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Updated: What’s happening with Perkasa and the Tun?

Updated 10.10pm with Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Facebook comment:

“Good advice. Now I hope you can tell this to those who do not want Perkasa to ask the Chinese to go back to China or ask the Chinese ‘apa lagi Cina mahu’?”

When is freedom not freedom- - Malaysia Today 2013-12-27 22-08-44

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I have quoted some of Dr Mahathir’s writings before in my blog. This makes certain Chinese readers go ballistic tahap thermonuclear. They mount the most vicious personal attacks on me whenever I have any occasion to mention or highlight the ex-premier’s views.

To me, a few of the things the Tun has observed are accurate or insightful, and that’s why I had reproduced his words, one example — HERE. With regard to Perkasa though, allow me to say that they make me uncomfortable.

As you are all aware, the majority of DAP supporters loathe Perkasa and hate Tun with a vengeance. The same case applies with the oppo media and their writers. In fact, I’m taken aback at the level of hatred, hostility and resentment that the Chinese harbour against Mahathir Mohamad.


I know there are ardent Dr M fans who read my blog. Therefore I’d like to ask: Why do you think the Tun is backing Perkasa and what do they want for our country?

By the way, it is rather impossible to discuss this topic with an oppo-leaning Chinese group. Please read my previous posting too — ‘Perbincangan apartheid disekat TMI‘.

I ask the title question because I see that Umno is clueless (tengok gelagat KJ mesti face palm!) as well as Isma appears more intelligent.

You have 3 more days to vote before my Pemandu poll closes.

The bus is BN …

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86 thoughts on “Updated: What’s happening with Perkasa and the Tun?

  1. DrM looks at Perkasa as an NGO that can put together all Malays regardless of political affiliations. You can see PAS and PKR members in Perkasa. you cam also see Malays with no political parties inside Perkasa. Perkasa is growing, and, by now membership is more than PKR’s.

  2. Maybe, you should email TDM and ask him why he’s backing Perkasa. You might get a nice surprise and he’ll give you an answer.

    I’m supporting Perkasa for the same reason I’m supporting Isma – to balance the racist and religious bigotry scale. If the Dapsters or Dong Zong or any other parties related to any race is going to run down the Malays then I want them to know that we can be just as obnoxious, just as loud, just as threatening. If anyone is going to denigrate and belittle my religion I want them to know that we will stand up to them. We will not be bullied.

      1. HY,

        Go jump into a lake! Hypocracy of the highest order is the gangs in DAP/PAS/PKR i.e. The Tokong, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh, Hannah ‘Banana’ Yeoh, OKM and many others. And the last but not least is of course, your PR leader, Anwar bin Ibrahim!

            1. ISMA and Perkasa has my support too. The Malays had been senyap, tidak apa & buat bodo for so long, some Cinas dah mula tunjuk belang…dah lama dah!

        1. thanks, but 80% of what helen wrote is about dap, this post is more on mahathir n perkasa, cant we just for once dun divert and try stick to the topic. no hint from me, i insist mahathir is a hypo.

  3. In the words of Dr. Mahathir verbatim from 1965: “The Socialist Front (a.k.a. DAP) demands… that we should favour Communist China, that we should be friendly with China’s good friend, Indonesia. The whole appeal, Mr Speaker, Sir, is to Chinese chauvinism, to Chinese communal sentiments.”

    It says it all there Kakak:- Lim Kit Siang and his comrades are Red China Maoists . . . and therefore Anti-Chinese Cultural Revolutionaries. In 1965 Indonesia’s Soekarno the professed Marxist was harbouring the great ambition to include Malaya in his so-called Republic empire. Indeed, the whole appeal is to a specific IDEOLOGICAL SOCIO-POLiTICAL CHAUVINISM … that was explosively antithetical to the ways of ISLAM.

    “The Confrontation of President Soekarno with Vice-President Mohammad Hatta”:


    Soekarno also accused our beloved Prof. Dr. Hamka the foremost Malay religious philosopher of the Archipelago, of committing treason for forwarding positive evaluations of Malaysia. He was sentenced to jail for several years on the basis of this imputation. Soekarno was a well-seasoned soldier while Mohd Hatta was studying for his PHd in Holland when Soekarno summoned him back to help out in Indonesia’s struggle for Independence from its colonial masters.

    1. in retrospect, it seem the socialist front r pretty insightful. mahathir is a hypocrite, he criticize the west but rarely do the same toward communist china, he adore communist more than liberal west. he love mao more than bush.

      1. Re. in retrospect,

        It was under Tun Abdul Razak time that Malaysia started diplomatic relationship with PRC and the first in the world. For the record, every time the Chinese Premier past and present visited this country, they never fail to meet Najib’s mother, Tun Rahah Noah.

        Re. he adore communist more than liberal west. he love mao more than bush.

        He adored how moa managed to subdue and control the Chinese with his Cultural Revolution. The Malays, admired that too…

        Re. he love mao more than bush.

        When Petronas planned to ventured into Sudan, the Bush administration tried to stop it by blocking the Petronas Tanker from entering the Gulf of Aden and threatened to destroyed it via military action. Tun M, made a smart move by calling the Chinese Premier and PRC becomes part of the business venture. The US back off. A lot of people don’t know this fact… since then, Petronas has become the biggest gainer of oil in Sudan.

        1. re: “every time the Chinese Premier past and present visited this country, they never fail to meet Najib’s mother, Tun Rahah Noah”

          B’cos of her good looks, that’s why.


          1. Trivia

            During Tun Abdul Razak’s visit to China, the issue of Dual Citizenship for many Malaysian Chinese was solved, where they have to choose either one by that time. Prior to that the term “Balik Tongsan” was pretty common among the elderly Chinese….

  4. Re. hate Tun with a vengeance.

    Tell us which Chinese doesn’t hate any of the PM, past and present included?

    1. They seem to ‘love’ Tunku whereas the response to Tun Hussein Onn is kinda neutral, i.e. he doesn’t inspire either devotion or dislike among the general public.

            1. Tun M is the best PM.

              ‘Dato’ Onn Jaafar is the best PM we never had. He should be the benchmark.’

              Easier said than done. Pak Lah was thought to be a better PM than Tun M and he had failed us!

              Dato’ Onn Jaafar ideals maybe attractive to some, but that may not be enough to govern a country. A multiracial one like us that is.

              Japan had not have to go through it. US does not have enough Cinas to gaduh with the Whites. The same for Australia. UK had already rethinking its migrants and migration policies.

        1. Re. badawi is the best pm

          Care to elaborate in what aspect? Aren’t you guys the one who coined the term “BODOWI” if I am not mistaken.

          Re. mahathir the worst.

          And the Chinese voted him in drove in 1999….

          1. solely my view, from the democracy perspective.

            the 1999 chinese are mostly stupid. they turn smart in 2008 n 2013.

            1. Re. the 1999 chinese are mostly stupid.

              They are not stupid, they are conniving, the only reason they supported Tun M during that period is due to Money! Money! Money!. ASEAN economy was in bad shape and nobody has the solutions except Tun M. Fyi, many Chinese businessman committed suicide during the crisis.

              Re. they turn smart in 2008 n 2013

              They turn greedy by this time as Tun Bodowi gave them the leeway upon taking over from Tun M in 2002.

              1. LOL, I like your insight views.

                Two issues needs to be addressed, one is rationality. We Malaysians don’t see very far in the future, we are very focused on one idea at a time, one problem at a time, and all these are incompatible with rationality as individual & economical needs assumes it beyond rationality as and when it suits them. Only when in everything one thrives for another will rationality survive.

                The other is reality. At least in Malaysia, whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We can never be what we ought to be until the other are what they ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality as what we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.

                The waltz & ballet danced by most only serves as a sliding door for a self-imbibed subjective rationality without an objective reality.

            2. HY,

              The Chinese did not turn smart in 2008 and 2013. They have become coo coo and turned into zombies instead after drinking holy water given by the DAP evangelists!

              1. HY writes, but reason seems to escapes him; he pronounces judgement on the country’s leaders with the hammer of a blacksmith; and he labels an entire race as stupid but does not demonstrate that he is above stupidity.

                HY observes that dictators adore one another, but we wonder what the heart’s love has to do with the power of vested interests? But most amazingly, HY figures that because the Socialist Front (Marxist Ideologues) are “insightful” therefore Dr. Mahathir is a hypocrite because he criticizes the West more than he does China …. and that this is tantamount to “adoring” communist China, and “loving” Mao.

                HY writes but with a pen that is made crooked by his logical fallacies and his ink is imbued with unsubstantiated allegations …… meaning that he’s made a bad habit of backbiting and slandering others.

                1. oh, u can write without tube? i imitate u la, exactly the way u slander lks, but sooooory i cant tube u this, sometimes one have to learn it the hard way.

                2. HY. Please do not talk cock about TDM and others in this festive season. Without all the 6 Prime Ministers, where are we ? Without all our peoples, where is the PEACE, STABILITY, PROSPERITY ?

                  Without the Tunku, where would the understanding and accommodation with each other ? Without Tun Abdul Razak, where is the forward planning for a larger and a fair piece of the cake for all ? Without the TDM, where is the MALAY MIDDLE INCOME GROUP WHICH WITH THEIR PURCHASING POWER BROUGHT UP THE CHINESE, INDIAN AND OTHERS MIDDLE INCOME GROUP ?

                  Without TAB, where is the viable Opposition whithout which our unique Malaysian Democracy is not complete. Without our distinguished Prime Minister, there would be no one to care for us ? Right HY ? Please do not talk cock to us all. Happy New Year !

                  1. Ms H. Sorry ! I missed a click ! Without Tun Hussein Onn when the rule of law held firm and he had the wisdom of Solomon ?

      1. Helen – org Cina loved Tunku because Tunku wanted the Malays to be the bestest farmers, fishermen, peons, tukang cari files, etc., in the world, and Tunku let the org Cina continue their dominance in the country’s economy back then.

        Wasn’t that very obvious?

        1. Setem. We all contributed to make this beloved Malaysia today including you, Ms H, me and all others. We are human. We have tons of faults but also tons of goodness and virtues. I knew the Tunku right up to TDM. They have commonsense, ability to think out of the box and COMPASSION even some of our present day Opposition leaders.

          We always blame this and blame that. But looking at the end of 2013 and the swift oncoming 2014, Mr Setem, you may rightly pat yourself on your shoulders for a job well done – a unique Malaysian Democracy (in the right place, just look North – square peg in a round hole. Just look South – a round peg in a square hole). And PEACE, STABILITY, PROSPERITY FOR 2013 AND THE FUTURE for all us Malaysians.

          1. And further afield, bullets flying, fires burning, people dying and tear gas blowing. We have something precious which we should build on for ourselves, our families, our children and our children’s children.

    2. LOL,

      Many people hate Dr Mahathir. Tun is hated for being point blank in his opinion.

      But more importantly in local political climate, Tun during his tenure did not give chance to racists like Guan Eng or Kit siang. Call him dictator or anything but he DELIVERED.

      At height of his power with Tunku gave a damning assessment of TUn and his entire administration, he still showed humility by kissing Tunku’s hand. It takes a lot of humility for the most powerful man to kiss the hand of a former premier with no power.

      At times of crisis with Malay Rulers, Tun was at his element that reflects honesty. He could have played the gallery. He could have upped the “emotion” that simply would have paved way for Malaysia to become republic.

      But he did not. He introduced changed to monarchy institution without abolishing it.

      And as a PM, he could take the easy way out, taking IMF instruction. But he refused. Instead he put in place the economic strategy that finally cured Malaysia from currency trading.

      Despite his criticism on PAS, he showed deference to PAS leader. Remember he walked Nik aziz to the latter’s official car. Bear in mind, Nik Aziz was just paying a courtesy call on Tun.

      And despite being accused of cronisym, it took Tun’s retirement to enable Mukhriz to enter politics in significant way. He could have easily put Mukhriz in any Kedah constituent. Mukhriz can easily become a MP then.

      Now compare that with Guan eng enjoying unparalleled “protection” from Kit siang. And he simply overrode Penang DAP Chairman to become Penang CM.

      We miss you Tun. You brought the sense of dignity, direction to this nation during your tenure. You are firm yet merciful.

      Something that is lacking in current administration.

      1. Shamsul Anuar. TDM is a great STATESMAN OF ASIA AND THE WORLD. He is a Malay. We should all be proud of this.

  5. Tun M adalah negarawan terbilang..

    Saya berfahaman sokongan Tun M kepada Perkasa adalah atas faktor strategi beliau untuk memastikan orang melayu mempunyai satu lagi platform selain UMNO dan PAS.

    Perkasa lebih mudah dikawal di bandingkan dengan ISMA.

    Saya tiada masaalah dengan Perkasa namun tidak mungkin saya menyertainya. Saya menganggap Perkasa ini seperti sayap UMNO sahaya, setaraf dengan wanita, pemuda dan Puteri.

  6. Many of the dapsters are extremely skewed in their analysis and judgement. They actually don’t have judgement, but only preconception. They develop their perception on what they like and what they hate. Then they gather information or develop their perception to satisfied their preconceived idea.

    Most of these dapsters are those who voted TDM and BN in drove, back in 1999. Today, he is the most hated persona and to the dapster he does not have anything good. But then we wonder why they voted him in drove back in 1999.

    Today, you see the dapster holding high of PAS. That is because their preconception has been built to support PAS. But trust me, one day you will see these dapster vilify PAS the same way they will do to TDM.

    1. Re. Many of the dapsters are extremely skewed in their analysis and judgement.

      They are gambler and addicts at it. Remember the mantra “Ini Kali lah, Ini Kali Lah”, well that is akin to gambler addicts’ mantra “Ini Kali Mesti Untung Punya….”.

      1. ‘They are gambler and addicts at it. Remember the mantra “Ini Kali lah, Ini Kali Lah”, well that is akin to gambler addicts’ mantra “Ini Kali Mesti Untung Punya….”.’


  7. the operative word is ban, what school this raja petra goes to? no wonder mahathir applaud the move to close down anglo school.

    1. Raja Petra was replying to a Facebooker who said, “If you don’t like what others are saying, you have the freedom to shut your eyes, your ears or simply walk away. But by banning the speaker, you are also denying the freedom of others that may WANT to listen.”

      “Banning the speaker” refers to the suspension of The Heat.

      Now the question is has Utusan been banned by the Pakatan powers-that-be?

      The answer is ‘Yes’. Barring Utusan reporters from covering the Penang CM’s official functions constitutes a ban.

      Were there calls for Utusan to be ‘banned’ for publishing that “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” headline. I’m sure there must have been from M2Day readers for Raja Petra to be making his remark.

      1. “Banning the speaker” refers to the suspension of The Heat.

        unless we read everything with a partisan mindset, could byran refer to utusan as well? do u agree with the ban or any ban? read again petra reply “………who do not want….” does “do not want” similar to ban? if no, then what exactly is petra point? only to ridicule us? so cheap meh this high class englishman.

        1. Bryan Chen: “If you don’t like what others are saying, you have the freedom to shut your eyes, your ears or simply walk away. But by banning the speaker, you are also denying the freedom of others that may WANT to listen.”

          Raja Petra Kamarudin: “Good advice. Now I hope you can tell this to those who do not want Perkasa to ask the Chinese to go back to China or ask the Chinese ‘apa lagi Cina mahu’?”

          I’m aware that lately RPK has been fond of taking the mickey out of Chinese commenters.

          re: “those who do not want Perkasa to ask the Chinese to go back to China”

          Would Bryan support Perkasa’s freedom of speech to ask the Chinese to go back to China or ask the Chinese ‘apa lagi Cina mahu’?”

          1. Re. I’m aware that lately RPK has been fond of taking the mickey out of Chinese commenter.

            Isn’t RPK the DARLING of the Chinese before…

              1. ‘Isn’t RPK the DARLING of the Chinese before…’

                Ya. With Cina wife and liberal mindset, how could the Cinas not love him. They pray for all Melayus to be like him. But once he criticizes them on their hypocrisy, the fun has stopped. Typical of Dapster!

                No more bunga for Petra!

                1. I think now KJ is working very hard to take that title “Dapster Darling”, ironically these Dapsters in particular GrandPaPa Dapster loathed him before.

                  Mat Sabu is the new Anwar Ibrahim in waiting once the later is thrown in the Slammer for Sodomy 2.0.

        2. The englishmen that u chinese DAPster vowed defend but are nowhere in sight when RPK faced the ire of the Badawi regime which you admire, guess he learnt the hard lessons when dealing with the likes of you,

          1. the operative word, again, is man, man enough to own it, did something n expect others to defend u is not man, more likely a cat.

  8. Perkasa messed up. They went too far, too long. I think they are rebranding.

    Obviously, they were also stabbed in the back by those they claim to defend.

    But then again, it pales in comparison to what the PM receives from some Malays.

    Someone mentioned that the Chinese are smarter today than they were in the 90s? hahaha…

    Really, it’s the other way round actually. In 1999, they knew how to keep out of trouble. Today, they are actually so dumb that they would take to the streets just because some Malays play their favourite tunes.

    Also, back then, they threw their support behind Tun M because they actually hated Anwar more :)

    The Malays, otoh, are a lot smarter today. They know how to use the Chinese. :P

    1. hehehe, u r one that vote umno in 1999. i know smartass always know how to keep out of trouble. u can call me dumb, it is fine, unlike smartass, i prefer to face the trouble n deal with it.

      1. Re, unlike smartass, i prefer to face the trouble n deal with it.

        I find it hard to believe. You must be the anomaly then, for the last time I check, the trend is 95% Chinese who voted for DAP/Pakatan will turn to Datuk Michael Chong/MCA every time they faced any problem.

        Re. u can call me dumb

        No contest from this corner….

        1. Re You must be the anomaly then, for the last time I check, the trend is 95% Chinese who voted for DAP/Pakatan will turn to Datuk Michael Chong/MCA every time they faced any problem.

          This is what is generally termed as hypocrisy.

          Nobody can top this certain ethnic group when it comes to hypocrisy. When they cannot respond to our point of view, they will resort to all sorts of diversion, calling us names.

          It is best that you, me, the rest of us, we stop responding to this group of people.

              1. Wondering about the Dapster evangelista connection via his Penasihat.

                After all, Regina was/is Guan Eng’s favourite Scissorati.

                1. Expecting Najib to do the right thing for us, nowadays, is akin to daydreaming.

                  Is he a liberal ? More like a liberal wannabe. Just like KJ, he would even do a 360 degree turn and hand over his crown if it means he can get a seat at the table of a future government post BN.

                  Re Wondering about the Dapster evangelista connection via his Penasihat.

                  I would call his Penasihat a Con-Sultant. He is essentially paying his Penasihat to con him day in day out.

                2. Re. After all, Regina was/is Guan Eng’s favourite Scissorati.

                  Might get the idea for the function in Penang from her BFF @ former Event Manager, too.

                  1. Yeah, a managed event with Santa, X’mas tree, falling fake snow and lollipops.

                    Why oh why did the PM allowed himself to be maneuvered into the photo traps?

  9. This is why I think Tun supports Perkasa.

    Everybody knows that Malays are polite and are not very vocal. Because they tend to “jaga hati orang”, they will keep all their dissatisfaction inside. It will seethe and seethe until such a time that it can no longer be contained. Then it will burst forth in a form of amok.

    UMNO as a ruling party cannot be seen as only promoting the Malay interests. It will be an irresponsible thing to do to the country. UMNO is never a racist party BUT now DAP keeps on saying UMNO (read Malay) as racists. Malays are getting angrier but UMNO being a ruling party cannot defend Malay totally.

    If Malays do not have an outlet to let off steam there are bound to be a repercussion. If the majority Malays will amok, Malaysia will be destroyed. This is where Perkasa comes to the rescue. Since it is not a ruling party, it can be as racist as it wants to be just like Dong Zhong (or whatever) and DAP. Now the Malays can be as loud as their racist counterpart in DAP and other Cina associations.

    Tun may hope that this clash will be limited to using words only instead of a physical clash that will destroy Malaysia. Cina being Cina with their greed and short sightedness can’t see that. Since they are only surrounded by fellow racist Cina and Melayu Roket, they can’t see that the majority Malays are getting angrier by their conduct.

    Tun is actually doing the Cina a favour by supporting Perkasa. If Malaysia is in ruin, what’s the use of having a mountain of money? Will the Australians or the Americans or the Canadians want to give the Cina citizenship en bloc like how the Malays gave them 50+ years ago?

    Cina is like a parasite. They have milked Tanah Melayu almost dry and are now trying to kill the host. Don’t you know that being a parasite if you kill the host you will also kill yourself?

    1. i dun like generalise especially on race matter, but i might start to convinced and lead to believe this amok thingy, after many warning n advice.

    2. MM,

      PERKASA serves as a reminder to UMNO that despite its prominent place in Malay community, its position is still challenged. Meaning UMNO is not indispensable.

      PERKASA is too significant to be dismissed. UMNO may not want to show suport to PERKASA. But it must be friendly to PERKASA

      BEAR in mind, vast majority of PERKASA is UMNO supporters.

    3. A parasite sickens and weakens the host over time. In contrast, Malaysia has actually developed into an industrialsing nation from an agrarian-based economy.

      Parasites would be those handful of elite who control the APs and making citizens pay higher prices for cars and transport.

  10. Hi guys, this is totally irrelevant but just wanna share, about how the chinese are losing out by not voting for BN.

    I work in a housing development and recently we developed low cost shop, and for every low cost development there’s a quota for malay (60%), chinese (20%), indian (10%) and politic quota (10%).

    Throngs of chinese came in to my office everyday asking about the low cost shop, knowing how kiasu they are. But after i told them that the public quota for the chinese is already fully taken up and the only way for a chinese to buy is through political quota, the chinese look dumbfounded cause they know, even I know that they can’t apply since they obviously voted for..@.#$.!

    It’s true that the chinese has lose out on lot of things when they voted for the opposition. This are just one of the few examples. And it’s true, the chinese always want more than what they are allocated for. As I can speak mandarin and when some of the chinese customers talk to my chinese colleagues enquiring about the low cost shop, they dare to ask why is the chinese allocated only 20%? Most malays can’t afford why bother allocate up to 60% of the shops to them?

    I’m grateful for the Malayan Union post UMNO and I support the party for what they champion when they form, but I loathe the present administration, as they’ve forgotten what the pioneers of UMNO fought for.

    PS: Helen, as ironic as this may sound, I hope you could do an article on how and why the Malayan Union is form and what they fought for initially because you’re one of the few bloggers who looks at things objectively and your article is easy to comprehend and base on facts. Looking forward to your article , tq

    1. Re. the chinese are losing out by not voting for BN.

      we have foreseen this right after PRU13,

      The topic that I brought was about “rumah mampu milik”, GST. Petrol, IPTA placement.

      Re. Indian (10%)

      I don’t think that this is fair. They need more than 10% and WTF is 10% Political for…

  11. I think Tun Dr M’s involvement with Perkasa means that the current top leadership in UMNO shut him out effectively.

    I also think that some quarters are controlling DS Najib like a puppet and making him do things to their liking. Probably includes the above.

    But that’s just me, I don’t know people or have connections or read enough. Can’t even tell what is and what is not anymore.

    1. During Tun Dol era, KJ and Nazri Aziz are the two vocal goons that keep criticizing Tun M. Both are still here now and they must part of the duo in still in action as well…

  12. Ms H. With your professional aptitude you would have noticed that all those who hate TDM actually DID NOT GET ENOUGH FROM HIM.

    And others who made a business out of the hatred of TDM, made money, money, money too for a lifetime. You know who !

    Obviously, these blessed ones wanted more and were disappointed. But still, they are very very rich. We are peanuts. It is a strange World. You and me, we got no favours, money or medals from him. It is a strange strange World !

    1. I think Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see heaven.”

      The blessed Prophet s.a.w. told us that if the world and all it contains was worth as much as one wing of a housefly, God on High would forbid the wicked and the godless, access to water.

    2. Re: Ms H. With your professional aptitude you would have noticed that all those who hate TDM actually DID NOT GET ENOUGH FROM HIM.

      Or did not get anything at all, especially the Malays.

      This I am sure of.

      Hence PKR and also PAS to a lesser extent. I’ve spoken to enough indignant Malays from PKR to be convinced of it.

      Strangely though, my Malay friend (with a daughter of average academic achievement who just graduated as a doctor after being fully supported by the Gomen financially and in other ways), is still very much against BN/UMNO.

      Melayu also ungrateful or just mudah lupa?

      1. Re. Strangely though, my Malay friend (with a daughter of average academic achievement who just graduated as a doctor;

        How very convenient right……

        Let me re-post this again and again. If you go to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, you are practically competing with 2nd. or 3rd. tier Malay students, for the best of them have been absorbed by various boarding schools in this country, even among the boarding schools, they have different tiers from elite to ordinary.

        If you go to IPTA, the same pattern works, as the best of them have been sent abroad and some even before SPM result is out.

        Let me ask you this, if you are an Indian (I assume by the sound of your lingo and moniker), do you think all Indian students at IPTA or currently studying medicine are there based on MERIT? Think again….

        Look at the PMR and SPM results for the last decade or so, which states and which schools have consistently produced the best result. Please google…no more muka Apek or Amoi leading the top list…

        And you think the GOMEN is so stupid to publish the result of students from Top Elite Boarding School in the paper ? (to irk the non-Malays). Fyi, these students have been hand picked by various corporate, GLC and even GOMEN agencies all in advance and they just vanish from the system.

        1. LOL,

          What you have described is race favouritism and its concomitant, discrimination, carried out to the maximum level. Knowing this, how do you figure that any Chinese (or even Indian for that matter) will want to support the Umno-led BN?

          Isn’t it most logical that the Chinese have got no other choice – after the situation that you describe – but to berjuang mati-matian to kick out Umno from Putrajaya so that the blantant discrimination against the non-Malays (that you yourself acknowledge to be taking place) can be curbed?

  13. Ms H. Let us put the whole matter into perspective. 3 days ago I hopped into a battered old Proton and asked, ‘ How is business today ?’ Before I could say ‘Good Morning, Mr Lim, ‘ the taxi-driver swiftly retorted, ‘ Give us back TDM anytime ‘.

    I asked, ‘ Why TDM ?’ ‘What is so good about him ?’ Mr Lim firmly replied, ‘ At least, TDM gave us all a chance to make money !’ There you are , ladies and gentlemen, The true words and feelings of our Rakyat who work in the leading edge or front-line of life in our beloved Malaysia. They have feelings too, families to look after and aspirations as well and last but not least, a big rice bowl to fill !

  14. Perkasa is an alternative pressure group for the struggles of the Malays as UMNO has definitely lost is its voice to sustain the political power play of the Malays. Khairy cannot assume the vocal role of Ketua Pemuda UMNO as he should no longer compromise his position as a member of the Cabinet. UMNO youth has lost its voice as the pressure group of the party.

    There is nothing wrong for Tun Mahathir and others to give their moral political support to Perkasa. Perkasa is not anti Chinese or anti Indian etc, but will be in a strong and united position to check the political extremism in DAP dan Dong Zong who are more racist than some of the Malay extremists.

    I believe we need to advocate for a new political alliance when PAS is ready to abandon the struggles of Pakatan Rakyat which only benefits DAP. PAS should consider seriously to remerge with UMNO again on certain favovourable political terms acceptable to both parties.

    When PAS and UMNO becomes the anchor political players in BN, it will check the political extremism of the Chinese in DAP and subsequently emerge in a two political party system for the country. I believe in a more balanced political two party system like the US and UK.

  15. This is what my dad said re: Perkasa

    ‘Malays themselves don’t always agree with what they (Perkasa) do or say. But they need someone like them to tell things like it is, to shake things up.’

  16. What happen to speaker corner in Penang?

    By the way DR M frustrated with Pemuda and Pemudi UMNO for being ineffective and for selecting morons to lead them that’s why better to back up Perkasa. Pemuda UMNO is ‘eggless’ while Pemudi gossipless and Wanita UMNO is now ‘Pencenless’.

    1. What happen to speaker corner in Penang?

      It is a forum for us Betelhamites to praise the Good Lord Tokong and curse the racist UMNO.
      If you do the opposite it is BLASPHEMY.

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