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The overweaning presumption of the evangelistas

There is one point from my previous post ‘Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam‘ which deserves particular highlight because it serves to illustrate the dangerous presumption in their behaviour.

I hope Muslim readers will ponder on this because you know your religious practice and traditions better.

@YouTiup aka Stevie Chan tweets – see below – that he thinks Muslims should always ask themselves, in time of confusion: what would the prophet [Muhammad] do“.

Twitter - YouTiup- @nazrinfaris i agree. in fact

WWJD question

The popular WWJD – “What would Jesus do?” – phrase is the personal motto for adherents of evangelical Christianity and popularized in America in the 1990s, according to Wikipedia.

It is presumptuous for the evangelistas in Malaysia to be so cavalierly pushing this concept in parallel – What would the Prophet Muhammad do? – to their Malay friends.

How does anyone living today know what Jesus would have done specific to the 21st century situations we encounter in year 2013?

Islam has the Sunnah which examines what the Prophet did, according to the oral history recorded and attributed to his companions. But is projection from his time to ours permitted? What he did is no guarantee of ‘what he will do’, hypothetically, especially with regard to the yet-to-be invented things in past ages — e.g. in the field of jurisprudence (DNA evidence, CCTV recording, etc)

I’m not sure what Muslims themselves think about this ‘WWJD’ method of personalized religion en vogue among the evangelistas, and what are the boundaries in Islamic teachings pertaining to this matter.

However it is necessarily to bring up the fact that the self-righteous evangelistas in this country are transgressing unabashedly into the domain of the other faiths and trying to instruct Malays to be ‘better’ Muslims.

I can tell the Muslims, here and now, that the some evangelistas have trampled on the sensitivities of Hindus and Buddhists with an arrogance (plus sneakiness) you wouldn’t believe. Indian Hindus are highly suspicious of their sweet-talking activities.

They have also been actively proselytizing among the Indians and the Chinese to convert them to Christianity. However unlike Malays, we non-Malay families do not have the law to protect our people from the predatory evangelistas.

I do not believe that the Christians were at all innocent in the DUMC affair. In my opinion, the evangelistas did indeed attempt to convert Malays during that episode.


Chinese asked the Malays to pray on Sunday instead


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21 thoughts on “The overweaning presumption of the evangelistas

  1. Even with the law, I cannot say for certain that we are safe from these crooks. The only way to protect our people, is to be ever vigilant. The law cannot be there for all eternity as it is, after all, a law. It can be amended. By being vigilant at all times, we make sure that before these crooks try to be funny with us, they had better think twice. We certainly will not sit idly, do nothing.

    For non Muslims, I would suggest the same. Be vigilant. This includes making sure that the influence of liberals among you are nip in the bud before they try to sell your interest to these evangelistic crooks.

    Make your stand clear and make sure the message is loud and clear.

  2. There was a short-lived imposition by the Singaporean government of Religious Knowledge as a compulsory subject for upper secondary students. The move to introduce Religious Knowledge arose out of concern on the part of senior cabinet members that the moral values of the wider society were under threat from modernization and undesirable ‘Western’ values.

    Six options- Bible Knowledge, Islamic Religious Knowledge, Buddhist Studies, Confucian Ethics, Hindu Studies and Sikh Studies – were made available in 1984. However, barely five years later, in 1989, the government announced that Religious Knowledge would no longer be a compulsory school subject from the following year onwards and would instead be an optional subject to be conducted outside curriculum hours. Since then, Religious Knowledge has largely been withdrawn from the public consciousness in Singapore.

    Do you know why? Because like Helen says:

    “I can tell the Muslims, here and now, that some evangelistas have trampled on the sensitivities of Hindus and Buddhists with an arrogance (plus sneakiness) you wouldn’t believe… They have also been actively proselytizing among the Indians and the Chinese to convert them to Christianity. However unlike Malays, we non-Malay families do not have the law to protect our people from the predatory evangelistas.”

    “Religious Knowledge (RK)” was promptly halted by the Singapore Ministry of Education in 1989 because too many complaints were coming in from Chinese and Indian parents that their kids had been proselytized by their “Bible Knowledge” teachers in school. (the school children were free to choose any religion as their “subject requirement”).

  3. One think for sure, Prophet Muhammad would not discriminate and demonize Jesus and provoking the Muslim to go against and bashing the Christians.

    1. On the other hand, if that Christian imposed on a muslim that he shares the same God, same Jesus, the Prophet would say, you can kill them.

        1. In other words, the Islam according to your version is a violent one which you can KILL other people just because they don’t agree with you in the name of Islam. No wonder people are phobic to your religion.

    2. jesus would not want christians to joget joget like sluts, play guitar and run ponzi schemes cheating people in churches, calling people names on twitter and cause word wars.

      1. Prophet Muhammad would not want the Muslim to discriminate other races due to their skin colour, forcing other people to embrace Islam, robbing corpse and custody of children in the name of Islam.

        1. malaysian please leave Prophet Muhammad saw out of your mata dajjal logic!

          If you can’t honor the highest law of the country, Perlembagaan Negara, then you have no place here. No wrong for us to halau, law breaker kafir harbi like you!

          Forcing who? Please be specific…

          Robbing corpse of our Saudara who had chosen to embrace Islam behind the purview of his family?

          malaysian, you see, Muslims, respect even the dead among them, thus they undertook the urusan jenazah. It was in our religious teachings and a harbi like you would have never understand this.

          Muslim parent will get to decide the religion of their children. Although some reverts had ambil kesempatan, who are we to judge and deny one’s submission to Allah SWT?

          Now, go and read some more!

          1. Haha what can you do? Halau us? Is this allowed in our constitution? Or are you able to do so? If UMNO is abusing the constitution for their political gain by discriminating the non Malay by using the cover of constitution then why should we respect UMNO? You are right by saying who are we to judge? So who are you to judge us?

  4. re: he thinks Muslims should always ask themselves, in time of confusion: what would the prophet do….?

    I’m very sure the prophet will order us the muslims to just hunt and kill the evangelists anywhere in this land…. the same has been done in Yathrib/Madinah during the prophet time.

    1. I mean, what kind of confusion are we talking about? What’s the trouble with Stevie’s brain that loosens his tongue like that?

      Prophet Muhammad – the mercy for all creation – would always ascertain the nature of the confusion and the problems with the individuals concerned and endeavour to resolve the root-causes with intelligence and prayer; alone or in consultation with those who know. Doesn’t Stevie appear to be a solo “fitnah” machine?

      …. but beware in trying to destroy the monster that you not become a monster yourself (Nietzsche) ….. we have enough religion to hate each other but just not enough to love one another (Swift)

      It begins with the sting of the mosquito … . but we don’t have to end up with a malaria epidemic and die like King Nemrod who tyrannized Prophet Abraham.

      What is wisdom and compassion in the face of perceived or real adversaries?

      Sheikh Hamza Yusuf at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation:
      (watch Hamza from part 3/8 onwards)


      The Prophet said: “Spread peace and feed the hungry …. ”

      He also said: “The Lord tells us that Pride is His robe, and Might is His shawl. Any creature who would be Arrogant over others or betake himself to becoming Powerful is thus trying to dress himself with that which rightfully belongs to Me.”

  5. It’s hypocrisy.

    I don’t believe one bit that people who are obviously anti Islam and anti Muslims think well of the prophet. In fact, I wonder what bad things they could say about the prophet behind the backs of Muslims.

    Isn’t it deceitful? Being a preachy Christian while around Christians in churches telling them to vote them for Jesus and wearing Malay clothes in mosques telling sweet things spiced up with some Quran verses when to Muslims to get their votes as well.

    This new kind of 2 faced religious political people are even worse than PAS.

    1. re: “Isn’t it deceitful?”

      Worse than deceitful and hypocritical.

      These malicious, forked tongue people are downright dangerous.

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