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‘Apartheid’, definisi oleh Dapster

Ahli MCA dilarang masuk sebuah kedai makan Cina di Kepong.

Definisi ‘apartheid’ oleh penyokong pembangkang — lihat komen pembaca Malaysiakini, bawah.

“The owner does not want their Klu Klax Klan (sic) members donning their [MCA] uniform to patronise his restaurant … it is fighting the scum of apartheid practices by the MCA.”

Guan Eng rapped for backing 'anti-MCA' restaurant - Malaysiakini 2013-12-17

“MCA talks only of Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, not about Malaysians,” kata Lim Guan Eng hari ini.

“MCA should not talk about political hatred or blame the rakyat for exercising their freedom to choose,” tambah setiausaha agung DAP itu lagi. — sumber, ‘Guan Eng says MCA members are the ones creating political divide and hatred’ (TMI, 17 Dec 2013)

Kalau Guan Eng hendak mengertikan tindakan restoran Cina tersebut sebagai “kebebasan untuk memilih [pelanggan]”, maka kedai-kedai Melayu pun boleh mengikut jejak langkah menolak pengunjung orang DAP, bukankah begitu?

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9 thoughts on “‘Apartheid’, definisi oleh Dapster

  1. Minahbulat ni tahu tak apa itu apartheid? Kesian Mandela beriya-iya memerangi apartheid sampai ke penjara berpuluh tahun, lepas tu senang-senang orang hijack terminology apartheid untuk kepentingan mereka.

    MCA talks Chinese and not Malaysians, that’s very straight forward and MCA should because that’s what their name implies. DAP on the other hand talks Malaysian but their defiition of Malaysian is more suited to the English-speaking, bible-thumping, urbanites who make up less than 20% of the population. Personally, i would take the Chinese-centric MCA over the snake-in-the-grass DAP anytime.

    1. re: “the Chinese-centric MCA”

      Unfortunately the MCA is increasingly succumbing to the evangelistas. One example is the conduct of the media that they own — The J-Star.

      Another example is the sacking of former MCA Subang Jaya Adun, evangelista Datuk Lee Hwa Beng (pix below), from the party recently post-GE13.


  2. “MCA talks only of Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, not about Malaysians,” kata Lim Guan Eng hari ini.

    Then don’t celebrate Chinese New Year. It is not Malaysian. Leave the celebration to racist MCA die harders.

    1. Mulan,

      LGE is not only suppose to leave CNY celebration, he should also stop speaking in any chinese dialect, he is also supposed to leave aside all chinese culture.

      He accused Malay for being racist, Chinese for being racist, Indian for being racist….but what is he made of?

      Maybe he is a sacred breed of chameleon with a speciality…. odikal?

      1. ‘LGE is not only suppose to leave CNY celebration, he should also stop speaking in any chinese dialect, he is also supposed to leave aside all chinese culture.’

        He should ask his wife to stay 3km away from any Chinese pagoda,! She lost her hair the last time!

        1. Helen,

          MCA as the name implies is a political party that fight for interest of Chinese.

          Just like MIC to Indians and UMNO to Malays. There is nothing wrong about that. There is nothing cynical about that.

          DAP claims to fights for Malaysian interests. I know too well that is only good on slogan. The reality is that DAP is to perpetuate Lim Dynasty. And in order to have Chinese to “submit” to them, DAP feeds them with illusion that Malays (meaning UMNO) is just waiting to abolish whatever chinese legitimate interests.

          My answer to such imaginery fear is very straight forward. Malays (meaning UMNO) does not have to wait 50 years to be cruel if that is the intention. It would simply bulldoze whatever chinese institutions right after independence.

          DAP could not care less that it is actually inciting the Chinese. And sooner or later the collision will take place. The provocation comes in manner like greeting Muslim religious festivals with “bak kut teh”. And also in manner of rudeness of Chinese youth targeting dark complexion people on polling day. Or mocking azan or insisting to use “allah” when the word never appear on Bible even once.

          Not to mention countless time Chinese youth insulting Prophet Muhammad on social media. And recently there is a prohibition on suraus in Penang to use microfon to recite AlQuran on dawn.

          Chinese I believe do notice the discomfort on Malay community. But they happily tag along as they too share the same purpose: to bring down UMNO.

          But as I said, they ignore the implication. They do not realise that DAP is leading them on firing line. Maybe they cant be bothered as they see UMNO is too indecisive.

          But mark my word. There is limit to patience. Once it snaps, there would likely be bloodbath, putting those innocent Malaysians literally on sword.

          As for MCA, if it refuses to accept reality, so be it. It has to be bold. It must tell chinese that no way for any political party to disregard the largest racial group: Malays. It must tell chinese point blank that confrontation against malays will not work.

          Simply because Malays too can be confrontational.

  3. apartheid didefinisi oleh mandela ialah apabila sekumpulan manusia berkulit putih minoriti menguasai politik dan ekonomi afrika selatan.

    Jika DAP mahu mengguna pakai konsep apartheid di Malaysia, mereka ialah contoh terbaik.

    Kaum cina mewakili 30% populasi Malaysia sudah pun menguasai ekonomi, dan terkini mahukan kuasa.

    DAP menafikan mereka parti berasaskan kaum. Mereka hanya berselindung di sebalik nama parti. Demokrasi.

    Tapi demokrasi bermaksud, majority rules.

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