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This one is for the DAP cybertroopers

You know, ah, your darling Scissorati Regina Lee has just declared that she abhors “racism and discrimination of any community. Period” (see tweet below).

Actually ah, she means you guys (Dapsters) lah … what a hilarious turnover — heh-heh-heh.

KJ must be paying her well. Really well. You Red Beaners, ah, don’t be jealous, leh if you guys are being paid peanuts (nuts, beans … what’s the difference?) For the “easily confused” folks, well, a nut is a fruit and a bean is a seed.

Twitter - reginalah- I abhor racism and discrimination

Now what “racism and discrimination” is Regina Lee – described by Annie  as “the once darling journalist of DAP’s handsomest boy Lim Guan Eng” – talking about? (See Annie’s blog today: ‘A bit more about Regina’ … our favourite pro-BN blogger says that Regina is “at the moment the brightest spark at the Umno general assembly. Not bad at all”.)

Scissorati dan CT tentu makan hati ulam jantung hari ni.

Regina – because she is now, kononnya, KJ’s creature – and because Khairy complained at the PAU that the Chinese-dominated private sector is not hiring Malay CEOs, therefore the Umno Youth chief’s Press Secretary is doing the same.

“The once darling journalist of DAP’s handsomest boy Lim Guan Eng”, who is “at the moment the brightest spark at the Umno general assembly” is slamming Dapsters as “racists” in the call of duty. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Life is full of edifying twists and turns.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

27 thoughts on “This one is for the DAP cybertroopers

  1. Did it cross your disgusting mind that maybe she meant you Helen? You and your incessant hate pieces? Surely youre not that thick? Maybe you are…and one more thing, one doesnt have to be a political party member to call you for what you are…a hateful political bitch.

      1. No la old hag… tak terasa langsung.. in fact, sekarang i feel sorry untuk you. You dah lanjut sangat with all your hate, till you cant even see yourself… now, one more time…. pi main jauh jauh..

        1. It takes a dog to know a bitch, and then it might be mistaken. Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the “fairest”(most just) one of all?

          It’s legion, by now that you dapsters have been bullying this lady to a frenzied state over the countless months, with abusive comments and belligerent politicking. Now that it’s payback time, as usual, bullies can’t take what they like to hand out. Anyway Helen, you might want to take up tai chi: use the soft and yielding to encounter the hard and powerful.


    1. dd. No need to be abusive without a cause. As long as there is Man and Woman, politics of whatever kind and sex is a dangerous inflammable mix since ancient days.

      1. Without a cause, you said? You’re kidding right, AK47?

        I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, directed from Rocky’s site. Truth be told, I have never voted for BN. And its not because I particularly like the other side’s politics. Malaysia needs a check-and-balance; balance being the operative word.

        If you are honest to yourself, you will agree that Helen’s posts tend to cross the line of decency. I suppose such posts will find support among her constituents, and she has every right to be spiteful about people’s body shapes, or christian faith, or churchiness.

        Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Red Bean Army, or a Christian do-gooder, or a dyed-in-the-wool-Pakatan supporter.

        I come to this site knowing full well that Helen will not be balanced when it comes to Hannah, Christians, DAP, and maybe, even the “cainis”.

        1. And my blog entertains “cainis” visitors like you without any block or censorship despite knowing full well your type of predictable comments. If not for your attention-seeking “yummy” moniker, you’d be rather forgettable content-wise and nobody would remember your name. Like the Real Rakyat said, a Lala Lander.

        2. re: ” Malaysia needs a check-and-balance; balance being the operative word.”

          We’ve got very good check-and-balance. The kind that the DAP has been agitating for, i.e. 90 percent of the Chinese dead set against the BN. Now isn’t 90:10 (and very probably 95:5 in the next round) a very even and balanced figure to check the excesses of a certain community?

            1. yummy,

              No. PR flag bearers only got 50% of votes. Roughly the other 3% were collected by Bebas candidates.

                1. Check and Balance my ass! Ask DAP Kedah la kawan!

                  Helen pun sulah cakap maa.

                  Anwar, Nurul Izzah, Wan Azizah. How to check and balance?

                  LGE, LKS, Botak Betty and Ms Lim. How to check and balance?

                  Karpal Singh and the other two Singhs. How to check and balance?

                  Nik Aziz and Anak. How to check and balance?

                  Hadi and Anak. How to check and balance?

                  So much of Rosmah nepotism, kata dulang paku serpih!!!

  2. dd……. go stand in front of your mirror ….. look at yourself …………….. DISGUSTING

    btw ….dd….. whats that stand for disgusting & dirty or disgusting @dumb….. ohhh i know DUMB & DUMBER , here to you dd cheers

  3. I feel tickled watching hateful people like dd there calling others hateful. . . It’s like a white supremacist telling another white power fella he isn’t white enough!! Hahahaha

  4. 90% of the 50.87% = 45.783% of the 50.87% is Chinese votes ? What is there to shout about ?

  5. In these past couple of weeks, we learned 4 important lessons in life:

    1. The cure for corruption is to give more money.
    2. Money can indeed buy loyalty.
    3. Cybertroopers are underpaid.
    4. Husbands must travel with working wife overseas because there are programmes for him to mingle with other people’s wives.

    1. “Husbands must travel with working wife overseas because there are programmes for him to mingle with other people’s wives.”

      surprise to read this from u.

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