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Perkasa puts Najib’s GMM to the test

The hypocrisy of The Malaysian Insider is astounding.

TMI is the portal that fitnah Mukhriz Mahathir and had to issue four apologies in over a week, including one to the Tun, for its smear campaigns.

And here TMI has the cheek to editorialize — ‘The politics of smear now, apologize later’.

The politics of smear now, apologise later

Zul Nordin: Beware the Christians

Earlier I had blogged, ‘Perkasa punya Zul Noordin mengamok tentang “genosid politik Umno”.

Perkasa vice president cautioned Malaysia to beware its Christians.

Voice of the Christians, TMI, has responded to Zul.

Ms Jennifer Lopez’s interview with the usual suspects – the trio of Khoo Kay Peng, Dr Jayum A Jawan and Dr Arnold Puyok – was today published in TMI.

Free Malaysia Today 2013-12-08 14-52-42

Are the Christians proselytizing?

Analysts shred Perkasa’s warning of Christian tsunami (TMI, 11 Dec 2013)

TMI quoted UPM’s Dr Jayum as saying Perkasa leader was just looking for a bogeyman.

“I don’t think anyone is trying to convert anybody,” refuted Jayum.

UMS’s Dr Puyok chipped in: “If there is any threat of proselytising, Perkasa must provide proof of its allegations”.


It is a timely challenge to Perkasa, Jati (Dr Hasan Ali’s NGO), Muafakat, Accin (newly chaired by Isma), Mufti of Perak Harussani Zakaria, former PAS deputy president Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa and others possessing the evidence to publicly step forward.

Otherwise it will be assumed that their warnings have been successfully shredded.

Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai
Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai (left) is a director in Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates

Reactions to Zul

Khoo Kay Peng told TMI that he believed it was best for “for the PM to stay away from folks like Zulkifli Noordin”.

Dr Puyok, on the other hand, thinks that the Prime Minister should act quickly and boldly, cautioning that Perkasa is “playing with fire”. He urged the authorities to stop Perkasa from threatening national security and religious harmony, TMI reported.

“It looks like Perkasa is more potent than Najib’s global movement of moderates,” he said, according to the TMI report.

Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) is headed by Saifuddin Abdullah.

Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai is a GMM trustee. 

By entrusting the lofty GMM position to Wong, Najib is signalling that he is giving priority to the voice of the Christians as Wong’s newspaper The J-Star is well known as a Jerusubang mouthpiece. Just yesterday, the paper featured Hannah Yeoh receiving a cheque for RM12,000 on behalf of Kingdom Christian Fellowship Bhd.

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11 thoughts on “Perkasa puts Najib’s GMM to the test

  1. Najib would find it best to ignore Zul Noordin, Ibrahim Ali, and their ilk. These clowns were proven to be empty tin cans when they failed to win their seats despite all the hype and support.

    Besides, such statements would not endear Sarawak, majority of whom are Christians. Barisan Nasional’s fixed deposit.

  2. Is this a new strategy to win the battle? Battle your enemy to win the war or make friend with your enemy? Today”s friend tomorrow foes? Weird? Politics is interesting but sure there’s no winner.

    1. re: No winners in politics

      Only suckers like the Dapster horde who are willing to ‘kill’ (character assassinate) anyone viewed as a threat to their political idols.

      1. Ms H. What is Kingdom Christian Fellowship Bhd or Sdn. Bhd ? Do you mean anyone can worship thus ? And the company can receive monies without taxation ?

        If so, like a restaurant which is taxable, such a esoteric company can make a lot of money, money, money. How do the authorities know that they are not making money outside their Kingdom?

        In Singapore, a Charities Commission was set up to monitor illegal activities and one of them was caught with the executives pocket millions of dollars benefitting themselves. I believe that these very Companies accuse our BN Government led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties of short changing them as regards all sorts of things. True ?

        1. You’re right.

          Hannah Yeoh received a RM12k cheque for the Christian Kingdom which is a BERHAD company. It’s business.

          1. It must really grate on you to see a young ciku like Hannah Yeoh getting publicity that put her work in a positive light.

            I wonder what it was she ever did to you to warrant such personal hatred from you.

            1. I wonder what is your personal defence of her that’s so vested interest that you keep stalking my blog?

              Parody #1: “Ooooh, DAP troops using yummy words on lil’ ol’ me. How tasty.”

              Parody 2: “Oooh yummy is j-e-a-l-o-u-s that I have many readers. You don’t got your own readers at your own space, meh?”


  3. Wah, a Berhad co weyy. At a rate of MLM style marketing and 10% monthly contribution by members, it is set to go public soon. Imagine Hasnah Yeoh at gong-day hehehe

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