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Doing an Alvivi by denying that hijab is Muslim attire

Dapsters were willing to provide all kinds of excuses to justify why it is perfectly alright for Hannah Yeoh and Teo Nie Ching to don tudung in order to traipse into mosques.

Their excuse is a circular argument, i.e. they claimed Nie Ching had to wear tudung because the Islamic authorities were displeased when, during her earlier visit, she was bareheaded. Which nonetheless still did not address the complaint of why the then DAP Serdang MP must persist with trotting into Selangor mosques despite the rebukes.

Only when MAIS issued YB Teo a formal warning letter did she put a stop to her shenanigans and even this was after the notoriety of appearing on the front page of Utusan — pictured wearing a body hugging baby-T and doing senamrobik in the mosque compound.


Paling gila publisiti

In the matter of Hannah Yeoh and her tudung modelling, the Dapters went into a second circuit of the circular argument.

They said that there is absolutely nothing amiss with her Occupy Masjid campaign and that Hannah Yeoh is compelled to wear the tudung as otherwise she would not be allowed to step into the mosque — a lesson learned from her evangelista colleague’s experience.

Which still begs the question of why Hannah’s fetish for invading mosques and her obsession for the photo ops — pictured in her tudung apparel. If she had sincerely wanted to give donations to the mosques, she can post a cheque, can’t she?

After all, mosques in Malaysia have been receiving donations from individuals and state assemblymen/MPs since before Hannah Yeoh was born. Never in the history of Malaysian politics has there been such a publicity whore as the Madam Speaker in exploiting the delivery of state-sponsored funding.

See previous posting, ‘Model bogel klon Hannah Yeoh suka bertudung dan ‘lebih pandai’ Islam (“Alhamdulilah”) daripada muslimah

If one is genuine nak tutup aurat, then tutup lah betul-betul. Ini tidak.

The four Muslim ladies in the photo (below) have covered up until not a strand of their hair can be seen. This is not the case with Hannah Yeoh, however, where half her head left exposed. (In at least a dozen other photos, this DAP rank opportunist will nonchalantly drape the selendang as a mere fashion accessory and not in respect of the place of worship.)


Bak Kut Teh is suddenly not pork

Now with regard to the Felixia Yeap controversy – the Playboy bunny wearing hijab just for the heck of it – Ms Yeap’s Dapster defenders are saying that the hijab is not a Muslim attire.

This is parallel to the Alvivi (Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee) affidavit submitted in court which asserted that Bak Kut Teh need not necessarily be a pork dish. Some oppo supporters even go as far as to claim that the Alvivi ‘Buka Puasa’ invitation could have been for partaking “organic vegetarian Bak Kut Teh”.

In the matter of Felixia’s hijab, the Dapsters are insisting that there is no law in Malaysia against any non-Muslim choosing to cover herself in hijab.

While some Muslims may be find Felixia’s stunt offensive while others not, nonetheless the combative behaviour of the Dapsters in cuba menegakkan benang basah is nothing short of provocative. No ifs and buts.

It is particularly provocative when the Felixia supporters want to ban comments by Muslims (and other rational Malaysians) objecting to the lingerie model’s publicity stunt. In other words, the orang yang suka memandai-mandai itu are carrying out cyber terrorism to silence dissenting voices (see below).

I wear the hijab with good intentions, says former Playboy bunny - The Malaysian Insider

Comment link @

Evangelista Bintang Tiga methods

It is the same modus operandi as when they shout “RACIST!!” to divert any legitimate criticism, e.g. Lim Guan Eng’s s allegation that “Umno raised racist issues because I am a Chinese CM” after he was chastised for calling the state opposition leader a “racist grandmother”.

Using the same Dapster standard operating procedure, a comment critical of Felixia Yeap’s hijab-wearing is characterized as “judgemental”, “full of hates” [sic], “jealous” and other deflections such as that the hijab cannot be allowed to be trademarked ‘For Muslims Only’ on account that the adherents of Islam in Malaysia are an “easily confused” and narrow-minded lot.

The DAP supporters will soon be pushing this diversionary SOP to a point where Malays and Muslims are effectively gagged from voicing any kind of unease on how the non-Muslims are exploiting their religion (of Islam).

Thereafter, whenever a Malay Muslim is made uncomfortable or wishes to object to the non-Muslims’ manipulation of Islamic tradition or culture, he will be beaten down by the Evangelista Bintang Tiga as a “religious bigot”.


Muslims wear cross for fashion, ok what, says Playboy bunny fan


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18 thoughts on “Doing an Alvivi by denying that hijab is Muslim attire

  1. Why bring politics into this? Imagine if someone analysed your incesssant bitching and incitement and associated it with a certain political party? What then? Why are you creating hate?

    1. (1) I really must give you an Early Bird prize. Does your smart phone buzz every time I upload a new article (?) b’cos more often than not, you’re the first one to comment. Same thing happens in Annie’s Dapster-infested blog (sorry Annie, the description doesn’t reflect on you in any way but describes their SOP).

      (2) Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas. So, you’re feeling hot under the collar, is it? Why lah? Do your fellow evangelical church members wear hijab as well?

      (3) You need more training to moderate your M.O. Why not UBAH to more loving language like try saying, “Helen, why are you not building bridges (lurrve, lurrrve, lurrve)?” Then follow up with: “You’re just jealous that Felixia has got such lovely hijab and you don’t.”

      1. Helen,

        I learnt the Evangelistas really want to penetrate into the Malays’ culture and religious affair.

        Why not kita biarkan saja. Kita biarkan hampas-hampas Kristian dan Islam ini bergabung. Kita labelkan mereka dan bila sampai masa kita hapuskan kesemuanya.

        1. Hi,

          Just to let you know, you’re ‘Orang Kampung’ (spelt with ‘u’) in this blog. There’s orang kampong/Orangkampung (spelt with ‘o’) who might be a different person, unless I’m mistaken.

          There is also ‘kampong lad’, ‘Cikgu Kampong’, ‘Economist Kampong’ who have commented in this blog.

          Urm, readership reflective of the minority un”popular vote” — kampung = Umno people. LOL

          Btw, I’m also in the 47% and we (you and me both) are considered “stupid” and “wicked” by them for our not supporting Pakatan.

          There’s also

          1. No lah. I don’t think they would consider you “stupid” and “wicked”. To them, you’re just a trouble maker. Keep it up. They hate the way you draw our attention (rakyat lah).

            No i’m not an Umno guy. I’m really an Orang Kampung. Nak taip ayat ni pun berminit-minit jari mematuk papan kekunci. I’m a newbie here. Your new follower.

            1. Okay, thank you for following. Lately I’ve been thinking that living in a kampung would be more peaceful.

  2. Helen,

    Sekarang YB Cina DAP dah boleh cukur jambul anak orang Islam…

    “Dalam Islam, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, “Tiap-tiap anak itu tergadai dengan akikahnya yang disembelih untuk dia ketika hari ketujuh dan dicukur, lalu diberi nama.” (Riwayat Ahmad dan disahkan oleh Turmudzi)

    Berdasarkan kepada hadis ini, ulama menyatakan bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. menggalakkan umat Islam yang dikurniakan cahaya mata supaya melakukan akikah pada hari ketujuh. Kemudiannya, daging akikah tersebut diagih-agihkan kepada golongan fakir miskin.”

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

    Bagi yang tak tahu Majlis Cukur Jambul tu apa sila baca disini:

  3. While Felixia might just be unintentionally ignorance on certain part, those DAP high-ranking profiles are not. As if they really need to bring forth their new political revelations into mosques. Might has been a big insight they can’t even wait for another rally I presume.

  4. mengimbas lipatan sejarah tanah bertuah ini.. terdapat persamaan matlamat tersirat kepada perkara yang berlaku dalam peristiwa …

    Pergerakkan Bintang 3 tahun 1948 penubuhan Malayan Union 1955, Konfrontasi & perpisahan Singapura dari Malaysia tahun 1963, Tragedi Mei 13 – 1969, Lawatan Al Gore 1998 dan PRU 13 2013…

    walau pun modus operandi berbeza , (sesuai dengan keadaan, teknologi dan pola sosial semasa peristiwa berlaku) namun sehingga kini ia masih gagal membuahkan kejayaan.

    kegagalan tersebut bukan kerana masyarakat majoriti bersatu tetapi lebih kepada keserasian pemimpin masyarakat majoriti menangani keadaan pada setiap masa peristiwa yang dijana berlaku, . …

    sebenarnya, bagi kaum apartheid ini, mendapat sebuah pulau sebelum ini bukanlah satu rahmat kepada mereka, .. kerana belum pun pengasasnya mati dan tamat satu generasi, bibit-bibit bala sudah mula timbul … ibarat bisul menanti pecah.. dan yang paling menyedihkan ialah impiannya untuk mendapatkan tanah yang lebih besar tidak kesampaian hingga kehari ini…

    jika kaum ini masih tidak sedar… dan tidak mahu menerima hakikat dan berterusan menyusahkan kaum majoriti yang baik dan kuat tolak ansurnya serta masih mahu meneruskan niat jahat mereka,. maka kemungkinan dalam masa terdekat berlaku peristiwa ‘menang jadi abu, kalah jadi arang’ kepada gulongan mereka adalah sangat besar.. samada suka atau tidak bila ‘cacing sudah naik kemata’ terlalu lama … sesabar mana sesuatu bangsa sekali pun tentunya mereka akan sampai juga ke ‘titik putus’…

    sementara masih ada lagi sisa-sisa masa.. alangkah eloknya kaum apartheid ini melihat kembali kedalam diri mereka dengan sejujur-jujurnya, kikis mana-mana niat jahat dan kesombongan yang ada..

    sejarah dunia membuktikan, belum ada kaum yang sombong berjaya mengatasi kaum yang sabar dalam tempoh yang lama.. kebanyakkanya tidak akan dapat bertahan lebih dari 3 generasi atau 100 tahun dalam keadaan gah … contoh terdekat ialah jiran sebelah semenanjung ini .. baru 50 tahun dan belum pun generasi pengasas pupus.. tanda-tanda keretakkan sudah mula nampak…

    .. tanah bertuah ini telah mengharungi pelbagai badai beribu tahun.. namun sehingga hari ini belum ada bangsa apartheid yang mampu melupuskan bangsa peribumi seperti mana lupusnya peribumi Benua Amerika dan Australia satu ketika dahulu… bahkan mereka kembali semula dengan bergaya, sepertimana mereka kembali semula selepas tahun 1957 tanpa setitik darah pun tertumpah … tahun 1980 mereka ambil kembali harta mereka dari penjajah dengan sopan.. dan yang paling terbaharu, tahun 2013 mereka mengagalkan kerakusan kaum apartheid yang tinggal selangkah lagi untuk menang dengan hikmah yang melondehkan kepura-puraan kaum ini dengan aibnya disiang hari ..

    kereputan yang di lihat berlaku pada kaum majoriti ketika ini hanyalah satu proses perpindahan sementara seperti mana gugurnya daun kering dimusim luruh untuk melahirkan tunas untuk daun baru yang lebih segar … dan bukan tanda untuk masa menebang pokok tersebut.

    .. kembalilah kepangkal jalan, sementara peluang masih ada jika ingin melihat keturunan terkemudian hidup aman dan damai..


    1. Satu pandangan yang jujur, tegas & bersopan.

      Malangnya golongan apartheid ni tak faham bahasa. Konsep orang berbudi jangan haraplah.

      As if without ehsan by the pribumis these ingrates would bercambah berjuta2!

  5. Ramai juga makcik melayu pakai tudung macam Hannah Yeoh. Tak payah sebut nama mereka. Helen tentu lebih arif.

    1. re: “Helen tentu lebih arif”


      Kan DAP selalu cakap bahawa segala apa yang ada kaitan dengan Umno tu semestinya yang buruk dan yang hodoh?

      Jadi kalau ada pun makcik Melayu (Umno) yang pakai tudung macam tu, apa perlunya HY terikut-ikut mereka yang selalu dicemuhnya dengan tertawa “hu hu hu”?

  6. kenapa Hannah Y dibenarkan masuk ke masjid? Tahukah dia hukum syarat masuk ke masjid?

    sedangkan orang yang sedang datang bulan pun haram masuk ke masjid.

    Biasanya tak dibenarkan orang bukan Islam masuk ke ruang solat yang mereka nanti akan sengaja/tak sengaja menjatuhkan/meninggalkan najis.

    1. Straight to the point. Boleh atau tidak boleh jika Hannah Yeoh dan Helen Ang masuk masjid? Kenapa?

      Jawab. Kami para pembaca ingin lihat jawapan anda.

        1. Helen boleh masuk masjid. Asalkan memakai pakaian yang ditetapkan oleh pihak jawatankuasa masjid yang hendak dimasuki.

          Jika Helen tak ingin masuk masjid kerana tiada sebab munasabah untuk memasuki masjid, tak apa. Tapi Helen boleh.

          Hannah Yeoh tahu orang-orang Islam yang mempelawanya masuk ke dalam masjid berangan hendak mengislamkannya. Malangnya orang-orang Islam tersebut tidak tahu Hannah Yeoh lebih bijak dari apa yang mereka sangkakan. Satu strategi politik yang jahat dan kemas dari seorang wanita Cina yang tahu kelemahan orang-orang Islam.

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