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Khairy really IRRITATES, most tremendously

“KJ: I have done Xmas parties, and I’m still Muslim”. It’s like someone saying I’ve been inside a surau for tahlil and I’m still Buddhist or for someone to say I wore a scarf on my head to visit the gurdwara and I’m still Taoist.

Is it even necessary to declare this religious caveat? Khairy Jamaluddin appears to be competing with Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Khalid Gereja for the Firster navel-gazing prize.

KJ- I have done Xmas parties, and I'm still Muslim

“I’ve sung a Christmas carol lah, eaten Christmas turkey lah, blah, blah (fill in the blank) and my faith in Islam remains unshaken.” This kind of posturing merely diverts from the issue at hand.

Malays are not upset lah about “Xmas parties” taking place, KJ, as per your Malaysiakini headline (article facilitated by your press-sec, is it?)

Neither are they upset that fellow Muslims want to attend these festive parties. You too are free to attend Regina’s Xmas party as long as it doesn’t upset Nori.

What Malays are really upset about is the evangelistas’ rank hypocrisy with regard to “building bridges” when all the Born Again Christians want is to steal the ‘Allah’ word, and their pretense in calling for peace and harmony when all they do is to provoke non-stop.

Khairy is not stupid. Dia ni sengaja buat bodoh bendul to try and score political brownie points among the 53 percent of the electorate that did not vote BN.

The question is whether Malaysiakini readers as well Regina’s Jerusubang network – with whom KJ is trying to curry favour – are tickled to learn that KJ has done Xmas parties and he is still Muslim. They would be more impressed, actually, if KJ went the whole hog and did a Mujahid.

CONTINUES: Did Regina ask Malaysiakini to change their KJ headline?

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Note the capital letters in the Yahoo! News story below


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22 thoughts on “Khairy really IRRITATES, most tremendously

  1. Xmas parties is not the same as surau. If he were to attend the Church Christmas service, that would be a better analogy. Xmas parties is more like Hari Raya open house.

    1. Why does KJ have to declare that he’s still a Muslim even if he attends Xmas parties (or attends a church service for that matter like PAS’s Dr Rani)?


      1. If you think he attended a church service then put as church service and not Xmas parties which is misleading. ” KJ have to declare that he’s still a Muslim” Maybe he is trying to dismiss the myth by others that by attending a Christian event won’t shake his faith as Muslim. I don’t know but I knew other Muslim including Imam have been doing this.

        1. If I’m not mistaken, the Malaysiakini headline the first time around could have been “church”. It has been changed twice.

          I’m blogging about it. Come back in half an hour for update.

      2. Helen,

        Khairi wants to tell Malaysians that as a Muslim he is more “open” as compared to others.

        We do not have problem with attending Christmas celebrations. Khairi is so eager to be accepted by non Muslim voters, I guess.

        This is another problem plaguing UMNO. Ministers like Khairi and including Najib too are deemed to be looking down on Malays, They are so “terhegeh hegeh’.

        1. I dont think it is ‘looking down’ on malays. He is acting because he wants to be accepted – to be seen like he is cool.

          Terhegeh-hegeh tu saya agree – terhegeh2 to be accepted.

  2. Re. “KJ: I have done Xmas parties, and I’m still Muslim”.

    Pardon my naivety…was he attending or hosting X-mas parties?

    Not trying be a hypocrite here, during my “Jahiliah” years I had attended x-mas parties at clubs/pubs on annual basis…

  3. So what Khairy?. What you have done its your own funeral lah. May be you have done something much worse than what you declared in your statement above. But who cares anyway. This is not a shouting event where oscar given away you know.

    Next time what?……declare you……

  4. kalau KJ tak ‘done’ krismas parti, baru betul dia bukan muslim. agak nya begitu la maksud dia. dia ingat all muslim dlm dunia kene ‘done’ xmas parti baru jadi muslim ke?

  5. Next up, I have a xmas tree in my house but I’m c*t, hehe.

    Huge fecking liability, this stooge by the name KJ.

  6. Ini memang norma anak muda sekarang. Buat apa pun tweet. Buat selfie. Makan kuih kodok pun letak di FB.

    Ada yang pergi jamban pun tweet.

    Memang dia belia hari ini.

    1. Yes.., you could be right because Mat Sabu had once uttered that he would rather eat pork with Lim Guan Eng than to eat chicken with Najib.., as told in this YouTube video:-


      Just fast-forward & go to minute 36:15 to listen. Even in jest such a remark is way overboard and most surely repugnant & hideous. And what more coming from a leader of a so-called ‘Islamic’ party.

  7. I remember nurul izzah said the exact same thing, been to missionary school, church choir etc etc…..

    Kp UMNO who are not soo umno, but more to Ketua AMK…

  8. I hate it when somebody goes “I this…, I that…., but….”

    Who the f**k is KJ to be an example?

  9. Helen,

    This is what KJ said in his facebook account.

    “This is not going to be a standard Christmas message. I thought this year, let’s not have someone draft the same generic message that politicians get their office to churn out year in, year out.

    I went to a Catholic primary school in Japan. Unlike most convent schools in Malaysia, my school was run by Canadian Catholic priests. Many of my teachers were priests. Brother Raymond, a tall, curly-haired Québécois was once such teacher who left an impression on me about hard work and fair play.

    Everyday we would begin school with prayer. For non-Christians like me we just bowed our head in silence out of respect while Christian students prayed. Sometimes I would recite the Al Fatihah quietly to myself. Sometimes I would just daydream.

    There was a crucifix in every classroom. Brother Raymond wore a big cross around his neck on a chain on top of his black clerical shirt. Many of my friends went for their Holy Communion and had their pictures taken for the yearbook.

    We all sang in a choir. When it came to Christmas, non-Christians also sang the non-religious songs. I think some even sang the religious songs but just kept quiet during certain lines!
    I went to my friends’ houses for Christmas. I was given presents. My parents were well prepared so I brought presents with me also to give to my hosts.

    None of this affected my own faith. My parents instilled in me a strong foundation in Islam. I led congregational prayers among my peers when I was small. I took part in Quran recitals organised by the embassy. Nothing I experienced at my Catholic school could undermine or shake my faith.

    The point of my brief recollection is this: have faith in your own faith. If your belief is strong, no one can make you lose your religion.
    And if you are sure of your own convictions, you will respect others even more. You won’t view them as a threat, as people secretly working to proselytise you. You might even learn from them as I did from Brother Raymond.

    To everyone celebrating, have a happy Christmas.”

  10. “I’ve sung a Christmas carol lah, eaten Christmas turkey lah, blah, blah (fill in the blank) and my faith in Islam remains unshaken.”

    Could he be a follower of one of the 72 ajaran sesat in Islam?

    Orr Mee Tor For..

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