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Dapster poll: Scale of 1 to 10, please vote

Frequent commenter LOL had asked, “Kenapa Poll tu pilihan yang ada ‘Yes’ dan ‘Ya’…  bukan ‘Yes’ dan ‘No’?” (see below)

I replied him, “Respondent boleh pilih ‘Yes’ atau pilih ‘Ya’.”

Polling is still open, by the way, for you to register your complaint against the PM’s consultants.

Some readers however might perhaps feel shortchanged to be constrained by two choices – picking between Yes and Ya – in our last survey. So to make it up to you for your disappointment, I’m creating a year-end finale poll where we have a generous array of 5 options! See bottom of page.

Alright, first lemme tell you what this poll is all about.

Today I’d blogged about PAS MP Muhajid Yusof Rawa’s flirtation with the Christians as well as Khairy Jamaluddin’s clunker that he is “still Muslim” despite attending Christmas parties.

Selected below are some feedback given by The Malaysian Insider readers to Mujahid’s message of peace and harmony headlined ‘Accept diversity, discard racism, says PAS MP on Christmas Day‘.

Accept diversity, discard racism, says PAS MP on Christmas Day

Intense debate ratings

You can see a commenter’s points in the green label (positive points) and red label (negative points). The commenter’s rating is scored when he is thumbed up or thumbed down by the other readers according to the service provider’s own special formula.

Take for example the guy with the handle ‘BlueInsideOut(screenshot above). His rating is in the red at negative -158 points. We can thus take it that the TMI crowd does not like what it is that BlueInsideOut has to say. Not surprisingly, BlueInsideOut is also accused of being a “BN cybertrooper“.

The other commenters, e.g. ‘alaskancod’ (screenshot above), have got good ratings (145p) — an indication that such comments are well liked by their compatriots.

For instance, alaskancod’s comment that BlueInsideOut (76 Thumbs Down) is “not even good enough to stand in his [Mujahid’s] shadow. Go and cohabit with Katak and gang. abu” received 27 Thumbs Up (screenshot above).

Accept diversity, discard racism
Mujahid Yusof Rawa has got TMI voter support

The Thumbed Up comments

Generally, there are effusive praises lavished on Mujahid Yusof Rawa, saying that he is “righteous , progressive“, “truly a thought leader”, etc.

This trend is aligned to the TMI editorial promotion of the church-visiting PAS politicians.

Samples of Thumbed Up comments:

Accept diversity wisdom

Accept diversity, hakkaking

Accept diversity, discard racism, says PAS MP (3comments)

Conclusion: We can see that comments praising Mujahid receive a strong endorsement.

The Thumbed Down comments

Below are the Thumbed Down comments where we can see that those critical of Mujahid elicit a lot of condemnation.

The unpopular viewpoints come from commenters who already are marked with red label (negative) ratings.

Accept diversity pasmember

Accept diversity, discard racism, says PAS MP on Christmas Day wiseguy

To me BlueInsideOut makes a sensible argument – see above – but the TMI herd apparently does not think so.

One commenter even countered him, saying: “You’re smelly!” says a lump of cowdung”. Wow, what an impressive and convincing rebuttal by ‘wiseguy‘. And it most fittingly got 22 Thumbs Up.

Another reader provided an even more astounding rejoinder, saying Umno is “jealous” that PAS is more successful in fostering good race relations.

spikerini’ wrote:

“The Rakyat understand it’s normal for umno to be jealous of PAS’ success in fostering inter-racial relation. This is opposite to umno’s divisive tactics.”


What kind of people are they?

They – the Dapsters and the evangelistas – totally dominate the public cyberspace. They’re so kiasu that they will not allow anybody else holding a contrary opinion to get a word in edgewise.

These DAP Supercyber Bullies will insult, vilify and lynch in addition to throwing all kinds of unsubstantiated allegations. In simple terms, they are pemfitnah.

Hence, non-Pakatan supporters can only play the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down game in our own backyard.

So here is a final poll for the year where we too can click and register our vote.



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13 thoughts on “Dapster poll: Scale of 1 to 10, please vote

    1. They have to keep the supply of Holy Water flowing though. Thus any hope for a separation between state and religion is truly dashed.

  1. Thanks to you, my creation “perpetual hysteria” is now a household name, well, sort of a household name of your “cyber” house. L O L !!!

    1. Yes. LOL when I saw the trend in the poll results.

      As a matter of fact, the popular words that have found a place in our political vocab were coined by readers, i.e. “Dapster” by ‘melonhead’ and “Jerusubang” by anakjamil and “perpetual hysteria” by you.

      I take personal credit for “odikal” and “PPTA”. Have I left anything out? :)

      1. Somebody did coin the term “Developers Above People” but can’t remember the name of the person.

          1. Speaking of which, the one slogan I find hilarious but truthful is “Ingat Dapster, Ingat Gangster !”. L O L !!!

          2. Hannah Yeoh pun banyak nama timangan – Mama DAPster. Madam Speaker, Hannah Banana
            LGE pula Tokong, Papa DAPster. Living God
            Mrs LGE upgrade dari Ugly Betty kepada Ugly Bald Betty atau pendeknya Betty Bald
            Tony Pua kesian takade nama timangan.

  2. Island Gladeite (which describes all DAP cultist Christians/Chinese residing in Island Glades, Island Park, Tmn. Guan Joo Seng/Greenlane Heights till Jln. Mas) by yours truly.

    The Jstar featured yesterday (Northern edition only maybe), a front page pic of a Christmas celebration at home by a certain Khor family in Island Park, Penang.

    Full acknowledgment. ;)

      1. Betelham termasuk semua Pulau Pinang. Ada orang Pulau Tikus yang high class dan histeria. Yang makan 1malaysia dan menari lagu neneh dan kecam kuat2 Gerakan. Tapi suka Gurney Maze.

        Island Gladites pula sokong Over My Dead Body Karpal. Jelotong pulak penyokong kelab benci kucing.

        1. Rat Island lang are certifiable. Betel-ham. How apt. Bunch of bible thumping, tau yew bak guzzling, tokong worshiping, delusional kucing kuraps.

  3. Setuju dengan cadangan ‘blueinsideout’ supaya perkataan Islam dalam Parti PAS itu digantikan dengan perkataan ‘agama’..

    Lebih bersesuaian Parti Agama SeMalalaysia (PAS) dari nama mereka sekarang ini.. Harap2 Mujahid akan bawa usul ini dalam Muktamar PAS dimasa akan datang.

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