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Umno menempah maut

The J-Star tikam belakang BN sampai cedera parah tapi Putrajaya hanya mampu ketuk jari si pesalah. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh jahat niat suratkhabar Jerusubang itu dalam ia kenakan Menteri Umno Hasan Malek.

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Pakatan, party for the rich

That infamous portal The Malaysian Insider did a cover story today titled ‘When even RM12,000 a month isn’t enough to get by in Malaysia‘ which has been Facebooked-linked by some 15,000 of its readers. The popularity of the article is an interesting window to the kind of people who read TMI.

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The most important thing for next year

You have to ask the right questions to get at a helpful answer.

What the DAP evangelistas “say” is unimportant. Snake oil salesmen can simply say anything. It’s their stock in trade. And whatever they tell their fanatical followers memang selalu cakap yang tak serupa bikin.

It is really WHAT THEY DO that you should examine: Continue reading “The most important thing for next year”