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Trending hashtag #lifestyle

Fashion … elegant … lady in red


She’s running for Wanita MCA president.

Fashion …

horizontal stripes ke, vertical piping ke,

makes no difference, kan?



Lifestyle … social media … tweeting

TMI quoted Madam Speaker as saying:

“I disagree with anyone whether it is PR or BN, commenting on the pay hikee. I even tweeted and told the state assemblymen from BN and PR to make full use of the floor time to bill the increase.”

Hannah Yeoh is saying that Aduns mustn’t comment on her obscene pay hike once they’re outside the Dewan if they didn’t speak up earlier at the appropriate place, which is when they were inside the Dewan.

In other words, Aduns must observe the “proper channels”.

Why talk to media instead of debating salary hike in assembly, says Hannah Yeoh

But we all remember this earlier infamous incident, don’t we?

When asked why she was on her Facebook when the Dewan was in session, she replied:

“That’s my official FB page linked to my Twitter which I update regularly.
If you have a problem with FB, ask @NajibRazak what he thinks of it”

So. The Dewan proceedings were going on. YB Subang Jaya tweeted live from inside the DUN. Was she tweeting ‘business’ (government affairs discussed) or was she tweeting her personality cultism, such as:


Recent Twitter exchange

Hannah Yeoh tweeting for sympathy: “Painful with every cough I take.”

Fan (Twit No.1): “Take care Yb hannah! Drink a lot of water ^^”

Fan (Twit No.2): “be strong Hannah”

Fan (Twit No.3): “please take care. always take precautions and proper check ups!”

Fan (Twit No.4): “take care of yourself..”

Erm, with regard to the CCTV candid camera shot above, we don’t quite know whether YB Subang Jaya was actually tweeting for Business or Pleasure (adulation).

But we do see the typical Pakatan shifty behaviour.

Cakap tak serupa bikin, biasalah

As Madam Speaker now, she warns the Selangor Aduns to keep government business strictly inside the confines of the Dewan — “I disagree with anyone whether it is PR or BN commenting on the pay hike (to the press)”.

However, as first-term Subang Jaya Adun a couple of years ago, she defended her use of Twitter during official working hours.

Her justification at that time was that her tweets were urgent – “That’s my official FB page linked to my Twitter which I update regularly” – and must even be regularly updated live from inside the Dewan when the assembly was in the middle of proceedings.


(1) It’s not right for other Aduns to comment to the media [on the massive pay hike passed by the Dewan for the Speaker].

(2) But it’s perfectly alright for Adun Subang Jaya to comment to her tens of thousands of fans-social media users [on whatever government business was being discussed in the Dewan].


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Trending hashtag #lifestyle

  1. apa punya fesyen la si hannah tu. mcm nyonya jual sayur kat depan rumah aku jek. never thought she can use fashion as a form of raising sympathy.


    Madam speaker just wants to be the first to report which then gives her followers the impression that she is hard at work.

    You can tweet all that is discussed in your parliament sessions but then as always remains a discussion – no action.

    Madam speaker, you can fool your ignoramus evangelist cult group for as long as you possibly can but they will eventually smell your ruse. Just want the money and the glamour.

    Action speaks louder than words

  3. The germans have a strong work ethics where they do not even look at sms during working hours and spouses and family members would only call each other during work hours if it is absolutely an emergency. That is first world mentality and good work ethics, updating FB or twitter is in no way a reflection of you doing your job, ots a reason why many companies block FB.

    the DAP anglophiles claim that because they are the superior older culture and apparently speak pidgin english and joget joget in Churches like lizards they are first world and the rightful custodian of Malaysia. As we can see in their leaders, like Hannah Yeoh who have poor work ethics and unable to handle criticisms, the gangster Ngeh Nga and Lim Guan Eng with Kim Jong Il personality, maybe they are the one making Malaysia into a third world.

    1. The Germans are worth emulating. They are no nonsense types. That’s why they now boast one of the world’s strongest exporting economies.

      Those “Anglophiles” have a superior culture ? You kidding or what ? They are not even white. They needed skin whitening products to make them look like they are white. They are imitators. Calling them Anglophiles is an insult to the White Anglo Saxons. These white people are the real deal, not those frauds.

      1. Progress is indifferent to culture, you have to think, at the early 1900s the Malays were trading on sampans, the bloody British thought that the Malays should only learn to weave baskets and till the land, thank god we kicked the lousy Brits out and we were willing to take up their excess baggage in the form of 2 million transient immigrants for independence, but with education and with progress, we can boast to have endured a steep learning curve with Malays occupying every strata of the economy despite the discrimination from the Chinese economic bloc.

        Dulu cina suka cakap melayu kalau hantar oversea blaja fail, that reality is no more as with every successive generation, our youth becomes more educated thanks to early education and opportunities. The Malays have always admired the Chinese contrary to morons like Bujai we have made hard work and diligence synomymous with the Chinese, but alas, they turn the cheek on us, and we are losing our patience.

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