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Archbishop Emeritus fears Perkasa will bomb the churches

The Malaysian Insider has the headline ‘Archbishop Pakiam prays that PM will remember where he came from‘. TMI quoted Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam as saying: “You think I am not angry? But he is the prime minister, so I have to pray to God to please help him do his duty for the whole country and not just Umno.”

On the same note, The Malay Mail carried two prominent stories titledAt Christmas celebration, PM urges end to fight over ‘Allah’ and ‘After PM’s call for truce, Putrajaya urged to drop “Allah” case’.

The Malay Mail reported Pakiam as telling journalists at the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) Christmas Hi-Tea he is “praying that Allah will enlighten him [Najib]…  to be a statesman, above party politics or this group or that group.”

"That is inciting Perkasa fellows to come and throw bombs here,"

“Najib just a bickering politician”

Archbishop roasts Najib over “Allah” row’ is the headline in Malaysiakini‘s version. Pakiam is reported by the news portal to have said: “By talking like that, you [Najib] are just a bickering politician, I am praying that Allah will enlighten him to become a statesman”.

The Archbishop Emeritus was referring to the disappointment and shock felt by Christians when Najib reiterated last month the exclusivity of the ‘Allah’ word to Muslims.

According to the Malaysiakini report – screenshot below – Pakiam believed that Najib’s stance is tantamount to “inciting Perkasa fellows to come and throw bombs here”.

Other reports

Najib and Guan Eng
Najib and Guan Eng yesterday at Christmas party in Penang / Protest – file pix

Najib still thinks that ‘common ground’ can be found?

Najib Razak had sent Paul Low, Minister in the Prime Minister’s department, to stand in his stead at the CFM Christmas Hi-Tea yesterday where Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam had spoken to reporters. Also present at the high tea were Teresa Kok, Tian Chua, Nurul Izzah Anwar, PKR Wangsa Maju MP Tan Kee Kwong (formerly Gerakan) and Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

At the function, The Herald editor Lawrence Andrew stressed the word ‘Allah’ repeatedly when he said grace. Father Lawrence defended his action by saying that the government should not interfere in the internal affairs of the Christian community, reported Malaysiakini.

PAS’s Mujahid, the Parit Buntar MP, has gallantly declared that he will fight to protect Christians from falling victim to “religious extremism” and “tyranny”. See, Adakah Mujahid PAS membayangkan kerajaan menegah Kristian daripada menyambut Krismas?

We too pray that Najib will be enlightened

Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam to reporters: “I am praying that Allah will enlighten him [Najib]…  to be a statesman”.

We similarly hope for the PM’s enlightenment because Najib still seems to think that “common ground” can be found with the very people who want to destroy his party, his government and his family reputation.

Twitter - ngakorming- Look at this - Ho! Ho! Ho! ... 2013-12-26

Nga’s “hippo” and Hannah’s “Big Mama” 

Nga Kor Ming is the DAP Perak chairman who is also his party’s leading evangelista. Yesterday Nga tweeted the poster above.

When chided, Nga replied: “zebra & hippo is a loving pair, why should u feel jealous?”

If on Christmas day Nga Kor Ming had gone “Ho! Ho! Ho!” at Rosmah’s “hippo” photo, earlier his evangelista colleague the Madame Speaker had gone “hu hu hu” at “Big Mama” as well.

BELOW: Tweet exchange between Hannah Yeoh and J-Star senior journalist Mr Regina Lee.

HannahTwitter TEH

Najib oh Najib

Does Najib Razak know what kind of people they are?

The PM seems to think that they are the kind of people who truly want to find a solution to end the conflict.

Peace, stability and harmony is good for the BN. That’s how the ruling coalition has remained in power all these years — by guaranteeing law and order.

Conflict and confrontation, on the other hand, is good for Pakatan. That’s how opposition forces grab power. Pakatan do not want solutions. They want anarchy. The more chaos the better.

That is what the DAP’s politics of hate is all about. And Rosmah is the prime target of their hate campaign. Now if the PM can’t even protect his own wife from their ridicule, what are the chances that he will be able to defend ‘Allah’ from the evangelista onslaught?


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10 thoughts on “Archbishop Emeritus fears Perkasa will bomb the churches

  1. Why did Archbishop Pakiam associate Perkasa with bombs? Sheer irresponsible loose talk, innuendo or has he any solid evidence?

    This is asking for trouble and certainly Perkasa will respond and should sue Pakiam for such association. Whatever it is Archbishop Pakiam is a disgrace to christians like me. I don’t know what Bible he is using but my Bible tells me to love my enemies and to love my neighbour as myself. If Pakiam cannot do that then he has failed as a christian and disappointed many.

    The message of Christmas is always one of love, peace and goodwill to men – not hatred and hostility. Shame on you Pakiam and ALL those christian leaders who agree with him.

  2. Another false flag by the closet opposition supporters. What’s next ?

    Christian leaders ? Lead by example. Obviously this latest piece of propaganda exposes their hypocrisy.

    Real Christians, the followers of Jesus should disassociate themselves from these crooks.

    For your information, I personally do not regard the evangelicals infesting places like SJ as Christians. These people are crooks.

  3. he is “praying that Allah will enlighten him ? Which Allah he’s referring too? The trinity Allah or Allah yang maha ESA. ? Now u see I m confused.

  4. Ms H. I do not understand why certain religions which were not involved in politics before are involved in politics now.

    There was quiescence before and during the formation of the Constitution leading up to Merdeka in 1957 – 57 years ago and many years before this. And now religious militants seem bent on demanding whatever issues they think fit just to be contrary in a Nation which has peace, stability and prosperity. And these religious militants include the highest and most responsible leaders of the land.

    Why they tolerated past practices and not now ? What is it they envision that it is timely to be vociferous on trivial issues like words ? Surely, they must understand the paramountcy of those in power ! And yet this goes on and on.

    Here is a true story for you. Yesterday, I hopped into a battered Proton taxi. I said to the taxi-driver,’ How is your business today ?’ Before I could said, ‘ Good morning.’ Mr Lim retorted,’ Give us back TDM anytime !’ I asked, ‘ Why ?’ His swift reply was, ‘ TDM understood us and gave all a chance to make money !’

    Please see the fact and the fiction.

  5. Hahaha.. kesian DAP.. they will get a moron like Nga kor Ming as Minister should..
    god forbid… Pakataoons roll into. Putrajaya….. its bullshit like this that make us fence sitters vote for BN.

    1. Heaven forbid, Hannah Yeoh could be appointed Home Minister should Pakatan come to power. Already little tweets she is blocking. Imagine if ever she has full control of the media (not that she doesn’t have cables in the J …)

  6. The Malay Mail reported Pakiam as telling journalists at the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) Christmas Hi-Tea he is “praying that Allah will enlighten him [Najib]… to be a statesman, above party politics or this group or that group.”


    I wonder how Pakiam is linking Najib’s stance to party politics or to preserve vested interests of some groups when the recent UM’s survey clearly shows that an overwhelming % of Muslims support the govt stance on Allah issue. If Najib takes a different position then you have the ground to accuse him to pander to the wishes of some minority pressure groups.

    This would also imply that a majority of Malaysians support the exclusivity of Allah. As such it is Pakiam that who is politicising the issue and using religion to some selfish ends.

    Pakiam seems to think that the issue will just solve itself if the govt drops the suit. Is he so naive and stupid to think the Muslims will meekly accept such stance by the govt and let the Church walk away in glory.

    As such it is Pakiam who is irresponsive in insisting on getting his own way even if that would plunge the country into a civil / religious war. Or perhaps this is what Pakiam wants it all along. A true man of god would walk away from victory if that success would come with a heavy price such as violence, chaos or disharmony.

  7. As Pak Lah said in a doctored Youtube video of him, “Ini, ini bodoh…”

    10/10 for DAP. I wish I could go beyond the scale…

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