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The Sneaky Star kenakan Najib

Komen oleh forrestcat @ 2013/12/08 at 4:41 pm

“i looked at the Star front page where they have Najib in his green baju melayu, the Bintang Tiga photographer took the picture so that the Umno logo is behind him with the ends of the U sprouting from Najib shoulders making him like having red demonic wings… very sneaky eh”

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Why Chinese are winning the cyberwar

Blogger Jailani Harun (Bujai) pronounces that the Umno leaders and delegates at the just concluded assembly make “the Malays look as most racist”.

Referring to the proposed ‘1melayu’ slogan by a Penang mamak delegate (the Kepala Batas MP), Bujai wrote that this is a dangerous political provocation, and that he cannot refute when other people perceive Malays to be “the most racist [race] in the country”. Continue reading “Why Chinese are winning the cyberwar”