19 thoughts on “Najib punya Krismas di Pulau Pinang — gambar-gambar

        1. It depends on how much influence she has over KJ who wants to be PM before he hits 40. But your supposition is not something I can answer best. Ask Nori.

          1. Before he reaches 40 years old, he will become an opposition from Rembau because BN lost in GE14.

            1. He can switch camps and become a figurehead in Pakatan. They [Pakatan] will be short of Malay MPs.

        2. I don’t about the influence thing, what I do know is she is one good looking women. :)

          As for KJ, my bet is, he will become PM before 50.

    1. Menteri India ? To avoid being labelled as a racist, everyone present must be Malaysian.

      All Malaysian remember ?

  1. Its Nazri showing to DAP how powerful he is that he can bring AH Jib Gor to Guan Eng. Why the interest?


    Either way CHIEF has hedge his position well, if DAP becomes Federal Government in the GE14 he is taken care. As for now he needs to help Guan to attract investors and tourist to the island.

  2. When I was little my parents love to take us to Penang as it is only half hour drive from our home. (For makan, shopping and to the beaches). One sure stop will be the botanical garden – especially to feed the monkeys.

    I feel DAP should have chosen MONKEYS as their mascot instead of the weird looking bird from god knows where.

  3. Peh!!

    Helen ini seperti mahu menyemarak api kemeluatan terhadap najib..


    Can’t help.. memang meluat tgk najib bergembira dengan LGE bermain lolipop..

  4. Excerpts from the Royal Invitation:

    “The Bendahara of DAP is commanded by the Emperor of Malacca to invite Datuk Seri Najib Razak to celebrate A Christmas Feast of His Royal Highness Tengku Mahkota Lim Guan Eng (taking formal possession of Penang in honour of the heir to the Malacca throne), at a Royal Brunch to be held at the Padang Kota Lama, Georgetown, Penang, on 25th December, 2013 at 2.00 p.m. You are REQURED to attend in the regalia of your royal personage of choice.”

    But why are the Bendahara Karpal and Emperor Kit Siang nowhere to be seen? Or Me Tor For????

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