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Love, love, love

Malaysiakini front page headlines:

  • Umno man wants ‘1Melayu’ to replace ‘1Malaysia’
  • Najib to Malays: Where would you be without Umno?
  • Najib touts Umno as ‘bravest’, ‘most popular’ party
  • ‘No apologies if people say Umno members are wealthy’

Malaysiakini has got wildly strong support from a Chinese readership. So what do you think that the Chinese feel about Umno, reading the headlines?

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16 thoughts on “Love, love, love

  1. Who cares what cainis think? Who cares if 144% of cainis vote go to dap? Will it get worser than now? the BCL will continue

  2. Pm is right – where would the malays be without umno? Umno has elevated the malays maybe some more than others. And like Tun Mahathir said – Melayu mudah lupa.

    This is tanah air kita and we should protect it from being ‘diceroboh’ by anybody. Protect what the melayus have. In order to do so, melayus please be united in both race and religion. We can do it. We are the stronger race because of our iman. I love my religion, my country and my race. Dont let anything or anybody destroy what the melayus have.

    Let us work together and make umno a better umno.

  3. Ms Helen, it’s Malaysia Boleh as 1Melayu, 1Cina, IIndia, etc are all true blue blood Malaysians born and bred in this country, and not China, India, Indonesia or wherever possible under the sun! However, Lim Kit Siang’s twitt yesterday was rather unpatriotic and sarcastic.

    For my own definition, all Malaysians are racist! MCA only placed their political faith on the Chinese community, UMNO always Malays and Islam, but not forgetting that not all Malays are Muslims. In Indonesia, the guys wear songkok and the ladies covered their heads but they are non Muslims but Christians or Hindus in Bali. So what is in a name and race as God created us equally but we are polarising and dividing ourselves all the time doomsday! So what as only politicians fooled us and create unrest, the people are peaceful but they only need some changes.

    During PRU13 I was at almost all the PR campaign rallies, the imported Chinese crowd told me that they just wanted to teach UMNO and Malays a lesson to share the opportunity and wealth fairly with other community in this country. Malaysia is for Malaysians and not any Tom, Dick and Harry! Wow kaw kaw punya statement but DAP exploited the sentiments by shouting and chanting non stop (like recorded message) sounded in Mandarin: wu yi wu huan chern fu!

    It’s powerful and patriotic by DAP definition but do they bother or even if Malaysia is in the rocks and face doomsday? Not at all but if they were in Singapore or even Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines, these political leaders and power crazy aspirants will be arrested for prosecution under the law of treason, etc.

    1. The slogan that the DAP supporters were chanting in the GE13 campaign proclaims “on the 5th day of the 5th month (May 5), change the government”. The phrase rhymes in Chinese, and can be read below.


    2. ‘During PRU13 I was at almost all the PR campaign rallies, the imported Chinese crowd told me that they just wanted to teach UMNO and Malays a lesson to share the opportunity and wealth fairly with other community in this country. Malaysia is for Malaysians and not any Tom, Dick and Harry! ”

      Who holds the biggest portion of wealth in this country. Opportunities are also shared. In terms of business opportunities which are meant for bumiputras, some bumis may sell these opportunities to the chinese thus the birth of the ali baba concept. Again they gain.

      They are allowed to have chinese schools both national and private. Private colleges and universities. UTAR, HELP, LIMKOKWING to name a few.

      What lesson to share are they talking about? If there is no sharing of opportunities all of what is written above will not exist.

      It is UMNO who should open their eyes now and teach these chinese a lesson.

      DAP is a family political party. Are they sharing? Where is the love?

  4. I don’t know why but in my own opinion, UMNO ia a Malay party. So it is a given that they talk about how their community leaders talk about Malay survival.

    Now, if this is MCA or MIC Assembly, it is a given for those parties to talk about Chinese or Indian community and survival.

    In this instance I’m recist by wanting UMNO, MCA and MIC talk about the races they represented survival. Well given my opinion, Malay, Chinese and Indian can call me racist than because I want this three parties talk about the race they represent.

    I want them to really represented the races coz each races facing the different problem and each community leader must understand and highlight their races need to the government. It is their main job as a representatives.

    It a must and if they fail to do this, it’s no need for them to exist anymore. Elected leaders of each party can work together to compromise the community need but when they’re among their party circles, they need to discuss their people own need first then they can discuss others races.

    Why this opinions, because each community and each races need is different. A malay community will need a surau or mosque and Sekolah Agama, while the indian may need a kuil and community help center. And the Chinese may need the Tokong or community sport or gathering center.

    1. Sarah,

      Since the tsunami swept almost all the Chinese votes to the opposition, MCA is no longer sitting at the BN negotiation table. So how now when we need our Tokong or sports center or community hall, and not to mention a salary rise for our poorly paid Chinese school teachers? Ask Madam Speaker for donations?

      1. I guess they can asked for Gerakan help lah Helen. It a multicultural Party unlike DAP. A majority of their leaders still a Chinese but unlike MCA they not getting a backlash of anti Malay due to some of their leaders were an Indian who were very vocal in highlighting people cause.


          1. yeah but at least they were better than MCA lor. MCA so coma now that they really need to be taken from life support and let their party die in their own lor. Gerakan still have a voice while MCA cannot even speak without getting asked why you cannot perform lor


            1. Blogger Jailani Harun is adamant that MCA should not be blamed, see

              Actually it is Umno’s fault that MCA performed so badly. Last few PAU, Hisham waving the keris. This PAU, Khairy wants Chinese companies to hire Malay CEOs.

              1. tipical lah these guy Helen. BUFE lah (Blame UMNO For Everything). Just remember that, Jailani Harun was well paid by J-Star and he must sing the best tune in order to retain his status. BuFE was the best tune now and he will follow suit. Read his privious artical and you will understand this guys.


              2. Helen,

                Why on earth Malays or UMNO need to think about the Chinese anymore?

                We respect their decision to reject BN (or more importantly UMNO). Noted.

                Why worry? Hakuna Matata.

                After all, UMNO still rules the country.

                The point is to take care of the very community that support you. Meaning UMNO must take care of the Malay community.

                Failure to do that will see the demise of UMNO. Remember. How emotionally attacched Malays are to UMNO, they never ‘worship’ UMNO. Meaning UMNO too is indispensable.

                1. Helen,

                  sorry for typo error. the last sentence should be “Meaning UMNO too is not indispensable”.

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