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Dapsters threatening grandma to fist fight now

‘Lim Guan Eng calls Penang opposition chief a “racist grandmother“,’ reported in Yahoo! News today.

But what do his supporters call him? Answer: “The best Chief Minister Malaysia has ever had”.

Even better than Selangor’s Khalid Ibrahim who gave his Speakers their 300 percent payrise.

Malaysiakini subscriber Retnam commented:

“LGE is the best Chief Minister Malaysia has ever had. He is fair to all people of all races and is managing the economy effectively. All the jealous buggers cannot tahan. He, he.”

Reader’s comment can be found @ … that is unless he deletes just like he has done his previous one because he was afraid of being sued for defamation — see explanation below.

'Ganesan, repeat hired thugs claim and we'll sue' - Malaysiakini 2013-12-10 15-51-06

Monkey see, monkey do

Since Guan Eng can be abusive to grandmothers, you can well imagine the kind of names that his supporters are calling Jahara Hamid (labelled “racist grandmother” by the Penang Chief Minister).

FMT today has an article headlined ‘Old woman challenged to a fight{{Face palm}}.

This is what happens when the Dapster party has STREETFIGHTER pedigree.

Ramasamy is standing in the middle, the Weld Quay tambi is pointed out at the side
Ramasamy is standing in the middle, the Weld Quay tambi is pointed out at the side

The “Weld Quay tambi”

Speaking at a press conference, S. Jothee said:

“One thug used foul language and told one elderly woman to step outside to fight with him,” she said. “The woman was old enough to be his mother.

“Another thug was yelling and using insulting words against us.”

The incident related by Madam Jothee refers to the disruption by the Penang thugs which I had blogged about a few days ago. See, ‘Penang police, please take action against the gangsters!’ and ‘Godfather, warlord and now thugs in Penang‘.

In the same incident, one activist K. Selvam was punched in the face by the thugs and causing him to bleed from the mouth. A police report has been made. There are many eyewitnesses to the assault.

Madam Jothee speaking to reporters

Thug challenges elderly woman to ‘step outside’

What Madam Jothee is now telling reporters is that her group of elderly ladies friends at the NGO meeting had tried to intervene to stop Selvam from being further beaten up.

Those thugs, who punched Selvam and challenged the elderly woman to step outside for a fight, are well-known local hoodlums.

According to Hindraf, they have links to Penang Deputy Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy.

@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully

DAP SuperCyber Bullies

Now this fella ‘Retnam’ (Malaysiakini reader comment, screenshot above) slandered Ganesan but has since deleted his libellous comment.

(Hannah Yeoh too deletes her controversial ones including her “hu hu hu” at “Big Mama” Rosmah.)

It is the same ‘Retnam’ who commented that Guan Eng is the best CM ever and “fair to all people of all races”

I wrote on Dec 4:

“Cyber hitmen are employing their SOP of defaming the complainants (Ganesan) for bringing this matter to the police. (POSTSCRIPT: I’m appalled at how their cybertroopers can simply fitnah and fabricate the most outrageous lies with impunity.)”

I really, really hope that the public will tolong cepat bangun dari selamba and realise just how much of a menace these people are. The Dapster bullies are now even physically threatening frail grandmothers!


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32 thoughts on “Dapsters threatening grandma to fist fight now

  1. What is your stand on the following Helen?

    Issues raised by Datuk Jahara in DUN is about Pulau Jerejak. Some facts are as following:

    1. Isu pertukaran nama Pulau Jerejak di Pulau Pinang kepada “Mazu Island”

    2. Tempat ini sepatutnya digazetkan sebagai tapak warisan dan bukannya menjadi pusat penyembahan.

    3. Guan Eng cuba pula menyalahkan pihak lain khususnya UDA Holdings yang mempunyai kepentingan 60% ke atas pulau tersebut.


    My question is :

    Assuming that the temple structures and idol/statue are illegally built without UDA Holdings’ permission, as Buddhist are you going to fight/defend/argue along the line as per previous illegal Hindu temple case, should UDA Holdings requires it to be demolished?

  2. Next time when his dog does not come when he called, he will call the dog, racist dog.

    I really do not know what kind of moral value or upbringing for a person who can use such a low class slur on an elderly lady.

    May be too much swearing to climb his political ladder. Buka mulut aje mesti nak swear orang. It also shows that he has no professionalism at all because how can a CM use such slur in an official meeting.

    1. Dia dah mintak maaf le. Mintak maaf style depa, mulut cakap maaf kaki duk terajang, tangan duk hampuk kepala. Lepas tu Melayu pun angguk kata terima maafnya.

      Just once I would like to see someone stand up to them and tell them where to shove their “maaf”.

        1. Alwie,

          Guan Eng is known for deflection. ADUN Teluk Air Tawar was just asking . she is an ADUN. And where else but the august Dewan is the best place to ask.

          All Guan Eng need to do is to answer. That is all. And the answer must justify why only Malay stalls demolished while Chinese stalls spared. If race is not the factor, what is the factor that make chinese stalls not demolished unlike their Malay counterparts.

          I know too well of DAP’s tactic. accuse those from UMNO who askes as “racist”. and the attention shifts to those accused (from) UMNO) as racist. No need to answer.

          Is that what Guan eng is doing all these years. Master of deflection.

          1. re: “Is that what Guan eng is doing all these years. Master of deflection.”

            Same with Hannah Yeoh. Asked to justify why she deserved her 45k monthly salary, she deflected to the “First Lady”, “private jets”, “diamonds (ring)”, and her “2 babies” only having toys to play with.

            Then her macai-macai start abusing and slandering critics as they patrol cyberspace same as how Mao Zedong’s Red Guards terrorized the countryside.

    1. Mas. How can they think like this when their spiritual brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore failed miserably even though he had a Double Star First Degree from Cambridge in 1947. None of the DAP leadership has such brilliant credentials. So what do we expect of them who are like us if not worse ! This is why they could not even takeover Putrajaya in 3 EASY STEPS. and waited around for over 47 years doing nothing but twiddled their thumbs and contemplated their navels. Very poor political leadership for all to see.

  3. The politics of smear now and apologise later. in Yahoo Malaysia (the foreign funded site who channellede our yahoo to yahoo Malaysia automatically ?) Here they are not talking about apology from LGE though.

    Of course lah the dirty one and the one who is always wrong is UMNO? Utusan? Perkasa. so sick quick how these people can point fingers, there must be a team of them doing this kind of job.

    1. ,) Birds of a feather flock together … not surprised that you read my blog.

      Voila, just posted on the cheek of TMI to editorialize against smear campaigns.

      re: “a team of them doing this kind of job”

      Actually, many battalions of them. And the best thing is that they have Najib and Umno bloggers’ moral support, like The J-Star and Scissorati blog Stop the Lies (another misnomer).

  4. CAT – Competency, Accountability & Transparency.

    Slogan oleh En. Lim Guan Eng.

    Pn. Jahara cuma bertanya sama ada Pulau Jerejak sudah di tukar nama kepada Pulau Mazu atau tidak. Itu sahaja.

    Atas nama Accountability, LGE sepatutnya memberi penjelasan bukannya mengherdik Jahara dengan panggilan ‘Rascist’.

    LGE is not an accountable person. Perhatikan LGE ini seorang yang offensive dan tidak tenang menjawab isu isu semasa. Kelemahan paling nyata dan tidak sepatutnya ada sebagai seorang pemimpin.

  5. A wise chinese guys told me once, You can know other people character when you become their friends for a long times. If he don’t have a respect in his heart for an old folks, it will show with other old folks from different race.

    Then it will evolved to other old folks from the same races, than his other relations, than his immediate relations and than his own grandparent and lastly will be his parents.

    It will gradually happen as he/she gets older. If this persons started as early as a boys than by the times he’s in the middle of 40’s his character will be expose.

    So, knowing this, how do you think I make a judgement to this guys?????


  6. Ms H. As I said before the Opposition as led by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is now running out of major issues to attack the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. They will pick on any straw to fight like Don Quixote and the Windmills. How sad ?

    They have to put up a show to show their long-suffering supporters that they did not hoodwinked them at the 13th General Elections and that the Opposition lost because of the fault of the BN. It sucks, like HY.

    And the DAP leadership assured their supporters to wait for another 5 years WHILST THEY UPPED THEIR SALARIES MANY TIMES OVER. These are the products of the Chinese school vernacular system like HY which was wiped out over 40 years ago by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore. But in our beloved Malaysia, the DAP claims otherwise. Troublesome !

    1. re: “WHILST THEY UPPED THEIR SALARIES MANY TIMES OVER. These are the products of the Chinese school vernacular system like HY”

      Uncle, Hannah Yeoh who voted to triple her salary is the product of Sekolah Kebangsaan.

      1. Ms H. Your subject of discussion is fully backed by the shrewd and cunning from the Chinese Vernacular Schools. Otherwise, this person would not last one second in their political firmament. MONEY IS NOW USED BY THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP TO LURE THE IGNORANT AND THE INNOCENTS TO THEIR HOLLOW CAUSE IN THE FACE OF NEGATIVE HAPPENINGS WITH THEIR SPIRITUAL LEADER THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 14 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE, AND IN THEIR SPIRITUAL HOMELAND, SINGAPORE.

        1. Ms H. What is better than money, money, money when the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has no political philosophy to attract supporters ? In Singapore, the DAP spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore wiped out the Chinese Vernacular School System and the Nantah University completely over 40 years ago. And not a squeak from the DAP which now supports THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE VERNACULAR SCHOOL SYSTEM and yet the dysfunctional MCA dared not speak out but permitted these brash fellows to grab the limelight from them. Very poor political Chinese leadership on both sides of the divide if any ! Very weak !

        2. Ms H. In addition for want of a political philosophy, the DAP used the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY lure. Please note this was tried out before 2008 otherwise why so many tycoons became court jesters ?

          For what? For the goodies, high density developments, gambling licences, monopolies etc. Remember the saying, ‘There is money in CRISIS.’ HY did not get an inferiority complex for nothing.

          1. re: ‘There is money in CRISIS.’ HY did not get an inferiority complex for nothing.”

            Yes, that’s why the Speaker will be taking home minumum 45k a month. They manufacture the crises to fuel their Politics of Hate to a greater boil.

            Unfortunate Hannah Yeoh has a false superiority complex for nothing because she keeps labelling everyone else “low class”.

            1. Ms H. I never never look down on anyone because each person has an intrinsic worth. The Opposition State Governments have done nothing apart from being normal and tried to keep clean books. That is all ! And yet, they stick their grubby hands into the Rakyat’s hard-earned contribution without a cause AND FAILED TO DELIVER PUTRAJAYA TO THEMSELVES ! How can failures be reward many times over by themselves ?

              1. re: “How can failures be reward many times over by themselves?”

                It is called the prosperity gospel.

                  1. Rice Christian is a term used, usually pejoratively, to describe someone who has formally declared himself/herself a Christian for material benefits rather than for religious reasons.

                    The term comes from Asian countries, such as China and Japan. Concerns have been expressed both by Christian missionaries and by those opposed to Christian missions that people in these situations are only nominally converting to Christianity in order to receive charity or material advancements.


        3. re: “Your subject of discussion is fully backed by the shrewd and cunning from the Chinese Vernacular Schools.”

          Maybe so. But she is also backed by the churches, and the English-speaking Indians (Mr Hannah Yeoh being a prime example of “Tamil non-functioning” as well as the PAS Malays. And yes, mustn’t forget her biggest backer of all, the Scissorati of J-Star.

          1. Ms H. The groups you mentioned do not count. They are in the minority but only has a loud voice which is just about at the maximum pitch right now. How long can they shout at nothings ?

      2. She is the product of sekolah kebangsaan? totally a failure in BM because soalan lisan became ‘soalan mulut’….! hahahaha…
        sekolah kebangsaan is UMNO product and so the fault should be UMNO!

      3. Ms H. Do you know the ancient Chinese 36 steps ? I discovered that these Chinese in Malaysia assumed their superior (actually inferior like HY) complex when they learnt about these 36 steps and assumed they have the World in their hands. This is expressed by their actions and words. I came across this peculiar behaviour of the under-educated Malaysian Chinese over 40 years ago when I made a determined effort to discover what made them tick – talk big, cheat, brash, etc. It was nothing. These fellows are eaten up for breakfast many times over every morning in China. They are nothing. This is why the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 14 failed Policies for China outmaneuvered them in Singapore and in Malaysia. MCA behaves as though the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew does not exist. But in all these decades since 1959, he has been their direct ADVERSARY. Like HY, who only dares to bully his fellow compatriot like AK47 and used him as a forum for his inferiority complex a product of the Chinese Vernacular Schools.

        1. where got bully u? u never read the legend mulan takes her aged father’s place in the army? what i am doing now is sort of redemption for yr dad like mulan (not this blog mulan whose only aspiration is to qualify as bumi.) coz not knowing how to educate his son, didnt the three-character classic state “to feed without teaching, is the father’s fault”? yr mum sure second me one.

          1. HY. Shame on you bully your own Chinamen. Chinese Vernacular School product. This is why our beloved Malaysia is in such a turmoil today. Shame.

  7. Ms H. From all the news, I have requested my great-grandmother not to quarrel with anyone just in case he/she a politico who has no standards, propriety, ethics, manners, courtesy, professionalism, filial piety et. like HY who picks on AK47 as a platform to express his inferior nothings.

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