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Did Regina ask Malaysiakini to change their KJ headline?

If you look at the Malaysiakini article now, the headline (version 3) reads ‘Muslims must have faith in their faith, says KJ‘ — click to enlarge screenshot below.

Muslims must have faith in their faith, says KJ - Malaysiakini

A little while ago, the Malaysiakini article was titled (version 2) “KJ: I have done Xmas parties, and I’m still Muslim” — click to enlarge screenshot below.

What has happened is that the current article under headline version 3 does not contain the word “party” or “parties”. Funny, eh? Earlier the headline said “Xmas parties” and presently the article doesn’t even have the word anymore.

The switch in wording from headline version 1 to headline version 2 is similarly a fiasco.

KJ- I have done Xmas parties, and I'm still Muslim

Earlier in the day, the KJ headline had again said something else. There have been three different headlines to the KJ story.

A clue to the original version 1 headline can be gleaned from this comment by a subscriber ‘Whatsup’ who wrote:

“By the way, Khairy, you sure it was only ONCE you attended such function despite your British education? That only shows you are still a naive chauvinist and a damn racist, and without sufficient knowledge to comment. Just another cheap attempt to score political points with the community.”

The sentence “only ONCE you [KJ] attended such function despite your British education” cannot possibly be referring “Xmas parties”.

For Khairy, the suave son of an ambassador who studied in international school as well as Oxford, to have attended a Christmas party only “once” in his lifetime defies logic.

The first version of the Malaysiakini article headline, unless I’m mistaken, referred to KJ attending church service (sorry, no screenshot).

Muslims must have faith in their faith, says KJ - Malaysiakini 2013-12-25

Whatsup‘s comment “Khairy, you sure it was only ONCE you attended such function” – see screenshot above – would make perfect sense if the case had been one where the headline read, ‘KJ: I’ve attended church before and I’m still Muslim’. That’s what I remember that original headline to be (more or less) when the story first appeared.

BELOW: Current headline vs earlier headline tweeted by Malaysiakini, and shown in its digital trail:

Malaysiakini 2013-12-25

Twitter - malaysiakini- KJ- I have done Xmas parties, ... 2013-12-25 17-23-39

Google search results

Epic fail

Imagine all that foundering from headline version 1 to version 2 to version 3.

Well, this is what happens with a hashtag #lifestyle poseur who plays to the gallery and says things that he (advised by his press-sec) thinks Firsters want to hear.

In my previous posting I blogged ‘Khairy really IRRITATES, most tremendously‘. My opinion is now confirmed. Even the Malaysiakini regulars are irritated with KJ albeit for different reasons to mine.

Dua merpati sejoli

KJ is really a liberal (so is Najib) and a Firster at heart. But as Umno Youth chief, he has to occasionally put on a show of Malay nationalist sabre-rattling or in our local context, keris-kissing.

Bipolar politicians like KJ are problematic.

It has become clear why he appointed the hyper aggressive* Dapster Firster Regina Lee as his press secretary. And that’s also why The J-Star is all too ready to kipas KJ as well.

We can understand why KJ declared that he wanted to change the DNA of Umno Youth. If you were an opposition supporter, you would really savour the delicious irony of Umno disintegrating — destroying itself from within.

* Regina Lee’s hyper aggression

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18 thoughts on “Did Regina ask Malaysiakini to change their KJ headline?

  1. org UMNO semua tahu KJ boleh pusing itu malaysiakini. remeber, kalimullah was ‘re-activated’ once KJ had his bapak mentua in his hand and KJ influence ( was able to buy [***].

  2. She’s earning her big bucks, good for KJ. To all the other BN politicians, this is how your press secretary should work. Whenever there’s anything negative printed about you or when you fumble, then this is what your press sec should do, spin, reword the article or better yet erase the whole thing from the web. Good work, Regina.

    Other than that, I’m gonna second Helen, KJ is really, tremendously irritating.

    1. Re. Good work, Regina.

      Indeed, her training as scissorati under J-Star and DAP have been proven invaluable e.g. lidah bercabang, putar alam, etc.

      1. It’s really, really much easier to work for someone who’s not smarter than you. Just ask Regina. Now, if you wanna volunteer to be KJ’s press sec I don’t think smart is the requirement. It’s more if you have the ability to push KJ’s name and make him more palatable among the non-Melayu.

  3. Normal lah. Melei man what – greatest hypocrite there is. Will drink and f*ck around than bend over 5 times per day pray ask for forgiveness. Then present a goody-goody aura to his community.

    1. JJ ,
      In most cases Muslim who fcuk around and drink hardly pray five times a day. Most of them are ‘non practice’ Muslims and they are liberal too.
      Besides, please look real hard before you said that Melei man are greatest hypocrite.

      Please do justice to yourself.

      1. Strive to be a good Muslim, like I am trying to do. Once you get the hidayah, you will only fear and obey Allah. I pray that all humans get that hidayah. Once you became a good Muslim, you won’t worry about cheap politicians.

      2. Yeah….as if the ones * practicing* are angels! The ones who go around in gowns and wrap their heads in towels, yes the ones who pray 5 times a day, fast bla.bla..bla are the most Setan of the lot is not news.Look around – Get real!! Dont be a hypocrite too.

  4. KJ – a man for all seasons. Lalang juga, no principles and populist to the core. Liberal? It’s just a put on, really. Untrustworthy, that’s what I think of him.

    I can say more but I think that would suffice for now. We’ll just have to wait and see how he uses his immense wealth from now!

  5. Nasib baik ambik Regina Lee jadi Press Secretary. Nak arah Malaysiakini tukar tajuk lapan puluh lapan(88) kali pun takder hal.



  6. Whatever is it KJ won UMNO Youth with a comfortable big margin therefore what ever KJ do is a reflection of UMNO youth since not even one UMNO youth says or debunked KL even those who lost the UMNO youth elections or maybe UMNO youths are youths without brains.

    1. Rasputino – red beaner – umno youth are much cleverer than you think ok.

      Unlike your leader, with his bullying tactics, undemocratic election process, just to ensure that he is the leader.

      1. Fazillah so ur wild guess I I am Red Beaner and u seems don’t understand what was written You are UMNO youth, tell me what you done as an UMNO youth to debunked all this crap done by your UMNO’s leaders? As usual only Perkasa will make noise while UMNO youth inclusive Puteri just stay down under the blanket.

  7. Joke of the Century, KJ’s Christmas Message:

    “Brother Raymond, a tall, curly-haired Québécois was once such teacher who left an impression on me about hard work and fair play.”

    Full Message Below….

    “This is not going to be a standard Christmas message. I thought this year, let’s not have someone draft the same generic message that politicians get their office to churn out year in, year out. I went to a Catholic primary school in Japan. Unlike most convent schools in Malaysia, my school was run by Canadian Catholic priests. Many of my teachers were priests. Brother Raymond, a tall, curly-haired Québécois was once such teacher who left an impression on me about hard work and fair play. Everyday we would begin school with prayer. For non-Christians like me we just bowed our head in silence out of respect while Christian students prayed. Sometimes I would recite the Al Fatihah quietly to myself. Sometimes I would just daydream. There was a crucifix in every classroom. Brother Raymond wore a big cross around his neck on a chain on top of his black clerical shirt. Many of my friends went for their Holy Communion and had their pictures taken for the yearbook. We all sang in a choir. When it came to Christmas, non-Christians also sang the non-religious songs. I think some even sang the religious songs but just kept quiet during certain lines! I went to my friends’ houses for Christmas. I was given presents. My parents were well prepared so I brought presents with me also to give to my hosts. None of this affected my own faith. My parents instilled in me a strong foundation in Islam. I led congregational prayers among my peers when I was small. I took part in Quran recitals organised by the embassy. Nothing I experienced at my Catholic school could undermine or shake my faith. The point of my brief recollection is this: have faith in your own faith. If your belief is strong, no one can make you lose your religion. And if you are sure of your own convictions, you will respect others even more. You won’t view them as a threat, as people secretly working to proselytise you. You might even learn from them as I did from Brother Raymond. To everyone celebrating, have a happy Christmas.”

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