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Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam

Blogger Jebat Must Die’s post yesterday ‘Stevie Chan blames Muslims for all the social ills in Malaysia‘ refers.

JMD feels that Stevie Chan – who had his article published in The Malaysian Insider (“a centre for Malay bashing” according to JMD) – is a “racist holier than thou”.

Religion and anti-social behaviours‘ – Stevie Chan (TMI, 4 Dec 2013)
Di antara Islam dan ke-Islam-an‘ – Stevie Chan (TMI, 7 Aug 2013)

Referring to Stevie’s quote “Wabillahi Taufik Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh”, JMD points out, “What right does a disbeliever like Stevie Chan [have] to invoke our God’s name in order to chastise us?”

JMD also calls Stevie “condescending”.

Twitter - YouTiup- you don't say

Jerusubang Syndrome

Seademon follows up with ‘Jebat Must Die identifies a chauvinistic racist‘ and highlights that Stevie Chan aka @YouTiup (Stevie’s Twitter handle) had on several occasions since more than a year ago “been taunting Malays and criticising Islam”.

Seademon finds the tweet below “regular masturbation (five times a day) is more effective in preventing sex crimes against women” by @YouTiup offensive.

I’m giving my 2 sen below – seriously and urgently – on the holier-than-thou condescending twits which I hope JMD and Seademon will take on board.

Twitter - YouTiup- regular masturbation

Rise and rise of the evangelistas

This religious condescension and presuming to lecture Malays on how to become better Muslims – as displayed by @YouTiup – is a relatively new phenomenon in Malaysia. It only became apparent following the rise and rise of the evangelistas, whom became emboldened after the opposition victories in 2008.

Over the last five decades when the relationship between MCA and Umno was on a sound footing, we did not hear of Buddhists or Taoists or even mainline born Christians trying to teach Malays Islam. The evangelistas, on the other hand, are predominantly Born Agains (Hannah Yeoh converted to Christianity at the age of 19).

Things started changing in our social landscape with the DAP 2.0 bringing evangelical Christianity into their politics, and now with the DAP 3.0 being led by evangelistas who are purging the party’s 1.0 non-Christian leaders.


Christian vote bank in Sabah & Sarawak

People like Stevie Chan aka @YouTiup have been indirectly empowered by the DAP juggernaut.

DAP is playing the Christian religion card to break the BN safe deposit in Sabah and Sarawak as this is the make-or-break demography that will decide the outcome of GE14. In order to win Putrajaya – the trophy at stake – they have launched their Impian Sarawak and Impian Sabah programmes to incite the native Christians.

The photo above shows the evangelista Tony Pua with his former personal assistant evangelista Yeo Bee Yin (now the Damansara Utama Adun) in Sarawak to spearhead DAP’s Impian programme.

pjjbotak 28 glDAP’s evangelistas are constantly bringing their kind into the top rungs of the party. Evangelista Rajiv Rishyakaran was the personal assistant to evangelista Hannah Yeoh. He was given the Bukit Gasing DUN seat in Petaling Jaya to contest in GE13.

Other notable evangelistas in DAP are Teresa Kok, the Ngeh-Nga cousins in Perak, Ong Kian Ming (@imokman), Teo Nie Ching, Chow Kon Yeow, Lim Lip Eng and many of the DAP Sabah and Sarawak MPs and Aduns. One of them Julian Tan Kok Ping even got married recently in the City Harvest Church.

The majority, if not all, of Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistants are churchgoers. The DAP evangelista politicians give jobs to their own people and thus consolidate their influence.

Former Malacca Adun Betty Chew is a Christian but not beyond pulling the publicity stunt of shaving her head bald in a Buddhist temple on the eve of polling day to garner sympathy votes.

There is nothing that these lidah bercabang DAP evangelista biawak politicians will stop at in their pursuit of the fruits of power.

The video below shows Lim Guan Eng campaigning in the 2010 Sibu by-election. You can hear him giving an impassioned Christian testimony in the clip.

In the past Chinese did not interfere in Muslim affairs

In the more than 50 years of MCA partnering Umno in the BN, we never had any incidences of Wanita MCA donning tudung and making frequent pilgrimages to the mosques and surau to score political brownie points.

We did not have MCA Members of Parliament wishing “Salam sahur”, daily telling the Malaysian public about their #sahur diet, proclaiming “sama-sama berpuasa” during Ramadan and dropping “Insya Allah” like confetti.

These are DAP evangelista politicians exploiting not only their own religion but also the religion of the Malays to fish for votes. What kind of people are they? (ASK YOURSELF! please)

Stevie Chan aka @YouTiup, in portraying himself as more knowledgeable of Islam than the Muslims here in Malaysia, is merely walking in step with the Hannah Bananas who are the media darlings of the pro-DAP English media.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) YouTiup

The J-Star actively promoting these people

Stevie has had many of his articles published in TMI — that disgraceful, libelous publication which had to issue four apologies in over a week for defamation and carrying out hatchet jobs on prominent personalities, including Mukhriz Mahathir and the Tun.

@YouTiup was also featured as a media personality by The J-Star in the paper’s live session interview over Twitter last year (see screenshot above).

The Stevies are the ones who are given exposure in the English media. It is the Jerusubang networking; the evangelistas control the English media. The Malay Mail, for example, is ironically now controlled by non-Malays.

Screenshot below: KL Chan was the editor of Selangor Times (now defunct). He tweets about the “awesome worship team” in Dream Centre, which is the infamous Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC).


The Christian pop culture vocabulary

We do not know what religion Stevie professes as he is keeping it a secret. He writes: “(P/S: saya mengambil tanggungjawab penuh untuk rencana ini, ibubapa saya tidak tahu pasal tulisan saya mahupun pendapat saya atau agama saya (yang saya telah rahsiakan)“.

He’s telling readers that even his own parents are in the dark about his new religion. Logically, since his parents brought him up (we presume), they would be aware of what his ‘old’ religion was.

Nonetheless, Stevie uses the lingo that is common among Christian media literature, for example quoting the Muhammad Abduh soundbite, “I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam”.

“The phrase “What would Jesus do?” (often abbreviated to WWJD) became popular in the United States in the 1990s and as a personal motto for adherents of Evangelical Christianity who used the phrase as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate the love of Jesus through the actions of the adherents.” — Wikipedia

In the same vein, @YouTiup tweets “what would the Prophet do“.

Twitter - YouTiup- @nazrinfaris i agree. in fact

They’re PISsing (Provocation, Insults, Slander) everywhere

What is very important for JMD, Seademon and other Malays to realise is that this sikap memandai-mandai and trying to impose their values on and subvert Islam (e.g. ‘Allah’ dispute) is confined to the evangelistas who are the most aggressive in the Malaysian social media scene insofar as the English language is concerned.

In fact, some of us Chinese who are non-Christians view their in-your-face cockiness and aggression with alarm. The PIS (Provocation, Insults, Slander) that they’re raining on the heads of those not aligned to their religious and political beliefs is stretching the patience of their targets and victims very thin.

I would even go so far as to say that the Jerusubang network (inclusive of Scissorati) in Facebook and Twitter – where they gang up for strength in numbers – is comprised of vicious, destructive, holier-than-thou individuals.

They are a menace in precipitating a religious confrontation. It is not for nothing that @hannahyeoh and @imokman have been very early on identified as “DAP SuperCyner Bullies”.

Updated: 11.19am


The overweaning presumption of the evangelistas


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

40 thoughts on “Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam

  1. I always believed that when they use UMNO, it is just codeword for Malays and Muslims.
    Stevie Chan has shown us what EBU really means.

    Anyway all that are just lies and propaganda, packaged in a condescending and transparently insincere way, to justify and rally others like him, blaming the enemy for everything while not only they think they don’t do anything wrong, they pretend to help while pissing on other people faces. Much like abusers and bullies telling their victims they’re doing what they do for the victims own good.

    In the end, it’s only to wrest power and grab profits, unfortunately, it also seems that they want to destroy Malays in the process too.

    1. re: “they pretend to help”

      Yup, the ‘United Colours of Benetton’ pretense is thick and buttery. Like when they sing kumbaya at their interfaith dialogues and then proceed to bash anyone who refuses to climb on their fake, hypocritical Unity bandwagon.

  2. Please do not insult Islam, the final scared religion of more than 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. The virtues of Islam is the prerogative of Muslims but we do not create enemies out of our friends, although they are non believers as prescribed in the Holy Koran. “Religion is what the individual does with his own solitude. If you are never solitary you are never religious” (Dean William Ralph Inge). I suggest that all non Muslims should read the book by Graham E. Fuller (Former Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA) entitled “A WORLD WITHOUT ISLAM”.

    1. I read that book a few months ago. Islam never had any major problems with Hindu India, Confucian China, Orthodox Russia or the Jews. In fact, this relates to Jews, when pogroms were taking place in Christian Europe, where did the Jew escape to ? They escaped to Muslim lands. The rulers of these Muslim lands welcome them with few restrictions on their practices and they got on with their lives for centuries until, the Christian Europeans came during the Crusades.

      1. “In the West, I do not think it advisable to follow Buddhism.
        Changing religions is not like changing professions.
        Excitement lessens over the years, and soon you are
        not excited, and then where are you?
        Homeless inside yourself.” — The Dalai Lama

        Who are the Jerusubang initiates? Are they people who are at home with True God or are they more enchanted with their religious pop events and rather concerned with worldly prestige?

        1. They are deviants. If you tell them that they can get absolute power by “embracing” Islam, “becoming” Muslim, they will not hesitate even a second. Enough said !

      2. If Steven Chan Bodoh Bangang read history, its the Scandinavians including Denmark that had studies to prove Jews are non humans.

        Here is an Al jazeera documentary on immigrant life in these more ‘Islamic’ countries, ironically these countries in Europe including Denmark demand immigrants to integrate, and despite Muslims having shed their veil, speak flawless local language like Dutch, Europe have people likr Geert Wilders and anti immigrant parties that demand full expulsion of Muslims which is actually a civer of white supremacists. It just coincidence that most immigrants in Europe are Muslims, but replace the Muslims with Buddhist, Hindus or whatever, the backlash would have been the same just as there were anti Chinese immigration laws during the Cold War.

        Steven Chan no doubt indulged in this ideology in Denmark which promotes condescending views towards Muslims but to preach such garbage in Muslim majority Malaysia is clearly outrageous!!!! Seriously I’m joining Perkasa and going promote Geert Wilders approach towards the Chinese as a tit for tat.

        1. forrestcat. There is nothing like the truth. I visited Copenhagen, Denmark in 1964. The immigration officer at the Airport grilled me like a criminal even though he knew I was a professional. Do not be misled by all this nonsense about hospitality and happiest people on Earth. All Western countries and Australasia (especially New Zealand) are crypto-hypocrites. I have lived there. I have travelled there. I have friends living there. Some returned to retire in our beloved Malaysia.

          1. ******* Chan and his kakis can berambus to Denmark for good!!!

            RM8000 per month allowances, does this fella know or not how much does a rumah sewa cost there?

            Heck, Nepal migrants in Denmark are earnings more than that la!

          2. Ms H. Please note how ridiculous and absurd the whatever bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes are making things difficult for themselves. On the one hand, they are creating an inhospitable environment for themselves. On the other, if they ever think of emigrating to the promised lands, rest assured most of them practise RACISM. Take it from me.

            1. re: “they are creating an inhospitable environment for themselves”

              Let’s them. They’re immune to reason.

      3. In fact Christians do not have problems with Muslims in the Tunku’s time or during British. There were so many Muslims that graduated from the Sekolah Mubaligh, go to Christian hospitals etc. They never get converted. The same with the Hindus, Buddhists etc. No conversion or plans by the schools, hospitals or charities to convert them. Everybody lives in peace.

        But not the evagenlistas. They take Jesus as some multi level marketing scheme. Other people’s religion must be wrong or other people’s Jesus is not true. There must be some fault with other people.

        The evaligenlistas have made it unfavourable for Christians to become Christians. They make Christians have tags like “be careful he will convert your kids and make them leave you” or “Christian is a 10% religion.”

        Old Christians do not go around converting people and collect taxes like the tax department.
        Thanks to the recording artist booty shaking tougue talking Khristianz … Old Christians not get the brunt of being family wrecking people.

        What contributions do the Evagentslitas do to society? Heal the sick or teach people – NOT their job (leave it to the non political Jesuit priest and vege eating Adventists). Boogie and bitch – is the new way.

        We like our pastors when they twerk and put up their tongue and we follow like Miley.

        1. “But not the evangelistas. They take Jesus as some multi level marketing scheme. Other people’s religion must be wrong or other people’s Jesus is not true. There must be some fault with other people.”

          They have haven’t they? I mean, levelled “Jesus, the Spirit of Allah” down to their MLM requirements. Of course their company directors must campaign for their Product to be of a higher class than the competition. But profit with popularity is a relativistic and subjective value in human nature: how much is enough? how popular is good? Truthfully speaking, what would Jesus do? – in their case?

          What is the New Evangelization?: The sectarian differences in approach between the Trinitarians


        2. re : Other people’s religion must be wrong or other people’s Jesus is not true. There must be some fault with other people.

          Yes Mulan, my Kristian friends whom I’m mentioning in a few of my previoust comment before, expressing the same opinions as yours.

          He always mentoning how they undermine his believed. And the one who strongly undermine him is the one who never go to Rome to study the real faith, he said.

          He said, he now looking at the clash of Kristian and Muslim in Malaysia but it is not the old believed doing but the evangelist. And sadly that what a few of my Kristian friend opinions which I concur.


        3. ‘Old Christians do not go around converting people and collect taxes like the tax department.’

          Zeti Akhtar Aziz leave the Mamak Money Exchanger alone. Please siasat these 10% assos. for money laundering!!!

  3. Ms H. Some people have lost their heads and drunk with temporal power. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is making the final throw of the dice. In the end, money money money will destroy themselves just like their brilliant spiritual leader Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore AND THEIR SPIRITUAL HOME. Go home DAP !

  4. Ms H. A classic strategy now executed by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – Shout in the West, Do battle in the East.

    1. This Stevie is a New Age Taliban. He thinks he is more “Islamic”, more “Islam” than the Malays. We should ask this Stevie this one simple question. You circumcised ?

              1. Soalan keluar daripada Mulut jadi Soalan Mulut.

                Angin keluar daripada Mulut jadi apa Hannah Yeoh Malaysia Firsters?

                c-Kentut Mulut
                d-Angin Mulut
                e-Makan Angin

                HH and gangs, boleh bantu Madam Speaker? Gaji RM40K, BM pun tak lepas macam mana nak serve the rakyat marhaen. The average Malaysians, tak pandai cakap omputih, jauh sekali mandarin?

  5. Stevie Chan – the stupid fello who wrote something he doesn’t know and pretend to be expert on it. that is more sesat than ajaran sesat.

    1. With ajaran sesat, there is still hope for rehab. With this Stevie, he is beyond sesat. No hope for rehab.

  6. Social ills came from Muslim? Sucks… Who owned the PUBs, NIGHT CLUBs, Legal Casinos, Illegal Casinos, Sports Toto bla bla bla.. and most of the Drug Cartels owned by the Chinese. Only the Addicts go to malays.

  7. I think we should leave this Stevie guy alone as he sounded very much like a free thinker and doesn’t believe the existence of our Creator (God in whatever form) unless God or His image appears before him! Taking leave from politics, we all know that DAP Evangelistas are extremely sensitive to the Islamic faith in this country. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not behave like them who are never against Islam and Muslims. As an interesting note, PAP Supremo Lee Kwan Yew does not believe in God or any religion.

    1. Who created us? Where did we come from and where are we going after death. Why is life continuously filled with trials and suffering. What is true happiness? What does it take to be truly happy. Why are some more privileged than others in society. How to relate with the underprivileged and the have-nots? What is the function of self-effort and the role of social factors? What is the real nature of the human being and for what was he created? ….. these seem like the supreme questions of life that Existence challenges us to answer, political sensibilities aside.

  8. Ms H. A couple of years ago in the 21st century, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 12 failed Policies for Singapore was alleged to have said, ‘ The gates of Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees.’ in anticipation of the troubles to come. Good. Who gets in then ? The troublemakers ?

  9. the tokong semua mau sapu, khalifah Islam pun mau jadi. Jadi Paul apostle pun mau jadi. Jadi suami botak kepala bisu pun jadi!

    Bila lagi ini kepala gangster mau tunjuk dia punya muka. Instigating the Melayu against one another just like Ambon!!!

  10. Oh, how nice, the comment postings are “moderated.” This blogger accuses TMI of deleting post they do not agree, yet do the same, by “moderating’ their post, apparently not allowing comments the blogger does not agree with.
    Such hypocrisy, how nice. :)

    1. re: “Such hypocrisy, how nice. :)”

      Such mischief that you’re intending … how slick :)

      Is putting all these blasphemous comments about Prophet Muhammad a new dirty tactic by the Red Beanie?

      Kalau berani, why don’t you put your same anti-Islam comments in the MAIS, Jakim or PDRM websites and let’s see if the authorities trace you?

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