, please take action against the gangsters!

  1. Dah lama gengster2 bernaung dibawah payung DAP.

    Sila ke petaling street atau jalan alor. Sungguh ngeri.

  2. “Padang Serai MP N. Surendran and Serdang MP Dr Ong Kian Ming have produced water and electricity bills for Rona Wildlife in Penang, whose accounts are under the name of Cheah Bing Shee.

    Surendran said although Wong and Cheah had had their licenses revoked, they were still involved in the illicit trade through the company at Jalan Tanjung Tokong, George Town.”

    Mengapa OKM tak suruh MPPP batal saje lesen? Ini kan yang paling senang. Kuasa pada Penang gomeen.

  3. Hmmm…it seems that the forum was also to focus on the current cessation of crematorium services at the Batu Lanchang Hindu Cemetery. The meeting was to conclude with preparing a petition to be submitted to the CM, demanding him to address the pressing issue.

    I heard it on the grapevine that there is “a (strong) possibility” that the crematorium would be relocated to the mainland (with and for the rest of the Indians in Penang, preferably). The excuse would be that the crematorium would suddenly become an environmental hazard (since its located next to squatter vegetable farms).

    If this were to happen, it would mean that (the remaining) Hindus on the island would be forced to travel with their deceased to Berapit on the mainland for cremation and then travel back for the rituals etc.

    Not very encouraging for Hindus to live on the island, is it? As it is, a large number of Indians especially those with lower incomes (whose numbers are disproportionately high in comparison to other races here) are being systematically displaced from the island because they can no longer afford the unnaturally inflated prices of property here. Most real estate here seems custom made for local Island Gladeite Chinese speculators or the Honky/PRC variety – all fine Dapster material. The Malays are largely kept in their enclaves.

    LGE of course would deny that there is any deliberate racial redistribution policy. It’s just the development policy, he might say. Take it or leave it he would add with a biawak’s smirk (just like his Dapster running dogs).

    It’s not really surprising to me now that the forum was interrupted by thugs suspected to be employed by “some powerful people”.

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