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  1. Hang Too Ah, Hang Chee Butt, Hang Lee Kiew, Hang Li Po, Hang Kah Tu Li, Hang Pi Mana, Hang Mai Mana, Hang Hwa Beng,….Lee Hwa Beng. Betullahah Beng ni! Hang Pi Lah!

    I hope the venerable Beng can provide all of us with his family tree to demonstrate to us how long his forefathers have been here.

    1. It would be interesting also to know at which recent point in the Lee Hwa Beng family tree the conversion to evangelista took place.

        1. The evangelista factor is an important element in the ‘What kind of people are they?’ factor, which in turns answers the “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” question.

          Those Cina who want to kebas ‘Allah’ are not Buddhists nor Taoists. They are the evangelistas. Same with the Hang Tuah claim. It is being made by an evangelista (his photo below).


      1. JESUS FOR JEWS ONLY These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them saying, Go ye not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go ye rather unto The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel. (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 10:5-6

        And behold a woman of Canaan came … and cried unto him saying, have mercy on me .. my daughter is seriously possessed with a devil.

        But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and begged him, saying. Send her away: for she crieth after us.

        But he answered and said, I am Not Sent But Unto The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel.

        But she came and knelt before him, saying. Lord, help me.

        But he answered her and said, It is Not Fair To Take The Children’s Bread And Cast It To The Dogs. (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 15:22-26

        kepercayaan orang lain pun depa boleh kebas & mengaku hak sendiri, apatah lagi dgn nama allah & hang tuah. hang seng index ada pertalian dgn dia kot? is he an israelite or a gentile & loghat apa dia sekeluarga bertutur kat rumah? cantonese or hokkien or khek or hakka or teochew (north or south)? cheers!

        1. Quran says the same doesn’t it?. That means the battalion of Jesus upon the second coming will be largely of Children of Israel.
          May he bring the sword for the Evangelista.

          1. we have to be at same frequency to engage them for they never believe the quran. to the bani israel, he (jesus) would say ‘i never commanded you to worship me, i am not the son of allah nor am i one of three, only a messenger’. and what would he say to the evangelistas? ‘ do i know you?’

      1. Below is Lee Hwa Beng photographed with Lim Kit Siang. Uncle Kit looks like his feet are dancing.


  2. *chope* wait ah, if Liew is of Peranakan descent, then he is correct to say that his ancestors came with Hang Lipo although the part of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat is debatable.

    Also, if he is Peranakan and Christian, he’d be most likely born a Methodist or Anglican as the Peranakans who did convert, did so a couple of generations ago.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Speaking of Buddhists & Taoists, the worry is with the wishy-washy almost free-thinker-ish types who are going to be easily swayed by all this egotistic posturing.

    1. Up to him lah if he wants to declare Malacca Baba and Nyonya descent. The topic is why this evangelista says that Hang Tuah is Chinese. Well, even if he is (I dunno), this staking claim smacks that the “greedy” Chinese want to grab everything, even the Malay folk hero.

      1. The proverbial Islamic saying goes: “Give them a valley full of gold and they will seek to fill out another valley; and such types of the descendants of Adam will never restrain themselves until their mouths are filled with the dust of the earth.”

    2. *chope* wait ah, if Liew is of Peranakan descent, then he is correct to say that his ancestors came with Hang Lipo although the part of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat is debatable. ”

      Hang Li Poh was Chinese but Hang Tuah was the bodyguard of the Sultan and he was Malay. Perhaps this old man suffers from dementia or any of the old man’s diseases that affect logical thinking.

      Then Obama must be Malay (Indon) and Lincoln was a vampire killer. Another wanna rewrite history bugger.

      I remember that Shi Huang Ti was a Mummy too. Mummy 3 was very educational and I recommend all SRJC and New Era College students watch the film.

  3. Kalau Hang Tuah keturunan Cina, tak kan beliau akan berkata “TAK AKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA!” Do you think a Chinaman would say that? And another thing, would a Chinaman kill his best friend (Hang Jebat) for a Malay Sultan? Some Chinese think the Malays are really stupid who would fall for this kind of lies hook, line and sinker!

    1. re: “Some Chinese think the Malays are really stupid who would fall for this kind of lies hook, line and sinker!”

      Are you sure that all Malays are smart?


    2. Bro, kalau Hang Tuan tu Melayu, kenapa tak ada Melayu lain selain dari 5 orang tu yang namanya Hang xxx? Dari dulu sampai sekarang, ada tak lagi nama Melayu lain yang Hang xxx juga?

      Mengenai kepada soalan bro tu, kalau Hang Tuah tu Melayu dan Islam, lagilah kita hairan mengapa dia sanggup bunuh Hang Jebat – untuk seorang Sultan ….

      1. Ada. Hang Setia. Drama sketsa bersiri TV1 dolu-dolu yang heronya R Jaafar dan Yahya Sulong. Masa zaman Malaysia masih belum ada Astro dan Internet.

      2. ‘kenapa tak ada Melayu lain’
        hang nadim, hang mahmud, hang isap, hang iskandar, hang hassan, hang ali.

        ‘mengapa dia sanggup bunuh Hang Jebat’
        biar mati anak jgn mati adat.

      3. Kalo gitu majoriti oghang utara keturunan Cina ke? (Perlis, Kedah dan Penang).. Pi mana pon sana kalo bahasa kasar kami menyapa tak guna kamu atau awak, sana guna HANG.. kalo pangilan manja guna Che!

        Hang anak sapa
        Tok Hang oghang mana
        Kampung Hang ceghoq mana
        Hang nak pi mana
        Hang dah makan ke
        Hang sekolah kat mana
        Guru Hang nama apa..

        Soon they are going to claim the Kedah Sultanate are of Chinese Origins?.. Kepala otak Hang le!

        1. re: “Soon they are going to claim the Kedah Sultanate are of Chinese Origins?”

          Heh, heh. If DAP takes over Putrajaya, see how they will rewrite history.

          After all, they’re the kind of people who can insist that Alvivi’s Bak Kut Teh could have been organic vegetarian, and that Hannah Yeoh and Teo Nie Ching wearing tudung is nothing outside of culture and tradition as Chinese women rubber tappers, tin pan washers and other coolies covered their head too.

          1. These yuppy-types seem to be at home in the practice of hyperbole and simplistic thinking. This becomes a public nuisance, and worse still, a societal problem if they chronically engage in “hyperbole.” As holders of public office, they should be explaining to us commoners – in a manner that is thoughtful, sensitive, and logical – about the values and facts related to those issues that perplex and trouble us. Instead, we observe them habitually blurring the differences between imaginary analogies and logical reasoning.

            Distortions & Exaggerations: [YouTube]

    3. Quote: “Kalau Hang Tuah keturunan Cina, tak kan beliau akan berkata “TAK AKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA!””

      Only if you are attributing modern day attitudes to people who lived centuries ago.

      Masa tu, bila depa dihantar luar negara for marriage+political ties, the expectation is to subsume your identity into the new country – while the princess and her retinue brought along Chinese customs etc (just like similar marriages to cement ties with Tibet and Korea); their loyalty now lies with the court that their princess married into.

      So, would a Chinese kill his best friend for his King? Chinese history is rife with stories of uber-loyal soldiers and generals doing whatever for the motherland. Then kena pancung la and whatnot, even though they did the right thing…

      Again, if you ascribe what you perceive as modern day Malaysian Chinese attitudes to try and explain what happened a long time ago, you’re going to have a bad time…

    1. betul tu, depa nak kata apa itu hak masing2 tapi bila berkata sesuatu yg tak benar berkenaan pihak lain, ini sudah tresspassing boundary. what would your reaction be, if someone told lies about you? lantak jugak? sabar tu sebahagian dari iman tapi bila kaki depa sudah diletak dikepala kita…i rest my case!.

  4. Haiyaaa Apek aaaa…. !!! REMEMBER LOVE !!!
    Olang Melayu sikalang pigi dia punya dappur aaa… ada asap lagi.
    Itu tong pun ada beras lagi. Olang putih ciakap aaa – Still can put food on the table…

    Tapi aaa…sikalang balang simua halleke manyak mahat!
    Halleke lagi panjat-panjat lagi tingki woo…

    Itu daily COL talak COLA kasi itu Melayu lagi tenshen nanti.

    Satu hali akan datang olang Melayu talak lui aaa… itu dapur talak asap aaa….
    Lu pun tau la bila Melayu sudah lapar aaa… lu punya cucu pun boleh jadi mampoi oooo….

    Apek, Lu lemember 1969 only, so you think u sula plepared (wans bitten tuais shai)

    BUt you forgot 1956 (racial riot), Melayu Penang (assisted by Melayu Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan) sula kepong lu pun Kampung Pulau, Perak Road dll, mau kasi bakak..lu punya Taiko mai keluaq sembah Melayu punya kaki. Ring a bell?

    Lu lagi cakap-cakap ini macam, talak baik lah. Olang Melayu memang bolo. Olang Melayu malas, suka belanja byk lui kasi apek lagi kaya. (Barang dalam rumah, semua gua beli dari kedai apek. Seluar dalam pun beli sama apek – melayu talak bikin punya)
    RR1956 Melayu angkat barang free kedai apek, itu jam apek sudah jadi Sadiq Sigaraga .Haha! OLANG MELAYU TALAK LUI TALAK TAKUT MATI. RR1969 FRU jagak Penang paling ketat !!!

    Olang menangantuk lu kasi bantai. Tapi Apek lu mesti ingat satu, lu cari pasal bila itu Olang sudah lapar nanti, Orang lapar dia pun mau sama jugak – bantai jugak, tapi Bantai olang. Or Me toh for???

    !!! REMEMBER LOVE !!!

  5. he..he…cina bodoh tipu diri sendiri… cakap nama melayu je, semua cina nak bunuh diri…

    Hang Tuah tu pakar berpencak silat, agama Islam. Ajuk sebutan nya tidak terpadam – “Tak Melayu hilang di dunia !” Bila masa cina jadi melayu pula ni…?

    Malah ada India menyatakan parameswara itu keturunan mereka ! Karpal Singh ambil pepatah Melayu – langkah mayat aku dulu !

    Yang nyata Melayu tidak sebusuk hati cina, sehamis India ! Ini semua meloyakan Melayu. Malah baba cina tiru hidup Melayu, makan masak Melayu sehingga apa yang mereka tiru di nobat milik cina belaka, tanpa sekelumit berterimakasih kepada Melayu.

    Jering, petai, durian milik cina ? Tulis lah sejarah semau anda. Realiti nya Seluruh Nusantara hingga ke Hawaii, milik melayu ! Singapura milik Melayu ! Tak tipu bukan cina nama nya…ueewek..

    1. Re. Singapura milik Melayu !

      A blatant disregards from PAP..

      “There is no hiding the fact that the average Malay in Singapore is disaffected. Since the early days when they were the original inhabitants, the British and subsequently the Lee Kuan Yew ethnic Chinese government deliberately began increasing the Chinese proportion of the island leaving the Malays whose island it originally was, not only marginalized in numbers but also economically leaving them as bus boys for affluent Chinese. Surely this would cause resentment and it has. ”


      1. Just watched the vid. Tu Melayu mengamok lah.

        However if you tell them (the Firster Bruders and Sistas) that the Malays are angry at the Chinese, they (Dapsters) will retort that you’re just fear-mongering and refusing to “build bridges” like the good Mujahid.

        1. ha ha this is the problem. the dapsters are under the impression that when their so-called struggle (‘holy war’) is receiving tremendous support from pas & melayu pkr leaders, they confidently assume the same (support) from the grassroots and symphathisers.

          looking at present scenario, if the ge14 were to be called, highly likely both pas & pkr would suffer high casualties. pengundi melayu atas pagar banyak wor! sedang perhati. nevertheless, kalau umno (baru) masih syiok sendiri, jgn salah pengundi sudah la.

        2. Oh wait…. just look at how they victimize the Indian in Singapore.


          ” While intial reports covered the girls’ side of the story, TRS has recently received a video recording of the incident that shows that the 3 girls were actually being very aggressive to the Indian guy who just wanted to be left alone. The two girls fell as a result of themselves trying to cling on to the Indian man when he was trying to walk away from the confrontation.”


        3. At least this Singapore guy admitted that the Malays had been the original inhabitants, the British and subsequently the Lee Kuan Yew ethnic Chinese government deliberately began increasing the Chinese proportion of the island leaving the Malays whose island it originally was, not only marginalized in numbers but also economically leaving them as bus boys for affluent Chinese. Surely this would cause resentment and it has.

          It is indeed a surprise that for so long the Malays have kept quiet and accepted this discrimination against them in their own country.’


          How many English speaking non Melayu Malaysian can admit to that?!

    2. “Realiti nya Seluruh Nusantara hingga ke Hawaii, milik melayu ! Singapura milik Melayu ! Tak tipu bukan cina nama nya…ueewek..”

      Orang Indonesia tidak setuju dengan sentimen ini. Maaf, jangan nak hidung tinggi sampai nak claim mencipta telefon dan internet pula.

      Kalau tak mengarut, nama gelaran bukannya ‘maae’.

      1. RE. Orang Indonesia tidak setuju dengan sentimen ini.

        Very true. That’s why the Chinese are being as oppressed to the core and they just insist on Bangsa Indonesia.

  6. It makes me wonder about the women of the era such as Dang Anum and Dang Merduwati …and in modern Malaysia we have Dang Suria Shamsudin,

    Are they the female version of Hang, or could they be related to Deng Xiouping.

    1. lelaki burma ‘maung’ (abang) dipangkal nama, perempuan burma ‘daw’ (cik) dipangkal nama…

      Banyak juga mempunyai pengaruh pali-burma seperti: … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burmese_name

      pengaruh kirati orang-orang bukit dan gunung…

      dinasti limbuwan mempunyai pemerintah yang mengguna-pakai gelaran ‘hang’ — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Limbuwan

      mungkinkah, hang-hang yang banyaknya diutara tanah air meneruskan tradisi bangsawan mereka sejak turun-temurun?

      Khabarnya Ulu Melaka berada di Langkawi dan hilirnya di Bandar Hilir Melaka…

        1. To be honest, I have no idea…these are in my opinion benang-benang merah with related to the term

          In my opinion the Malays (especially us in the north) had shared a lot of similar customs with the Kiratis…the bury their death and term it as ‘simpan’ just like us in the north.

          Orang Utara will ask ‘mayat simpan pukul berapa?’ We rarely used tanam atau kebumi. Simpan is the sopan word, I suppose.

          The Naga people had descended from the Kiratis as well, as these warriors clan (kesatria, pahlawan), the mountains (malla, mon, phnom, funan, sailendra, malai=bukit, gunung) dwellings tribe would travel south…

          On another note you might want to read about the Nagas similarity with the Penan, Iban and Orang Ulu.


          But of course we cannot simplistically concluded that the Malays had descended from these tribe, more reading need to be done to do so, I might add.

          Mayat simpan pukul berapa? We rarely used tanam atau kebumi. Simpan is the sopan word, I suppose.

          Malays had a lot of Pali words as well, please refer to Pali-English Dictionary by Maung Tin, M.A, Professor of Pali, Rangoon College

          ‘Pada masa dahulu, semenanjung Tanah Melayu turut meliputi wilayah Segenting Kra yang kini termasuk di dalam wilayah Negara Thai dan Myanmar.’


          Read also about Kuala Changgong (Ala Canggung) or Chittagong or Chandagoan

          ‘Ini disokong lagi oleh adanya berbagai kaum di Chittagong Hill Tracts yang banyak persamaan dengan orang Melayu dan kaum-kaum di Sabah dan Sarawak;’


          Additional reading on the Pala Dynasty (spelled as Palas) could shed some light on the term Kepala Kampung (head, leader, protector etc)

          ‘The last morpheme of his name Pala means “protector” and was used as an ending for the names of all the Pala monarchs. Pala does not suggest or indicate any ethnic or caste considerations of the Pala dynasty. He came to power in 750 CE in Gaur by the first democratic election in South Asia.’


          ‘Their basis of administration was monarchial and the social condition during the reign of this dynasty was very much peaceful. Pala rulers followed Buddhism as well as Hinduism.’


          Pala Dynasty with Sailendra

          ‘Devapala was a staunch Buddhist and is stated to have granted five villages to Buddhist monasteries for the promotion of Buddhism and the welfare & comforts of the Bhikshus. He is said to have got constructed many temples and monasteries in Magadha.[15] Balaputradeva, the Sailendra king of Java requested Devapala to endow land for the monastery at Nalanda. He also patronized the Vikramashila University and the Nalanda University.’


    2. I’ll give a tip, the Emperor of China you’ve known all these years as Shih Huang Ti is actually a Moslem, the much pride about Great Wall of China was built by a Moslem and his real name was Sheik Huang Ti

      Hadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم
      “Seek knowledge even as far as unto China.”

      Sad. The damage is so severe which is what the colonials had done to us to the extent that most of us believe that Year 1 for the Malays is 1511.

      To make matters worse we have that bloody mamak Abdullah Munshi who became the colonials solely paid “blogger of that era” to rewrite from Page 1 the history of Tanah Melayu. Besides wagging his tail becoming the scribe and copyist for Sir Stamford Raffles he also translate gospels for the missionaries.

      From zero Christianity within the region, to what the volume now is.. bla bla bla…. and despite the colonials missionaries successful faiure’ out of the blue, the Christian clowns of today (not the colonials) want to hijack the name of the Muslims’ God as theirs.

      Whereas we Malays don’t know the great and wonderous histories of our forefathers , it is far fetch if the paganic pendatangs would ever want to admit theirs. BUt the most HILARIOUS part is that, a CHINESE emeritus professor., is the Malays point of reference when it comes to digging in their own history. Do you hear me Ripley?

      I would PREFER that he’d be bias over the historical facts and avoid the sensitive Q&As, rather than to find out that he actually doesn’t know about Year Zero and before about the wonderous histories of the Malays. Hey his the purfessor man!!!

      Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) and his forefathers were Moslem ascending back to when they first accepted Islam. They were all pilgrims of haj in Mecca, Zheng He himself performed haj more than once as his prospect speaks for itself..

      The Emperor of China bestowed the highest naval rank to Zheng and entrusted him to trade and lead his fleet of ships filled with riches and wealth and to bring back the same. In one of his other crucial voyages, the Emperor even put onboard his beloved princesss under the care of Zheng He.

      If they don’t a common faith or belief do you think he would be allowed to undertake the task of something of great significance or value be placed in his hands?

      It wont come as surprise to acknowledge that Princess Hang Li Po was already a Moslem before marrying the Sultan of Malacca, in addition so are her ladies-in waiting (Dayang-dayang Puteri Hang Li Po) were all Moslems before they even set foot on the soils of Malacca. Unlike the pendatangs, these people (how many more you want to include in your list does not matter) were treated with utmost respect, cordially & willingly received with pleasure and hospitality into Tanah Melayu MEREKA ADALAH SAUDARA-SAUDARA MUSLIM KITA.

      Talak makan pappi punye, if you catch my drift, Or Me Tor For????

      1. ‘ Shih Huang Ti is actually a Moslem’

        shih huang ti – Chinese Emperor (259 – 210 BC)

        prophet muhammad – (570 – 632 AD)

  7. I’m missing something here. since when did some Chinese get the notion that one of the most renowned Malay heroes in Malay lore is Chinese?

    Especially weird since we have a historian like Prof Khoo Kay Kim doubting their existence, and also the existence of so called Chinese princess Hang Li Po.

    It’s shameless, arrogant and utterly stupid to bullshit like this Hwa Beng fellow, but I suppose politicians thrive on that.

    1. re: “this Hwa Beng fellow”

      He was the MCA Adun for Subang Jaya three terms and he is an evangelista. It must be something in the water that they drink.

      1. re: “and they will also claim that this chinese Jesus is born in Subang Jaya….. heheheh!”

        Okay, that explains the Virgin Mother Mary pregnant image seen in the Jerusubang window.

  8. kalau betul Ikut bahasa cina bunyi nama sir name ia lah Hong bukan Hang …. bahalol.

    Sebenar nya bangsa kuno melayu boleh di dapati dari bahasa Taiwan native cuma rupa orang melayu saja seperti kalau kulit hitam memang campur mamak atau orang asli negritos.

    kalau serah campur orang kulit cerah lah. Pengunaan bahas melayu bercampur kerana tidak ada yang melayu asli.

    Siapa nak mengaku dia asli, kerana orang asli rupa nya begitu asli, yang bermegahmegah pun tidak mau mengaku yang dia asli.

    Orang asli sebenarnya di tindas dan ugama nya tidak di akui. Sekali lagi kita confused kerana tidak ada ahli purba melayu yang dapat memberikan pengetahuan yang mendalam dalam pekara ini.


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