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‘Alvivi’an tudung

Dapster jaguh menegakkan benang basah.

Affidavit Alvivi di mahkamah menyatakan Bak Kut Teh bukan hidangan masakan babi.

Malah ada evangelista yang boleh berputar-belit sehingga mengatakan Bak Kut Teh Alvivi mungkin “organic vegetarian”.

Ada pun si Dapster yang mahu cuba mempertahankan pemakaian tudung oleh Hannah Yeoh sebagai suatu warisan ‘tradisi’ pendatang Cina.

Kononnya penoreh getah wanita Cina bertudung.

Kononnya kuli perempuan yang membersihkan bijih timah di lombong pun bertudung juga.

Dipanjangkan lagi cerita, Dapster juga mengisahkan bahawa kuli-kuli Cina yang bekerja di bawah matahari terik semuanya bertudung.

rubber tapper

tin mining wash

Puan Speaker di kebun getah ke?

Puan Speaker di lombong bijih ke?

Puan Speaker kerja kuli membanting tulang empat kerat ke?

Hannah Yeoh tudung home

Apa jenis manusia lidah tak bertulang Dapster-Dapster yang boleh begitu taksub kepada idola maksum mereka sampai pelbagai alasan ‘Alvivian’ sanggup direkayasa?


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6 thoughts on “‘Alvivi’an tudung

  1. As we come closer to Christmas let us remember the festival is about the birth of Christ and not a celebration about Hannah Yeoh, Tony Pua or Lim Guan Eng! This not about the pastors and priests too!

    Christmas is the true celebration of the Bumiputera Sabah and Sarawak and Portuguese and long time Christians! In the time where real Christmas is attacked by novice converts, old time Christians must protect the festival faith. It is not Hannahmas, Puamas or Tokongmas!

    Old Christian should stand up to the phoney worshipers of Jerusubang that use the faith as away to feel superior! Real Christianity is about service and charity! It is not about self pleasure about ones class or pastor superstar worship! Christianity is not about the vain exploits of the DAP leaders who call others animals or racists.

    Old Christians please take back the faith from the converts! With this Merry Christmas from this old Christian lady!

    1. Re. Old Christians

      It should be term ” True Christians”, many of the DAPsters are already Old and Christian too and they are evangelist e.g. Betty Lim who is Christian but she went all the way to shave her head at the temple and she is old too…

    2. The Gospel according to Thomas, commonly known as the Gospel of Thomas, is an authentic well-preserved early Christian, non-canonical “sayings-gospel” discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in December 1945, in one of a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi library.

      The Gospel of Thomas is very different in tone and structure from other New Testament apocrypha and the four Canonical Gospels. Unlike the canonical Gospels, it is not a narrative account of the life of Jesus. Instead, it consists of logia (sayings) attributed to Jesus, sometimes stand-alone, sometimes embedded in short dialogues or parables, with the central theme being: “Man know thyself, thus find thy Lord!”


  2. Puan Speaker kerja kuli membanting tulang empat kerat ke?

    Puan Speaker membanting jari taip racist dan hantar Tweeter

  3. Don’t know about Chinese coolies, but I’m pretty sure no Chinese ladies or typically clueless, innocent Amois that I know would want to wear tudung loh, this I can guarantee you 100%. Tanks, mini-shorts, mini-skirts and blouse ala K-pop style are the way to go. Some Amois spend hundreds of ringgits at salons just to have their hair permed, dyed and curled up; so why cover it up? Just let the hair down!

    It’s only people like HY or that bunny lady who are trying to fit in and attempt to buy into the heart of Malay polity out of desperation by pulling this sort of stunt. However, lo and behold, some Malays are actually receptive of it, so what to do. And since HY was pictured attending a Malay dinner, was she also eating with her right hand too? Does she know why Malays don’t eat with their left hand? Only Chinese politikus like HY would go extra mile to do this sort of stuffs; it’s totally fake and annoying.

    1. re: “Only Chinese politikus like HY would go extra mile to do this sort of stuffs; it’s totally fake and annoying.”

      If her RM50k monthly paycheque is at stake, then we can at least understand why the desperate fakery.

      It’s the Dapsters that make you wonder what kind of people are they, e.g. Alvivi BKT and some diehard ABU-er comes up with the “organic vegetarian” spin.

      These Dapsters defend the indefensible such as LGE calling the state oppo leader a “racist grandmother” or in this case of tudung, the utterly lame spin about rubber tappers and tin pan washers.

      The perpetrators (Alvivi, HY) may be annoying but their masih muhu tegakkan benang basah defenders are just plain revolting.

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