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Cuaca (hujan & banjir) pun dikatakan berperangai “rasis” juga

Bagi Puan Speaker, apa-apa pun kejadian atau bencana alam sehendaknya dikaitkan dengan ungkitan ‘rasisme’ (Utusan dan Perkasa, kot, yang senantiasa berlegar di benak fikiran Hannah Yeoh tu).

Haters will hate — lihat tweet @hannahyeoh bawah.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

Ni ostad Umno pula yang cakap

Biar lah. Dah lali pun.

Ahli Umno tidak patut risau jika mereka disifatkan sebagai RASIS, kata exco Pemuda Umno Fathul Bari ketika berucap dalam Perhimpunan Agung Umno semalam — diberitakan TMI dalam laporan bertajuk ‘Jangan risau jika kita dipanggil rasis, kata exco Pemuda Umno semasa perhimpunan‘.


The overweaning presumption of the evangelistas


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Cuaca (hujan & banjir) pun dikatakan berperangai “rasis” juga

  1. Don’t blame madam Speaker as she is a green horn in Malaysian politics. Absolute power corrupts our mind and neutralise our thinking. Hannah is still in the learning curve in Malaysian political survival.

    Now that her PR bosses and Godfathers have demanded a review of the recent announcement in the increased of salaries for Lawmakers in PR Selangor gomen, I am wondering what else will madam Speaker say?

    This is another “flip flop” situation in the PR gomen on important national issues, including the water issue, selling of sand, timber concessions, AES and more! Please read Auditor-General’s report on the status of expenditure on Federal funds provided for state road maintenance and projects under 10th Malaysia Plan. Can we trust them to rule Putrajaya and the Federal government?

    1. I agree Madam Speaker is a green-horn. I think she needs to spend a little more time as a back-bencher before being elevated. But that’s not the point here.

      You will do well to read past the headlines and think about why certain expenditures were not made by the Penang and Selangor governments. During BN’s tenure, much of those expenditures were being channeled to crony companies. And we all know what a banged-up job those crony companies did, right? Roofs falling over, anyone?

      So, yes, in a very simplistic way so that some simplistic minds can understand, why spend exhorbitantly to feed cronies who will do a lousy job anyway?

      This not spending directly gave rise to increased reserves, which I might add, the previous audit report praised as being fiscally responsible.

      Now, it is irresponsible? Don’t the BN lackeys have anything more substantial to harp on? Like, where the hell is the RM7b that was supposedly to have been squirreled away in the Cayman Islands?

      1. Can somebody confiscate this irritating woman’s phone? Her tweets are childish and offensive. She will do us all a favour by going shopping to spend her new found income and leave us in peace.

  2. dia ni umpama hang jebat dapat keris hang tuah (sekarang di panggil new toy), tikam sana tikam sini, jenis mabuk yg tak perlu minum whiskey atau brandy. consequence nya kita sama2 tengok.

    to the pemuda exco – his statement of ‘jgn risau jika kita dipanggil rasis’ shd be added with ‘kerana ini adalah ketetapan allah’. cheers!

  3. Yes and you certainly have a point and hammered the nail into the wall. Firstly, I wish to deliberate further on the maturity and capabilities of madam Speaker Hannah Yeoh. I have had the opportunity to follow her campaign trails during PRU13, either directly or indirectly through my agents on the ground.

    Nevertheless, I do admit that many of the opposition young bred politicians and politically aspirants are just window dressing or political showcase. They are really green horn and political novice and their ideas and suggestions are sometimes out of our mind as senior politicians at grass root levels.

    Secondly, on the unspent Federal fund allocations to Selangor, Penang and also Kelantan, over the last 3 – 4 years budgeted under the 10th Malaysia Plan, it is incumbent upon the current PR government in power to rectify any wrong doings, abuses of power, etc without fear or favour. Heads of PR government should have taken former UMNO/BN leaders and their cronies to court or report the matter to SPRM. Why is the PR government in Selangor and Penang hesitate to expose the previous BN government to their political advantage?

    The reasons being these same political culprits were also part of the administrative system that had benefitted from the previous BN government. Don’t tell me that you do not believe that Anwar, Khalid, Lim Eng Guan and many other opposition leaders had also benefitted by the heydays of the BN leaders in Selangor and Penang?

  4. who gives a damm to tweets like this , so bloody immature ……soon she will be tweeting as to what shes having for lunch , or what toys she bought for her kids….. ahhh but then that is low class cheap publicity for our madam speaker

    1. re: “she will be tweeting as to what shes having for lunch”

      Plenty of times. But with a following of 85,000 twits, there must be some who ARE interested in what she had for lunch and how long it takes her to digest the food.

      1. Macam HH juga, HY iis self righteous. Only nampak UMNO saja racists. DAP yang peram permohonan mat melayu nak masuk DAP satu kampung tu apa celita?

        Berapa ramai non Malay pernah dengan atau nodded to this statement.

        ‘these people a, only good for gomen, see Maybank, so lousy, see Public Bank, so effiicient, bla bla bla…’

  5. yeah we know 85,000 nitwits with nothing else to do in their life but get cheap thrills following the exploits of of madam speaker.

  6. Yummy,

    it’s obvious u live in a nice place where the grass is green, the skies are blue, the water crystal clear and babies smile all the time. . . My fren u obviously live in lala land wit the teletubbies. . .

    Take a good hard look around u on the “quality” workmanship of Pakatoon approved contractors. . Come take a look at Bukit Rimau in Kota Kemuning. . I can gladly show u potholes so big and so deep even 50 ton prime movers go outta their way to avoid since it’s so big and deep enuf to swallow an entire car’s tyre!! And this is after a week after supposed road resurfacing works. . And tat is just one area in Selangor. . . And yuo u betcha there is more to boot!!

    1. null

      Yummy in living in Hannah Banana Land. Yummy is a fan of Madam Speaker. That’s why the anti-BN folks find their way here, usually.

        1. I got this image of puchong road 30 years ago lah Helen and you know what, those hole somehow look so alike lah, Do you think Selengor will go back to those era again hmmm……


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