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Rosmah the cause of pincer movement against Najib

Let me be clear. This article is about the lengths that the Pakatan bible-thumpers will go in their Politics of Hate.

I’m aware that there are Umno supporters too who are also critical of Rosmah Mansor. Criticism can be fair and constructive, and this applies as well to criticism of the PM’s wife whom some Umno-ites fear is a liability to his government.

On the other hand, HATE – the kind being propagated by Pakatan – is nothing fair and constructive. It makes people irrational and savage.

In a nutshell, Pakatan is trying its hardest to do a ‘Marie Antoinette’ on Datin Seri Rosmah.

BELOW: Twitter exchange between Hannah Yeoh and Mr Regina Lee, former chairman of Star National Union of Journalists (NUJ) aka Chin Peng lookalike on “Big Mama” Rosmah.

HannahTwitter TEH

Marie Antoinette

She was the consort of King Louis XVI at the time of the French Revolution when the peasants stormed the Bastille.

Marie Antoinette was guillotined in October 1793 where the executioner held her decapitated head aloft for the cheering, jeering crowd all to see.

I have met Chinese who percaya bulat-bulat the story about Rosmah’s purported diamond ring worth tens of millions of ringgit.

Below is a comment I received from Servant of God some time back @ 2013/01/25 at 4:47 pm:

“Dear Helen,

This is unrelated, but I think interesting.

I was reading up on Marie Antoinette, and felt like I was hit by a bus carrying a brick wall.

In particular, see this sentence: “The Diamond Necklace incident further ruined her reputation. Although she was completely innocent in this affair, she became known as Madame Déficit.”

I don’t know about you, but for me this is more or less the situation being faced by DS Rosmah. The diamond ring lie, the Altantuya murder, and many other lies.

Marie Antoinette was herself innocent, but was used to stoke the fires of hatred within the French people, which eventually led to the French Revolution.

Does any of this seem familiar to anyone else?

Hmm, the more I learn, the more reasons I have to hate PR.

Or will they say that the French Revolution was orchestrated by Umno?”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- So, dissolving Parliament today

Demonizing Rosmah

Recently Hannah Yeoh tweeted:

  • I am the first woman Speaker. I am not the first lady.” — screenshot of Hannah’s tweet here
  • No other side income. No diamonds. No private jets.” — screenshot of Hannah’s tweet here

Hannah Yeoh’s evangelista colleague Teo Nie Ching (the other DAP tudung wearer) went to the extent of raising the matter of Rosmah’s Birkin bags through a written question in Parliament late 2011.

And the Dapsters have continually stoked the fires of hatred. Rosmah’s handbags were the topic of conversation in Yahoo groups and other online chat fora following the DAP raising its Parliamentary question.

Even the DAP official multimedia team headed by Tony Pua parodied Rosmah and her “ring” in their music video based on Korean popstar Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style.

-teo nie ching- birkin - Google Search

Playing the politics of hate

A parallel of Rosmah Mansor with Marie Antoinette is their respective reputations that have taken a battering from the copious amounts of hate deliberately manufactured against them.

The French queen had plenty of enemies in Paris and their lies about her were unfortunately believed by the public who knew no better or had their judgment clouded. Another parallel here: Oh how the Dapsters, particularly Jerusubangites, are capable of fabricating the most outrageous fitnah!

Marie Antoinette herself did not utter the infamous “Let them eat cake” line attributed to her. See ‘Today I Found Out‘ or ‘Myth Busted‘ or Google for yourself.


Lame duck PM and sitting duck wife

Rosmah Mansor has become an easy target and Najib’s Achilles heel.

The ‘pincer movement’ is a military manoeuvre. In our modern times, the term has been linked to WWII German field marshall Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox.

Najib Razak’s wife is one of the leading causes for the Najib administration to be criticized by, on the one side the opposition, and on the other side the pro-establishment as well as apolitical (politically apathetic) Malaysians. Hence the pincer movement against the PM.

It does not help either that Umno’s wings (Wanita and Pemuda) are clipped.

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s public reputation is nothing sterling but yet Najib retains her at Ministerial level albeit minus a ‘proper’ Cabinet portfolio.

Khairy Jamaluddin was found guilty of money politics by Umno’s own disciplinary board and yet Najib still appoints him as Minister, and KJ in turn appoints Regina ‘Scissorati’ Lee to sit in his Putrajaya office.


‘The Second Coming’ is a poem by Y.B. Yeats containing the following lines

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

Umno’s centre cannot hold Rosmah, Shahrizat and KJ

Najib may have strengthened his own position in Umno following the recent party elections but he has not strengthened BN’s position going into GE14. This is one of the reasons why rumblings are presently surfacing against Rosmah, coming from pro-government Malays.

Umno Malays are beginning to feel the impact from the onslaught of the relentless and ruthless DAP war machine. The Dapster assault is quite fearsome and hitting from unexpected, and at times, awesomely slick angles.

Just like the Chinese have turned against MCA and are hellbent on tearing the BN component party to bits (c.f. the ‘No MCA allowed‘ in Kepong Chinese restaurant), Umno too is beginning to fray at the edges from the internal discontents of the Malay polity.


The revolution that devoured itself


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9 thoughts on “Rosmah the cause of pincer movement against Najib

  1. Re : On the other hand, HATE – the kind being propagated by Pakatan – is nothing fair and constructive. It makes people irrational and savage.

    agreed with u on this one.

    instead of practising the teaching of love which is very important in christianity, these pakatan led dap does the opposite which is instigating hate as we can see from their poster girl the madame speaker.

    sometimes i wonder are these bunch of people REALLY christian so to speak? again what would jesus do to these people?

  2. Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH, is also one of 1MDB board of advisors. Birkin/Hermes is part of LVMH. Arnault appoints Rosmah as birkin model here, get it?

  3. Let’s make it clear, I’m not a fan of Rosmah. I not sure why because I don’t hate her but I just don’t like her. Maybe because among PM wife I prefer Tun Dr Hasmah types I guess. Someone who smart and looks like she makes her own decisions. After all, she was a Dr right.

    For me nothing speecial about Rosmah. She seems like a regular Makcik or Datin and nothing more. But lets face it, I don’t like it when people start calling her Big Mama or whatever. It looks like bullying to me. For me, the one who used other man wife as a means to strikes their husband is a coward man.

    Because I don’t like bully and I don’t like name like Big Mama just because she a little plum (I’m a woman and if I don’t like people call me Big Mama if I’m fat), I stand up for her.

    I also pity her because her husband don’t stand up and protected her from this type of people.

    And what irritating me more, the man who suppost to know how sensitive the woman about their weight joint in by calling her that too. And I assume that this type of man are the one who acting tough with woman but chicken when facing a man. What a jokes these type of man are.


      1. Helen..

        at 1:28 am and still writing.. what time are you sleeping?

        No need to protect Rosmah.. She surely can accept her destiny. I also don’t know why that I can’t like her.. maybe cause I’m admire Tun Hasmah so much. and surely not because her BIG cause I like big thing.. but something wrong with her look..

        1. I’m not protecting or defending Rosmah.

          I’m pointing out how the oppo supporters become irrational because of the overwhelming hatred that they harbour. They call her by a derogatory nickname “Big Mama” and call her husband by an even more derogatory nickname.

          They can even believe the fake (Photoshopped) Utusan page saying that Rosmah telah menabung sejak dari kecil lagi untuk mampu membeli cincin yang harganya berjuta-juta itu. If they possessed a shred of rationality, they would at once see that the purported Utusan article was fabricated.

          It is impossible to get through to people who have let hatred take over their critical thinking faculty.

          1. If they can believe Rosmah blew up a Mongolian with C4 such insults are nothing.

            I bet they still believe that now.

  4. Hi Helen, Agree with you that there are indeed parallels between DS Rosmah and the the infamous Marie Antoinette but I am surprised that you did not mention the parallel between DS Najib and King Louis – in areas such as their respective indulgence of their ladies’ whims and fancies even to the detriment of their political and their lack of understanding of “rakyat marhaen” due to the silver spoon they were born with and confounded by their “advisers” who prefer to smooth over things rather than call a spade, a spade …

    Pre-PRU13, I was hoping that DS Najib would “improve” his conduct and decision making re UMNO, BN & PMship but, alas things have decidedly deterirated … In the event any of the PM Advisors is reading this, please please tell DS Najib that (1) Malaysia do not have Presidents, (2) The 1st Lady of Malaysia is the Raja Permaisuri Agong, and (3) The best strategy moving forward is to not allow DS Rosmah out in public for anything …

    On Pincer Movement, it is actually a standard component of the Wermacht’s Blitzkrieg Strategy which took advantage of the static defence embraced in Western Europe in the years between the two World Wars where two of its most succesful exponent in the early days of WW2 in Europe are Manstein and Guderian … Rommel earned his monicker – The Desert Fox, due to his exploits in the Afrika Korps where the wide open spaces of the African Desert proved to be logistical nightmares for the succesful execution of Blitzkrieg and/or Pincer Movements …

    1. re: “The best strategy moving forward is to not allow DS Rosmah out in public for anything …”


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