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Is Bersih planning 4.0 in Thailand’s footsteps?

Ambiga: “I thought silly season was supposed to end with Umno elections. Guess not.” Retweeted by Hannah Yeoh (see screenshot below).

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-12-14 00-37-17

Ambiga’s Twitter avatar is the logo of the Tribunal Rakyat which was convened a couple of months ago  in September in Subang Jaya (but where else).

Bersih’s self-appointed ‘Tribunal Rakyat’ reminds us of the “People Council” proposed by the Thai opposition which is demanding that caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra immediately resign so that their (the oppo’s)  so-called People Council – that nobody elected – can proceed to rule Thailand.

Ambiga and Hannah Yeoh in their tweets mocked the Umno elections as “silly season”.


Well, at least the party held elections and abides by the results unlike Anwar Ibrahim who had wanted to nullify the GE12 results through his September 16 attempted takeover — a manoeuvre that was defended and justified by Hannah Yeoh.

And at least the Umno election, where more than 200,000 delegates voted, was carried out without any hitches unlike the DAP elections where the less than 2,000 delegates took part.

Photos below: Happier times

Table napkin is tucked in her blouse
Close-up look at the napkin
Napkin on her shoulder

Interim Prime Minister is now fighting against an opposition determined to depose her.

If Yingluck Shinawatra loses her current battle, she could end up in exile.

As quirky as Yingluck’s fashion sense appears to be, she still manages to carry off her bizarre outfits with panache. Hannah Yeoh, on the other hand …


Blast from the past

When the Bersih participants were out on the streets, Hannah Yeoh was sheltering in a hotel room.

Her tweet on ‘428’ (i.e. 28th April, the Chinese just love numbers like 5th May ‘505’-change-government ) says:

“Pic taken fr hotel room where we sought shelter” (Hannah Yeoh tweet screenshot below).


DAP democrazy

While the DAP leaders remain nicely sheltering in hotel rooms, the PAS Takbir Army roll on the streets.

While the PAS foot soldiers pass around the donation box to collect pennies, the Madam Speaker votes to give herself a fat salary that’s 50 times the minimum wage. That’s Pakatan double standards for you.

And the Pakatoons are still deluding themselves that they’re holy warriors crusading for Freedom and Democracy.



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31 thoughts on “Is Bersih planning 4.0 in Thailand’s footsteps?

  1. Helen,
    The National Reform Council was proposed by The Nation newspaper has a very different purpose from Bersih’s “Tribunal Rakyat.”

    The Nation’s proposed Reform Council is to be an interim government until the elections in February, which will:-

    “Hence, we call for a national reform council to be set up immediately and in order to ensure public acceptance, its members can be nominated and screened by private and public organisations, educational institutes and social groups.”

    “We urge this reform council to first focus on the political arena and then find ways to neutralise economic and social differences, considering the cause of social division and the upheaval. We are convinced that only a mutually agreed-upon reform agenda, to be implemented by the “reform government”, would tackle the differences at the root and strengthen Thailand politically, economically and socially.”

    The purpose of the Reform Council is to establish a political, economic and societal reform programme, to reconcile the political differences, defend the constitution and restore rule of law, which whichever party is elected will have to implement.

    Compare that to the purpose of the “Tribunal Rakyak” essentially is a kangaroo court which will “try” the Elections Commission and its Secretary General over allegations of electoral fraud int the 5 May, 2013 elections.

    “Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya dan Setiausaha Agung Datuk Seri Tengku Umno Adnan Tengku Mansor bagaimanapun tidak menyertai tribunal bagi menyiasat salah laku ketika pilihan raya pada 5 Mei lalu walaupun jemputan telah dihantar kepada mereka.”

    The Reform Council will most probably be comprised of Thais from different sides of the political divide and neutral parties, whilst this “Tribunal Rakyat” has drawn in lots of foreign NGO representativs and Malaysian NGO representatives.

    The Reform Council seeks to try and heal Thailand’s political impasse which is hurting the country, whilst the “Tribunal Rakyat” will most probbaly come out with a report which serves their political agenda.

    BTW. Has Ambiga returned the award she received from Hilliary Clinton and Michelle Obama over police who fired a tear gas cannister at Ocupy Oakland protestors and hit Marine Lance Corporal Scott Olsen in the head and nearly killed him.


    This is Scott one year later.


  2. Yuck why tweeter picture so different, lies are catching up. What would your plopet do.. put latest picture la

    1. chonh,

      I reproduced the tweet screenshot from my posting

      Hence the screenshot was one taken 1-and-1/2 years ago (28 April 2012) and it is her old avatar which has since been changed.

      Hannah Yeoh has a bad habit of deleting tweets which puts her in an embarrassing light. Not surprising … she is also notorious for blocking critics in her Twitter timeline.

      See, BLOCKED



  3. Pakatoons dun have enough DAPster with balls… have to rely on minority PASster cows.. tu pun x cukup.

  4. Hotel “helped” to spray water to ease the gas…. Hehehe who is she kidding anyway?? This girl will just say what suits her fancy eh ;)

  5. not only BERSIH 4… BERSIH 5 and so on has to go on until the whole election ecosystem (to borrow Najib’s one of favourite word) are First-World standard.

    1. If we were to hold a snap election tomorrow and PR wins, will that make our system into a First-World standard?

    2. I presume the “whole election ecosystem are first-world standard” include party elections for DAP, PKR and PAS also?

  6. While the protesters in Thailand are fighting to unseat a Wall Street Puppet Regime, here we have a group of people fighting to install a Wall Street Puppet Regime.

  7. I cringe whenever I see the word People used in any the name of any grouping of people because usually it’s to justify their agenda. Question: If it’s People’s tribunal then shouldn’t all the people have a vote in any of their decision? After all, I didn’t vote anyone of them to represent me in that tribunal.

    People (me!) are tired of all this crazy demos. It’s disruptive, chaotic and a total waste of time. Normal people (me and my rural friends) would sit around the tv and computer to watch the madness of the democrazies and shake our heads at the chaos then go back to our business as usual. The demonstrations do not affect us directly. We call all of them demonstrators idiots and we do not appreciate some groups using US the PEOPLE to justify your personal wars.

    1. re: “we do not appreciate some groups using US the PEOPLE to justify your personal wars”

      Justify their personal GREED. In the name of The People, Hannah Yeoh – in the assembly that she presides over – voted to give herself a take-home pay that is 50 times the minimum wage.

      1. The People they refer to are Their People, not average Malaysians.

        But suckers are always there to buy their snake oil and mind you, we do have a lot of suckers in Malaysia, especially from a certain community who always complain about them being the largest taxpayers, about their education rights being marginalized, and so on.

        As I have said, this certain ethnic group has no idea that once PR is in power, they will become expendables.

  8. hotel help spray water to ease the gas… my ass la madam speaker.

    most hotel owner as chinese and they are all kiasu babeh. let alone no technology to do that. common madam speaker….. god speed to you hahhahaha

    1. kampong Lad,

      People like Mohd sabu thrives in chaos. Meaning he will only be useful or relevant by inciting people to demonstrate on the street.

      Mohd sabu is not known in giving brilliant ideas. He is more like “maharajalawak” amusing people. He is popular, not respected. In short, he is known more as “court jester’.

      The coming demonstration is about him. He has ample time. He lost election in Pendang. So he goes around provoking people.

      What I notice though people are critical about news on price hike in many sectors, they too are tired with demonstration after demonstrations. So BERSIH is actually losing steam.

  9. Seems to me like all that praise and back-slapping from Pakatoons has gone to Ambiga’s head. No semblance of impartiality left in her now (hardly a squeak about DAP CEC elections). She’s become a barefaced, full blown Pakatoon.

    1. And yet she still has the guts to go around preaching people of how elections should be, when she’s awfully quiet about DAP CEC elections.

      Tak tau malu punya org.

      1. She is what we call a pet. She is useful, for now. But as they say, there is a sell by date. Who knows, when she is no longer useful, what PR might do to her.

        1. Re. She is what we call a pet.

          She is SNAKE@PAMBU

          Re. But as they say, there is a sell by date.

          SNAKE eats everything the best analogy is akin to the case of Florida everglade infested with Burmese Pythons abandoned by pet owner, that destroy the natural ecosystem as they have no predator.

          Re. Who knows, when she is no longer useful, what PR might do to her.

          Just follow what/how Raja Petra’s tone is toward the Gomen of the day now. As a SNAKE/PAMBU which is in her community DNA, she is capable of doing the same.

          1. Re: Just follow what/how Raja Petra’s tone is toward the Gomen of the day now. As a SNAKE/PAMBU which is in her community DNA, she is capable of doing the same.

            RPK, a member of the Selangor royal family has made an almost complete about-turn from his opposition BN bashing days.

            Are you implying that RPK’s royal ancestry also carries the “SNAKE/PAMBU” DNA or that the trait is inherent in Malays as well?

  10. There is a possibility/potential of BERSIH 4.0 soon. Anwar Ibrahim was in The US recently and it has been a trend previously. Plus he has been conspicuously quiet after Blackout 505 and it is time for him to pull another stunt.

    Someone needs to throw him in the SLAMMER and THROW AWAY THe KEY ASAP….

  11. Ms H. In Thailand, the issues are different from us. Demonstrations are no way to unseat an incumbent Government in a country with peace, stability and prosperity. Our Opposition missed the 3 EASY STEPS to Putrajaya and their demonstrations have not made any mark or dent on the LEGITIMACY OF THE BN GOVERNMENT. This is the KEY. The 3 EASY STEPS

    1. In 1998, if the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister. Those events which happened later, would not have happened.

    2. In 2008, the Opposition should have sorted out the 32 controlling seats before the General Elections. They did not and gave these folks a holiday at Peitou,Taipeh.

    3. In 2013, the Opposition should have boycotted the General Elections and went on a 100 day fast. They did not and became part of our redoubtable Malaysian Democracy which WITHOUT them our Democracy is not complete. Thanks a million !

    Down in Singapore, the spiritual homeland of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, we see bungles as led by their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore. What do we expect of his digits or cohorts in our beloved Malaysia ?

    1. “In 2013, the Opposition should have boycotted the General Elections”

      In Thailand, if a candidate stands unopposed and does not get a certain percentage of the vote (if I recall 20%), the result for that constituency is rendered invalid. In Malaysia, a candidate who stands unopposed wins by default.

      In the elections before the 2006 military coup, the Democrat Party adopted a tactic to boycott the election, which resulted in many disqualifications for their opponent, the Thai Rak Thai Party. If they used the Malaysian system, Thai Rak Thai would have won handsomely.

    2. AK47,

      Thai politics is in the mess. Whatever said about Yingluck, she is a legitimate head of government. She won the election. As such, she has the mandate and right to be the head of government.

      Insisting that she steps down will bring another unnecessary episode of anarchy into Thailand.

      Already Yingluck made concession. another election is on the way although by right there is no need to do so.

      What happen in Thailand should serve as a reminder. The loser must accept reality. Trying to win power through back door of Putrajaya (Sept 16, accusation of 40,000 Bangladeshi voters) is a manifestation of greed.

      As for Anwar, he his “plagued” with this destruction attitude: overstating his importance. Malaysia will not fail simply if Anwar not chosen to be the PM. Instead, all of us are doing Malaysia a big favour by ignoring Anwar.

      1. re: “Trying to win power through back door of Putrajaya (Sept 16, accusation of 40,000 Bangladeshi voters) is a manifestation of greed.”

        Quote: Mahatma Gandhi — “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

        So very GREEDY is Madam Speaker in giving herself a take-home pay that is 50 times the minimum wage. The reason why DAP 3.0 is greedy for power is obvious.

        1. Helen,

          Yup. i could not agree more. It is simply “nauseating” to see DAP preaching to other, especially to UMNO, with impunity. Often reminds me of white men preaching to natives while grabbing their(native) land.

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