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It’s now confrontation all the way

Below are excerpts from ‘Can a new captain steer MCA out of the storm?‘ (, 13 Dec 2013)

The article written by Chen Shaua Fui was published yesterday. Sentences and phrases below which are placed in inverted commas are extracted from Chen’s feature.

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(1) “the BN power-sharing model”

MCA has sunk to being “merely a party attached to the ruling coalition”. Attached to Umno’s apron strings rather.

Seats — Parliament ↓  State ↓

  • 2004:  31 (P)   76 (S)
  • 2013:  7 (P)   11 (S)


Change — muslimin dan muslimah PAS di’UBAH’ menjadi burung

(2) “may be beautiful words, but …”

Chen writes:

“Reform, the main thrust of Liow’s manifesto, or going back to the core values of the party, the crux of Gan’s manifesto, or Ong’s fighting to restore the dignity of the party may be beautiful words, but can the new leadership deliver what they promise, that is, to win back the support of the Chinese community?”

She is referring to MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai, former party president Ong Tee Keat and current vice president Gan Ping Sieu.

“The Chinese community certainly doubts it, and as a matter of fact, they don’t really care anymore.”

Madam Speaker of Selangor
Madam Speaker of Selangor

Willing to do whatever it takes to get the Gold and the Glory. Jaja anak pun tak kisah

(3) TUDUNG — evangelista chameleon change of appearance

Chen writes:

“They have ditched the MCA because they were disappointed in the non-performance of the party in forging a nation in which everyone is equal and not called ‘outsiders’ and asked to ‘go back to China’.”

“To put things into perspective, MCA now faces challenges it had never faced before: a landslide support of the Chinese community to the opposition because they are longing for change.”

My comment: Well, we can clearly see the “change” in the DAP alright.

Pakatan to keep funding sources secret until elections reformed - Yahoo News Malaysia 2013-12-12 22-14-26

The mugshot above is of Charles Santiago, the DAP Klang MP

(4) DAP’s CAT adopted

“The Chinese voters had chosen the agenda offered by the opposition that strives for transparency, good governance and equality, against the services offered by the MCA for the past 64 years.”

My comment: Yup, the Dapsters … really … actually … believe that they’re going to be given Transparency, Good Governance, Equality, blah blah blah.

What ‘transparency’?!

Screenshot above: Headline “keep funding sources secret” was published in Yahoo! News two days ago (12 Dec 2013)

DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming, famous for #sahur

(5) Chinese no longer scared of hudud, Islamic state‘s Chen Shaua Fui writes:

“Phoon believed that the main reason [why DAP is getting all the votes] is that the current political system based on religious and racial differences is no longer working after many new issues concerning policy making and governance have surfaced, in addition to the emergence of a cross-community social movement. Hence, the Islamic state or hudud law issues constantly raised by the  MCA could no longer scare the Chinese.”

Phoon Wing Keong is a political scientist who recently wrote a paper on the realignment of Chinese politics after GE13.

(6) MCA now “lacks legitimacy within the Chinese community”

“The Chinese community has clearly stated that they are prepared to bid farewell to MCA in the 2013 GE. In hoping to return to the mainstream of politics, MCA doesn’t seem to grapple with this spirit of the times,” Phoon said.


(7) “Chinese do not really feel the absence of the MCA”

Ng Nyen Fah, Director of the Centre for Chinese Studies, told

“It is not that the Chinese want to go against the other communities, but we have to find a way to share the fruits of the country’s wealth together. There is no such blueprint proposed by the MCA leaders. Now, the Chinese don’t want to be represented by the MCA anymore.”

According to Ng, it is “not that the Chinese want to go against the other communities …”.

My comment: On the contrary, the Chinese – if they still want to be led by the DAP evangelistas and continue on this collision course – will most certainly be clashing with The Other religious community and the consequences will not be pretty.

Advance warning, pay heed: Isma no like DAP


(8) Impossible for MCA to emerge from rock bottom

Chong Soo Choon, a political analyst from Perak, is “pessimistic that MCA can pull through its current crisis”.

“Currently, the Chinese are supporting Pakatan Rakyat, especially those aged 30 to 45 years, because of their agenda to create a clean country,” Chong said.

<Extracts from ends>

It’s bellyachingly funny lah … to hear that Chinese agenda is to “create a clean country” … ha-ha-ha.

Subang Jaya – “rise up and let’s take Subang for Jesus” – is the dirtiest township in Malaysia.

Scenes from Subang Jaya
Scenes from Subang Jaya


Soiled mattresses thrown away in a commercial district in Subang Jaya. Where do you think those mattresses came from?

“rumah urut bersepah-sepah” di Subang Jaya

Twitter - aisalinglung- @ShfqShuhaimi @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-38-53

(9) Jerusubang Sin City

Subang Jaya has some 70 licenced massage parlours and more than 150 entertainment centres at last count.

Kalau nak cakap dok yang haram tu, entahlah berapa sarang-sarang maksiat yang ada.

Twitterjaya calls Subang Jaya the “City of Sin” — see screenshot Twitter profile of a complainant below.

Twitter - aisalinglung- @ShfqShuhaimi @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-22-30

Twitter - ShfqShuhaimi- @aisalinglung @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-27-36

(10) The J-Star is gunting dalam lipatan

MCA shows how rudderless they are when they allow reporters (in the newspaper that is owned by the party) not only to mock their senior leaders but for these reporters to be fast-tracked in promotion by the J-Star evangelista editors.

KOMASee, Star reporter called MCA sec-gen a “donkey”?’

See also the exploits of Mr Regina Lee aka Chin Peng lookalike,Pengeruasi NUJ Star balun MCA, Chua Soi Lek dan Rosmah di Twitter’.

MCA has totally, totoally lost the plot when they are willing to permit The J-Star evangelista editors to run their media group as a publicity vehicle to promote DAP 3.0.

Given the political scenario described above, what path is now left open to the MCA and its pair of venomous scissors, you think? No negotiation, no reconciliation. It’ll be confrontation all the way from now.


Najib wasting his time talking about ‘national reconciliation’


The J-Star, Gunting dalam Lipatan


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16 thoughts on “It’s now confrontation all the way

  1. “Subang Jaya has some 70 licenced massage parlours and more than 150 entertainment centres at last count.”

    Aahhh now I know why there are quite a few churches in Subang.

    1. Just to make clear, “150 LICENCED entertainment centres” too. Unlicenced, dunno.

      The quite a few (new) evangelical churches, yeah. How about the number of pharmacies?

  2. Ms H. I have always said that whether it is the MCA or the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which can deliver the real goodies to the Malaysian Chinese vis-a-vis the other communites, then the party will have their support. Promises are just promises in the meantime. Why the Malaysian Chinese were mum in the past ? It was because the general economy before 2003 was so very good and now, it is a different story. It is money, money, money a’la Singapura !

  3. “The Chinese community certainly doubts it, and as a matter of fact, they don’t really care anymore.”

    I wonder whether MCA members themselves would even care who’s gonna be their President. Honestly, I really hope they do care.

    1. Pure,

      They do care. Hence, the surprise on Chinese faces when UMNO still “holds the fort” after massive if not practically entire Chinese rejection.

      While “Ini kalilah’ was the flavour right up to the election, it was replaced with “we are all Malaysians’ after the election.

      Suddenly there are numerous calls for not to punish those who reject BN (or more importantly UMNO). Suddenly, the call to punish UMNO before election was conveniently forgotten.

      Suddenly the reality (after election) becomes clear. Suddenly, the reality that the only way to bring down BN (or specifically UMNO) is by getting Malay majority to abandon UMNO. Suddenly it becomes very clears that plane loads of Chinese coming to back to vote still can not bring down the government.

      AS FOR MCA, the only way out of this seemingly bottomless pits is by telling Chinese the truth. That while they are free to choose, they need not wage war against Malays. In plain language, they do not have to sacrifice their legitimate interests to perpetuate feudalistic Lim Dynasty.


      1) PAS is very troubled as there is a significant shift towards UMNO among Malay community. Which explains why UMNO captures Kedah and making inroad in Kelantan.

      2) PKR Malay leaders to are troubled as it has to rely heavily on non Malay voters to win.

      3) DAP is troubled too as its battle cry against UMNO has made Malays realise that they still can rule the country without Chinese support.

      4) And MCA is continue to be in trouble from 2008. Simply because it tries to be DAP in BN. MCA simply refuses to tell Chinese that actually DAP is leading the Chinese to confront the Malays. And the confrontation will be physical.

      1. re: “While “Ini kalilah’ was the flavour right up to the election, it was replaced with “we are all Malaysians’ after the election.”

        The J-Star is the chief culprit. So many “we are all Malaysians” slogans, logos, pretty cartoons and not to mention Datuk Seri WCW’s that the Jerusubang paper published after DS Najib blurted out “Chinese tsunami”.

        1. Helen,

          Yup. it is not pleasant actually to side with losing party. in war, it would be catasthropic. Many empires were dissolved due to siding with losing side. Remember Hapsburg and ottoman empire.

          “we are all Malaysians” is mere ploy to placate the winners(UMNO).

          1. re: “we are all Malaysians” is mere ploy to placate the winners(UMNO)”

            A hypocritical ploy by the hypocritical J-Star editor whom Najib saw fit to appoint as trustee of his Global Movement of Moderates.

            1. Helen,

              I could not agree more. Najib, maybe due to advices from overpaid consultants, believe in principle of helping those all out to dethrone UMNO.

              To Najib, this may sound elegant. To others, it is plain stupidity.

  4. Nampaknya hanya Helen yg susah hati pasal kegilaan masyarakat cina menyokong DAP ni. Tapi Najib buat BODO je mcm biasa. Konon bersangka baik. The enemies were never play fair…

    1. When the mob menggila, it is the innocent and the poor people who get hurt. Life is not always fair.

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